New Boss: Part 1

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New Boss: Part 1This story could be posted in any of a number of categories, but I chose ‘lesbian sex’ because that’s what makes up the bulk of the tale. There is a strong element of consensual BDSM involved, but nothing nasty or heavy, more humiliation and tease than pain. In the main it’s a lesbian romance, a love story with a bit of kinky sex included. I hope you enjoy and please comment, as that’s the only way I can know what you think…………………….Anna knocked nervously at the door. The dark carved wood seemed to bear down on her like a symbol of doom, mocking her uncertainties and reminding her harshly of her limitations. She didn’t want to be there, didn’t want this change, this so called promotion. She was happy to stay where she was, content to follow, to blend in, unnoticed, just do her work and go home to her small apartment. But Sheila had decreed otherwise. Sheila: the manager of the office and also her friend, who had plucked her from the comfort of anonymity and thrust her into the spotlight. Anna cursed her, and she cursed herself for allowing Sheila to talk her into it.Corrine Bletchley was the owner of this small company. To all of the twenty employees she was almost God, and Sheila had designated Anna to be God’s personal assistant. Gerald Bletchley, Corrine’s father, had died just a month earlier, leaving his daughter in sole control, but she was new to the business, certainly capable but still with much to learn. And so she needed somebody with experience to help ease her into her new position, someone like Anna. Hence her new job description.Anna knocked again and received a one word response “come.”The room was much as Anna had imagined it would be: grim and foreboding, with lots of dark wood panelling. Heavily laden bookshelves lined one wall, two chairs and a small table sat opposite. Facing the door were two large windows, while portraits of people Anna didn’t recognize hung on the walls amongst more familiar paintings, she briefly wondered how many of them were originals and how much wealth was hanging there? Probably more than she’d ever earn in her lifetime she thought. As she walked through the door she faced a huge oak desk that dominated the room. Corrine Bletchley sat behind it writing studiously into a large ledger, she didn’t look up but pointed with her pen to the chairs off to one side.Anna had seen her new boss only twice before, both times as Corrine had walked through the main office, to all intents and purposes ignoring the minions there. Anna hadn’t yet formed an opinion about the woman who was her boss, she didn’t know her well enough and had never even spoken to her, but she imagined her to be aloof and arrogant, not someone Anna would ever call a friend. But now, coming face to face, she took the time to study the young woman. For young she was: no more than thirty two or perhaps thirty three years old, just five years older than Anna. She was tall and slim, with shoulder length brown hair and an attractive, most would say, beautiful face, the half round reading glasses perched upon the end of her nose seemed to add to her appeal. She oozed self confidence and Anna could only compare herself unfavourably. She sat nervously, thinking that perhaps she shouldn’t be there; she was just an ordinary girl, while Corrine Bletchley would succeed in whatever she did with or without either her father’s legacy or Anna’s assistance.She waited patiently for Corrine to pause in her work but it was as though she had been forgotten. The large room was quiet, so quiet the only sounds the ticking of the ugly old clock on the wall and the scratching of Corrine’s pen. The sun shone through half open blinds and Anna watched dust motes floating in the air. Then finally Corrine looked up, the sunlight shining through her hair making it appear like a halo. She pushed her glasses up onto the bridge of her nose and then thought better of it, so removed them and laid them on the desk in front of her.”Anna?” she asked, although it sounded more of a declaration.”Er, um yes ma’am,” Anna replied a little flustered, the sudden question had taken her by surprise as she sat with her hands in her lap, but then she jumped up and stood, almost to attention, before Corrine’s desk.”So you’re my new girl?” Corrine said, Anna nodded in reply “and how long have you been with us?” Corrine asked, at last showing some interest in her subordinate.”Er, n, nine years ma’am.””Oh, so you’re not so new after all? And do try to relax, I don’t bite, at least not always, and depending on how you taste of course,” Corrine’s attempted humour completely bypassed Anna who remained nervously straight faced, but that may have had something to do with the fact that it had been said without a hint of a smile. “Right,” Corrine said, getting back to the business in hand “So I can assume that you know what you’re doing, how things work?” she said, and Anna nodded affirmatively “has Sheila explained what I need?” again Anna nodded “good. Your desk is just though there, I’ll call you when I need you.” Corrine finished curtly then returned her attention to her work.Anna stood for a few seconds before she realized that she had been dismissed. She felt a little stunned at how brief the meeting had been, she wanted to say something, anything, but could think of nothing. So she mumbled a polite thank you and walked to the door, she was about to exit when Corrine’s voice stopped her.”Oh one more thing: The trousers are not suitable, a smart skirt and jacket would be much more appropriate and you’re hair could do with a little attention,” Corrine said, not even looking up from her work as she spoke. Anna looked down at her shapeless, baggy trousers, and she subconsciously pushed a lank strand of red hair back behind her ear. She wanted to protest but her bottom lip trembled and she didn’t trust herself not to cry. She didn’t reply, just let herself out and quietly closed the door behind her…………………………..”Can’t you get somebody else to do it? There must be someone?” Anna asked Sheila. They were sitting facing each other over the small cafe table. Sheila brushed her muddy blonde hair away from her eyes and sipped her coffee, Anna’s remained untouched.Anna had sat, bored, at her new desk all morning, her only task was to take just three phone calls. She then scanned her computer and checked a few files in an effort to find something to do while waiting in vain for Corrine to give her some real work. After two hours she decided to take a break and made straight to where she knew Sheila would be. She explained how rude Corrine had been to her and pleaded to be moved back to her old position.”She needs a receptionist not an assistant,” she added.”No one else has your experience Annie, no one knows how this company works better than you,” Sheila said.”What about Pam or Christine, or even David?” Anna suggested. They were all people who had been with the firm as long if not longer than Anna.”David’s too old and both Pam and Christine are married with c***dren, they can’t work with the flexibility that you have. And let’s be honest, you’re much better qualified.””But it’s so boring, I hate it, and I don’t know if I can work with her, she seems so…detached…isolated.””Come on Annie, give it a chance, how would it appear if I suddenly replaced you after just a couple of hours? Do you want to tell her why? Tell her to her face that you don’t like her? Because I won’t,” Sheila said “anyway,” she continued “she’s really not so bad when you get to know her.””How would you know? She’s ignored me for most of the morning, and when she does talk she makes me feel like I’m some sort of lower being,” Anna complained.”Look, I’ll tell you what: give it a couple of weeks, maybe a month, see how it goes. If it doesn’t work out I promise to do something,” Sheila said reaching across the table to squeeze Anna’s hands “trust me: when you get to know her I guarantee you’ll like her.””I don’t know,” Anna said, but it was clear that she was softening “And what about the clothes thing? How dare she criticize what I wear?””It’s just about appearances Annie, when you were in my office it was just you and me and the other girls, it didn’t really matter how you dressed. But you’re the first person visitors see now, important visitors. It’s all about image, and let’s face it Annie, you do look a bloody state,” Sheila finished with a chuckle.”Thanks a bunch, with friends like you who needs enemies?” Anna grumped.”Seriously though, give it a month, do it for me, please? I guarantee you’ll thank me in the end.”Anna sighed, Sheila had said the magic words and she couldn’t let her friend down “okay. But if she criticizes me one more time I’ll let her know what she can do with her job.”Sheila smiled her appreciation, while she honestly believed Anna would eventually love her new position, she knew that she would never carry out her threat, and deep down Anna knew it too……………………….So Anna returned to her office determined to make things work. The following day she would dig out something to wear, though God knew what? She didn’t even remember if she actually owned any business clothes, and it’d be a miracle if they still fitted her, and even if they did they’d be years out of date. Well Corrine bloody Bletchley would just have to put up with it, that’s what she told herself, but inside she was in turmoil, desperately worried that she wouldn’t come up to scratch.Her concerns though were needless: in an effort to pass the time she had just finished going through another boring file and it was mid afternoon when Corrine announced that she was going home. She walked past Anna’s desk without saying goodbye, but then suddenly stopped as though she had forgotten something.”You’re still wearing those trousers?” she said turning round sharply.”Err, yes. I haven’t had time to go home to change; I’ll find something more appropriate tonight.”Corrine stood looking down at kaçak iddaa her assistant, staring silently until Anna was forced to lower her eyes.”Clearly my desires aren’t high on your list of priorities,” Corrine said sarcastically “I deliberately didn’t push work your way thinking you were busy making yourself more presentable. Do you normally find it so difficult to follow instructions?””I, I didn’t realize. I’m s, sorry.”Corrine sighed impatiently “take the rest of the day, go to Blackwell’s, I assume even you know where that is?” Corrine said. Anna nodded, feeling small “tell them I sent you and what you need. Let them sort you out. Put everything on my account. They have my phone number if there’s any problem.”Blackwell’s was one of the more select stores in town. Anna would normally never dream of shopping there, but Corrine had offered to pay…or had she? Would Anna be expected to repay the bill? God! That could cripple her finances. No, she couldn’t let that happen. She would go instead to a chain store, buy something more in keeping with her situation, though heaven knows she could ill afford even that? What with the rent on her apartment and the money she’d lost on the shitheap of a car she’d bought.”Well?” Anna’s thoughts were interrupted by Corrine’s question.”Pardon? I’m sorry, I was just thinking,””I don’t pay you to think. Blackwell’s now! Go. And don’t bother to come in tomorrow unless you’re dressed properly,” and with that Corrine strode from the office.Anna sat at her desk, her face burning; she didn’t know whether through anger or embarrassment, but at that moment she did know that she hated Corrine Bletchley more than anyone in the world……………………As it transpired Blackwell’s wasn’t as bad as Anna imagined, actually it was good, no, better than good, in fact it was amazing. She was nervous at first, feeling so out of place just walking through the door, convinced that everyone inside would be looking down on her, wondering what such an ordinary girl, who obviously couldn’t afford their prices, was doing in a place like that. But she couldn’t believe how polite and attentive the assistants were: she was made to feel like royalty, maybe the mention of Corrine’s name had something to do with it but no matter, this was an experience she wanted to treasure.With the help of a wonderful assistant named Annabelle, Anna chose three outfits; two suits and a dress, along with the required accessories. She also bought two pairs of shoes, both with heels much higher than she was used to, but Annabelle insisted they were just perfect.”Are you buying these things for yourself or for Corrine?” Annabelle asked as she collected the shoes.”Er, me. Why, what do you mean?”Annabelle moved in closer to speak quietly “I know her very well, and she’s a lovely person…but…well, Corrine has certain standards. If you’re buying these clothes on her suggestion, she’ll want the whole package.””I still don’t understand,” Anna said, and she began to wonder just what she was getting herself into.”Its okay, it’s nothing to worry about. But you did say that you were Corrine’s new assistant. so she’ll see you as an extension of herself,” Annabelle squatted to be at eye level with Anna, who was sitting, having just tried on some beautiful shoes “do you mind if I give you some advice,” she said. Anna nodded dumbly so she continued “Corrine is very image conscious, she’ll want people to be as impressed with you as they are with her. She probably chose you because she knows what you’re capable of, and because she really likes you. Now let’s take you to see Michelle.”Anna didn’t reply, but followed as though in a daze, she tried to process what Annabelle had said: to find some hidden meaning. But for some reason five words kept echoing in her head: “because she really likes you.”Michelle was the manageress of the lingerie department. Annabelle introduced Anna and smiled reassuringly “I’ll be through there when you’re finished, you just have fun and I’ll see if Daniel can squeeze you in.””Who, who’s Daniel?” Anna asked, but Annabelle had already gone.”He’s a hair stylist, one of the best,” Michelle, a statuesque forty something blonde said “trust me: you’ll look and feel like a new woman once he’s done,” like Annabelle she was charming, polite and immaculately presented, and she guided Anna into a wonderland of silk and lace……………..Anna did indeed look like a new woman as she walked into the office the following day. Everyone but everyone complemented her new look, and the men in particular seemed to treat her differently. even Graham, who she had worked with for the past two years, and who had always treated her more like a sister, now he held the door for her, and grinned like a puppy as he brought her coffee.She enjoyed the complements but felt uncomfortable being the centre of attention, and quickly made her way to the sanctuary of her own office.Thirty minutes later Corrine entered; she was reading a folded newspaper and absently nodded a greeting to Anna as she passed. Then as her hand touched the door to her office she suddenly stopped.”Stand up,” she said, turning back toward the seated woman.Anna obeyed, nervously straightening the front of her new blue skirt.Corrine stood statue still, just her eyes moved as she inspected her assistant: from the black four inch heels, up past the slim nylon covered calves, the knee length pencil skirt and matching jacket, the extremely pretty face to the perfectly styled red hair.”You’ll do,” she said before turning away and disappearing through the door.Anna stood for fully two minutes staring at the closed portal. Then raising her hand to brush away a loose strand of hair she realized that she was shaking and sat down with a deep sigh. a small smile began to blossom on her face as she thought about all the nice comments, the complements and admiring looks she had received, but for some reason her happiness was mostly from the knowledge that she had somehow pleased Corrine…………………Sheila blew out smoke into the breeze and studied her electronic cigarette as though she had just discovered it “I don’t know why I bother with this, its crap, nothing like the real thing.””I don’t know why you don’t just give up completely, especially now, with the baby on the way,” Anna said.”Okay don’t preach, you just don’t know what it’s like. But you’re right, I should stop. So it turned out not so bad after all, with Corrine I mean?” she said, not looking up.”What? Oh, no, no it’s not too bad I suppose, better than I thought,” Anna replied, surprised by the change of subject. Anna didn’t smoke, but like many others, she gravitated toward the smoker’s area to be with company, and with her new unpredictable timetable she had to take any opportunity she could to chat with her friend.”You certainly look better; in fact you look fucking amazing,” Sheila said with a grin “come on, and tell the truth: you love it.”Anna let out a breath, it was her forth week into her new job and she couldn’t deny that things were certainly better “yeah okay, I admit it, it’s good. I like it, but Corrine takes some getting used to.””Wait until you get to know her better, I promise you’ll love her.””Oh I like her well enough, but it’s not easy. Everyone keeps saying how great she is, but I never really know where I stand with her,” Anna explained “I’ll do something and she completely ignores me, other times she’ll come right out of the blue to criticize or praise me for nothing. It’s difficult.””Would you like me to have a word with her, make sure everything’s okay?” Sheila asked, as she tucked her ‘cigarette’ into her chest pocket.”God no! Don’t you dare. I can handle it,” Anna quickly replied.”Okay, look I really have to get back, if you have any problems, anything, just let me know. Understand?”Anna nodded as they hugged and both went to leave, but then something Annabelle had said suddenly came back to her “Sheila, this job: did you assign me or did Corrine ask for me?”Sheila stopped with her hand on the doorknob “er, she asked for you, by name. Why? Does it matter?””No, no it’s nothing. I just wondered. I’ll catch you later,” Anna wondered herself why she needed to know, but she did feel flattered, and it was something that had been in her mind. But now the question was…why?Sheila hesitated for a second, made to go then turned back; she plucked the e-cigarette from her pocket and with a grin dropped it in the bin………………….Something else had been worrying Anna for almost a month, and she eventually plucked up the courage to ask. It wasn’t that she was scared of Corrine but more by what the answer would be. So pulling back her shoulders and steeling herself she knocked on the door and entered. Corrine’s office no longer felt as gloomy or daunting now that Anna was familiar with it, but suddenly she felt as nervous as the first time she had entered. And she stood before the desk waiting to be acknowledged.”Yes?” Corrine said looking up almost immediately, she seemed happy, smiling brightly and Anna perked up a little. Perhaps it was her generous nature, but she liked to see Corrine happy.”It’s about my clothes ma’am, I was wondering, I was concerned…””Is there something wrong with them? They look fine to me,” Corrine interrupted.””No, no there’s nothing wrong, they’re beautiful in fact and I love them. It’s just that…well they cost so much, and I did get a little carried away. I’m worried about the money ma’am.”Corrine deliberately and carefully laid down her pen before speaking again “if I recall correctly I told you to put them on my account, you did do that I assume?” she raised one eyebrow in question though she already knew the answer, and the amount down to the last penny.”Yes, but I’m not sure how I’ll repay you, as I said: I did get carried away,” Anna said with an embarrassed grin.”My instructions were to buy yourself more appropriate clothing and use my account, exactly when did I kaçak bahis stipulate a limit? Or mention repayment?””Er, you didn’t ma’am.””Good. So, was there anything else?””No, no ma’am, thank you.”Anna still wasn’t entirely sure that she didn’t have to repay the money, but it seemed that way, and assuming that the matter was closed she went to leave but was stopped as she reached the door.”Oh Anna,” Corrine called.”Yes Miss Bletchley?” she replied turning her head to look back.”You do look very nice” Corrine declared smiling and holding on to Anna’s gaze.Anna wasn’t quite sure how to reply so just mumbled “thank you,” and returned to her desk, realizing, as she sat down that she was blushing and grinning like a c***d……….An hour before she was due to leave for the day Anna’s intercom buzzed “yes ma’am,” she said holding down the button.”There are a few issues with the Heywood account that need fixing, we’ll be working late tonight,” Corrine informed her.Anna immediately searched for her copy of the Heywood account in an attempt to get a head start. If Corrine said late it usually meant late. It had happened a few times before and Anna usually bemoaned having her evening ruined, but for some reason that she couldn’t define, that particular night she felt quite happy to stay late, in fact she was looking forward to it…………………..It was nine pm and Corrine was sitting on one of the small armchairs with her feet resting on the other, she held a sheaf of papers which she dropped onto the coffee table with a sigh, then she stood, stretched her shoulders and arched her cramped back to call a halt to the working day. She walked around the office in her stockinged feet – her shoes had been kicked off an hour previously- while Anna, sitting at Corrine’s desk, checked her notes ensuring that she had everything down.”Well, I don’t know about you but I’m starving. How do you fancy Chinese?” Corrine asked.”Um Pardon?” Anna was still concentrating on her pad.”Put that down and fetch your jacket,” Corrine said as she reached for her shoes “we’re going to eat.”Anna knew better than to protest, and in fact she was very hungry and Chinese did sound nice. So they called a taxi, leaving Corrine’s car in her garage, and thirty minutes later they arrived outside a restaurant that Anna had never been to, but judging by the reaction of the staff, Corrine was clearly a favoured customer.It was late on a Wednesday evening and apart from Anna and Corrine there were only six other customers. The waiter greeted “Miss Corrine” and guided them to a secluded table. Corrine ordered a number of dishes without consulting the menu, plus two expensively sounding bottles of wine. She clearly noticed the look of concern on Anna’s face and said “don’t worry, It’s my treat,” as she filled the two glasses.The food was wonderful and the wine delicious, a fact that Anna commented on “I could get used to this,” she said taking a large swallow from her glass “so much better than my usual supermarket plonk.”Corrine clinked her own glass against Anna’s “only the best for my girl now hey?” she said.”Cheers,” Anna responded. Corrine’s good humour was infectious and Anna couldn’t help smiling, but at the back of her mind was a tiny itch that wondered what Corrine meant by “my girl.” And she took another sip.They ate and they talked, first about work but soon found other common interests. Anna grew more comfortable and began to understand why everyone liked Corrine so much. Over the past few weeks she had learned to understand her boss’ ways, and actually enjoyed working for her, she had grown to appreciate her dry sense of humour and respect her hard working attitude. But outside of the office she was a different person, maybe not too different, just more relaxed and open, and without the clipped speech that always made her sound so utterly serious. And all in all Anna found herself really enjoying her company.A bottle of wine had vanished and two glasses were missing from the second. The immaculately presented dishes had been destroyed as Corrine leaned back contentedly and asked “so, who’s Anna? Who is she?”Anna sipped her wine; she was feeling uncommonly merry “I’m Anna Greer,” she said brightly “twenty eight years old and single, I…””No, no no. I want to know about you, the real you, who are you really Anna?” Corrine said.Anna thought for a minute, Corrine’s beautiful blue eyes stared unwavering, and when she spoke it was little more than a whisper “I’m Anna. I want people to like me. I think it’s because I only really have my sister and she lives in New Zealand, and I’m scared of being alone. Not physically, but emotionally. I hate letting people down, so I only have a few good friends, that way I know I can be there when…if they need me. I suppose it could be seen as being selfish but it’s a self preservation thing really, an attempt to insulate myself from the risk of disappointing.””What about goals, ambitions. What do you want to make of your life?” Corrine cut in.”I’m not sure I have any. Oh I used to, I wanted to be successful, to be rich and powerful, no, that’s not true, I never wanted to be powerful,” she paused, considering her words “power implies control of others and that’s just not me. I’m a follower, happy to blend in. that’s probably why I was still in the main office: I guess the less responsibility I have the less chance I have of failure. I’m quite shy, well maybe not, just nervous around authority,” she dipped her finger into her wine and swirled it around for a moment “I didn’t want to work for you, you know” she said quietly.Corrine made no effort to respond, she sat patiently waiting for Anna to elaborate.”I begged Sheila to give the job to someone else. I even considered leaving,” she continued.”I know, she told me,” Corrine said.”What! The cow, I asked her not to say anything,” Anna squeaked, and then giggled when the people on another table looked round.”It doesn’t matter, I wouldn’t have let her take you away anyhow,” Corrine said. Anna didn’t know what to say, so Corrine added “after all, I didn’t want to start training another girl.””I’m glad I didn’t, leave I mean,” Anna hurriedly put in.”So am I…alright, so what about romance? Does the lovely Anna have someone special, a boyfriend…a girlfriend?””Nope, No one, just little old me. I suppose you could say I’m just unlucky in love,” she was silent for a moment before continuing “I had a boyfriend, a few actually, but they never last. I guess it’s me, I must do something to drive them away, perhaps I’m too needy, I don’t know. Oh God, this is so embarrassing, I can’t believe I’m telling you all this.” Anna quickly turned her head to the side to hide the hurt.Corrine reached across the table to touch Anna’s cheek, her thumb stroking away an imaginary tear “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for you to get upset.””It’s okay, drink always makes me maudlin.” Anna said.”This is all getting a bit serious, I think we need to lighten the mood. Time for some cocktails,” Corrine announced, waving to attract the waiters attention.Seconds later three men appeared, two to clear away the redundant dishes and another to take their order “my very special friend here would like sex on the beach, and for myself I’d love to get my lips around a slippery nipple,” Corrine said, causing Anna to squeal with laughter and the waiters to chuckle politely at the oft heard joke………….A taxi was waiting as they exited the restaurant close to midnight. They were both, if not drunk, a little tipsy. Corrine gave the driver her address and Anna said to drop her at a convenient bus stop.”Don’t be ridiculous, it’s too late and you’ve had far too much to drink, I’m not allowing you to go home alone as you are. You’ll stay with me, I have ample room,” Corrine said, trying unsuccessfully to use the same authoritative tone she used in the office.Usually Anna wouldn’t dream of imposing, but it was true that she had had quite a bit to drink, and she suspected that the last bus had already gone. And she had had such a good time that she was reluctant for it to end. So maybe despite her better judgment she agreed…………..Anna thought her apartment was nice, but Corrine’s was luxurious, like something from a magazine. She sat on a couch, teetering on the edge, afraid to disturb the fabric.”Make yourself at home, and I mean it: I’ll find you something to sleep in and if you don’t have your feet up when I come back you’re fired,” Corrine said leaving Anna to gaze at the opulence of the apartment.Corrine returned a moment later with a bottle of whiskey and two glasses “or would you prefer tea?” she asked.”Oh I don’t mind, whatever you’re having,” Anna said.Corrine disappeared again and Anna walked around the room, she noticed a remote control and somehow managed to work out how to use the audio system. Amongst all the wealth and finery she felt a bit out of place and wondered if she should have insisted on going home. But then she caught her reflection in a mirror, she saw a smart elegant woman, attractive and sophisticated. Nothing like the old Anna, who slouched about in jeans and tee-shirt. She’d just had a very enjoyable evening with wonderful company so why shouldn’t she make the most of it? She kicked off her shoes and sat on the sofa with her legs tucked under her, and trying to appear more confident and comfortable than she felt she poured herself a glass of spirit.Corrine returned moments later bearing a tray and they sat and drank tea and whiskey while they talked into the early hours.Anna spoke more about herself: how both her parents had died when she was young and how she cared for her younger sister while they both lived with an elderly aunt. How she did exceptionally well at school but had to miss out on university due to financial reasons.”Couldn’t you get help? A grant or something?” Corrine asked.”Yes, I could have, but I couldn’t leave Alison, my sister. I did a college course though: business studies. güvenilir bahis It’s really helped me with my job,” Anna said.Corrine had studied Anna’s file, she knew just what qualifications she had, and she knew just how bright she was. She admired the sacrifices she had made but felt for her, knowing how much more she could have achieved.Anna also found out more about her employer: she was an only c***d with a privileged upbringing. She spent a lot of time travelling after leaving university, only having her first real job when she was thrown into the deep end on the death of her father.Anna recalled how Corrine had asked about her love life, and so enquired in return “it’s complicated. I don’t have anyone at the moment, but I’m hopeful,” was all Corrine would say, leaving Anna none the wiser.Eventually Anna couldn’t stifle a yawn and Corrine handed her a flimsy piece of material “I think we should be getting to bed,” she said, and laid her hand lightly on Anna’s thigh.”What’s this?” Anna giggled, holding the small nightdress up in front of her and she peered through the near transparent material while making a comical face.Corrine’s expression changed and she spoke in a tired voice “It’s your nightie. I thought you’d like it but clearly I was wrong.”Anna held the garment to her chest: it barely reached to her crotch and was extremely low cut at the front “Oh Miss Bletchley, are you trying to seduce me?” she mocked and her giggles turned to laughter.Corrine pulled her hand away from Anna’s thigh and gently relieved her of the nightie, she stood and moved toward the door “I’ll show you to your room,” she said……..”You’ll find a toothbrush and anything else you need through there,” Corrine told Anna, indicating the ensuite bathroom “and more suitable pyjamas are in the top drawer,” she said pointedly dropping the nightie on the foot of the bed. And then she bid goodnight, walking to her own room leaving Anna staring after her, standing in the doorway feeling suddenly quite deflated……………….Anna sat on the bed staring at the wall, she felt the nightdress beneath her hand and in a fit of self loathing she gathered it up and threw it from her. Feeling uncommonly angry she brushed her teeth, then found some sleep shorts and a top and lay in the darkness. It was late and she was tired, but sleep wouldn’t come. She thought it must be because of the alcohol and was surprised that she wasn’t drunk, in fact she felt more sober than at any time during the evening. and as she lay alone she thought about the woman in another room just feet away, a woman who had been nothing but nice to her. And she had repaid that kindness with mockery. She pictured herself in the plain pyjamas she now wore and remembered the disappointment on Corrine’s face. She had hid it well but a lifetime of avoiding disappointment had taught Anna to recognize what it looked like. But she had her own life, she told herself, she wasn’t on call 24/7, and okay, so she hadn’t had a proper boyfriend for five years: that didn’t mean she was gay. And even if she was it was up to her who she slept with. Just because Corrine was rich and yeah, okay she was gorgeous as well, it didn’t mean she could expect Anna to jump into bed just when she wanted.Thinking back on the evening she smiled at the memory of some of the things they had said and done, some of the things she had told Corrine, the personal things. It had been so easy to talk to her, none of the usual reluctance and stumbling over words. She had wanted to talk, to tell Corrine all about herself and get to know her in turn. Moments flashed through her mind: the way Corrine had touched her cheek, the way she had said “my girl,” and “lovely Anna,” the way they had entwined their arms when they drank their cocktails…almost like lovers.She turned in bed, thumping down on the pillow, cursing Sheila aloud, because she had persuaded her to take the job. Then she stared at a ceiling that she couldn’t see in the dark and wished she were anywhere but there……….Corrine lifted her head at the sound of her door slowly opening. No light showed, but the grey outline in the darkness was clear. “Is everything okay?” she whispered.”I’m sorry ma’am, I’m so sorry,” Anna said sadly, sitting on the bed.As her eyes adjusted to the dim moonlight Corrine could see that Anna now wore the small nightdress “you’re drunk Anna, go back to bed,” she whispered.”I’m not drunk and I don’t want to,” Anna said.Corrine sat up, the bed sheet slid down exposing her breasts “it was a mistake; I thought…well it doesn’t matter what I thought. None of it matters.””It matters to me. I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to be like that. I’ve never…not with a woman, and I was scared…scared because I knew that I wanted it,” She looked down at her lap, scrunching the flimsy material of her nightdress in her hands “please Corrine, let me stay with you?”Corrine reached out to touch Anna’s hands “You really opened up with me tonight, I never realized…””That I was such a fuck up? I know I’m a Fuck up, I can’t help it. If it was a mistake, please let it be my mistake, don’t make me go through life wondering “what if.”Corrine was silent for long seconds before saying “are you really sure about this? You don’t have to; tonight I’m not your boss.””I’ve never been surer of anything,” Anna said.Corrine reached out to slip a strap from Anna’s shoulder and allowed her fingers to trail down to a barely concealed breast. She circled the nipple with her fingertips and heard a small whimper, then moved to make room and pulled the cover to one side.Anna smiled shyly in the darkness and lifted the nightie over her head, and then she lay down beside her employer…………………Anna awoke alone the next morning, but immediately heard the sound of running water and the occasional burst of singing coming from the bathroom. Smiling like a simpleton she snuggled down into the huge bed and thought about what she had done.Just one day ago, if anyone had asked her if she was gay she would have laughed in their face. Now she wasn’t sure: how could she know for certain. But she did know that after just one night of unbelievable passion she was more excited thinking about Corrine than any boy she had ever known. She flipped over onto her side and cuddled the pillow, she could smell Corrine on the sheet and she thought back just a few hours………………….Her body was soft, much softer than any man. Anna knew it would be but it still surprised her, touching her was like touching flawless silk, and her lips? Her lips were plump, soft and hot, it seemed ridiculously romantic but that’s how Anna felt: Corrine’s lips were sweet, her kiss delicious, and Anna couldn’t get enough. The only time she had ever kissed another woman was a drunken, giggling attempt with Sheila that lasted all of ten seconds. But when Corrine lowered her head and her lips touched Anna’s mouth it felt like the most natural thing in the world. It was slow and gentle, as though Corrine was afraid of driving Anna away. Small, soft kisses, then longer, her small tongue flicking out, caressing, not just foreplay but an integral part of lovemaking. Then pressing, demanding, searching and delving. And Anna clung to Corrine, afraid to let go should she stop. Their bodies moved against each other, skin rubbing and growing damp with sweat, trying to make contact with every part of one another.Then Anna stiffened and her back arched from the bed as fingers found the wet, yearning space between her thighs. She spread herself, hoping to show Corrine how ready, how eager she was, how she wanted to be used and possessed. And all the time she held to Corrine’s neck, kissing and kissing again.Anna had orgasmed with Corrine laying on top of her, crushing her in the most beautiful way. She had brought her to the very edge with skilled fingers then stopped. Anna had almost despaired, and she finally stopped kissing to beg Corrine not to be so cruel. But Corrine rolled onto her and supporting herself with outstretched arms she slowly and firmly ground her pussy against Anna’s own.Anna lost all control: she humped her hips, she again pulled Corrine onto her, smothering her face with kisses, biting and licking her neck and ears. And she lasted for only a minute or two before friction told and her pussy seemed to contract and her muscles locked, and she came. She screamed but her scream was stifled as she bit onto Corrine’s shoulder.Corrine still moved against her, but more gently. And the kisses were again soft, allowing Anna to calm, gather her strength. Then she took hold of Anna’s wrists and held her arms down either side of her head. She resumed the kissing, but not Anna’s mouth. She covered her face, her neck and shoulders, and onto her breasts. She sucked a hard nipple into her mouth and bit down gently. She squeezed harder and pulled with her teeth, making the pain increase until it was almost unbearable, Anna’s whimper signalling when to stop, only for her to repeat the process on its twin.As Corrine moved down over Anna’s chest to her belly she released her arms, but Anna didn’t move, she knew that this was what Corrine wanted, for her to surrender her body, to give herself to Corrine’s pleasure. And she came again as Corrine licked her, and sucked her, and used lips, tongue and teeth to tease and enslave her. And Anna cried because she knew nothing would ever feel so wonderful again.After, as Corrine held her, Anna felt guilty: she had had the two most wonderful orgasms of her life and it only now occurred to her that Corrine hadn’t cum “thank you. And I’m sorry, I didn’t think, I was a little distracted,” she whispered into the darkness.”Sorry for what?” Corrine replied.”You know? What you did, you….you made me twice, and I never….” Anna didn’t know how to explain herself; she had never been comfortable talking about sex.”You never made me cum?” Corrine finished for her “It doesn’t matter, it wasn’t about me tonight. What you felt was the main thing. Anyway, you’ll make up for it, I can promise you,” Corrine fell asleep soon after and Anna lay awake feeling wonderful. Hoping Corrine’s words meant what she thought, that this would happen again.

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