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Mystery SexMark lived in a rural area of his state, owning more than 200 acres of timberland. Actually, he owned in partnership with his mother as part a business he started and she supported. He was developing a reputation for high-quality, solid wood furniture that he designed and constructed himself. He had helped his dad build the large two story house that he shared with his mother, his aunt (mother’s sister) and three sisters. His dad had died suddenly about three years ago, just as Mark was getting his business going. He learned much of what he knew about building furniture from his dad and his grandfather. His mother was the business brains of their partnership and his aunt had a background in online marketing. Mark only had a couple of years of college and chose to pursue furniture construction full time, giving up school. He was now 26, his mother 49 and his aunt was 52. His sisters, Jean and Allie were 23 and 20 respectively. Mark stood at 6’3″, broad shoulders, lean but not skinny, with strong arms and a powerful chest developed over the years from manhandling the lumber and working with his hands and back. He was a shy young man, didn’t get out in public much and enjoyed the solitude his work life gave him. There was a time when he would be called the “strong, silent type”. Much of the lumber he used in his furniture business came from his land. He felled the trees, cut planks in his mill, cured in his kiln, and processed from there as needed to build his furniture. He and his mother decided to expand into soft furniture construction such as sofas, chairs, etc, when his sisters decided they would like to join the business and developed their sewing skills. Allie had also gotten her degree in interior design and helped Mark with furniture designs. His aunt, Anne, developed their website and Jean became something of an expert in fabrics and was the buyer for all of the business needs. All in all, they were a very self-sufficient family run business and Mark was having to consider hiring a couple of guys in the next year or two to help keep up with the growth of the business.Mark’s mother, Sandy, was slightly on the heavy side, her hair a combination of light brown and gray and brown eyes. She kept her hair shoulder length with no special styling to it. She had a good figure, even if she was packing a few extra pounds. Her butt was a bit wide to suit her, but she was proud of her very large tits, even though she never let on around anyone in the family – at least not the k**s. She was pretty much all business most of the time, but did have a rather straight laced sense of humor. Aunt Anne was a little slimmer than Sandy, with short reddish blonde hair and green eyes. Her butt was considerably smaller than Sandy’s, but she matched her sister in the tit department. Mark didn’t pay a lot of attention to the figures of either woman, but noted to himself that Anne’s tits looked like they might be firmer and ride a little higher on their own when set free.His sisters mostly took after their mother – similar hair color, brown eyes, big jugs,and shapely asses. Neither had added any extra weight, so they had the classic hourglass figures going for them. No one in the family ever really brought up the subject of dating, or the lack thereof, among the three k**s. Everyone was more or less content with spending their time together, working the business, and occasionally going into the nearest town on a Friday or Saturday night now and then. Mark had had a few dates and had even gotten lucky on a few occasions, but was not interested at this time in his life to get married. He assumed his sisters were somewhat free wheeling when they would go into town now and then, putting a lingering smile on some lucky guy’s face once in a while. That seemed to be good enough for everyone.One night, Mark was having a particularly erotic dream of someone sucking his cock. In his dream, he did not know who it was or where he was, but it was the most realistic dream and the most awesome blow job he could imagine. Just as he was about to explode in the mouth of his mysterious partner, he woke up in the pitch black bedroom to find that he was indeed shooting a huge load and it was going into the mouth of a real person. He could feel their tongue on his hard shaft and their hands on his balls. All he could do at that instant was climax for all he was worth. Their head was under his blanket and there was no light of any kind in the room so he could not even make out a silhouette. As soon as he had finished emptying his balls down their throat, he collected himself enough to as who was there. But they quickly exited from under the blanket at the foot of his bed and left the room without a sound. He threw off the covers and hurried to the bedroom door, but he was too late to see who it was. All of the other bedroom doors were closed and he could not hear even the faintest of sounds. He hustled down the stairs, but no one was stirring on the main level either. The back door was ajar, bahis siteleri canlı but there was no indication that anyone was outside when he stepped out to look and listen. Then he realized he was standing in the entry totally naked and his cock half limp and wet from the head he had just received. He hustled back to his room and spent the rest of the night pondering who it was and then began to question if it had really all been just a vivid dream. He finally drifted off to sleep again for a couple of hours before his mother woke him for breakfast.”It’s not like you to oversleep, son. Do you feel alright?” his mother asked looking at him with mild concern.”I’m fine. I just didn’t sleep all that well last night. I had a very strange dream last night that almost seemed real.” he replied.”Well, you can tell me all about it over breakfast. Get dressed and come downstairs. This isn’t an all day diner.” she said with her usual matter-of-fact demeanor.He realized he could not tell anyone the details of his dream and brushed it off when his mother asked him about it while he ate his breakfast. He spent the morning racking his brain trying to figure out who would have come to his room and just decided to suck his cock to orgasm, risking getting caught, and getting away so quickly. he ruled out his family members. His sisters never acted that flirtatious with him and he didn’t think his mom or aunt could move that quickly. Besides, they were all family. But he didn’t have a girlfriend and didn’t know any girls who would go to that extreme just to give him a little head. He finally dismissed it as just a very vivid dream that did not actually happen.As he went to bed that night, the previous night crossed his mind again and he decided he would be ready if it happened again and would simply reach over and turn on the lamp beside his bed. He kicked himself for not thinking of it last night. His mom walked by his room and told him good night as she headed for her own room. He drifted off to sleep a short time later. Sometime in the middle of the night, he had the very same dream. He was sleeping deeply and it took him a while to come to the surface. Again, he woke just as he was cumming in the warm mouth of this mysterious person. He shot spurt after spurt of cum into their hungry mouth and as soon as he was finished, he leaned over and turned the switch on his lamp. Nothing. By the time he got up, the mystery cocksucker was gone. He got to the wall switch for the ceiling light and checked his table lamp. It had been unplugged. He didn’t know whether to enjoy the unexpected sex gift or to be annoyed that the mystery person would not reveal themselves and let him fully enjoy the gift they were providing him. But he knew it was real now. His cock was wet with spit and his own cum since the person had to exit before they could properly clean him up with their tongue and mouth.He plugged his lamp back into the outlet and made sure it still worked, which it did. He made a mental note to check it again before he went to bed that night and even placed a few items to make it difficult to unplug it again without making noise. He would check it again before going to sleep tonight. At breakfast the next morning, the usual chatter between the women kept them from focusing on his distracted expression and lack of sleep. Anne was in the office adjacent to the kitchen working on their website. Sandy was getting ready to settle in to pay bills. and his sisters were finishing up in the kitchen while they talked about some new fabrics for the furniture order they had received earlier in the week. Mark finished breakfast and headed for the shop. He thought, as he headed out the door, that his sisters looked at him and then smiled at each other as if they had a secret involving him and his sleeplessness the past two nights. He shrugged it off, knowing his sisters would not be inclined to having any kind of sex with their brother.By the third night, Mark was dead tired from the work schedule and the shortage of sleep. He checked his lamp and the rattle trap under the nightstand. All was in order, so if it happened again tonight, he would know if they tried to disable the lamp or he would finally find out who was giving him the amazing blow jobs. He fought off sleep as long as possible, but konked out in no time from the fatigue. He awoke again in the middle of the night to the sensations of a wonderful, slow, deep throat blow job. This time, he did not let on he was awake and just laid there and enjoyed the long, slow oral strokes on his shaft and the feel of having his balls massaged. He wanted badly to reach down and put his hand on the back of their head to at least get a sense of their hair length and to thrust his cock even deeper into their warm wet mouth, but he knew that would give it away and he definitely wanted to finish what they had started. He again shot a heavy load of cum down their throat and then, without warning, reached over and switched on the lamp. Again, casino oyna nothing. He again jumped out of bed and realized something else as he did. His mysterious cocksucker had put a sleeping mask over his eyes. He ripped it off and hit the wall switch to the ceiling light and nothing. His lamp didn’t work and neither did his overhead light. He got dressed and headed to the utility room to find that the breakers affecting his room had been turned off, just as he had suspected. Someone was going to a lot of work to not only suck his cock, but to keep their identity hidden from him. He did not sleep the rest of the night. He was having trouble concentrating on anything other than to discover who was pleasure-torturing him with anonymous blow jobs.As he approached the kitchen for breakfast, he overheard his mother and aunt talking about him.”Well, if you ask me, Mark needs a day or two off and spend it in town trying to get laid,” said Anne. “He is working too hard and needs some relief,” she said with a hearty chuckle. Anne was the sassy one of the two and had been married and divorced more times than anyone could remember, including her. “Always thinking with the wrong organ, aren’t you sis?” said Sandy with a laugh. “I would tend to agree with you. I can’t believe I am saying that, but he surely has needs. He just never talks about it. And when I mention to him that he needs to find a good woman, he just laughs and changes the subject. The truth is, we could all stand a good fucking.””Amen to that!” said his sisters in unison laughing at their mother’s raunchy language. Sandy gave them a half-hearted stern look and then laughed. “But there isn’t an available dick within 30 miles of here,” Sandy followed. The girls burst into louder laughter. Mark was a little surprised at his seemingly prudish mother agreeing that he needed to get fucked sooner rather than later. He was even more surprised at her expression of her own needs or those of the others. Based on the conversation, he had ruled out either of them giving him head, although the thought of a blow job from either of them gave him and unexpected erection. He had ruled out everyone in the house, but only those in the house would know where the breaker was to thwart his plan to trap them with the light on his nightstand. Was it actually one of them who was sneaking in with a well laid plan and anticipating his responses to catch them? Nothing happened over the next two nights. He had laid in bed awake both nights anticipating, but nothing happened. By the fifth day, he was dead on his feet and had come to the conclusion that the fun was over and he would never know who his secret cocksucker was. The following day was Saturday and everyone agreed they were going to take the day off and just enjoy some movies and take the weekend off for some badly needed rest and relaxation. Sandy and Anne said they were going to join the girls in giving each other manicures and pedicures and relax over a couple of glasses of wine before calling it a day. Mark was all in favor of just sleeping and excused himself. He no longer concerned himself with his secret admirer and cock worshiper. He shut his door tonight, stripped down naked, starfished in the middle of his bed and immediately fell asleep. He awoke around 2 am when he wasn’t able to turn over. He tried to look around, then realized someone had put the sleeping mask on him again. No one was sucking his cock this time, but he figured out that his hands and feet had been tied with nylon ropes so that he could not change positions. He was aware of the presence of someone in the room with him. In fact, he sensed that there was more than one person in his room. He began to panic a little thinking that things were suddenly out of control and he began to struggle. Then he felt a gentle hand begin to stroke his cock until he relaxed and began to get hard. Then he felt the familiar sensation of a warm, wet mouth engulf his cock head and slowly begin licking his shaft. He heard the faint sound of giggling from across the room and it sounded like one of his sisters. Now he was sure he had been getting pleasured by one or both of his sisters and they were in this together. He was starting to moan and let himself relax and go with the flow now. He didn’t care who it was as long as they didn’t stop. Then someone moved over him and the musky smell of a pussy flooded his nostrils as someone sat on his face. He started licking the pussy thrust upon him and felt them begin to writhe on his face and he began to hear the low moans he was causing. But he still thought he heard giggling from across the room. If his sisters were both using him for sexual entertainment, who was giggling?Then the blow job stopped. That was replaced by a tight pussy slowly descending on his rigid cock until he was balls deep inside them. Whoever was now fucking him had a very tight pussy and at the increasing pace of the fucking, he knew he was not going to last long. As his cum began to boil in his canlı casino siteleri balls, he started doing the only thing he could. He started fucking back, thrusting hard into that tight, wet pussy. The pussy on his face gushed and the growl of a female orgasm filled the room. The the pussy on his face pulled away and he felt them slide off of the bed. The pussy on his cock was continuing to increase the pace and he could not take it any longer. He thrust harder and deeper and finally launched what felt like a river of cum deep into the pussy pounding down on his cock. Once done, that person removed themselves. A pair of hands removed the sleep mask from his eyes and the first face he saw was that of his mother.”Surprised?” Sandy asked with a big grin on her face. “Stunned is a better word for it,” Mark exclaimed. “Were you riding my face or my cock?””I was riding your cock, sweetie. Your aunt was on your face. I never developed a fondness for oral sex. But she can’t get enough of it.” Sandy looked at her sister and winked. “So you were the one coming into my room at night and sucking me off all week?” asked Mark as he looked at Anne.”Actually, it was me one night and each of your sisters the nights after that.” said Anne with satisfaction. “I must say, despite what your mother thinks, you have awesome tasting cum.” “Wait. You mean all of you have been coming in here to blow me at night?? You are all in this together? And where are Jean and Allie now that you are finally coming out in the open with this?” Mark had a dozen questions running through his head.”We’re down here,” said Jean. Anne untied Mark’s hands and feet and he rolled over to see his sisters, one on top of the other enjoying the taste of each other’s pussies. Everyone was naked and Sandy snuggled in beside him on the bed. He immediately began to play with her very large tits and she started to moan as he tweaked her nipples between thumb and index finger. Anne joined them on Mark’s other side and he began playing with her ample tits as well. “We have all been getting tired of the dildo and lesbian games and decided it was time to work you into the fun and games. Nothing can replace a good hard cock.” Anne explained as she ran her tongue in and around his ear. She reached down and stroked his cock, now regaining full erection. “I hope you have enough stamina to go around. your mom had the rights to the first fuck, but the rest of us want some too.”Mark was speechless, but it didn’t matter. Jean and Allie climbed on the bed. One sunk his cock into her pussy and began fucking him like there was no tomorrow. The other sat on his face and he began returning the favor she had given him earlier in the week. Meanwhile, he continued to enjoy fondling and squeezing his mom’s and aunt’s big tits. Both sisters came and soaked his face and cock with their juices, and they moved out of the way so that Anne could go for a ride on his magic stick. His mom just watched as Anne bounced up and down on him with her huge tits bouncing up and down. Mark motioned for his mother to sit on his face and she reluctantly agreed to give it a try. She was amazed at how good it felt and realized and she climaxed that his dad had just not been that good at eating pussy. She was going to have to rethink the whole oral sex thing. She might even try swallowing some of his cum. Mark finally filled Jean with his hot load and they all agreed it was time to get out of bed and get something to eat besides each other. They fixed breakfast before dawn and then moved to the family room. Sandy spread some blankets on the floor so they could fuck, sleep or whatever they wanted to do for the weekend. Allie leaned over the couch seat and waved her ass in front of Mark and invited him to try his first shot at anal sex. Only Anne had any experience with a good ass fucking and they all moved in out of curiosity to watch Allie take her brother up her ass. It was slow going at first, but once he was finally in, they were all amazed that Allie could take it that way just like they all could take it in the pussy. Mark got near the end and pulled out, cumming on his sisters beautiful ass. Sandy reached in and rubbed his cum into Allie’s ass cheeks. All of the squeezed tightly onto the couch and Anne started a movie. To no one’s surprise, it was a classic porn flick and they all agreed that they were going to do everything that was done in the movie. By the end of the weekend, Mark had plowed every hole on every woman in the house – some of them more than once. He never again slept alone. Each night, one of them would come to his room and get all they wanted from him and then spend the rest of the night with him. It was not uncommon to walk into the family room or any room in the house now to find two people pleasuring each other. Mark found it a particular turn on to watch his mom and Anne fucking each other with toys and playing with each other’s tits. Sometimes, they would play a game of drawing matching cards from one deck and a homemade instructional card on what they were to do with each other they partnered with for that round. But for Mark, it always ended with him cumming hard on or in one of his four favorite women. No longer was there a problem finding an available cock within 30 miles.

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