Number Three Love

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Chen Li was anxious as she entered the pub. She didn’t know why she felt that way-she wasn’t planning on doing anything other than having a couple of drinks to unwind while waiting for her husband, Steve.

She was tired. It had been a long day at the office. She worked for a mail order catalog company that had fallen on hard times due to competition from the internet. It was the future and everybody, especially the catalog businesses, knew it. It made her job more stressful. She and her co-workers, Charlie and John all felt tense from the time they walked in to the time they left, draggin’ ass. They had begun to quibble amongst themselves, too, something they had never done before. They had all three gotten along very well together for the four years that Chen had worked there. In fact Chen had even dated both of them before she met Steve, and although Charlie was kind of hurt that their relationship didn’t develop, they all managed to keep things in perspective.

Chen picked out the farthest booth in the back to sit and nurse her drink in. She melted into the seat, eased herself back and began the very serious business of relaxing. She hiked her skirt up under the table and stretched, spreading her legs. She was a small, thin woman, a classic Asian beauty– long, straight, jet black hair, very high cheek bones and lovely almond eyes. She had thick, sensuous lips, a turned up nose, soft shoulders, and budding little breasts. She had been raised in a traditional hill country culture, and she didn’t always feel comfortable in the U.S. She sometimes didn’t understand the customs and practices that most Americans took for granted, and she got confused about what was expected of her at times. John, who was the first white guy she’d ever dated, liked to play little jokes on her-jokes she sometimes didn’t get even when he explained them. It made her feel awkward, like she was being made fun of. He pushed her to have sex and she resisted. To her, sex was something to be taken very seriously. It was something her culture controlled very tightly and she retained those values. She wasn’t a prude, she had had sex before coming to America. Indeed, she’d had very much sex, all under the sanction of her village’s elders, including her mother. Her people weren’t monogamous, far from it. They believed that everyone needed to express themselves sexually or they would suffer ailments and conditions that would hinder their happiness, and thus the well being of the village.

She sat lost in thought of life in her village-she missed it terribly, the beautiful countryside, the mountains, the kids that ran happily along the paths. She missed her old boy friends… and she missed having sex. Oh, she had sex with Steve. She had sex with John too, for that matter, after he insisted. That kind of sex wasn’t very enjoyable for her. It was too plain and passionless. Both of these men would climb on her in the missionary position and thrust away for a few short minutes, thinking they were satisfying her.

She missed the holidays when her village held initiations for the young people. When young men and women turned 19, they were initiated into the sexual citizenship of the village. After this initiation, they were free to choose any one in the village to have sex with. They were even encouraged to choose many partners and to experiment with various techniques and styles. Chen had made the most of it. In fact she had performed so prolifically that the Y’an Society, a social group that specialized in training young women in the sexual arts, adopted her. In her culture, it was the women who gave birth, so it was the women who set the sexual mores and practices.

Suddenly her phone rang, jolting her back to her comfy little booth. It was Steve.

“I’m not going to make it, Chen, the roads are closed due to fog and I got myself a room for the night. I’m sorry, I’ll be home tomorrow.”

Chen knew he was lying. She could even hear the party in the background. Steve was playing around with a student from his college-she knew the girl and liked her. If Steve wasn’t “cheating” on her, if he had been honest with her, she may have approved of the situation and even taught the girl ways to please men that she’d never thought of. Well, maybe not. Steve was incredibly inhibited when it came to sex, and he probably would have felt threatened. Instead, he chose to cheat.

She was ordering another drink, her third, two more than she usually had, when she saw John and Charlie come in. They must be here to unwind too, she thought. They saw her in the back and came over to the booth.

“Well, hey darlin’,” said John, “What are you doin’ sittin’ here all by your lonesome? Mind if we join you?”

Before she could answer, John slid into the booth across from her.

“Hi Chen,” said Charlie, as he scooted in beside her. “Hope you don’t mind.”

“Hello Charlie,” she replied, “Please. I don’t mind. In fact, I could use some company.

“Hard canlı bahis day for you too, huh?” asked Charlie.

She nodded. They had had to put together a specialty catalog in one afternoon-almost unheard of in their line of work. One afternoon! It was a lingerie catalog for a big California outlet.

“Yeah, it’s a tough day looking at all those beautiful ladies in their undies,” said John. “I don’t know about you, but I was getting’ ready to turn loose, if you know what I mean.”

Charlie smiled and shied his head. He knew. Chen, too, knew. She herself had started imagining herself modeling underpants for strangers.

“I mean, all that soft, pretty ass in all that flimsy silk… just kind of makes you want to pull ’em down and love ’em up, doesn’t it?” said John.

Chen glanced at Charlie. He was turning beet red right there in front of them.

“Ha!” John said, “Look at Charlie blush! What’s the matter Charlie, did I push a button? Are you getting all hot and bothered?”

Just then a phone rang. They all three scrambled through their pockets to see if it was theirs. It was Johns.

“Yeah?” he asked. Then after a minute, “What, are you kidding me? Well, shit. Alright, I’ll do it, but you owe me, hear?” He folded his phone back up. “Well, kids, I gotta go. That was Frank. He wants me to drive the damn catalog over to the print shop.” He stood, looking at his watch “There goes my night. But you guys stay and whoop it up!”

He winked at Chen as he said, “Now Charlie boy, don’t you go foolin’ around with Chen’s ass! She won’t like it!”

He left quickly, and they sat there silently, watching him go. The waiter brought them drinks and they decided to share John’s.

“Don’t pay any attention to him, Chen, he’s just crude.”

“I know,” she said, “But those photos were pretty hot, weren’t they?”

Charlie kind of squirmed around next to her. “Yeah, I guess they were. Look we don’t have to…”

“John got it right though, didn’t he?” She turned herself sideways to face him. “You got all turned on didn’t you?” The combination of drinks and dissatisfaction with Steve were beginning to break through her normally reserved comportment. “Tell me what it was you liked.”

Charlie smiled shyly. “Well, it was a turn on, you know, looking at all those pictures.”

Chen felt a glow beginning to stir in the pit of her stomach, and she twisted in the booth until her leg was up on the seat pressing against him. “Tell me what you were thinking.” She teased.

“Pretty much what John said, actually.” He lifted his arm to the back of the booth and turned a little more, letting her leg come in as tightly as she wanted it.

“Were you thinking of rolling their panties down?” She smiled up at him, pretty almond eyes light and lively, deliciously wicked. She ran her tongue over her lips and swallowed hard. “Does ass turn you on?”

“Chen, we don’t have to do this. Hell yes ass turns me on! But, you know, we don’t have to talk about it…” His sentence trailed off as it began to dawn on him what was happening. He smiled at her, meeting her gaze just as openly as hers studied him.

“Does my ass turn you on, Charlie?” she reached over, pulled him by his jacket and lay her face against his shoulder.

“You have a lovely ass, Chen.” He put his arm around her, holding her. “I’ve liked your ass for a long time, you know that. Everything about you turns me on. You’re turning me on right now, Miss Sassyass.”

“Do you want my ass, Charlie?” she whispered.

“To keep?” He laughed.

“Not to keep, silly,” she gave him a little slap on the arm, “For tonight.” She added softly, “I can tell you a secret if you want.”

She was getting very steamy, and Charlie could feel the pressure in his pants, like a fire hose filling up.

“What secret?”

“You can’t tell anyone, especially Steve. Promise?” She nuzzled in closer to him, her lips brushing against his ear like wind caressing water.

“I promise, now tell me.”

She wet her lips and poked her hot little tongue into his ear.

“Back home I was in the Y’an Society.” she breathed. “It’s a very old social club set up by the women in my village. I was a Yi’nan, a trainer of Number Three Love. I used to teach young women how to please themselves and their men in ways that wouldn’t create tensions in village life.” She placed her hand on Charlie’s thigh and squeezed. “Our village has been overcrowded for many, many years. It creates a lot of tension.”

Charlie pulled her tighter. He placed his finger under her chin and tilted her face up to his. She was as soft and dewy as the first blush on a fresh peach.

“What is Number Three Love, Chen?” he hissed.

She took his hand in hers and held it up to her face, palm up, and looked out to the front of the pub, making sure there was no one paying attention to them. She separated his middle finger from the others, and gazing deeply, dreamily bahis siteleri into his eyes, inserted it into her mouth. She ran her tongue over it, sucked her cheeks in, gathering spit, and slopped it on his finger. She turned closer toward him on the seat and placed his hand behind her. She pushed it down to her panty line and tugged on his sleeve, making him go lower. He slipped his hand into her panties and forced it down over her ass. Her skin was soft and creamy, but he could feel the muscles under it, lean and strong, like a tiger. He passed down into the space between her cheeks.

She nibbled his ear and said,

“Put it in me, baby, hurry!” She draped her arm over his shoulder, blocking the view from the front.

He pushed down farther, reaching for her warm, moist quim. He shifted his hand around, getting into position to slide his finger into her cunt.

“Not there, baby,” she purred, “bring it up a little.”

He brought his hand up, sliding it along the velvety valley behind her quim. When he eased between her cheeks, Chen sighed, “That’s it, baby, right there.”

Charlie hesitated, his finger poised at the tight little orifice she offered him. He was getting very hot very quickly, yet still was unsure as to what she wanted. She pulled back from him far enough to look him squarely in the eyes.

“I’m going to kiss you, lover, and when I put my tongue in your mouth, you push your finger in my ass. Can you do that?”

Charlie nodded, caught his breath and shuddered.

Still looking him right in the eyes she slowly moved toward him. She parted her lips, plump little plums, and gently touched them to his. He stared back, and when he felt her hot, naked little tongue probing at him, he slipped his finger in her, sending soft shivers up and down her back.

She sucked in her breath sharply, releasing it onto his face, warm and spicy, steeped in some deep oriental mystery, long forgotten by all but a few. After a moment that seemed forever, she regained her composure, and smiled at him, his finger turning tight little circles in her ass.

“Take me home, lover,” she breathed, “I’ll give you Number Three Love.”

Charlie withdrew his finger and his hand, and began to get up. She stopped him, again took his hand in hers, and again sucked and licked his finger.

Charlie paid the check and drove at breakneck speed to his apartment. He parked, went up the elevator and opened the door to his place as though in a dream. Charlie couldn’t believe what was happening, it was like moving through some strangely woven tapestry of ancient people and exotic vistas. It was heady stuff, having this slim, beautiful Asian woman leading him on some long forgotten odyssey of forbidden pleasure. She pulled him to her, and stuck her tongue in his mouth, a wondrous, wet little appendage of pleasure sent to him directly by some oiled, scented goddess from far away.

She crossed the room, removed her shoes and turned toward him.

“Can you get some pillows, love?”

When he brought a couple from the bedroom, she had removed her skirt, and stood before him in her sweater and panties. Watching him, teasing him, she removed the rest of her clothing. Her nakedness bowled him over like an avalanche. She was overwhelming-confident and assertive, breathing heavily, and sexually as sure and certain as the waves that forever lap at the shore. She turned around, and looked over her shoulder at him. She thrust her ass out, and began taking tiny steps backward, making little cooing noises, as though calling him home. She lifted each leg, and moved, one time after another, and the effect was moving her ass in a circular, rhythmic motion that made Charlie gasp for breath.

When she got close to him, she turned and went for his belt buckle.

“Hurry, lover, get undone!”

Charlie couldn’t pull at his clothing fast enough. He fumbled and struggled and finally stood naked before her. She moved in closer, put an arm around him and took hold of his cock. She coo’d to him very softly, and looked up into his face.

“Ooo, you’re very big, lover.”

She turned around and moved a pillow to the middle of the room. She kneeled down and leaned over, pulling her legs up tight to her body and thrusting her ass high. Her legs were clamped together, and Charlie couldn’t see anything except the backs of her tender, tan thighs and her heart-shaped, golden, glistening ass, beckoning to him like a siren. Right in the middle of the heart, riveting his attention like a hawk nails a sparrow, was the little brown button.

He kneeled behind her and placed his hands on her thighs. Chen began to rotate her hips in tight little circles, luring him closer.

“Lick me, lover,” she oozed, and clinched her ass together, making the little button all but disappear.

He bent close and pulled her cheeks apart with his thumbs. His tongue snaked out and pushed and prodded, trying to breach the little thing. bahis şirketleri Chen moaned and suddenly the pretty little pucker opened up and his tongue entered, slinking in as far as it could go. She moaned louder, and began to make little thrusting movement against his face. Charlie pulled back when he felt the little pucker begin to expand again. This time he watched as she pushed hard– making it distend, like lips around a bottle. He could actually see down into her ass, slick and smooth, like some glassy tunnel! He was stunned! Not only had he never seen anything like it before, he had never even imagined it was possible! Her asshole blossomed right in front of his face like a beautiful time-lapsed flower opening in the spring!

Chen began to make gentle sing-song sounds and whispered his name. “Come to me, lover, come to me now.”

He rose up and moved in close behind her, her asshole opening and closing as she flexed her muscles. His cock was about to burst as he touched the head of it to her deep, open cavity. Chen pushed back on him and as his cock began to penetrate her, she grabbed him with her ass, sucking him in as he pushed. She clamped her ass around his cock and squeezed, and Charlie began to groan. She gave several violent thrusts, nearly knocking him off his knees. Just when he thought he would explode, she disengaged from him and turned around to kiss him.

“You like Number Three Love, Charlie?” She whispered.

“Holy shit, Chen, how’d you learn to do that?” He was beside himself, breathing heavily and beginning to sweat. If she even looks at me again I’m gonna come, he thought!

He tried to regain his composure, but failed miserably. Chen pushed him back, laying him out on the floor, his butt on a pillow.

“First I’m going to do you, lover, then I’m going to do me.”

She turned her backside to him and straddled him, squatting on the balls of her feet, leaning forward to steady herself, palms flat on the floor. She reached under, found his cock and placed it against her. As she let herself sink onto it, she again opened her hole, grabbing him and pulling him in. She held his cock at the entrance to her ass, and rolled from side to side, pulling and pushing, until Charlie began to thrust his hips upward. She stopped and pulled her ass away and hovered right above him for a few moments. Then she dipped down quickly, letting just the head of his cock splish inside her. She did this several times, and it felt to Charlie like some kind of strange coitus, foreign and fascinating, and unbelievably erotic. He groaned louder, his breath coming in great gushes. Finally she let herself go, sinking down his cock to the root. She held the position, savoring her fullness. She clinched her ass tight, clamping his cock in her soft vice, and raised herself up, stopping just before coming off of him. Letting go of her grip, she plunged down again, clinched, and pulled back up. Over and over she did this, plunging down and clinching, then pulling up tight. The effect on Charlie was maddening as he watched her distended asshole trying to lift him off the floor! He couldn’t believe it! She was sucking his cock with her ass! He never wanted it to end, but he was totally under her spell-he would come when she wanted him to, and not a moment sooner. When she was ready, he could stand no more– he exploded in her ass like a water canon, the jism and the drool squirting from her constricted ass like champagne. He lay drained on the floor, watching the last few pumps of her vacuum ass sucking him dry.

She lifted off him, and turned around, still squatting over him.

“Now it’s my turn, lover.”

She arched her back and scrunched up her face like she was pushing something heavy. She opened her eyes and looked directly at him, wantonly pursing her fruity little lips into a kiss. She opened them, making a little hole, and Charlie couldn’t miss the resemblance to the little brown flower that blossomed in his face. She rolled her hips slowly and tightly. Charlie could see her stomach tighten and the cords of her neck strain with the burden. She was squeezing some secret muscles that made her come, and she released herself, her eyes locked onto his, oozing lust, even as her spent ass dripped on him.

She collapsed forward on him, her chest heaving, making little purring sounds. Charlie could feel her ass contracting involuntarily. He held her close, massaging her sweaty back, and they both dozed off, Charlie’s fingers resting lightly in the cleft of her ass.

When he woke, Chen was already dressed, getting ready to go. He got up and gathered his clothes.

“I don’t know what to say, Chen, you’ll never know what you’ve done for me.”

Her smoldering eyes told him that her hunger was only temporarily sated.

“You’re really very sweet, lover,” she cooed. She touched his cheek and gave him a little kiss. “Maybe next time I’ll give you Number Two Love.” She winked and was at the door, pulling the knob.

“And what’s Number Two Love,” he asked.

She opened her mouth wide, forming a large circle with her lips and swallowed. She stepped out of the apartment and was gone, pushing the door closed behind her.

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