Naughty Nylon Nights

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Naughty Nylon NightsKerry was bored. The man, her ex, who was sitting across from her in the restaurant was talking shit about a reconciliation. He thought he was in with a chance because she had gone to the trouble of putting on immaculate makeup, and squeezing her body into a skintight black lycra dress and black tights, with an incandescent sheen. ‘So maybe we can try again?’ he said. She looked down her nose at him with disgust. ‘Are you serious? You didn’t really think that I bought this dress and slipped into my tights for you, did you? Oh my! You did! I’m only here because I want to know when you’re going to take that little shit off my hands. I’m not his fucking sitter, let alone his mother! I’m going to be moving in with my lover tomorrow and the last thing we need is that little shit getting in the way. You’ll find him and his bags waiting for you outside first thing in the morning!’ said Kerry. Poor guy looked like he was about to cry. It still hurt whenever he thought about the time he had returned home, to find his beloved, Kerry, sucking his best friend’s big hard cock. There she was on her knees, her arse poking out of her skirt, revealing her tight black panties and luxury suntan tights, shimmering in the light. ‘Your cock is so fucking enormous!’ she panted. Mick had witnessed the scene in growing disbelief, as Kerry, this girl he thought was the love of his life, and Len, were laughing at him. Mick also noticed that Len’s cock was encased in shimmery champagne tights. In fact weren’t they the ones he had bought for her, hoping she would wear them for him? ‘We’ll have to swap tights,’ she smiled to her lover. ‘How about I go home in your spunk stained tights and you wear my smelly tights and knickers? What I’d really love, is your wife’s used knickers and tights, so I can shove down the back of my tights, for you to cum all over.’ At that revelation Len piped his spunk through his tights all over Kerry’s gleeful face.Back in the restaurant, Kerry wasn’t interested in Mick’s wimpy tears. She looked down her nose as she explained that he was an embarrassment, and to even be seen with him was a constant humiliation. He was a disaster at everything he did. He also looked a fucking mess. She got to her feet, put a hand on her hip and emptied a jug of water all over him. Literally everyone laughed, except Mick. Kerry smirked, swivelled on her heels and minced out the place, wiggling her tight arse. She was still smirking in the back of the taxi cab on her way home. It had always given her a special thrill to hurt, mock and betray weak men. She recalled the time when she was a secretary for a famous department store, taking notes, as her manager, Geraldine, regretfully explained to some old worker how she had to make him redundant before he was due to get the full benefit of retirement. He was obviously broken. ‘We’ll do what we can,’ Geraldine sympathised, as Kerry escorted him out. Kerry returned with a secret smirk on her face and paused. ‘Aw, bless him,’ said Kerry. Geraldine reached into her desk drawer, as they exchanged a look. Kerry carefully slipped out of her skirt, smoothed her hands over her black nylon thighs and added, ‘I never liked that creep anyway.’ Geraldine took out the strapon and knelt down as she fixed it over Kerry’s tights. She then pulled a shiny suntan stocking out of her bag and smoothed it over her own face. They needed no words, it was a regular ritual. Geraldine then slipped out of her tight red skirt, revealing shimmering luxury light gold tights, over a black panty girdle. Kerry grinned menacingly, as she pulled a tight black stocking over her face, squashing her features. She motioned Geraldine to come over, where they shared a long, slow deep and tender nylon kiss. Kerry couldn’t keep her hands from massaging and patting Geraldine’s plump backside. ‘Did you bring the stash?’ asked Kerry, after they broke off. Geraldine indicated a bag in the corner of the room. Kerry’s eyes lit up when she looked inside. ‘There must be dozens of pairs in here.’‘Unwashed and worn,’ said Geraldine. ‘Just how you like them.’Kerry took out a bundle of tights and pressed the nylon to her nose and sniffed. ‘Fuck, I love the smell.’ She grinned, as she took out more bundles and, bizarrely, shoved them inside the back of her knickers. The huge but compressed bulge, stretched her tight knickers, making her pantyhose gleam, as she slowly pranced up and down the room, ataşehir escort casting smouldering looks over her shoulder. ‘That old timer is probably in his car somewhere, crying,’ she smiled, smoothing her bulging arse.‘That looks so kinky,’ breathed Geraldine. ‘It looks…’‘I know,’ said Kerry, biting her lip. ‘Lie down.’Geraldine dutifully lay on the desk, as Kerry squatted over her boss’s encased face and proudly pushed and rubbed the bulge in the shiny stretch of her skintight satin panties, through her tights, on Geraldine’s face, which was already distorted and compressed under her tight nylon mask. Geraldine stroked, smoothed and patted the compressed silky bulge, in awe. She nuzzled and kissed the soft bulge through her mask. ‘Oh Kerry,’ she whispered, as she delicately licked and smoothed her hands over Kerry’s modified knickers and tights. After about thirty minutes of this, they knew what to do next.‘You adapted your girdle?’ said Kerry. Geraldine nodded, as she bent over the desk. Sure enough there was a tiny slit in the tights and girdle. Kerry then proceeded to press her cock towards Geraldine’s pussy. All of a sudden. ‘Not there,’ Geraldine heard herself say. ‘There. My arse. Up my arse. Fuck me. Up my arse.’ Kerry proceeded to pump the fucking shit out of Geraldine. ‘Take it, take it, you fat slag! I fucking love shagging your fat arse! Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this? Where is my cock, you dirty bitch?’ ‘Up my arse,’ Geraldine was surprised to utter, under the mask that distorted her face. Kerry grimaced as her nylon thighs slapped against Geraldine’s hips. ‘You fucking fat slut! Who’s your real fucking boss?’ she said. ‘You are,’ Geraldine carefully uttered, feeling the dildo up her arse. ‘You are!’ she cried. Everyone believed that Kerry was so diligent and officious but here she was, her tight nylon face capturing the most insane expressions, as she unapologetically shagged her boss’s arsehole, mere moments after they had unceremoniously fired one of the company’s much-loved characters. ‘How does it feel to fire that creep?’ seethed Kerry behind the mask, almost out of breath in determination, as she gripped the plump nylon hips. Geraldine felt her smile stretch her stocking mask. Kerry casually put one hand on her own hip as she shagged her boss. ‘Good riddance to that old fucking loser! What was that?’ yelled Kerry. ‘Harder, harder!’ said Geraldine. ‘It’s so tight!’ seethed Kerry. Geraldine tugged her stocking mask tighter and opened her mouth. Fuck, she needed this. ‘Oh Kerry! Oh I need it. Oh Kerry!’ Kerry gripped Geraldine’s hips with both hands as she expertly shafted her. ‘Do you know, I always make sure my skirt’s tight enough for you to see my panty line in the office,’ said Kerry. ‘I smile in the mirror whenever I smooth my tights over my panties,’ puffed Kerry. ‘Because I know that I’m wearing them for you.’ Kerry thrusted her strap on deep into Geraldine, making the desk creak and shake. Geraldine looked over her shoulder. ‘Oh Kerry, my Kerry!’ They came violently. As always, Kerry would peel her smelly tights and knickers off and hand them to Geraldine, who would take them home to hang on the evergreens in her roof garden and worship. Sometimes she’d just push them down her own tights, to spend the rest of the day making business calls, or to stroll along the shop floor, smiling politely at customers.The taxi stopped outside the apartment block. Kerry pressed the buzzer. Katrina stood up, smiled, smoothed her hands over the arse of her tight blue lycra leggings and swaggered over to the intercom to let Kerry in. When Kerry entered the lounge, Katrina, was waiting, with a glass of wine, a hand high on her hip and a complicit grin. Kerry stole a glimpse of Katrina’s shimmery pantyline, in the mirror behind her. She took a sip from the glass, put it down and put her arms on Katrina’s shoulders. They exchanged a slow, soft, but full moist peck. Lipstick on lipstick. Kerry’s blonde hair was worn up, like Katrina’s long raven curls.‘How did it go?’ said Katrina.‘How it was supposed to? Your dumb brother thought he could change my mind over dinner. He actually thought I was dressed like this for him,’ Kerry laughed.‘The loser will never learn,’ smiled Katrina, as Kerry ran her hands over the Lycra sheen of Katrina’s tight, voluptuous arse and gave it a squeeze. Kerry pouted and arched her knee. ‘I so fucking loved dumping escort ataşehir that loser, and leaving him for you,’ she said. ‘I’m wearing these luxury tights for you. Platino.’Their hands gripped and caressed each other’s arse as they kissed passionately and deeply for fifteen minutes. They retreated to the sofa, where Katrina perched herself on Kerry’s lap and kissed, while Kerry smoothed and circled her hands over Katrina’s smooth skintight curvy arse. ‘Fuck, your arse feels amazing in your sexy leggings,’ said Kerry.‘Glad you think so,’ agreed Katrina. ‘Certainly gave that old fool, Alfred, in number 1 a right eyeful when I went to collect the post this morning. I bent right over. He must have seen his reflection on the seat of these!’‘I love doing this. Makes it more special, knowing that your sack of shit brother hasn’t got a clue,’ said Kerry, as they paused and linked their fingers. They then swapped positions, with Kerry sitting on Katrina’s lap, as Katrina, slowly smoothed Kerry’s glossy legs and patted the skintight, pantylined sheen of her black mini dress. With their heads tilted and eyes closed, they settled into another long kissing session. Kerry could feel Katrina’s finger prodding her arsehole through the tight fabric. ‘I love you,’ said Kerry, in between the deep kisses. ‘There’s one thing I’ve been waiting for all evening.’ ‘And what’s that?’ Katrina smiled. ‘I’ve been aching for you to sit on my nose!’ Kerry had a prominent nose, the kind which made her seem what some called ‘stuck up’ or sure of herself. ‘You want to nose fuck me again?’ Katrina playfully smiled.‘And the rest,’ said Kerry, biting her bottom lip with desire.‘Make yourself comfortable,’ said Katrina, indicating the rug. Kerry lay back on the rug and watched as Katrina’s curvy arse stretched her lycra leggings, as she squatted and lowered her arse onto Kerry’s face. Kerry ran her hands over Katrina’s skintight, shiny rump. She closed her eyes and twitched her nose, as Katrina pushed the tight weight of her arse on Kerry’s nose, so she could feel the sensation against her arsehole. ‘I can feel it right on my arsehole,’ Katrina breathed.Suddenly, Katrina closed her eyes with determination and bit her lip as she strained and opened her mouth in relief, as she blasted a hot and loud fart right up Kerry’s sniffing nose. They’d had this affair, not long after Kerry had got engaged to her brother. During one cycling, trip Katrina had caught Kerry sniffing the saddle of her bike, whilst rubbing the crotch of her cycling shorts, while whispering her name,. ‘Wouldn’t you rather sniff this saddle?’ Katrina had said, when she returned from the ladies, indicating the padded but sweat-stained seat of her skintight black cycling shorts. That evening, in Kerry’s bedroom, whilst sitting on her face, the sensations from the smell of Katrina, filtered through her padded lycra shorts, encouraged the most violent and hysterical orgasm. Back in the present, Kerry closed her eyes tight as she sniffed. Her hands smoothed and caressed Katrina’s shiny leggings, making a swishing sound. ‘Oh Katrina, I love it! I love it! I want more!’ After some moments, they changed positions. Katrina lay face down on the sofa as Kerry hysterically and audibly nuzzled her mouth and nose against Katrina’s lycra arsehole.‘Sniff! Sniff! Yeah? You like that? You like that, bitch?’ Katrina teased.Kerry sniffed deeper and deeper, her nylon legs and heels playfully dancing in the air. She placed a few kisses on Katrina’s lycra arsehole. Katrina then lay back on the sofa, pulled her knees to her chest, stretching the Lycra against her arse, as Kerry squatted before her. Her wide eyes looked with sleepy lust at Katrina, as her mouth and nose was obscured by the seat and crotch of the blue leggings. Katrina grinned dirtily. Kerry’s nose twitched as she sniffed and kissed the tight smelly fabric. A big part of her really wished that Mick could see them together like this, her nose pressed as far up Katrina’s arse as the tight Lycra would allow, with her arched back and own arse stretching her pantyline. Kerry inhaled and inhaled. Finally Kerry’s eyes met Katrina’s and said, ‘I want you to do something for me. It’s a little strange, maybe funny, but it really gets me off.’‘And what would that be?’Kerry jumped up, went to her bag and pulled out a few pairs of screwed up tights. ‘They belong to my flatmate, Anna and my ex-lover, Geraldine.’Katrina ataşehir escort bayan looked amused.‘You want me to wear them or sniff them?’‘I want to stuff them down the back of your leggings,’ said Kerry, almost trembling with anticipation. ‘I want to see what it looks like, and I want to watch you walk and sway like that.’‘Whatever turns you on,’ said Katrina. Their eyes met and smouldered as Kerry fed the tights down the back of Katrina’s leggings. Kerry squatted down and reshaped the nylon bulges, giving them a nice little pat. Her nose and lips lingered for a few seconds, millimetres from the shiny compressed bulges. ‘You having fun down there?’ said Katrina, peeking over her shoulder. Kerry then fed some more tights down the back of her own tights, outside her black panties. ‘Now walk for me, babe,’ said Kerry.Katrina slowly swayed up and down, peering at Kerry with intensity, from over her shoulder. She placed her hands on her hips and took slow, sensual steps. When she reached the mirror, she assessed the seat of her leggings. She giggled. ‘Fuck it looks like I…’‘I know,’ said Kerry softly, as she stepped over to her lover, and rested her hands on her arse, touching, squeezing and prodding the soft nylon bulges through her lycra leggings. Katrina’s smile dropped as she realised that for the first time in her life, she would never love, desire and lust after anyone, the way she lusted after Kerry. ‘Sit on my face,’ Kerry whispered. ‘Like that, with those smelly tights in your leggings.’Their passionate kiss translated their mutual approval. Kerry made herself comfortable on the rug, as Katrina squatted over her. Kerry smoothed the skintight sheen of Katrina’s curvy latin arse, as Katrina grinned and groaned. Kerry pressed her nose against the tight seat of lycra. ‘Oh Katrina! My darling!’ Kerry gasped in amazement, before licking and kissing the soft shiny bulge. Katrina looked over her shoulder and smiled secretly, as she gently bobbed up and down, and rode Kerry’s squashed nose for a while. Kerry caressed and massaged the shiny bulge as she deeply inhaled. After several minutes of shimmery, bobbing her bulge on Kerry’s face, Katrina lay on top of Kerry and passionately kissed her, whilst Kerry smoothed the compressed bulge of her tight Lycra leggings. ‘I want you to fuck me, Katrina. I want you to fuck me really hard,’ said Kerry.Katrina smiled as she got to her feet and hoisted a strap on over her leggings. She paraded up and down, as her bulge shifted from left to right, knowing Kerry was watching every shifting shimmer in her lycra. Katrina paused and beckoned Kerry to her. Kerry nodded her understanding and on all fours, she crawled towards her mistress. She carefully took the dildo in her mouth and sucked. Not once did she take her eyes off Katrina. Her eyes looked like devoted eyes. Big and sincere. Her back was arched. Her arse poked out. She reached her hands around and felt the screwed up tights near her own knickers, as she sucked her cock, making om om om sounds. Kerry closed her eyes and twitched her nose. She caressed her arse and looked at Katrina with dirty pride. ‘Oh god, that feels good.’ ‘Take off your tights and pull them over my face,’ Katrina instructed. Kerry dutifully stepped to one side, kicked her heels off and unrolled her tights. She carefully stretched her luxury tights over Katrina’s Mediterranean features. Fuck, her sensuous eyes and mouth glimmered inside the fabric.‘And my knickers?’ said Kerry.‘Pull them over your face,’ said Katrina. Kerry slowly trembled in anticipation, as she fixed the silky panties over her face, pressing them tightly against her nose and mouth. Oh fuck it was divine! ‘I love you,’ said Kerry.‘Love you too.’They shared a silky, nylon kiss. Katrina then bent Kerry over and eased the strapon up her arse. It easily slid right up her. She gripped her hips and banged her hard, as Kerry cried her secret pleasures into her own panties. Katrina shagged and shagged Kerry vigorously. There was no stopping them. The only reason Kerry moved the panties to one side, was to beg for Katrina to fuck her harder. With one hand, Katrina stroked and patted her shiny bulge in her leggings, her eyes were wild with lust.‘Tell me how much you love the taste of sniffing my stinky lycra!’ Katrina seethed.‘I love it, I fucking love it!’ Kerry wailed.‘Cheating on my brother?’‘Oh yeah!’Kerry tugged and stretched the panties over her face and sniffed her own aroma, as Katrina gritted her teeth and slammed her harder. Kerry laughed hysterically in blind lust. ‘You don’t give a shit about him?’ cried Katrina.‘No, and neither do you,’ Kerry laughed. This was too much for them. They came together.

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