My wife found out about me

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My wife found out about meThe facts happened some time ago, before the world froze …My wife is about to turn 50, nature has been generous to her having given her a second youth, time seems to have passed for her, she is still a beautiful woman, brunette, with dark and deep eyes, a big and firm breast that arouses the admiration of all males and the envy of friends. Although his body is softer than it once was, he has kept the hourglass shape that drives everyone crazy. Her beautiful face is constantly framed by a wonderful smile, in short, a perfect wife if it were not that between us things were not going very well lately. Yet we have spent many together, 25 years of marriage, wonderful c***dren, and also two sentimental escapades on my part that I had forgiven over time, and that actually made me feel the emotion of being a betrayed but aware husband. So it was that in recent years our relationships have thinned between one concession and the other began to spend weeks at the beginning and then become whole months. Paradoxically, we love each other so much, thanks also to my helpful and somewhat submissive character, the most difficult thing to bear is that despite having few physical contacts, she has no problem showing herself naked to me. Every evening when we go to bed I witness the ritual of her taking off her shirt and staying in her bra which, despite the large and welcoming cups, cannot contain the generosity of her round and smooth breasts, I go crazy peeking at the beautiful semi-transparent laces of the part top of the bra that frame the décolleté. Then with a quick and expert gesture she pulls it off while remaining uncovered, I sneak in to admire her large and dark haloes in the center of which stand out the large and turgid nipples that sometimes stand out even when she is dressed. Walk around the room for a few minutes as if there was not a man at your side attracted by her beauty, but a simple brother, at the end he dives into bornova escort the net giving me a simple and fraternal kiss on the lips and then goes to sleep turning his back on me leaving me horny and dissatisfied. The passing of days and months without being able to touch it, but only looking at it caused me a constant state of excitement and frustration and only the sight of her panties rolled up in the laundry basket or of her scented pantyhose abandoned in the bathroom was enough to induce me to caress lewdly the penis for a liberating saw. It was precisely by finding a pair of hold-ups in the bathroom that peeked out from the basket of dirty laundry that it occurred to me one day to pick them up and after having tasted the wonderful smell I found myself not sure why to wear them in the secret solitude of the bathroom. The effect was initially very pleasant thanks to the fact that they modestly suited me very well. s ** ttai a couple of photos with the phone and accomplices the frequent visits of specialized sites I had the courage and stupidity to publish them in my profile. After a few days from the publication of the two photos I was amazed at how the number of visits had increased, but above all of the number of comments that they had inspired and I must admit that it excited me a lot. The rush of adrenaline that the new acquaintances and the multiplication of the comments of horny masks that showed me their turgid and horny penis pushed me to dare more and so I found myself completely depilating the legs and the pubis, and trying to dress with the my wife’s clothes that were fine for me too, It was like a d**g, as soon as I had the free house I went to my room and dressed like her and then published the photos for my boys. The only problem was the shoes that are not exactly the same size, but not without shame I went to buy them directly in the shops choosing among the most beautiful peep shoes, decolleté and sandals that horny bornova escort bayan me just to see them. One day when I knew I was alone at home I dedicated myself to the usual ritual, hot shower, abundant hair removal complete with legs and pubis, spreading the bright red nail polish on the feet, I wore a beautiful pair of 20 Den flesh-colored socks, a beautiful wig with hair long and black, which gave me a real slut look and I wore a pair of gorgeous low-cut sandals that made the feet with enameled nails stand out very well. I liked w ni completely identified with the role of slutty and dissatisfied wife. I was very excited I sprayed her favorite perfume and languidly caressed my legs and body, despite the great excitement the little cock remained small and I could hide it between my legs as if it did not exist. I looked at myself in the mirror and admired myself taking countless photos in all positions and the excitement was at its peak. But you know the devil does the pots without the lid, and I didn’t realize that hours had passed between the shower and the long and complicated dressing, so while I was trying on clothes and positions I didn’t realize that she was home, he entered the secondary door without being heard and silently arrived in the room without my noticing. It is not given to me how long she stayed to watch what I was doing fully dressed as a woman, at a certain moment I turned and saw her and my heart stopped. I stammered a shy “are you back already?” and I rushed towards the bedroom door running on the heels in a ridiculous way and closed the part of the bedroom practically in her face. With great effort I took off my bra, stockings, sandals and the black, tight body that did not want to be able to slip off because of the streams of sweat that came down from my whole body. It took me an endless time to take off my clothes, make-up, wig and give me a male semblance wearing an acetate suit. My brain was completely escort bornova gone, I was looking in the maze of the mind for a possible explanation of what she had seen, maybe looking for an excuse to blame her since she had kept me in forced abstinence for months, I was sweating as if I had run ten kilometers, I wanted to die instantly I went to the shower to remove the sweat and the abundant feminine scent that I had sprayed and finally became a man again. I joined her in the kitchen while she was busy preparing dinner for everyone, but a word about what happened came out of her. The only reference to what happened in the evening when I went to bed said to me: Won’t you want to sleep with me with nail polish on my feet? (I completely forgot about it). The following days I lived in a state of constant panic, fearing the moment when she would deal with the topic, instead she never said anything as if nothing had happened and for my part I was careful not to face the topic. The following Saturday, as scheduled, we went to the shopping center with the daughters, I entered in I don’t know how many clothes and shoes shops, all female, I didn’t have the courage to object on the shopping, but I assure you that he filled a shopping cart so much he knew I wouldn’t have opposed no objection. As for the rest of the week, she made no reference to what she had seen, but she maliciously amused herself by pulling skirts and blouses over me to see how they were smiling mockingly. Other interminable days passed in which I expected the time to know what he wanted to do, would he want to separate? Would he kick me out of the house? Or worse, he would have put me to shame in front of the c***dren… I didn’t know, the verdict arrived on time the following Friday morning when he announced me: tonight I am going out, not expecting me because I will come home late. Okay love, can I know with whom? I replied. His answer was: NO I will tell you another time. Obviously I did not object and I spent the whole evening alone to publish the photos that I had s ** ted dressed as a whore exchanging a lot of messages with my boys, waiting for his return at four in the morning when exhausted I had fallen asleep alone on the Latvian.

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