My thong around my knees…

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My thong around my knees…That morning I was feeling totally aroused and horny at my desk.My loving hubby had not fucked me properly in the last two weeks and I could not stand it anymore. So, as I was sitting inside my office, I pulled down my thong to my thighs and shoved my naughty fingers deep inside my burning cunt.I closed my eyes and enjoyed the nice sensation of my own fingers rubbing my swollen clit. It was a very hot and pleasant feeling…The only problem was that I had forgotten to lock the door. As I was there focused in my own pleasure, I suddenly opened my eyes, to find out one of my male coworkers was there, looking at my exposed pussy lips and my fingers buried deeply in them.Harald smiled at me, saying he would come back later; so he could lick my pussy clean with his tongue…The bastard just left a pile of dossiers onto my desk and he smiled at me, closing the door as he left. I had been caught with my knickers down; but then I thought… I could enjoy another mouth in my pussy, licking my juices…I continued masturbating myself; even as I knew the door was still unlocked. I finally arched my back and I came, no matter if anybody could hear my wild grunts güngören escort and screams outside my office…As I was beginning to pull up my soaked thong, the door opened again and Harald came in; this time followed by Samara, one of the sluttiest bitches of the whole building.Samara smiled, as the bitch noticed my damp thong still down and around my knees. I thought this stupid bimbo’s tongue would be fine in my wet pussy lips…But Harald moved over me and he grabbed my curly hair between her fingers. He pulled my head back and he looked into my eyes. Meanwhile, Samara knelt between my spread thighs and I felt her warm breath just close to my pussy lips. Harald kept looking in my eyes, while his other hand started to feel my tits through the thin material of my white blouse…As I was there lying on my back and looking into Harald’s eyes, I felt Samara’s hands pulling my soaked thong down to my ankles and removing it from me. A finger then was buried deeply into my gushing cunt.Harald then opened his fly and took out a nice hard dick. He warned me he was horny and wanted to shove his hard on up my mouth. While I opened my red lips for him; I felt a warm güngören escort bayan mouth sucking on my swollen clit.This stupid blonde bimbo really knew how to suck on a cunt…I began sucking on Harald’s hard cock as Samara enjoyed my hot pussy lips. I started grunting, but my pleasure sounds were muffled by Harald’s cock buried deep into my throat.I found myself lifting my hips in the air, to grind up my wet cunt into Samara’s soft lips. The bitch was a tremendous cunt sucker…They suddenly changed positions.Harald knelt between my spread thighs and Samara grabbed my hair, making turn my face into her crotch. She lifted her mini skirt and I saw she was not wearing panties. He shaven mound was glistening and it was dripping wet already.As I stuck my tongue out to lick her nice cunt; I suddenly felt a hump between my thighs and Harald’s thick cock was fully buried up my slippery cunt. I grunted loud at this brutal intrusion…My heart was beating crazy while I was used and abused by my own coworkers. Samara was moaning with pleasure, as I sucked on her wet swollen clit. And Harald was snorting and groaning as he fucked my wet cunt so hard.I soon told this escort güngören bastard I was close to cum; but he then continued pounding my cunt even harder and faster, with an intense pace.But Samara was the first to come; she pushed her crotch down to my face and she shouted loud, as her sweet juices filled my open mouth. Her body shuddered and she then dismounted from my face.She sat down on a chair, smiling as she watched my cunt being so ravaged by Harald.It was my turn then; I opened my mouth wide and screamed with pleasure, while Harald grunted loud and filled my slippery hole with his burning semen. He closed his eyes while he was trying to catch the air back.Before pulling out, he shoved a long finger up my tight asshole, making me gasp in surprise. The bastard smiled at me, saying my little rosebud felt so tight…I was wondering if he was going to sodomize me; but Harald withdrew his naughty finger, saying next time, I could be caught with my knickers down and my finger up my asshole…Slutty Samara then laughed, saying next time she would lick all Harald’s semen out from my ruined asshole…They left my office and I could hear them laughing outside.I sat straight on my own chair; I got up to lock the door, with my legs still shaking uncontrollably.But after all they had done to me, I was not yet done… So, very soon my own naughty fingers were again deeply shoved in me…And this time, the door was safely locked…

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