Nisha, My Cousin – Made Her Mine

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Nisha, My Cousin – Made Her Mine

I used to know my cousin, Nisha since we were k**s. She was of my age. We used to be friends then. Even though our parents were ‘kind of’ conservative, they used to come to my home frequently to hangout. Because of that, I never could talk to Nisha alone.

I never had a bad eye on her since we were ‘little’ back then. But then she started growing and I did too. I started getting attracted to her grown body. She used to wear tight kameez which showed the outline for her body when she used to come to our house with her parents.

She was and still is very lean and I like that in girls. She had a very decent structure. She was fair and 5’4”, where I was 6’. When we were in our 12th grade, I started feeling the urge of having sex with her. But knowing that it will never happen cause I never thought she would see me like that.

That’s when one day she and her family came to our home. I was in my bedroom doing something. She knocked and entered my room. I welcomed her and she sat on my bed. We talked about random stuff. She suddenly stood up and took a book on my table which I didn’t like.

I asked her to keep it back. But she didn’t. She thought I had some secret in the book which I hadn’t. She started opening the pages to read what’s in it. I suddenly went behind her to stop her from reading and grabbed the book. She was close to me, her back facing me.

While I was pulling the book from her, I kind of grabbed her stomach and hugged her. She asked me to stop and gave the book back. I felt bad then and left her. She went to the hall and sat there. I went behind her but then nothing much happened. We talked about something else later.

To be honest, I actually got a boner while hugging her. I had to shag myself after they left, in my bathroom. Years later, she got married and I kind of lost hope of having sex with her. That is when we started chatting. Her husband was most of the time at work and she didn’t have much to do.

We chatted regularly. One day she asked me if I have ever written a love letter to her and posted it to her home, long back? I was surprised and I said, “No.” I asked her what the story was. She told me that once she got a love letter from somebody and she gave it to her dad, my uncle.

He read it and said it was from me. That is when she started keeping a distance from me. Her parents never wanted me to think about her that way. (BTW, as per our culture she could be my wife.) I didn’t know about this letter story and I told her I never did it. She didn’t believe me initially but later, she was convinced.

She started trusting me. She asked me if I ever loved her. I answered no. But when I asked her the same question and she asked why I was asking her that? I expected a straight ‘No’ with a disgusted face. But this answer surprised me. I asked her canlı bahis to answer me honestly.

After forcing so many times she said ‘Yeah’ she liked me. I was really shocked. Not for the answer, but for the chances I missed in fucking her, all my life. I asked her, why do you like me? She was like there is no reason. She would have said ‘Yes’ to marry me if I had asked her dad. This all excited me.

I never knew she wanted to marry me. I asked her why couldn’t she give me a hint so that I knew that she loved me. She said she gave me several hints by trying to speak to me but I never responded well. I felt dumb then and I apologized for everything.

I said it would have been great if I ever married her. She asked me why and I said she was very beautiful and hot. She just replied ‘hmm’. We left the conversation at that. From next day I started texting her frequently calling her beautiful and stuff like that. I even sent her a photo of mine.

She sent me photos of her also. Things went like that for some days. I thought of taking it to the next level. One day I asked her about the day when I hugged her while she was taking my book. She said she remembered the incident very well. She backed out then because she was scared about somebody seeing us.

I asked her would she back out again if I hugged her if no one is seeing us? She said it’s okay. I was happy to hear that. This gave me hope for me getting to fuck her someday. I decided to go slow though. I told her that I will hug her next time we were alone and she said okay.

Days went and we never got a chance to meet and we continued chatting. I knew that she had a thing for me. I started sending her my pics with no shirt. I asked her if she has seen me with no shirt. She was like yes she has, someday when they were at my home.

I said I haven’t got a chance to see her without a top. She was like a boy’s body and a girl’s body are different. Right? I pleaded with her a lot and finally, she agreed to send me a picture. She sent me a picture of her with her kameez on. I asked her to remove it and send me a picture.

She removed it and sent me a picture with her petticoat on. It covered her whole upper body as well except for her arms. I asked her to remove that as well and she removed it and send me a photo of her in a bra. I got excited and asked to remove that as well. She got shy.

She said she will show me when we meet because she was scared if someone else will see the photo. I said okay and days passed by. One day I was planning to go out with my friends and suddenly a phone came to my dad. It was Nisha. She was asking if she could come over to stay here at our home.

Her parents were going somewhere far and will be back late. My parents also were planning to go to some marriage ceremony. But they asked to come as I am not there at home bahis siteleri and they know I will be late. Hearing this I left home and waited for Nisha to come.

After two hours or so, after my parents left, I went back home knowing that Nisha will be there alone. I reached the front door and rang the bell. Nisha opened it and was surprised to see me. I went inside and asked if my parents were there. She replied, “No.”

I smiled at her and went inside my bedroom to prepare for my next move. Without wasting any time, I came out of my room and sat near Nisha. She was watching TV. I started the conversation with some general queries. Then I asked her if she could show me what she promised me to show.

She acted a little dumb and I said I wanted to see her topless. She smiled and continued watching TV. I suddenly held her arms and made her come with me to my room. I closed and locked the room from inside and asked her to remove her clothes. It was a bold move.

She looked around and asked me if I was serious. I gave her my firm face and she said it should be between us and I promised her that. She then removed her kameez and then her petticoat. She was in her bra. I asked her to remove that as well. She was shy and she removed the bra. Now she was topless in front of me.

I was excited. I held her waist with my right hand and pulled her close to me. Her body was very soft. She blushed and she looked down. I picked her up with my arms and threw her on to my bed. I then got on top of her body and tried kissing her. First, she didn’t give me her lips.

But I forcefully kissed her lips. She later obliged and we kissed for some 10 minutes. My hands went down and I started undoing her salwar. She held my hands from doing it, but I did it anyway. I went down and removed the salwar completely. She was there in her panty.

She was very shy and she covered her panty with her hands. I removed her hands and removed the panty as well. She was stark naked in front of me in my bed. I said, “Finally, you are mine now.” I tasted victory as if I won a ‘5 crore lottery ticket’. I removed my dress very fast.

I then started rubbing her pussy with my index finger. With my left hand, I started fondling those small boobs. She started moaning and I increased the speed rapidly. She was about to reach her climax in 10 minutes. I rubbed her pussy lips without stopping for 10 minutes to make her get an orgasm.

Till then she was holding on to my hands lightly. When she got her orgasm she left my hands and put it on her head. I wanted to make her get her orgasm so that I can control her later. I then inserted my two fingers into her pussy and dived deep into her pussy.

I then made to and from motion with my fingers inside her pussy. She started shivering. I inserted my third finger into her pussy and continued exciting bahis şirketleri her. I then got onto my knees while doing this. With my left hand, I raised her upper body. I then picked her up and placed her on my lap.

Her naked ass was touching my fully erect dick. Her eyes were closed with ecstasy and she was getting her second orgasm. She got it in another 15 minutes. Now I knew that she was mine forever. I then removed my fingers from inside her pussy and put my dick on to her mouth.

She licked a little as she was tired. She then gained energy and put my 6-inch dick in her mouth and started sucking it ferociously. She became a tigress in my bed, I could see. She had a technique with her tongue which she did on me. This made me cum in her mouth in 5 minutes.

I never got orgasm like this ever in my life. It was more about the thought that my seeds are in her mouth. It was kind of domination for me over her. I then raised her a bit using my arms. I made her lie down straight. I then went down and started licking her pussy.

I inserted one finger into her hole and licked her pussy. I was so fast because I knew going fast and steady is the key for female orgasm. It took me another 15 minutes to make her gasp for air. Her eye-balls were rolled up. It was like she was possessed by some demon.

She was clutching my bedsheets with both her hands. Finally, her upper body raised as if the demon inside her escaped. It was fun to watch that from that angle. I then held her legs tight and stood up with her legs on my shoulders and her pussy in my mouth.

I got out of the bed with her and stood on the floor. She was still on top of me. Her legs on top of my shoulder and the rest of her body above my head. I licked her dry in that position. That was a position which I would recommend you to try if you have the upper body strength.

She was ‘little’ like I said, so I could do it. She was holding my hair from the top and screaming. I think she was done with my foreplay and wanted to do the real thing. I placed her down and made her lie on my bed. I got on top of her again. I then folded her legs and positioned my penis on her pussy.

I then remembered I had no protection. But she asked me to do it anyways. She said she will have I-pill after today. I then inserted my dick into her pussy slowly and started mine too and from motion. This was the first time I was fucking somebody.

I did my best thrust with speed. But I came fast, in 1 minute and I filled her with my cum. It was okay for her as she already had her orgasm multiple times. After my orgasm, I stayed in that position for some time. I got off from her body and I started dressing up. She also got up and dressed up.

It felt like we had sex for money. We talked about it and we understood that the magic of sex was lost because we did a lot of foreplay. When the real thing happened, it just passed on so quickly as we had no energy left. We then agreed to do it more properly next time when we have the proper time.

I am waiting for that chance until now. Hopefully, it will happen soon

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