Nancy’s story. Chapter 2

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Nancy’s story. Chapter 2Chapter 2, The AwakeningAfter hours of love making, my vagina contained his cum because my engorged labia trapped it inside preventing it from leaking out. I wanted that too! Eventually, jet lag caught up with him as did hours of lovemaking well into the approaching dawn of a new day and chapter in my life. We fell into a restful sleep in each other’s arms sleeping until the sun light penetrated my sleepy eyes.I slipped out of our bed to make a pot of coffee. Sofia wandered into the kitchen rubbing her eyes wearing panties under a large Tee shirt.“Well, how was it?” I simply gave her a smile. Well, maybe it was the expression of a monkey eating a delicious banana. Next was my precious middle daughter, Ornella, who didn’t need to ask. I was still smiling.I had the coffee going and was rummaging around for ingredients and a baking pan to make some cinnamon coffee cake. Usually, we eat some toast with our coffee and juice. This would be special. Both started to talk at the same time and both pried into something they were more than curious about. I put my finger to my lips to shish them into silence as they had not realized Chuck was there, in my bed. Then, I remembered something he said weeks earlier about sleeping naked and walking in his own space- naked. He did not know he was about to be tested.I had given my body and heart to the man. I committed 100%. But it was still mi casa, my home. I am okay being around the girls undressed and they around me. It is a usual practice for us. But, there had never been a man present since I told their father to move out. And, it was a topic Chuck and I had not breached. How was this going to work this morning? Would he walk in to the kitchen naked?We three chatted about things. Well, more precisely, him. Ornella, soon to be 20, said he looked handsome and that with a bit more color in his skin could pass for a local..Sofia laughed, “Sure, if they cut more than a few centimeters out of his height. He is so tall next to you.”“Not when I wear heels. I can almost look him in the eyes. And, dancing with him last night, it felt good to look into his eyes without craning my neck up or having to look down on a man. Standing with him in heels, he did not appear to tower over me. I certainly did not tower over him. I liked that too.”Ornella, my daughter interested in taking over my business, indirectly asked how the sex was last night. “Mom, was he good to you? I mean, he is so large next to you, large hands, large feet, was he, I mean is he, well, you know?”Her sister popped in, “Just ask it, is his penis too big, too small, or just right?”“Sex, how do you know there was sex last night? How do you know if I know how big he is?” I lied.Both rolled their eyes. I put the coffee cake into the oven.Chuck walked in the kitchen just as the front door opened. My mother arrived with Gina. I was wearing my usual casual ‘around my home’ attire, a thong and silky robe. He walked in wearing his linen and silk trousers and shirt from the night before. He looked like he could have just stepped out and was returning or just like he had been using my toilet- if he did those things barefoot and with an unbuttoned shirt.He looked good. His face had a bit of beard stubble. The silk shirt revealed a nice chest with a nice amount of hair on it.He greeted us with “Oh, I didn’t know the girls were home” as he started to button his shirt.Me? My chest still had that orgasmic blush form our lovemaking in the hours before dawn. I smelled of sex. Visually, he passed the test by honoring me and not appearing crude in my home by walking in naked in front of my girls and mother.Mother told him to leave his shirt unbuttoned if he felt comfortable. He looked a bit confused so I quickly translated bringing a sheepish grin to he and the girls. Mother? I saw the look in her eyes and thought the devil in her was coming out.The girls knew me and my sexuality. But, it was the first time they saw me spend the night with a man in our apartment.Mother and the three girls simply smiled at me knowingly while I put things out for coffee. It was not a leering look, but one of knowing.We talked. It was small talk while breakfast baked in the oven. When Chuck and I chat, I sometimes use computer software to explain a word he used. Mother relied on translations from me primarily. The older girls tracked more than I realized. Gina, well she got the gist of it in English filling in the blanks as I translated. Chuck spoke some in Spanish enough to show he understood the basics. I thought to myself, he knew enough to buy cold beer, get laid, and ask for the toilet, the basics men need.I pulled the cake from the oven and set it aside to cool and made another pot of coffee. Chuck bought a bag of Costa Rican coffee beans that were roasted but unground and a bag of ground roasted beans as a house gift. They were grown by his neighbors and roasted locally. It was good coffee, better than the Brazilian and Columbian coffee we were used to drinking.As we started to eat the warm cinnamon coffee cake, Chuck used his tablet to show us the photos of a sailboat sailing on its way to Fiji with friends he knew from Chapala, Mexico. He had already mentioned it to me and had sent photos of the beautiful vessel along with photos of its owners who invited him -us to join them. He explained that a woman who was a friend of the owners might be there with her fiancé. It was more than his Spanish could carry in conversation.I translated because it was more efficient than depending on Chuck’s Spanish that allows him basic communication, not subtle and detailed information. My older girls followed along understanding what was described. The boat is beautiful! They were impressed.While showing the photos to them, he stopped, looked at me, then turned to the other four seated at the table. He explained the obvious. Yes, we met via the Internet, we chatted for months via the Internet and phone. He said he had easily fallen in love with me. That part was in English with me translating. He continued by asking if we could become one family by his marrying me- asking it in Spanish. He said he loved me but could not feel right unless the marriage included all of us.He had already asked me and our love-making the night before and before dawn had answered for me. I would not have unprotected sex with a man I had no intention of keeping in my life.My mother smiled and nodded her head saying yes. Gina said yes only if it made her mother happy; the older two said the same thing.Chuck got off the chair and went on to his knees before me. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to me asking me to look inside.It was a large solitaire set in platinum with buca escort two slightly smaller ones on either side of the center diamond with a double row of smaller stones set in pairs on the band on one side of the ring. I looked again. It was subtle; the pairs were matched pairs which each pair in a slightly different color and size. I put it on my finger saying I loved it and held it to show the girls and mother.He spoke in English. “The middle stone is our engagement ring stone. The pair on either side are us, united and equal in everything, the next pair represents your mother as before and after our union. The other three represent the girls.”Sofia asked why there were stones only on one side of the ring.Chuck smiled saying one side represented the past and the future of their mother which includes you four; the other side is the future of she and I. He was silent for a moment then added he would like to start a family with me. I translated. Gina, my precocious one, said only if it made me happy. My mother said it appears we already started. Chuck understood her comment and laughed saying he hoped I was as fertile as her. It made her grin. There was some good space on the future side to be filled, commented Sofia.Then, no surprise to me, he asked Gina what she thought about going with us to Fiji on our honeymoon after her graduation in December as a graduation gift. He showed her where she would bunk, and explaine
d she had been invited as an adult. I told her I wanted her to come as an adult. Then, Chuck invited my mother explaining her bunk. Unexpectedly, he made the same offer to Sofia and Ornella. They politely declined due to their education schedule and not wishing to fall behind. To a degree, it made no sense as the term ended in December and would not begin again until March. I let it go.Before they answered, I stepped into the conversation. I said that Chuck said Gina and mother told me that Lori usually went topless when out of the port area, sometimes she went naked. It was the same for her husband. Their friend was a nudist as well. I said I intended to be naked and same for Chuck and that we were going to do what it takes to start our family while there. That was a respectful way of saying we were planning on fucking like rabbits.The three girls and my mother looked at each other before my mother turned and said, I cannot recall her exact words, but to the effect that she was excited to see the fire back in her daughter’s eyes and everything had her support.I swear my mother had licked her lips earlier as Gina asked if she could be topless and naked. Chuck said it was okay but it will turn the guys on to see all those beautiful women naked on deck. I added that I hoped so. My mother remembered our conversations and understood what I meant and asked how far the excitement could go. I looked at Chuck and translated. I knew his response was the same as mine. “On deck, you can let it go as far as you like on deck or go for privacy below.” He said Lori and her husband were open about sexual behavior between consenting adults. The same was true for Maggie whom he had never met.Gina looked at me. “It might be weird. What do you want?”“I want you to come if you feel adult enough to enjoy a once-in-a- lifetime experience and to enjoy us”, was my response. “Besides you said you enjoyed watching me have sex and I want you to enjoy something different.”I told mother Chuck had seen her bikini photos and said she was hot. She looked at me, “hot?”iChuck turned red but said “sexy hot” using both words used in Spanish for hot. One was for describing temperatures, the other for describing spices. She got his meanings. Then replied “Si.”With that, my mother smiled and stood suggestively saying she wanted to actually see me happy and asked the girls if they agreed. All nodded in the affirmative with yes spoken in Spanish and English. She unbuttoned her top revealing a black low-cut bra revealing the top portions of her tanned ample breasts and, as the matriarch, told the girls to assist her in the cleansing of the engaged couple to wash away the past in preparation of the future. She untied the rope band of her skirt letting it fall to the floor to reveal a matching pair of panties, a paired set she got from my store. Gina stood, as mother removed her bra exposing her breasts, and they removed his shirt. Both rubbed his chest and mother playfully rubbed him at his belt line.This was happening too fast. I asked them to sit. My mother’s nipples poked out more than I noticed before. Gina’s showed through her tee shirt and were smaller but obviously erect. My older two had pulled off their tops- and mine as well. Chuck, to his credit, kept his eyes on me despite being in a room surrounded by five sexy half-naked women.With Chuck still there in support, I explained the “rules”. The word “no” was exactly what it meant. It was absolute.I wanted both my mother and Gina to fully understand that how they both dressed was like a signal flag to represent their condition. In front of my mostly naked girls, especially Gina and my mother, their state of dress or, specifically, undress on deck and below stated how they wanted to be treated, like a flag signaling negative or a flag for affirmative. A sign for all to go for it, or leave me alone.To Gina especially, I told her how the ocean air was salty air and causes salt crystals to form on cloth which could irritate skin- so continually wearing the same thing daily could irritate skin. She was free to remain fully covered, wear a bathing suit, part of a suit, or be naked.Then I showed them a Wicked Weasel bikini I was getting- an unlined open net suit that let my skin, especially my nipples, show for port wear. I stated that I would probably sail naked as will Lori.All four loved the suit. I told Gina that if she stayed covered up or even if she wore a revealing suit, it was a “no, I want to be here and only watch” statement. I added, if she went topless, it was a way of saying she was turned on but not sure she wanted to totally act on it or how far she wanted things to go.Gina asked what I was going to do if naked. I said, “It was what you saw me doing on the kitchen table, what you and your boyfriends do behind closed doors”. As I said that, my body shook with an orgasm. She never replied as to her intent regarding the invitation.She stood and looked at me, then my mother, then Chuck. Her eyes went to mine and she pulled her tee shirt off. Mother stood back up and turned to Chuck taking his hand and leading him to the girl’s bathroom telling Gina to follow her, which she did. Before disappearing, she told the other two to take their mother and bathe her.Chuck disappeared with the two. The other escort buca girls stood up and took my hand leading me to my bathroom where Sofia started a bath adding bath oil to the water. I willingly stepped in the water and lay back in its soft warmth. Ornella took over telling her sister to straighten out the bedroom.Taking a sea sponge, she washed my face before telling me to sit up so she could wash my back. It felt so nice and I recalled the pleasure I felt when I washed them when they were little. Was she feeling a similar pleasure? The roles were reversed. My back done, Ornella softly asked me to lay back. She started to wash my legs. The sponge felt wonderful against my skin. She scrubbed my upper chest and tummy. My eyes were closed as I enjoyed her spa treatment. Then, her bare hand replaced the sponge as she washed my breasts thoroughly. She had not touched me there since I last nursed her years ago. I thought I would explode as my nipples reacted to her touch.Her soft hand traveled lower until I felt it gently caress my pubic mound. Her fingers danced lightly over my skin, nothing like when I used my fingers to rub myself in pleasure. I felt her finger part my labia and run across the inner lips of my pussy bringing me close to an orgasm. She felt it coming. With that, the pressure increased taking me over the top.. I had actually climaxed in front of her, climaxed because of her, climaxed with her.As I came down off the sexual plateau, she reached for the razor and shaved my legs using the silky bath water as a lubricant. Both legs shaved, she handed me the razor to shave my armpits. It took only a few strokes for each before I handed it back to her. She used one hand to hold my labia in place while she shaved my pussy smooth. I was nearing another orgasm from this intimacy. We, as mother and daughter, just crossed a bridge that separated us.Finished, she started to drain the water beckoning me to stand to be dried off. The warmed towel felt wonderful against my skin. The manner in which I was dried off was covertly sexual. My nipples were gently dried as was my crotch causing me rapid assent up to the climax-producing apex.Sofia appeared telling me to sit so she could do my make up. My eyes were redone as was my lipstick. Ornella brushed my hair. I was being pampered. Prepared. I loved it. Ornella put a bit of perfume behind my ears and between my breasts and knees.Sofia and Ornella told me to stand and put a very sheer robe on me and led me into my bedroom. The sheets and pillow cases were changed. They were kissing my cheeks and caressing my breasts when Chuck was led into the room. All four had their panties on. Chuck looked scrubbed and shaved as he smiled looking in my eyes.Mother and the girls each kissed me, then Chuck, and left my bedroom softly closing the door behind them.We moved to my bed. The sheets were
clean, soft, and smelled so fresh. I wanted to cuddle, to hold and be held.And, deep inside, I wanted to fuck. Our sex so far had been tinder, gentle. I wanted to be fucked after that conversation and experience. I removed my robe. We lay naked on the bed with Chuck on his back. Every time we made love, it was me on my back, his mouth on my breasts and pussy. He was a gentle Master and controlled the sequence and pace. It was my time to control. I silently remembered my promise to be submissive. This was not submissive behavior on my part. Frankly, I did not care.He was semi hard when I took him in my mouth and even then I could take only a third, maybe half of him there. Clean, I could not taste my pussy on his cock or his cum from earlier. Someone had freshly shaved him clearing every hair from his balls, cock, and the area around them. I felt a sense of urgency as I licked and sucked his cock. I wanted him. No, I needed him. He seemed to be the last piece of my puzzle that fit perfectly. I needed it in place.I heard my door latch gently move and felt the bedroom door open more than heard it. I froze for a moment knowing Gina had opened it. I felt my body contract, it was an orgasm from my pent up excitement. I did not dare turn to look but continued to give Chuck my oral attention. He was correct, he got longer in my mouth but not thicker. He gently thrust into my mouth and moaned as he fucked my mouth. I looked, his eyes were closed in pleasure. I could feel Gina watching me. I still would not turn my head as I let my mouth be gently fucked. I ran my fingers through the soft hair on his chest. It gave him a nice manly look, not a b**stly one- and complemented his broad chest. Turned on by this intimate act, I put my hands on him butt and pushed him onto my face and deeper into my mouth. I felt more than heard Gina move toward the bed as I fucked his cock gripping it with my lips and tongue. I would have gladly let him cum in my mouth but a primal need to reproduce took over.I moved forward to mount him him like a cowgirl gets on a saddle to ride. I needed to ride forcing his pummel into my body. I needed to take his cock inside and mate with him. It was a consuming need.As I lifted myself over him, I felt my pussy open and my lubricating fluids run down the inside of my thighs as I climbed into position. I reached back to guide his cock inside me. It was then I felt Gina’s hand there stroking him as I lowered myself on him. She deftly guided him in my pussy like she had done it countless times before.“If this makes you happy, yes.” It was whispered in Spanish. Maybe only for my ears.Quiet as she was in speaking, her voice startled Chuck causing him to rise quickly as I lowered myself on him. I winced in discomfort as he unexpectedly pushed up hard and against my cervix with his cock. The discomfort over, my body took command of my movements. I lost control of myself as I lifted and pushed down forcing his cock deeper inside my pussy. Sex is wonderful. A man gives a woman pleasure and vice-versa, but, when a man and woman love each other, it becomes more than just sex.I was used to men of average size and this was not average. Plus, our three previous unions had been gentle with him controlling the tempo and depth of his penetration. Truthfully, I knew he held back. I was turned on like never before feeling an experience I desired but had not received. I wanted to be fucked like a man would take a whore.Chuck hated that word. I was no whore, he said. I was no slut. He said I was sexual and acted on it. I wanted to act. I was going to act. I was acting.I felt Gina’s hand on my butt and sensed her repositioning herself. She was totally naked, rubbing me, teasing me, watching me. I recalled the full meaning of her nakedness and wondered how far it would go because she was signaling the message she wanted buca escort bayan in 100%.The lusty desire to reproduce took over and I was lost. Gina’s nipples were hardened like the rubber erasers on a pencil. She stopped caressing my breasts and pinched my nipples instead. Electricity flew like the lightening leaves a cloud searching for the earth. It was one thing to be watched by her while I had sex- it was another to have her join in like that. I must have put on one hell of a show.She and I, as did mother and the girls, shaved ourselves to wear the micro bikini thongs we enjoy. Her hand went to her bare mound of Venus to rub herself off as I fucked Chuck begging for his baby. I moaned and groaned in pleasure pushing down hard. I wanted him to cum in my womb. My body was on fire.Gina was rubbing herself. I was getting close to an orgasm and told Chuck. He said he was close. Gina grunted said she was close. I had never been this intimate around her. Sure, I had heard her sexual moans when she was in her room with boys. I had heard her climax. It was through walls and her door. This was inches away. Worse, she was telling me to fuck him as she rubbed her pussy.I sat up sitting on his cock and pushed down hard with all my weight and felt the pain I needed. The head of his cock was beyond that final inner barrier. It was my second hymen that I wanted opened for a direct deposit of sperm shortening the trip to my eggs and increasing my chance for conception. He had had passed through my cervix. It gripped him, trapped him, and It sought the sperm my body wanted released within it.The three of us climaxed at nearly the same time. It felt so different knowing he climaxed where no man had done before. I felt his contractions deep within me which caused me matching contractions of my own as my pussy-turned-cunt milked the man teat of its creamy load.Chuck was true to his word. With a nearly eight**n year old girl with a killer hard body naked beside him, his focus, hands, and all that remained of his personhood focused on me, not Gina. My mind drifted. I wondered where I was in my monthly cycle. I turned to Gina who was watching us with intensity. While I wanted to remain connected to him. I also wanted gravity to assist conception. I climbed off and rested on my side on the other side of him.I looked at her asked her, “And?”“He is nothing like my boyfriends,” spoken in Spanish while she absent-mindedly twiddled her clit.“Nor any man I have experienced,“ I replied in English.Still jilling herself, she asked, “Mom, can I use a different form of birth control other than condoms.”I asked her why. She said, “I saw the look on your face when he climaxed inside you.”“How do you know what it was I was feeling. It could be the feeling of his cum going in me or it was him and his love-making.” “It is a valid question that I have no parameters with which to frame a response. In science, we are challenged to devise means of determining the nature and values of outcomes. I could do an experiment by having sex when he is wearing a condom to judge my response. I then could have sex without him wearing one and judge the response. My hypothesis is sex will feel better without a condom than with one.”“And, who is the ‘he’ you are referring to?”She smiled.“Gina, sex feels better to both partners without a condom if that is what they want. The condom is less messy and prevents STDs and pregnancy.” That was Chuck’s response. “But, I get your point. Besides, I will ask the same question as your mother, who is ‘he’ you are referring to?”A smiling Gina asked us, “Didn’t you say I am invited to go on the trip as an adult and told me that if a woman was naked, it was showing her willingness to have sex? Didn’t you say Lori and what’s her name are open about sharing their men? Does that mean I can have sex if I am turned on and want it? Mother, are you going to be open regarding Chuck?”I thought to myself, oh crap! “Sweetheart, I want Chuck happy and he is free to do what he wants to be happy,” turning to him and smiling. It was in Chuck’s lap, so to speak. I would see how he handles this subject.Chuck drew a deep breath and spoke, “Gina, your mother and I are going to focus on her getting pregnant. You are beautiful and any man will want you. I mig
ht play with other women, even with you some if it works that way. I will be doing it as foreplay but my sperm wants her egg. Do you understand? You are sexy as hell but I want your mother more than anything. Your presence will excite us as it just did. I think we both want you to be part of everything you want and can handle. But, please remember, she will get my sperm and hopefully carry my c***d.”I looked at both of them. I was turned on! I love being with a sexy woman nearly as much as being with a man. This was new, uncharted territory for me. I had played at parties in threesomes, two men and I, another woman and a man. But, this was different. I felt the urge. Gina was a desirable but she was the forbidden fruit even if I had just shared this intimacy with her.Gina broke the ice by reaching out to take Chuck’s flaccid cock in her right hand while pushing my head down toward it with her left. Our mouths reached him at the same time as we joined in licking and sucking him. His cock started to respond by filling with blood one again bringing more life to it. I started to lick his balls and she started to suck him. I wet my finger and pushed it into his ass to rub his prostate. He got hard in short order.Gina licked and slurped like any experienced woman in a porn movie before she pulled her mouth off and said for me to take him. As before, she took his cock and guided it into me as I got on it. I rocked back and forth seating it firmly within the gooey wetness of my pussy. As she laid next to us, I took Chuck’s hand and moved it between Gina’s legs moving it to her pussy. He got the hint and finger-fucked her. It was the fifth time we had sex in 24 hours and the third time since dawn. I thought to myself, “It was going to be an interesting sailboat trip.”Chuck fingered her for a while before pulling it out. He turned his hand and put his thick thumb in her pussy and told her to fuck it. She rose up and started to rock back and forth as I did on Chuck’s cock. She reached down and rubbed her clit.I worked my pelvis to coax the cum from his cock. Gina cried out in pleasure from Chuck’s thumb in combination with her caresses of her breasts.As Gina fucked his hand while caressing her breast and mine, I wondered if I had awakened the b**st within her. Or, had it been awake, aware, and waiting the moment it could be released.She told him to finger her ass. I was getting close. She started bucking hard then fell back. He had a finger in her ass with his thumb in her pussy. She shook and pulled off from over stimulation. That took me over the top as I felt my pussy begin to convulse. The orgasm was intense. It pulled cum from him too.

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