Ola Ride With Beautiful Babe Takes Me To Heaven

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Ola Ride With Beautiful Babe Takes Me To Heaven

Well, to start off you can call me rocky, (lol not my real name though). I am 23 years old working in an mnc in Bangalore. I am 5.7 ft and have a considerably big cock to satisfy any women.

The heroin of this story is a Mumbai lady aged around 28 let’s call her sweety, she is not that fair and has perfect pair of boobs and ass anyone would die to bang her front and back.

It so happened one fine night after having a good night drink in some random pub in Indra Nagar, was waiting for my ola ride to get me home. Fortunately, when my cab came I saw a beautiful babe in the rear seat, the driver was an old brat. (btw it was a shared ola ride). Once I hopped in to the front seat (obviously I can’t get into the back seat as I thought the babe would feel uncomfortable). So I adjusted the seat to sit comfortably the sweet voice came out close to my ears, well the conversation follows.

Sweety: can you please move your seat front, I can’t stretch my feet (this is the sweet voice that hit my ear)
Me: ya sure, why not.

(I was struggling to sit, as I was uncomfortable, seeing this……….
Sweety: you seem to be struggling sitting in the front, why don’t you sit back?
Me: in my mind “that’s what I was waiting for” ….. Yea sure I can sit back if you don’t mind

Sweety: no not at all you can have a sit next to me.
I went back and sat and just greeted the babe hi.

Sweety: hi, I saw you were not comfortable there so called you back.
Me: thanks yar, well am rocky working in so-so company.
Sweety: me sweety just quit my job, now just having ataşehir escort fun.

We had a nice talk for some 15 min don’t want to bore you guys with that.
After the small talk, the conversation took a diversion and came to personal talk.
Sweety: so where you coming from.
Me: went out with friends for a drink. What about you??
Sweety: me too… (and gave me a high 5)

By this time, the distance between us was reduced .
Sweety: well I think you got lucky after the drink I guess.
Me: ( was puzzled) what lucky?? What you talking about??
Sweety: are you free now??

Me: yea
Sweety: I am not done with my drink, why don’t you join me for a drink??

Me: was in heaven. Happily agreed.

Sweety: okay then let’s go to my place as I stay alone in a 1 bhk apartment and also have some drink at home.

We reached the apartment, went into the room and was amazed looking at the way she had maintained her rooms. I felt like I was in a 5 * hotel rooms. She was wearing a skirt that was well above her knee and jacket on that. As soon as she entered she removed her jacket only then I realized she had a beautiful pair of boobs. Seeing at that my pride stood and saluted her boobs.

Sweety: okay I will go change my clothes and come, you look around the house.
Me: you look good in this don’t change it now.
Sweety: oh I didn’t expect that, well thank you. So can we start??
Me: (naughtily) start what??

Sweety: not what you are thinking, lets start our drinks.
Me: I was talking about drink only, what did you think??
Sweety: playing safe?? Ok forget it lets start our drink, I am very desperate.

Me: ya let’s start.
She göztepe escort bought two glasses and pour the drink, we were done with 3 pegs already. And here the fun starts.
Sweety: what is good for me??

Me: what you talking about??
Sweety: you just said not to change the cloth as you look good. So tell me what is good.

Me: was little reluctant, just said your dress is good.
Sweety: ewww…. Is that it??

I thought I will miss the opportunity so thought of playing bold.
Me: well the dress looks good but you look better
Sweety: what is better in me??
Me: “your boobs are good”
(she just held my hand and placed it on her boobs)

Sweety: now tell me is it better or the best??
Me: its mine and I started playing with it.

I started pressing it very hard and our mouths met and our tongues were wrestling trying to dominate each other. I just unzipped her skirt from the back and revealed her boobs covered with a pink bra. Slowly started caressing her boobs softly, meanwhile, she removed my shirt and was feeling my chest and was pinching my nipples.

She now stood up and slowly walked towards her bedroom, I followed her and hugged her from behind and licked her neck. I slowly then removed her skirt and then I was shocked looking at her ass covered with the pink panty. Her ass cheeks were hanging, now she is only with her bra and panty.

She now turned around and went down slowly dragged my pant down and played with my manhood above the innerwear, slowly she removed my innerwear held my cock and kissed the head of my cock, then slowly she gave me a sexy blowjob and also sucked my balls and ümraniye escort my asshole, I was in seventh heaven. I stood up and again smooched her while smooching her I was busy squeezing her ass cheeks. Then after a long kiss, I remove her bra and then saw her beautiful boobs with pink nipples and then removed her panty. Now both were naked. I made her sleep on the bed and started licking her cunt.

First I started licking the thigh part around the cunt area and then slowly went to the cunt. She was arching her body like a bridge and also at the same time I was busy inserting my finger in her mouth. After a long time of licking and 3 orgasms, she pulled me towards her and started smooching me again. While smooching her I positioned my cock in her pussy and started banging her, oh my god it was so smooth cuz of the pre-cum and was very pleasurable.

She was awwwwww yea come on baby please don’t stop, you bastard bang me hard, bang me like am your bitch, ahhhhh wooooooo ahhhh ahhhh ifff iffff fuck me hard fuck me fuck me I became hornier and showed my wild side of me and started banging her with full speed and strength. Her moaning got wild so smooched her again and continued banging her. I pulled my dick out as I was about to cum, she immediately opened her mouth so cummed in her mouth and drank the hole cum without wasting a drop.

We then started smooching again and went to the washroom to clean ourselves and then had one more session in the shower. While in the shower, I banged her in doggy style and had one more session after coming out from the shower.

Hope you all enjoyed the story. In my next episode, I will share another sexy incident which I had with sweety and her friend in her house.
Any girl, ladies, bhabhis, college girls if by any mean need any pleasure or help please feel comfortable to contact me

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