Naughty Shola

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Naughty SholaI was watching television that afternoon when the back door opened and in walked Shola, my brunette haired cheery granddaughter.She had been at college all day, and often popped in to see her grandfather, on her way home, and as a loving grand parent I was always happy to see her, and find out how her day had gone.Now, as it turned out she wasn’t in a good mood, her mom had said no, when she had asked for money to buy some tickets for a festival in the summer, and even if she got a part time job, she wouldn’t be able to afford it in time.”What do I do grandad?” she asked as she sat beside me on the sofa, and leant herself against me.”I really want to go!” she then moaned very unhappy.I placed my arm around her to give her a comforting hug and then replied “Well, maybe… I could let you have the money!””Really?” she asked excitedly looking up at me.”Well, sure.” I replied again, and instantly she leapt up and began screaming excitedly.”But you’re going to have to work for it!” I then said, making her stop screaming and stop dancing, before she looked at me in confusion.”What kind of work?” she asked.”Well, you could do some gardening for me. the bushes and trees need a trim in the back there. Or perhaps dust and wipe inside here. I do struggle to keep this old place tidy!” I replied eagerly.”Clean and gardening?!” she muttered looking unimpressed.Then her eyes lit up and she smiled at me, before she then said “Or perhaps I could clean something else for you?””Like what?” I asked looking confused.Then suddenly Shola dropped to her knees right in front of me, placed her hands on my trousers, and began running them up my legs towards my crotch.I sat frozen to the spot, as my lovely black haired blue eyed granddaughter ran her hands all the way up my legs until they reached the zip of my trousers, and then began undoing them.”Oh, Shola. No. No.” I muttered finally able to say something.”Relax grandad” she said smiling wickedly back at me “I know what i’m doing!”Then she finished undoing my trousers and swiftly pulled them apart, and my old soft cock and balls flopped out, before she quickly took hold of them and began massaging them with both of her soft little hands.”Oh god! Shola. No. We mustn’t! We shouldn’t!” I groaned, but still my granddaughter continued to play with my genitals and pretty quickly I got an erection.Her little hand wrapped around my old stiff cock, and began rubbing it up and down, as her other hand continued to massage my balls, and I soon lost my ability to protest, as the lust of pleasure took over.”Oh god! Oh God!” I muttered as my granddaughter continued to jerk me off.Then with a wicked grin on her face, she leant forward, opened her sweet little mouth, and engulfed my hard meat pole, and I instantly groaned louder as she began sucking on my old cock.”Oh god, Shola! Oh god!” I moaned as my granddaughter sucked on my cock.For the next few minutes Shola sucked on my hard length, and jerked it, and then every so often just licked at it, running her tongue up and down before licking at my balls, and then teasing at my tip.”Oh god!” I muttered again and again as she played with alanya escort my hard erection, and I was sure she was going to keep going until I either came on her pretty face, or she swallowed it!But I was wrong, because after a good few minutes of hard cock sucking, she suddenly let go of my length, stood back up, and staring eagerly at me, she took hold of her little white t-shirt and pulled it off, and her magnificent large but perky boobs fell out.I stared at her big round teen tits with their big pink hard nipples, and I felt my hard drool covered cock twitch at the sight of them, and then she got back down on the floor, leant forward, and wrapped her big teen tits around my shaft and began giving me a tit wank.”Oh god! oh god!” I groaned again as my granddaughter jerked my cock with her big soft tits.”You like that Grandad?” she asked as she continued to rub her tits up and down my length.”Yes! Oh god, yes!” I groaned back.”Are you going to give me the money for my festival?” she then asked.”Yes! Yes! I’ll give you the money! Just don’t stop!” I groaned back.”Oh, don’t worry! I don’t plan too!” she replied, and for the next few minutes she continued jerking my cock with her tits.I was once again convinced she was going to keep jerking me, until I came all over her lovely big soft teen boobs, but once again I was wrong, and after another minute or so, she suddenly stood up and muttered the words “Oh, fuck it!”And then to my surprise, she began undoing her tight jeans, before pushing them down and revealing that not only did she not have any knickers on, but she was almost completely bald down there, except for a small strip of black hair just above her pussy mound.”Now, grandad!” she said as she stepped out of her trousers and moved back towards me “I don’t just want some money for the festival tickets, i’m going to need a little spending cash as well!”Then she took hold of my hard cock and pointed it skywards, before she straddled my legs, and hovered over it.”And your going to give me it, right?” she then asked.I stared at her smooth little teen pussy lips, just hanging above the tip of my hard old penis, and as if to help make up my mind, she then lowered herself slightly, and let her soft lips brush across the top of my cock, and I groaned softly.”Well?” she asked again.”Yes! Okay yes! I’ll give you the money! What ever you want!” I groaned, and then she grinned at me, before she began lowering herself properly, and we both softly moaned as she slid down onto my cock.I then opened my eyes in disbelief as my granddaughters little teen pussy slipped down over my hard old cock, and when she was down most of the way on it, she placed her knees either side of me on the sofa, and began riding my cock.I couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t believe it. My granddaughter was riding my cock. My loving black haired, blue eyed, big boobed naked granddaughter was riding my hard old cock, and her big tits were bouncing freely just inches from my face.I stared in disbelief as she rose and fell on top of me, moaning happily as she did, and I could feel her warm wet pussy sliding happily up and down my length, alanya escort bayan while her little perky soft ass bounced against my old balls, and with out thinking I moaned and then reached out and began fondling her tits.”Yes, grandad! Play with my boobs! Play with my boobs!” she moaned, grabbing hold of my hands and holding them firmly against her soft big globes.So I did, and for the next few minutes I happily caressed her teen tits, while she continued to ride my stiff hard cock.Then after a bit she dropped into my lap, and began to grind against me, and now my entire length must have been stuffed deep inside her little wet pussy, but I didn’t have time to think about it, because she leant forwards stuck out her tongue and began kissing me, and exploring my mouth.I quickly returned the favour, kissing her back, and then after a bit she pulled away, turned around, and then placing her little bare feet on the floor, she leant forwards so her hands were resting on my knees, and her little arse was now spread widely across my lap, and I could see her little pink hole looking back at me.Then she began to rise and fall on me again, and I watched transfixed on her little body, as her cute little arse lifted and dropped, and I could see her stretched little pussy lips sliding up and down on my length.”Oh god!” I moaned as she rode my a little faster and harder now.”Do you like that grandad? Do you like me riding you hard?!” she asked”Yes! god! yes!” I groaned back, and eagerly she kept going.For another few minutes my college teen granddaughter continued to ride my hard cock, and all the while I sat back watching her spread bare arse, bounce up and down on me rapidly.Then she decided to switch around again, and pulling off my hard cock completely, she moved onto the sofa beside me, knel
t down and presented me her naked round arse again.I quickly got up, and holding onto my hard old cock, moved up behind her, placed the round cockhead up against her wet pussy lips, and slipped in between them and back into her pussy.This time Shola groaned as I buried my length deep inside of her, before I gripped her little chubby hips, and then began pumping my hard cock back and forth into her.”Oh yes! oh yes!” she began to moan.”Fuck me grandad! fuck me!” she urged me on.So I did, and quickly began pumping faster and harder, and Shola moaned louder as her grandad fucked her little pussy.I knew it was wrong, I knew I shouldn’t be fucking my teenage granddaughter, but she clearly wanted it, and besides I was going to give her a fair bit of money, so eagerly I carried on, and she continued to happily kneel in front of me and let me.For another few minutes my hard cock shuttled back and forth in her wet warm pussy, until she decided again she wanted to try another position, and as I pulled out of her, she flipped over onto her back, raised her little legs into the air over her head, and offered me her wet warm pussy once more.Eagerly I positioned myself over her, before I aimed my hard cock down towards her wet waiting hole, and then lowered myself in, and with no resistance at all, I slipped into her little wet pussy escort alanya again until my balls bounced off her little arse.Then holding her legs firmly over her head, I began pumping my cock into her, pounding it down into her little pussy, and Shola began moaning over and over as I did.”Oh yes! Oh yes! oh yes, grandad! Fuck me! Fuck me! fuck me! I want it! I want your old hard cock so deep inside of me!” she moaned loudly.With her moaning loudly and eagerly for me to fuck her hard, I began pounding harder and faster, and Shola moaned louder and her breathing got heavier.”Oh god, yes! oh god, yes!” she kept repeating as I fucked her repeatedly.My hard old cock was like a piston now, pumping up and down in her little wet pussy like a relentless machine, and my beautiful granddaughter groaned over and over urging me to keep going, keep fucking her just like that.So, for the next few minutes I did, and then as I was happily dropping and lifting into her little wet cunt, like a repeating sledge hammer, she began to get louder and more excited, and then I began to feel the excitement build as well.”Oh god, grandad! You’re going to make me cum!” she moaned.”You’re going to make me cum!” she moaned again.”I am too!” I groaned back, as I continued to fuck her.”Not yet! Make me cum first!” she moaned back.”Make me cum first! Then cum in my mouth!” she added, and with the thought of my teenage granddaughter wiling to drink my load to get her money. I eagerly began thrusting down as hard and as fast as I could.”Oh fuck! oh fuck! oh fuck!” she began moaning loudly as my cock pounded in and out of her little pussy.”I’m nearly there! I’m nearly there!” she then moaned, as she gripped her own ankles.”Me too! Me too!” I groaned knowing I might not last much longer.Then as I carried on pumping my cock down into her, and she continued to moan and groan beneath me, her little body began to shake and quiver, and then after just a few more thrusts she began to continuously moan loudly until she began to cry out.”Oh god! Oh god! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’M CUMMING!” and then she exploded, and began to shake uncontrollably beneath me, and cry out loudly, and as she came I felt her little pussy begin to squeeze and milk my cock, and that was it for me.”Oh SHIT!” I groaned as I whipped my hard cock out of her cumming pussy, aimed it at her pretty little orgasming face that was between her bare open legs, and with a little tug exploded myself.My cum shot out and splattered all over her teen face, my white gooey load landed on her cheeks and her nose, and her lips, before finally splattering into her open mouth, and she just quickly swallowed it between moans.For the next few amazing seconds I unloaded my old balls all over my teenage granddaughters face, until finally I couldn’t squeeze out another drop, and with a sigh I relaxed, and stepped back away.Shola quickly lowered her legs, and then sat giggling about her face being covered in my white goo, before she said “God grandad, you blew a really big load all over me!””Yeah, well it has been a while!” I replied back.Then Shola slipped off the sofa, knelt beneath me, took hold of my softening cock, before she looked up at me and asked innocently “So, do I get my money now?””Sure, k**. Okay!” I replied happily, before she then lifted my dripping cock to her lips, and began sucking me dry and clean, just like she promised.

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