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NIKKI’S JOURNEY – CHAPTER 17CHAPTER 17: QUIET WEEKEND WITH HARRY AND JULIWhat a week. That was the only way Nikki could express it. She had become so busy with helping Bob with the “kennel service” side of helping woman interested in learning the ins and outs (so to speak) of dog-sex. What had started out as a lark for Bob and something Nikki thought would be a rare, if ever, activity for her had turned into something of a lucrative sideline for Bob and had lately kept Nikki hopping from one woman to the next. Who would have thought there was all this latent dog loving just beneath the surface in this country city? On top of all that activity, Joe was out of town for the whole week on business. It was a rare trip since his promotion that allowed her to be able to comfortably quite her dead-end job. He wasn’t due back home until late Friday afternoon.Meanwhile, even their closest friends, Harry and Juli, an older couple living next door (actually a half mile, but the closest door next to them) were also extremely busy. They were in the midst of rounding up enough cattle for a couple of truck loads to the market. It meant more hands around the ranch than normal and lots of activity on the surrounding ranch land. Even Juli was busy with feeding the workers and managing the books as the cattle were assembled in the corrals and the trucks brought in for loading. All that was scheduled to be completed by Thursday.Nikki and Juli had traded phone calls to catch up but hadn’t even been able to break away for a real visit. Thursday night when they talked again they agreed that they needed some real friend’s hangout time and decided this weekend would be perfect. And since everyone was also feeling under used sexually, it would be a “nude and use” weekend starting Friday night. The weekend would be spent at Joe and Nikki’s. Friday would be spent stocking up on steaks, chicken, salad fixings, beer and wine, eggs and sausage for breakfasts, etc. Nikki called Joe and told him of their idea and he was all in favor of it. The business trip had gone okay but was very tiring. Three different cities to meet with their various offices. He was ready for down time. Friday evening didn’t come fast enough for any of them but it finally did come and everyone was able to take a deep sigh of relief and a couple of beers to settle in. While the guys were grilling the steaks, the girls were preparing a hearty salad and fresh baked bread. After dinner the four of them took their drinks outside onto the patio. The conversation was casual and easy, the way it is with people you trust the most. Although they were separated in age by about twenty years, Joe and Nikki and Harry and Juli truly felt as close to each other as two couple maybe could. They definitely were not swingers and they didn’t even consider their relationship in a sexual way as sharing. It was more like they just were with each other and if sometimes that meant they loved the others partner, then everyone was comfortable with that. They quickly got the conversation of their stress filled week out of the way and in an unspoken way they all knew that was behind them for the weekend and they could now just relax and be with each other. Joe suddenly laughed after a silent moment. Juli asked what caused that and Joe pointed to the two dogs sitting at the edge of the patio, patiently watching. “They’ve been sitting there watching for the past 45 minutes.”Nikki looked at them and bent over and clapped her hands together, “Here boys.” They came running to her, tail wagging. “I guess you haven’t had much of a week, either, have you?” She then looked at Juli and said, “Well, girl, it looks like its four cocks and two pussies for the rest of the weekend. Are you up for this?”Juli stood up, walked over to Nikki and the dogs, knelt on one knee, kissed Nikki on the lips and started petting Sam, the younger dog. “It’s not like we really were expecting anything else now is it?”Joe looked over to Harry, caught his eye and winked to him.Juli and Nikki rose and started undressing each other. That’s the nice thing about their place, nearly total privacy for 45 acres. They went into an embrace and deeply kissing while their fingers slid across fabric and undid buttons. Blouses were off and skirts came next. The dogs were beginning to circle the two women. Their trigger was when the women were naked and they saw that coming and their urgency increased. The women hugged and kissed again and their hands working the clasps on their bras, slipping them off. One would kiss down the neck, the shoulders to a breast and nipple. Then the other would return the favor. Nikki then kissed her way down past Juli’s breasts to her bellybutton, over her abdomen and hooking her fingers into her panties, slipped them off the older woman and then buried her nose and mouth into the woman’s crotch, licking at her pussy lips and clit. Juli grabbed her and pulled her up so she could return the attention to Nikki. Once they were both naked, the dogs split up and targeted a woman each. They each went directly to an exposed crotch, pushing their snouts between legs. The women slowly walked backwards to their chairs, sat and spread their legs for their canine lovers. The first full swipe of the tongue across Juli’s pussy and clit sent a shiver through her. After a couple of minutes she had her knees pulled up and spread wide so the dog would have an even easier access to her. Within only a few more minutes she was moaning and gasping as her first small orgasm shot through her.Juli let her breathing get back to normal and opened her eyes and saw Nikki on the ground with Butch behind her, fucking her hard. Sam nudged Juli, gently took her hand in his mouth to lead her off the chair but she begged off. Joe stood, walked over to Nikki’s head and called Sam to him. He then had him lay down and Nikki moved she and Butch the few inches she needed to reach Sam’s emerging cock. She bent her head down, kissing and licking the end until more of his cock emerged from the sheath. Then as she took the cock into her mouth, Butch pounded his knot into her pussy and her mouth came off instantly as she yelled out and panted, “Oh, Butch, you beautiful boy. But can’t you give your bitch a little warning?” She glanced behind her at the three who were laughing at her comment and went back to Sam as Butch settled into fucking her with his cock and knot deep inside her pussy. She was feeling constant spurts of cum from the cock inside her and then he slammed deep into her and stayed deep. Then she felt more, “Oooohhhh, Bbbuutttcccchhhh! Yyyeeeessssss, bbbbooooyyyyyyy. Don’t … sstoppp … yyyesssss, I … am … cummming. Oh, Butch, you have soooooo much cummmmmm … oh, shit … so much cum … for me.” When he was done and tied, she was able to go back to Sam. Even while now focusing on him she continued to rock her pussy on the knot firmly embedded inside her, targeting her g-spot against that wonderful knot. The orgasms continued. Little ones, but continuous. All the while sucking and throating Sam’s cock. When Butch pulled loose, Joe was up once again. This time he stood behind Nikki and called Sam to him. He patted her ass and Sam investigated and licked her ass, pussy and asshole. He then quickly mounted her and found her pussy on the third stab. Joe then led Butch to Nikki’s head and had him lay down. Without a hesitation Nikki adjusted her position to reach Butch to lick and suck his cock and knot clean until it retreated back into his sheath.After Sam was done with her and his knot reduced enough to slip out of her, Nikki collapsed on the ground. But for only a moment. She was back up on her knees and moving to Sam and cleaned his cock and knot, also. Then she collapsed onto her back, legs wide, and dog cum leaking out of her lips.She got up moments later and made her way to her chair. Joe handed her a glass of wine which she took a large gulp of. Joe was smiling at her. He said, “Sure am glad these chair cushions are easy to clean. You have some serious leaking going on there, honey.” She looked down and he was right, she already had a good puddle under her ass. The four of them had a laugh.Nikki said, “Now I feel like the weekend is underway. I guess even the boys were a bit neglected this week. Everyone, it’s late and I know everyone is tired from this week. I propose we call it a night. Leave the boys out here for the night and take care of the men in our respective beds. Tomorrow, the first ones up at least make coffee.”The next morning Nikki came out to the kitchen to the smell of coffee and sweet rolls. She looked out on the patio as she passed and saw everyone out there. She poked her head out and asked if anyone needed more coffee or sweet rolls? They said sure without being specific so she got a tray and put the coffee, sweet roll pan and an extra cup for herself and took everything outside. She asked how everyone slept. Harry said, “You apparently got this woman worked up watching your display last night. After she got tired, I slept fine.”“Oh, and I suppose you protested the whole time.”They agreed that since this weekend was down time they would just do what they wanted and no plans to get in the way. After their breakfast and cleaning up the kitchen, Nikki suggested to Juli that they go for a long walk out back. Even possibly going out into the ranch property beyond. Juli thought that was a great idea. They hadn’t gotten in their long walks lately. So they said they would be back sometime and took the dogs with them.Once the girls were over the konya escort rise, Harry said, “I have everything ready for the new modifications to the saddles. It will only take another hour or so to finish. Let’s do it while they’re off and we can go riding tonight or tomorrow.”Joe said, “Excellent idea. They nearly fell over from exhaustion last time, this should take it up another notch.”They broke the rules for the weekend and put on pants and took Harry’s truck. That would save them some time. In the barn work area were the two saddles that Juli and Nikki were using and had been modified just for their special private rides. They had disassembled the saddles to allow removal of the dildos and replaced them with new ones. These were vibrating and they had remote control so access wasn’t necessary while being used. Access was necessary to replace batteries and they hoped they would get used enough to go through a supply of batteries. These new dildos were also very flexible which they thought was important since the gait of the horse was irregular and they didn’t want the girls to be hurt. Nikki’s still had the double dildo, Juli’s was just the one. They agreed that it was important to keep this fun for all of them and not to challenge Juli too much. Nikki was an entirely different matter.Meanwhile, the girls barely made it over the rise when they were being pestered by the dogs. They knew the rules and they lived by them well. But the women were naked and they needed to live by the same rules so they were all over the two of them. Nikki finally stopped and sat down and spread her legs, “We might as well let them have their fun so we can get more of our walk in. But, given how neglected they are acting, we might find ourselves out here for a long time without getting much of a walk in.”Juli laughed and assumed the same position. She looked at Nikki as Butch was feeding on her pussy this time. She wondered if they were really smart enough to switch partners each time. But she said to Nikki, “Thank you, dear.”“For … ooooohh … what?”“Just for being you. You and Joe, really. How could I have even dreamed just a short time ago that I could be living, loving my brother openly in front of someone and feel so safe and fully accepted? Hell, how could I have dreamed I’d be such a sexual person at my age? Ooooohh, yessss, right… there… Butch … yessssss… Having sex with another man, with dogs, with a woman. You have opened us up and we love you for it. Thanks for times like this. Two old people spending a naked weekend with a young couple. You make us feel young. Ooohh, sssshitttttt … that … feeeeeelssssss … sooo … good.”Nikki giggles, “Juli, dear, you are young. Look at you, giving yourself to this dog out here in the open and loving it. And I know Joe likes to love you, too. You are good for us. You also accepted us, remember. So it works out. I love you. Both of you. I hope you don’t mind, but I want Harry this weekend. Now, let’s give these dogs what they want.”Both women turned over and got onto hands and knees. It didn’t take a moment before the dogs were on top of them. Being so used to human women, it didn’t take more than a few humps before they found pussy. Once inside both women were literally squealing and moan from the power of the thrusts. These two were used to women and seemed to know how to take them so they enjoyed it and came back for more. Maybe that was just in their minds, but both women were inclined right then to believe it. Once the dogs had knotted and released there cum into their pussies, Nikki mumbled to Juli, “A trick you really have to try is to rock on his knot. Push back against him and then pull away so your pussy lips are stretch out. Rocking that big knot bumps it across your g-spot. It will keep you cumming.”Juli tried it and gasped and groaned. “Ooooohhhh shitttttt. Yesssssss, that … issssss … soooooo … good.”When the dogs finally separated, Nikki first, both collapsed flat on the ground. As they staggered up to their feet, Juli shook her head as she saw Nikki and knew probably looked just as bad. Nikki had dirt ground into her front and especially her breasts from their fucking. They both laughed and continued on their way. Their goal was to at least reach the back of Nikki’s property. If it went well, they might crawl under the fence and head out across Juli’s, too.The left them alone for about twenty minutes but then they decided the naked women with them were needed by them. They were after all naked and that was the training. So before they got to the stream that cut across the back part of the property, the women once again where on the ground being used by the dogs. Their pussies were still swampy from the first fucking so much preliminaries were necessary and the women got right down on their hands and knees. Juli was understanding why Nikki liked fucking the dogs so much. They were relentless and insatiable. It didn’t seem to matter that they had just used them, they were ready for more. And they really were soooo good at it. Especially, with the knots inside. And they were good sized knots. She heard of some really big breeds that had cocks and knots that truly stretched a woman’s capacity. These were big enough to be tied for ten to fifteen minutes but not so big to be a problem for a relative new comer to it like herself.The stream wasn’t really very big, maybe ten feet across, but quite shallow. Nonetheless, when they finally got to it, the women walk into the middle and sat down. They cleaned off some of the dirt and cleaned off their pussies from the excess dog cum that was leaking from them. They crossed the stream and made it to the back fence line of Nikki and Joe’s property before the dogs were again all over them, nudging and butting into them. So, once again they were on the ground getting fucked as hard as the first time today. They figured with the time they spent with the dogs they should probably head back to the house. Twice more on the way back the inevitable happened. Nikki and Juli agreed the dogs needed better attention during the week if they were going to be naked for the weekend ever again.Joe and Harry had returned long ago and were beginning to wonder about the girls and half thinking about walking out to try to find them when they heard shouts and laughing coming from over the rise. Soon they saw the girls running over the rise and down with the dogs running around them. Nikki being in excellent shape as a young woman ran with long strides and her large breast bounced wildly. Juli being an older woman and not in as good shape was a bit more awkward and her somewhat sagging breasts really flying around her chest. Clearly, they were trying not to let the dogs get them stopped to be fucked again.True enough, when they got to the patio Nikki exclaimed, “Damn. They fucked us three times out there and would have again if we hadn’t run for the house.”Joe reminded her, “Nikki, you set the rule for the boys. When you are dressed they are to leave you or any other woman alone. But, when you are naked, well … they were only obeying your rule.”“What time is it? Ready for supper to get going?”“Just about, dear.”“Then you guys get the grill going and open a bottle of white wine. Juli and I are going to take a shower and get some of this ground in dirt off of us.” She said that with a stern look at the dogs. After they left, Joe looked at the dogs and said, “Don’t worry about it guys. I am sure they loved it all.”Juli started for the other end of the house, but Nikki took her hand and pulled her into the master bedroom. “I want you in the shower with me, if that’s okay with you. Being with you today with the boys, in the sun, naked and free, well, it made me really want to be with you. Have you ever really been with a woman one-on-one?”“No, I haven’t. But, Nikki, with you I think I would try anything. Yes, I would love to join you. But, you show me what you want. Okay?”One thing about a naked weekend, all they had to do was take off their shoes that made walking in the fields possible. Nikki turned the water on in the large shower, adjusted the temperature and pulled Juli in behind her.Nikki pushed Juli up against the wall under the shower head and crushed up to her so their breasts were pressed together and their mouths and tongues explored each other. When Nikki pulled back, Juli was gasping to catch her breath and her heart was racing. As Nikki looked into her eyes, Juli raised both of her hands and cupped her own breasts and squeezed them and toyed with her own nipples. Finally, saying, “God, Nikki, yes. Anything you want to do to me … please, yes.” Nikki slid down her body, kissing and licking the water off her as she went. Her neck and shoulders, then her breasts and lapping up the water coming off her nipples. Looking into Juli’s eyes, again, she lowered herself and lapped up the water running down her abdomen and into her crotch. With both hands on Juli’s thighs she encourage her to spread them and drove her tongue into the older woman’s pussy, licking he length of her slit, flicking her clit and separating her pussy lips and licking just inside. Juli was gasping and moaning and had both hands on Nikki head pulling the young woman’s face into her crotch.Nikki pulled away slightly and looked back up into her eyes. She saw lust and knew she was ready for the next step. She pulled Juli away from the wall a couple of feet, then she turned around and lay on the shower floor so her head was directly under the woman. She took hold of Juli’s knees and pulled down, escort konya encouraging her to sit over her head. Nikki reached her head up and stuck her tongue directly into Juli’s pussy and got a gasp from the woman. She then reached out and took Juli’s arms and pulled her down so she approached her pussy. The woman quickly complied and tentatively sought out Nikki pussy. First with the tip of her tongue and a kiss. Her first intimate contact with another woman’s pussy and clit. With the earlier stimulation she had experienced, Juli was the first to cum but continued to bring her friend to orgasm, also. The lay on the floor letting the warm water continue to fall over them as they recovered. Then, they really did clean up, dry off and comb out their hair. They rejoined the guys who had dinner ready and waiting. The dogs were fed and lazing out on the grass. They were eating on the patio tonight and fell immediately into their comfortable chatter. The girls asked how the guys spent their time but only got vague responses which made them think they were up to something, again. As they were sitting finishing the last of the wine, Juli confessed, “You guys, this is just so amazing.”Nikki, “What is?”“Sitting here with good friends, so relaxed and comfortable, having just enjoyed a wonderful meal together, sipping wine and talking. Amazing. What’s amazing is I’m completely naked with you, twenty years older, and totally, completely comfortable in doing and know there is no judgment of me or us. I love you all.”Everyone pitched in to clean up after the meal and they opened up the hot-tub and got comfortable with more wine or beer, Harry just wasn’t a wine kind of guy. Juli was sitting almost on top of Harry and looked up to the others and smiled. She raised herself and moved to Harry’s lap and slowly sat back down. Nikki said, “Juli, you little … right in front of your friends you impale yourself on your brother? You go, girl!”“This is what I mean about you guys. I feel so wanton. You’ve opened my up so much.”“Actually, dear, I think it’s Harry who has you opened, and stuffed, right now.”Nikki followed suit and they continued their conversation with the girls moving slightly on the cocks in their pussies. Harry asked, “So, you never told what happened on your walk today that made you both so dirty.”Juli replied, “Those dogs! My god. They wouldn’t leave us alone. We’d walk for a while and they’d want us again. These dogs are insatiable. There’s nothing about ‘cum and done’ about these guys. They took us five times when you saw us running for our sexual lives for the house. To be honest, though, I don’t think Nikki was running so much from them as with me to support me. I would have totally collapsed out there if I didn’t get some respite from them.”Joe injected, “Yeah, I don’t think Nikki had her fill of her boys, if past events are any indication. This one” as he stroked her breasts above the water line, “has taken them both by herself over three naked days of training Sam with Butch as special, guest instructor for his new brother.”Nikki said, “We’ll look like prunes if we stay in here much longer. What say we have a finale before going off to bed? I think I know a way to really give you guys a wild sensation if everyone is game.”Harry said, “What would that be?”“You can DP us. You take our ass and a dog will take our pussies. The pressure on your cocks should be a wholly new sensation.”Juli said, “Oh, I can’t. My ass hasn’t had that much use but my pussy can’t take anymore dog cock and knots. Harry, I can do this gentle penetration, but I can’t take any more pounding. Not tonight, I just need a little more recovery time. Tomorrow we can try whatever you want, okay?”“That’s okay, dear. I have enough lust in my heart to take on the guys. Then I can rest, too.”Juli said, “I may get off just watching you, you slutty bitch.”She went into the bedroom and came out with a tube of KY jell, gave it to Joe and instructed him to liberally apply it to her asshole and his cock. She then called the boys in, told Sam to sit and Butch to come. She then instructed Joe to get some cushions from the patio and lay them on the floor so they would be high enough for Butch to mate with her. Joe then lay down on the cushions, Nikki straddled his midsection and carefully lined up his cock to her asshole and slowly lowered herself, squeezing past her sphincter, waiting for her muscles to relax and adjust and settling down to his base. Then she leaned back onto Joe’s chest. He immediately cupped both her breasts, squeezing and playing with her nipples for extra stimulation. She called Butch over, who immediately dipped his snout to her crotch, sniffing and licking. Joe and Nikki both reacted with gasps and the dog’s tongue came into contact with their joining. Nikki called Butch to mount and he looked at her as if puzzling this new situation. He had never taken Nikki in the missionary position but it didn’t take him long to just go with it and stepped over her body until his cock, just barely out of his sheath, came into contact with her. In the third stab he found her remaining opening and thrust in. She gasped at the complete deep penetration he managed with a cock in her ass. Joe also gasped at the sensation of Butch’s cock sliding over his with just that thin membrane separating them.Juli was once again sitting on Harry’s cock to keep him ready per Nikki’s instructions. But watching that coupling sent a shudder through her as she had a mini-orgasm. God, she thought, that woman can give me a small orgasm just by watching her fucking!Joe kept one hand between Nikki’s front and the dog and the other one held her shoulder to keep her secure on top of him. Joe wanted to continue fucking his cock into her ass, but it was just too tight now and there was going to be no way of slowing down the dog. They didn’t know slow and loving, it was all about fucking. Which is undoubtedly why some women love it so much – just unassuming sex, raw and powerful. Being taken.Nikki lay on top of Joe and hoped the support he seemed to be providing was solid because she was quickly losing the presence of mind to control herself between these two lovers. Joe was firmly lodged in her asshole and felt wonder and full. Butch was being Butch, jackhammering her pussy for all he was worth. He started spurting almost as soon as he was in and expanding within her. He must have felt the difference having Joe in her at the same time provided. She was tighter and he seemed to have to work harder to ‘properly’ fuck her. Joe was mumbling in her ear about how it felt to have Butch rubbing back and forth along his cock in her ass. At the same time his free hand was moving from a breast/nipple to her clit and strumming it. So close to that cock pistoning in and out of her.And she really was losing it. Soon she was moaning and groaning from the stimulation and fullness of her pussy and ass. “Ooooohhhhh, oooooooooooooo, yeeeeessssss. Joe … this … is … ooooooohhhhhh, god, yeeeeeesssssss … Oh god, I’m … yessssss … cummmmminnnnngggggggggg!!!!!”Joe was hanging on for dear life, trying to wait with his orgasm. He started thinking about work, new company policy, the baseball game, anything to try to stem the increasing urge to cum.Butch slowed and made short humps at Nikki and Juli could see what was about to happen. Despite the tight confines of Nikki body right now, he was trying to get his knot inside, too. Nikki was almost beside herself when she came to the same realization that Juli was coming to. This dog was bound and determined to complete the mating and get his knot inside. She lay her head all the way back and said to Joe, “Get ready, honey, he’s trying to push his knot into me now. The pressure will become even more intense if he does.” And she dug her heels into the floor and braced herself as he pushed harder and applied short intense humps. Slowly she felt her pussy lips expanding against the pressure to take the knot, expanding more and more. Then, “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE … shhhhhiiiitttttttttt … he … did it! It’s in me. Ooooohhhhh jeeeeezzzzzz. I have … never … felt this full. You … two are the … biggest combination … I … have ever … had … oooooooooooooo, yesssssssssss.” And she came, again. The most intense of the day.Once inside, Butch started pumping intensely again. This was just too much for Joe and he came inside Nikki’s ass, raising his hips and lifting all three of them in the process and screaming his release. He had never felt anything like that before and made a mental note, assuming the intense sensations didn’t immediately erase it, to try this again soon.Joe really had nowhere he could go, so he just focused on holding Nikki and continuing his tweaking of nipples and clit. But he also was acutely aware of Butch’s cock and knot pressing on him from Nikki pussy. Despite just cumming, he felt himself regaining some firmness with her ass. This was the craziest thing he ever experienced and was now wondering how Nikki could be handling it. All he could hear from her was some mumbling.Nikki had nearly totally lost herself the sensations were so powerful. Since that last intense orgasm after Butch’s knot pushed into her, she kept having orgasms. They were not stopping. Just as one would slow, another would start up. Her legs were shaking uncontrollably. He stomach was quivering, her nipples ached they were so hard. She grabbed Joe arm and moved it away from her, it was too much. She just whispered to him, “Gooooodddddddddd … too … much. I LOVE YOU! … But … I am … too … konya escort bayan sensitive.”Joe was stunned. My god, he thought, she moved his hand away because she was experience too much stimulation with his tweaking her nipples and clit and she was worried he might be offended. He the midst of all that, she was still worried about him! God, he loved this woman! He just grabbed her around the waist with his other hand and stabilized her.Butch was pushed in to his full depth and held there, spurting his cum into her pussy. In her current state it felt like more cum than she had ever experienced or imagined. Maybe it was just the fullness (gee, but Joe even still felt hard in her ass but she knew he had cum earlier) but she felt it would surely be coming out of her mouth at any moment. But all this put her over the edge again with an intense orgasm right on top of the small ones she had been riding. And in the midst of that one everything went black for her.Joe felt her suddenly relax completely and her arms fall to his side. Harry and Juli saw her legs, which had been tensely pushed into the floor, suddenly go slack and flop out to the sides. Juli jumped up and heard a ‘plop’ sound as she quickly got off Harry’s cock. She rushed to Nikki’s side but Joe assured her that she was breathing well, just passed out. Of course, she was also still tied to Butch but in her condition she was as relaxed as could be so he was able to pull out sooner than normal.When started coming around to the world, she tried to understand what had happened. She was now on the floor with a blanket over her and Joe on one side and Juli on the other. Harry was nearby holding the dogs by their collars. She looked at Joe and then Juli with questions in her eyes. Juli said, “You passed out, sweetie. Even the dogs were concerned. Harry had to take them by the collar they were licking you so much.”Joe asked, “How do you feel?”“Like I have had the fucking of my life. How’s that for graphic?”“Well, that may be pretty accurate. At least the fucking of your life so far. I have to tell you that was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. I sure hope that wasn’t too much for you, because I would love to experience that again.”“Not now, okay? But, you know me. Anything that can get off with a good orgasm is worth trying, again.” She looked at Juli and said, “Well, maybe not the boar, though. Once with him is probably plenty.” Everyone laughed and helped her to a chair and something to drink. She had to be seriously dehydrated after that. Joe decided it was a good time to call it a night. They put the dogs out, closed up the house and started for their separate rooms. Nikki stopped and said, “Harry? Sorry about tonight, I really wanted to be with you, too. But, maybe tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow Juli and I will tag team you. Sleep good with that thought. Love you two.”The next morning Nikki slept in way past everyone else. When she did make an appearance, Juli asked her how she was feeling. “Good, actually. Not even really sore. I was just exhausted from the orgasms, I guess.”Juli jumped up and told her to sit, she would get her some coffee and get the breakfast going, it was all ready to start. In twenty minutes Juli was out with a tray full of food and more coffee. A huge platter of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and fried potatoes. She figured the way they were burning calories they need all the protein they could get. During the breakfast the discussion came around to what the day might hold for them. The girls had no specific plans but expressed interest if the guys had an idea that would be within the bounds of staying naked.Harry said, “Actually, Joe and I have been thinking we should go for a horse ride. We can combine getting out with checking on the cattle in the Northeast section.”The girls looked at each other and then broke out laughing. They knew what that meant. They never simply went for a horse ride. They always were given their ‘special’ saddles modified just for them. Juli answered for them and with a shrug of her shoulders said, “Riding the horses sounds like fun if Nikki feels up to it.”“No, I’m good. Let’s go.”They all walked over to Harry and Juli’s place. Naked, of course. The dogs came with them. The girls were ahead and the guys followed. The dogs ran back and forth. About at the fence separating the two properties, the girls heard, “Butch, Sam, come!” The girls stop and looked to see what was happening. Joe simply said, “Looked like the boys were on a bee line for your asses. Thought maybe we could give you a break until at later.”Nikki put her arm around Juli’s shoulder and said loud enough for the guys to hear, “And they say chivalry is dead.”The girls went into the house to put together a pack of supplies for the ride: sandwiches, drinks, blanket to sit on, and KY for what they anticipated their saddles to be. While they did that, the guys got the horses ready and brought them out and tied up to the rail outside the barn. When the girls came out of the house they could immediately see their suspicions had been correct. Their saddles were to be the modified ones with the dildos attached. Juli sighed with relief that hers still only had one for her pussy and gave Nikki a squeeze seeing that hers still had two, one for each of her holes.At the horses, Nikki commented, “You guys look very pleased with yourselves. Juli, can you hand me the KY, please, then I will return for you to use.”Harry said, “You guys came prepared?”“And when was the last time you asked us to go horseback riding and we didn’t have these saddles? Yes, we came prepared.”Nikki, put her foot into the stirrup and raised herself up and sat behind the saddle to begin lubing up the two dildos, then got back down and squirted a generous amount onto her hand and gave the tube to Juli. Nikki used some of the jell on her asshole outside and the rest she forced inside with her finger. Done, she once again put her foot into the stirrup and pulled herself up, swung her leg over the saddle and using her hands balanced over the saddle while Joe helped her get the two dildos line up and she slowly sat down with a deep sigh and groan. Juli duplicated the action with Harry helping her but only having to line up the one dildo.Now that the girls were settled, the guys climbed up and they started out of the yard, down the driveway, across the road and out into the range headed for a pond in the Northeast section where they could also check on some of the cattle. When they were across the road and maneuvered through the gate in the fence, the girls were already feeling the stimulation from the dildos inside moving around with each step the horses took. About a half mile into the ride, Nikki and Juli both shrieked at the same time and bent over their saddles. Nikki glanced back at Joe, watching him closely as he came up alongside of her.“You bastard. You changed the other dildos out for vibrating ones, didn’t you?” “Yes, dear. We didn’t want these rides to become boring and routine for you two.”“Such a … ooooooooohhhhh … Jooooooooe … what … are … you doing? They are … both vibrating … but at … different … speeds. You devil … ssssshhhhiittttttttt … yessssssssss, here it comes … already!”Juli was hanging on to her saddle horn and gently raising and lowering herself on the dildo, “Yyyyyeessssssss … oooooohh … myyyyyyyyyy … god. Yeeeesssssssssssss, I … am… cummmmmmmminggggg, tooooooooo!”The guys turned the vibration down to the lowest setting but not off. The girls slowly recovered and sat up straighter. Nikki looked at Juli and gave her a sheepish grin, “We thought we knew what these naughty boys had in mind, but they surprised us, again.” And then looking to Joe, “Just out of curiosity, what setting was that and how high does it go? I take it you are using remote control?”“Yes, dear, it is remote control. And, to satisfy your curiosity, the one in your pussy was at 5 and the one in your ass was at 3. They each go up to 10. Would you like to experience that?”“Not right this minute, no. But thank you for offering.” She turned to Juli, “He is such a dear, isn’t he?”Before they reached the pond the girls were once again doubled over going through another powerful orgasm and this time the guys grabbed the horses and continued so the dildos continued to move inside them throughout their orgasm. At the pond the girls just sat for an extra moment, stood up in the stirrups and swung off the horse. Nikki could feel the cum running down the inside of her thighs and looked up on the saddle and saw it was covered. Joe immediately had a bottle of water for both Nikki and Juli. Fighting dehydration would be important out in the sun and climaxing so much and they weren’t close to being done.They set up the blanket and lunch in the shade under the trees and the girls lay down. After something to eat and drink, they both dozed off. When Nikki came to the guys were gone and their horses. Juli said they were probably checking on the cattle. Moments later they came over the rise.Nikki got up as they approached and after they had their horses tied up by the other two, Nikki grabbed Harry by the hand and led him back towards the blanket, passing Juli and said, “I said I wanted him this weekend. You’ll have to settle for Joe or one of the dogs.”Joe said, “Settle??”After the guys were satisfied, Nikki saw the dogs waiting patiently. She looked at Juli and asked, “Feel like you can take one of the boys now?”She smiled at her friend and Juli got onto her hands and knees and slapped her ass and said, “Come.” She didn’t really care which one came to her versus to Nikki. All in all a very stimulating day. And they still had the ride back to the house on the vibrating dildos!* * * CHAPTER 18: MORE OF THE WEEKEND will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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