My Sweet Mama

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My Sweet MamaAt the age of 8 I faced an incident that no c***d should experience in his c***dhood. Both of my parents died in a car crash. I was devastated for weeks and it was my Aunt Clair and my grandparents who took care of me. Since my grandparents were old, Aunt Clair had decided that it was better if she adopted me. My Grandparents also supported her decision. So her home became my home since that day.Aunt Clair was a single mother with a son who was one year older than me. But she loved me, her sister’s c***d like her own son and gradually I started to call her “Mama.” She was so happy about it and hugged me saying that she had 2 sons now.Let me tell you about Aunt Clair, my mama. She was the younger and the only sister of my mom and she was 6 years younger than mom. Now you’d be wondering how she has a son older than me. As I got to know later, Clair had been ****d by one of my grandfather’s friends at the age of 16 and she had delivered my cousin 9 months later. But she had been so courageous that my grandparents had helped her to complete her high school through private tuition and then she had attended to college and qualified as an accountant. Since then she had devoted her life to work and raising me and my cousin. At 37 years of age mama looked so young that anyone could pass her for a 30 year old. She was 5′ 7″ tall with a perfect body with right amount of fat at the right places. Her skin was pale with a few freckles here and there that only made her skin more beautiful. Her 36C breasts were the perfect size for her body. Her blonde hair was long enough to reach about half of her back. Her legs were quite long with chubby thighs which only showed when she was wearing her denim shorts at home. In short, she was a conservative but classy woman. But she could turn heads anywhere she goes. But still she seldom went on a date, but I have never seen her bring any man home after. I always wondered if she ever has sex with anybody, just because of this.Telling you about myself, my name is Benjamin O’Brien. Standing tall at 5’10” at 19 years of age, I wasn’t the most athletic guy you’d have found. I rarely engaged in sports but I worked out to keep my body in shape. I wasn’t quite popular among the girls in high school, nevertheless I had some sexual experience with girls. But they weren’t satisfying as I had imagined. But none of the girls complained about me being unsatisfying to them. The only good thing happened with them was that I knew my 6 inch tool was good enough to satisfy a woman.I entered the local college to study accounting following the steps of my mama while my cousin left home to be a mechanic. That left mama and me alone in our home and I was so glad that I could get rid of that asshole of a cousin. Mama asked me if I also wanted to go away from her like my cousin. But I said that I preferred staying with my beautiful mama. She hugged me tightly and started to cry as I said I wanted to stay a home and go to local college. “Thank you so much sweetie. I thought you’d leave me too.”I hugged her back and soothed her. “I’d never leave you mama. I want to be with you forever. I love you so much.””I love you too Ben.”My mama, Clair was the center off my world since my parents’ death. We were really close as my cousin wasn’t of the kind that would listen to his mother. He would go out partying with his bunch of friends during weekends while mama waited sleeplessly until he got back. I too stayed with her for the most of the time, not because I loved my cousin but because I loved mama so much. We talked about everything during those sleepless nights and sometimes she fell asleep on my shoulder as she was tired from all the day’s work. Not only my cousin ignored mama, but the guy used to bully me too. He was always quite bigger than me. He bullied me for being mama’s boy. His friends too joined him for this occasionally. I never complained about any of this to mama as I knew how hard she worked to provide for the family.I never invited any of my friends to home. But my cousin John certainly did. They came over regularly and hung out at our home. All of them were perfect assholes just like my cousin. I never cared much about being bullied by them. But I did care about how they kept ogling at mama when she was around. Mama ignored them probably thinking about them as teenage fantasies. Some of them tried to have a chat with her alone but she was too smart to evade them.For those who wonder why I cared so much about my cousin’s friends having a crush on her, I have only 5 words. I love mama so much. It’s not just a love of a son for his mother. Yes, I loved her very much in that way. But I was in love with her, like a man loves a woman. I can tell you that I she was my fantasy woman. She was the kindest, smartest, most courageous and most beautiful woman I know. I never wanted to see her unhappy. I always tried to cheer her up when she came home from work feeling tired and depressed. Sometimes I would massage her arms and legs to relieve her tension. Her smile and a kiss on my cheeks is the best return I hoped for. Her smile always made my day no matter what happened there after.I was never a pervert. But I have to confess that I used my mama’s soiled panties since I turned 18, to masturbate. Her sexual aroma was too much for me as I always climaxed very quickly and powerfully when using them. I licked them to taste her juices mixed with her urine and god, it tasted divine. Sometimes I found one or two of her pubic hairs in them. Judging by their length I imagined that her pussy should be so hairy. Since then I developed a love for hairy pussies. I started to collect i****t videos with hairy mothers having sex with their sons.I never liked to see her go on dates. That was very rare, but I was so jealous on every man that had the chance to date her. I always wished that I was the man to date her. Sometimes I cried in my room while she was out on a date. I always waited until she returned home. I was never disappointed. She always came home quite early and I imagined that she hadn’t had sex with the man.I tried to distract my mind off of her with my studies and high school girlfriends. My academic progress was good but it was a different story when it came to girls. I dated some girls throughout high school and had sex with some of them. But they were never satisfying to me. Still there was a similarity between each and every one of my fucks. The face of every girl turned into mama’s face when I climaxed and sometimes I’d scream her name as I came. So, I rarely had sex with a girl more than once. Finally, I gave up dating because of this.I was so glad to see my cousin leave home. Not only because he was bullying me, but then I’d have mama all to myself and all her attention would be about me. But the visits of his friends to our house didn’t stop. They came around, mostly one guy at a time telling different reasons when mama was at home. Then they would keep chatting with mama for a long time while ogling at her fully covered body. Some tried to touch her hands, but mama would not allow any physical contact. She always treated them well only because they were her son’s friends. I tried to be with her as much as I could when John’s friends were in our home and sometimes I couldn’t.Touching mama’s hands was the farthest any boy had gone until one Friday afternoon. I was in the junior year of college and I worked part time at a local department store for a couple of hours after college to support mama. Mama always got home before me since I worked after college and would be waiting for me with the best dinner available. That evening was no difference. I saw her car parked on the driveway and there was another car parked behind it. I identified the car as I had seen it before. It was Tony’s and the guy was a big time bully in the area and one of the biggest headaches for me since John’s departure. I put my bicycle in the garage and opened the front door. I heard mama’s scared voice from the kitchen area as I opened it. “Tony stop this. Take yo
ur hands off me, please.”I was shocked to the core. Was Tony trying to force mama to have sex? My blood started to boil in my vessels. “No Clair, I’m going to fuck you today. None of this wouldn’t have happened if you agreed to go on a date with me. You chose the hard way instead and now you are going to pay for it like the slut you are,” I heard Tony threaten mama as I ran to the kitchen. Tony had mama cornered and he was trying to kiss her forcefully. She was crying and tried to push him away. But the man was too powerful for her delicate hands. I stormed into the kitchen and pulled Tony off of mama. There was a look of surprise on his face as I turned him around and punched his face with my right hand. That one hit right on his nose and he went off balance dropping him on the floor. Even I was surprised by the power behind that punch. I was never into quarrels or any physically testing stuff. I think the purpose of protecting the honor of my mama and the woman I loved most itself gave me the power I needed. I jumped onto him in a flash and showered another set of fists onto his face as the only thing he could do was to cover his face. “You son of a bitch. How dare you threaten my mother? I will kill you,” I screamed as I hit him.”Ben, enough,” I heard my mama cry as she was sitting on the floor with her knees bent to her chest. She was still in her work dress and the top couple of buttons had come off. I quickly ran to her and hugged her. “Oh Ben, my sweet son. Thank god,” She said holding me. “Mama, are you okay?” I asked holding her face. She slowly nodded while crying.”Mama please don’t cry. I’m here for you now. Can you do something for me?” I asked wiping away her tears. She nodded again. I looked at Tony who was lying semi-conscious on the floor with a bleeding nose. Then I said, “I want you to go to your room, lock the door and then call the police. I will tie him up until they arrive. Can you do that?”She nodded and said, “I will. But sweetie, be careful.””I will mama,” I said. I helped her to get up and go to her room. She covered her chest with one hand to protect her modesty.I set my attention on Tony again as mama closed her bedroom door. He was getting up slowly and I kicked his face to put him on the ground. I kicked his belly and sides for some more to weaken him. Then I tied him to a chair in the kitchen using a rope. I verbally insulted him as I finished tying him. It was so much satisfying to bully back at least one guy who had bullied me before.It wasn’t more than 10 minutes later I heard the police car park in front of our house. I knocked on mama’s bedroom door and said that the police had arrived. She came out still in the same clothes as before. The police took Tony into custody and they took statements from mama and me. “Please do not file charges against my son. He was trying to protect me,” Mama pleaded to the officers as she was scared that I would also get arrested. Police assured that they would not file charges against me and file it as an act of self-defense.She leaned on to me and watched as the police car disappeared at the bend on the road. I heard a huge sigh of relief from her as the car disappeared. “Thank god it is over,” I said.”Thank you for being there for me sweetie. I don’t know what would’ve happened if you weren’t there,” She said turning to me and looking at me. “I’d never let anyone hurt my sweet mama. I’ll always be there for you,” I said and we stared into each other’s eyes silently.”How does a bubble bath sound for you?” I asked finally. “Hmm… I’d take just a shower,” She said.I escorted mama to her room and then I went to mine. I waited for mama to finish her shower to have a shower myself and decided to check out for something for dinner. She hadn’t prepared anything, so I ordered pizza.Mama came out from bathroom wearing only her bathrobe. She looked absolutely gorgeous despite of the incident happened earlier. “Bathroom is all yours,” She said. Those words brought me back to this world and saved me from embarrassment. “Ummm… O.. Okay mama. I ordered pizzas for the dinner and they’ll be delivered quickly.””I’ll get them. Now go and get cleaned up,” She patted my back.I had a long shower and masturbated fantasizing about mama. In my mind, I was fucking her hairy pussy and finally I came in her. I ejaculated my semen all over the bathroom walls with a grunt, “Mama,” as I came in my fantasy. Then I put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and joined mama for the dinner. She was dresses in a knee length night dress which covered her body well. We had the dinner very silently and then we cleaned the kitchen.Then mama said that she’d call it a day and I knew that it was a really tough one. I was tired too after a long day. So I accompanied her to the room and gave her a good night kiss on her cheek at the door. She held my hand when I turned back to go to my room. “Honey, can you stay with me tonight? I feel really scared after what happened and I don’t feel like sleeping alone. Please honey, can you do that for your old mama?” She asked with such an innocent voice.Mama Clair always got scared so easily and I knew the evening incident was too much for her to handle. So I had to stay with her in case she saw a nightmare at night. So I said, “Okay mama. Let me take my pillow.””No baby. I have three. So you can use one.”I entered the room behind her and closed the door. The air in her room smelled Jasmine, the same fragrance of the perfume she always used. Everything was in the right place showing her tidiness. Mama adjusted the bedside lamp to dim light and we cuddled together under the covers in her queen sized bed. That was the first time that I cuddled with mama on the bed since I hit puberty. Her body was so warm and soft. We held each other close and looked into each other’s eyes. She touched my cheek with her left hand and smiled. “My knight in the shining armor. Thank you so much for saving me,” She said and planted a soft, brief kiss on my lips. It was the first time she had ever kissed my lips and it was like sparks going through my whole body in that brief moment. Also I realized that I had a huge boner sporting in my shorts. She had a naughty smile on her face as I stared at her dumbfounded. “Hello, from earth to Ben, earth to Ben,” She said mockingly as I didn’t respond to any of her actions.”Oh mama,” suddenly I found my senses and she started to laugh. “Hey don’t laugh. You just caught me by surprise. That’s all,” I said with a mock anger.”Okay. Let’s just think about it like that,” She said making me annoyed again.”Please mama, shall we stop this and have some sleep?” I asked.”All right then. Good night to my hero,” She said and I replied, “Good night to my beautiful mama.”Mama drifted little down on the bed and buried her face on my chest and put left arm over me as we cuddled together for a good night’s sleep.************************I don’t know for how long I slept before I woke up with the feeling that something’s not right. I opened my eyes and saw that the bedside lamp was still turned on. Mama wasn’t cuddling with me either as she was sitting on the bed resting her back on the head board. I could hear the faint sound of her silently sobbing. “Mama?” I asked touching her thigh which was right in front of my face.She turned to me and I could see tears running over her rosy cheeks. “Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry that I woke you up,” She said.I sat beside her and held her tightly. “No mama. Don’t be sorry. I’m glad that I woke up so that you don’t have to cry alone anymore,” I said and kissed her head.”I couldn’t sleep for more than 30 minutes baby. All those memories from 21 years ago and this evening came back to me,” She was crying, resting her head on my shoulder.”Shhh… Mama please don’t cry. What happened 21 years ago?” I asked curiously. I didn’t know about it back then.Mama turned to me and wiped her tears. “I think it’s time that you knew the truth and yo
u are the first person to know the whole truth. I’m telling you this because I trust you more than anyone. But I want you to promise me that you won’t tell anyone about this. Are you okay with that?” She asked.”I promise you mama,” I promised and put my arm over her shoulder to hold her close.”You saw what happened this evening. That wasn’t the first time that someone forced me into sex. I was ****d by one of your grandfather’s friends when I was 16 and 9 months later your cousin was born. We didn’t sue him because my parents didn’t want any publicity to the case. Somehow I completed my high school and college with the help of my parents and yours. But I was so scared of men after my first time. So I didn’t date a man until I got a job. Even then I was scared to have sex. Most of the men I dated wanted to have sex on the first date. So there weren’t many second or third dates. But I dumped all of them when they wanted to have sex with me. Yes, I kissed them. But that was the farthest I went with any of them. But, I met a nice guy about 3 years ago. We dated quite a few times. He was better than other men. I was thinking about opening myself to him and go all the way with him step by step. But at the last moment he wanted to rush everything and go all the way in one night. I dumped him and since then I haven’t gone out on a date,” She said with tears rolling down her cheeks again.”Mama, there should be someone for you out there and you just have to give it a chance.””No honey, now I know that nobody wants me. When people hear about me being a single mother with two sons, they just want to fuck and get out. But I don’t want that. I’m a woman who had never felt the love of a man. All I want is to feel the warmth of true love, not just some one night stands. But who wants to settle with this old woman? May be it’s my destiny to be alone for the whole life. I accepted that long time ago.” Mama broke into tears as she started to cry louder this time.Nothing hurts me more than seeing mama cry. She may think that there’s no one in the world that truly love her. But there’s me that love her more than my life. I came to a conclusion that it would be now or never and I had to confess my feeling towards her. She might kick me out of home. But I didn’t care as long as she knew that there is a man out there loving her. So, I mustered the courage and knelt down on the bed by her side looking at her face. Then I held her face between my palms and turned it towards me.”Please don’t cry mama. Listen, there’s something that I’ve been waiting to tell you for a long time. But I couldn’t find the right timing. But after all you’ve just said, I think this is the right time.” Mama stopped crying and she was looking at me curiously.”You just told me that there’s no one in the world that loves you. But that’s not true mama. I know this person, he loves you so much and he loves you more than he loves his life. He will do anything to keep you happy and he’s ready to fight against the whole world to keep you safe. When he knows that you are in sorrow, it hurts him more than anything,” I said.”How do you know about him so much?” Mama asked in surprise.”Because I know him really well and you know him too,” I smiled.She was still confused. “All right, let’s say that he loves me that much. But why hasn’t he told me about any of this before?””Why don’t you ask him yourself?” I said and picked her phone from the night stand. I dialed my number and placed the phone on her ear not letting her see the number I dialed.My phone which was also on the night stand rang in a matter of seconds. “Sweetie, you have a call,” Mama said.I picked my phone and turned the screen towards her. I can’t really tell the expression change on her face when she saw the screen. It was a mix of surprise, shock and disbelief. My phone screen showed an incoming call with the contact name ‘Mama’ and a beautiful picture of hers in background. Mama took her phone away from her ear and looked at the screen. It showed the contact name ‘Ben’ and she was looking at it with total disbelief. “Ben how… what…” She couldn’t get the words flowing from her mouth. I didn’t let her do any more talking as I pulled her towards me for a kiss. I felt that spark travelling through my body once again and I’m certain that she experienced that too as I felt her body shuddered when our lips met.I broke the kiss quickly because I owed her an explanation. But I didn’t let her go. I held her face about a foot away from mine and looked at her eyes. “Mama, I’ve loved you as your son since the day I set foot in this house and I’ve loved you as a man since the day I knew what love is,” I said.”Ben, how can that be possible? I’m your mother and what you suggest will never be accepted in society.””Mama, you said your side of the story. Now listen to mine, please.” I said. She only nodded her head.”You’ve been my mother for a better part of my life. You always loved me like you loved John and I loved you just like I loved my mother. But ever since I hit puberty and learned about the girls, I started seeing you not only as mother. But also as a truly beautiful woman. At first I thought that it was just a teenage crush. But I realized that it wasn’t a simple feeling. I couldn’t get you out of my mind and I was falling in love with you, with each passing day. I was and still am used to compare you with every beautiful woman I see and I’ve never seen a more beautiful woman than you.””You are the queen in my fantasies, mama. I can’t get you off my mind when I masturbate. I tried finding a girl friend to get my mind distracted. They only made it worse. I always see your face when I have sex with those girls and sometimes I cry out your name instead of theirs. And finally I gave up dating,” I said.Mama was listening to me like a statue. She only moved when I stopped. She rubbed my cheeks so lovingly. “Oh my sweet boy. You make me feel flattered. But sweetheart, we can’t be together like you suggest. We are mother and son. Sons are never supposed to fall in love with their mothers. I think this will all go away when you start dating again. You’ll find a nice girl in college and I think girls must be already fighting to go out with you.””Mama, I tried that once, remember? But it was a total failure. So please don’t tell me to date anyone ever again. The only woman I ever want to date is you. Just give it a chance mama. I will show you how beautiful love can be. I will show you how a man can love a woman unconditionally. You deserve to be loved and all you have to do is give it a try.”Mama was tearful. “I… I don’t know baby. Those were the nicest words that anyone has ever told me. But mothers aren’t supposed to have sex with their sons. That’s i*****l. What are we going to tell the neighbors if they find out?””Don’t be silly. How can the neighbors know it if neither of us tell them. I won’t tell anyone. Will you?” I asked and she shook her head. ” And mama we are two consenting adults in love and how can love be wrong? We are not in stone-age. The scope of vision is now so wide. So nobody cares about being relations as long as they are in love. All I want is just one chance to show you how much I love you and care about you,” I said and pulled her face towards mine. There was no resistance from mama as the gap between our faces closed and our lips brushed over each other. Mama neither encouraged nor resisted my advances. I didn’t want to make things rush. I really needed to relish the first intimate act with my dream woman. So I slowly made the kisses go deeper as I conquered more and more of her soft kips with my lips.I looked at mama’s eyes and saw that they were closed. I didn’t know whether she was enjoying the moment or she was ashamed to look at me. I didn’t have to wait long for an answer. I felt mama’s arms tentatively wrap around me and she was slowly responding to my kisses. Wow, she was succumbing to my seduction and I’m so s
ure that I heard mama moan.I was encouraged by her moan and I slowly moved my hands form her face to her neck and shoulders. Then I slid my hands further down as there was no resistance. My palms stopped over her bra less breasts which were only covered with her night dress. They were so soft like pillows and I could feel her nipples harden under my touch. I rested my hands on her tits for a while and carried on our kiss.Then I got bolder and gently squeezed her tits eliciting another moan from mama. But, mama suddenly opened her eyes and pushed me away. “No, Ben stop,” She said in a panic.I was totally disappointed. “Why mama? What did I do wrong?” I asked.”No sweetie. It wasn’t anything like that. That was the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had with a man. But I don’t want to rush anything. I want to go step by step, not everything in one night. After my first experience, I’m so scared to go all the way. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to give you a chance. I do want to give you a chance. Please try to understand me baby.”I hugged her. “It’s okay mama. I understand you and there’s nothing wrong about you getting scared. I want you to know that I’ll wait for you until eternity. So it’s okay if you take your time.””Thank you sweetie. Can we just do kissing tonight if that is okay with you?” She smiled.”Of course mama. Anything you want.”Then we cuddled on the bed and exchanged kisses until we fell asleep.***************From that day, we shared the same bed at night. But we didn’t do anything other than kissing. I could’ve pushed her, but I didn’t want to ruin the special relationship we were building. On Tuesday night, mama allowed me to touch her breasts over her night dress. I really enjoyed the feeling of her soft breasts on my hands. I also have to tell you that I started to masturbate like never before since our special thing started. I was always horny and mama’s kisses didn’t help me either. I always masturbated after our make out sessions as they almost make me cum in my shorts.We were cuddling on the couch after the dinner on following Friday night. “Ben, I have to tell you something,” Mama said.”What’s that mama?” I asked hoping that she’d allow me access to more of her body.She stood up. “We better continue his conversation in the bedroom.” She walked towards her bedroom and I followed her.Both of us sat on the bed resting our backs on the headboard. But mama straddled me as soon as I sat. I tried to kiss her, but she stopped me. “Ben, wait. Listen to me first. This is the most important conversation in my life so far.””I’m sorry mama. What’s it so much important?””Ben, I want you to know that I trust you so much. In fact, I’ve never trusted anyone more than you. That’s why I let you kiss me and touch me. I was never going to trust any man. But you changed me and now I know you are the only man I can trust. You were the one to pull me out of the shell and show me that there’s a man out there for me. I thought about everything you told me and finally I took my decision,” She said and took a deep breath.”I never thought that I’d be telling these words to any man. But now I’m going to and I’m so glad that man is my son. Ben, I want you to make love to me tonight,” Mama said and looked at me nervously.Jesus Christ, did I hear that right. My mama just told me that she wanted me to make love to her. I just couldn’t believe it. Finally we were going to consummate our love. But I had to make sure that I heard it right. “Mama are you sure about it? I mean, if you want to take time I’m more than happy to wait for you,” I asked.She held my face with her hands. “No sweetie. I’m 100% sure. I think it’s time I came out of my shell and experienced true love. I’m all yours baby. Now show me how beautiful love can be,” She said and kissed me.I took no time in returning her kiss. It started so innocently, but the kiss grew more and more passionate by each passing second. Both of us closed our eyes relishing the feeling of our soft lips. I parted my lips and pushed my tongue into her mouth. She parted her lips after a moment of hesitation and I snaked my tongue inside her warm mouth. Her tongue also entered inside my mouth, the moment my tongue entered hers. It started our tongue duel with neither of us ready to retreat back. We explored each and every crevice and corner of our mouths. I hugged her tightly with my arms wrapped around her letting me feel her soft tit flesh crushing onto my chest.Mama pushed me away and both of us laughed out loud. “God, you really are a wonderful kisser. I think this old lady is going to have a hard time to keep up with you in bed,” She said.”I’m not that good mama. But I can tell you for sure, you are the best ever and I promise you, we are going to have a great time together,” I said and kissed her again.Then I broke our kiss for a moment and took off my t-shirt. Mama took a moment to admire my body. She ran her fingers through the soft hair on my chest. “So manly. Just the way I like it. Not too much and not too bare,” She said.We engaged in another hot kiss before I moved my hands to undo the top button of mama’s dress. “I think it’s not fair for me to be the only one without the top,” I said. “Then why are you waiting?” Asked mama.I unbuttoned the first one and moved to the next one in a teasingly slow speed. I took my time and unbuttoned them one after the other. I undid them up to her waist and parted the dress revealing mama’s beautiful breasts. They were paler in complexion than the rest of the skin as they weren’t exposing much to the outside. Her pink colored areolas were about an inch in radius and they were topped with her about quarter inch long hard nipples. They had a slight sag suggesting her maturity. But they were still very much firm considering the fact that they were all natural. Any woman of her age would die to have such a perfect pair of breasts.Mama dropped her dress from her shoulders letting it fall onto my lap. “How do they look, Ben? Are you disappointed?” Mama asked with some doubt in her voice probably because I was staring at them with my mouth open.Her voice brought me back from the trance and only god and mama know how long I’ve been staring at them. “Wha… Am I disappointed? Are you k**ding me? This is the loveliest pair of breasts I’ve ever seen. Not too big and not too small and of course, their sag is so perfect. All I can say is that a woman of any age would do anything to have such breasts,” I said not even bothering to take my eyes off them.Mama blushed instantly. “Oh sweetie. That’s so nice of you.””May touch them mama?” I asked as I was becoming impatient to feel those beauties.”Of course baby. They are all yours,” She took my trembling hands and placed them on her tits which were right in front of my face.I was amazed by the silkiness of her skin and the softness of her breasts. Even though I had touched them over her dress during the previous days, it was a totally different experience to touch them bare. I gently squeezed them eliciting low moans from her mouth. I kept kneading them and her nipples got harder under my eryaman escort touch. I rolled her nipples with my fingers and made them diamond hard and ready to be sucked.Then I brought my face to her breasts and showered kisses all over them but ignored the nipples intentionally. “Oh my baby,” She moaned. “Please suck mama’s nipples. Mama has never felt so much love baby.”I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around her right nipple. I started to suck it slowly giving her the pleasures unknown to her before. She hugged me tightly and held my head to her tits with so much love. “Yes sweetie, suck my nipples. I wanted to feed you since you were a c***d. I didn’t get the chance then. But at least now I have the chance to satisfy your sexual hunger with them.”I sucked and twirled my tongue around the nipple while occasionally flicking it. I could hear her breathing getting louder as I switched the breasts and gave t
he same care to it also. I worshiped her breasts for about half an hour and then laid her on the bed. We kissed some more and I started my journey for the ultimate prize. I was kissing my way down when I first met her sensitive neck. I nuzzled my face on it and licked it making her squirm under me. “Baby, you are spoiling me,” She moaned.”You were the one to spoil me first,” I said and kissed her neck again. I turned her head to the sides and kissed the sides of her neck making her moan more.Then I made my way passing her breasts to her belly. I kissed all over it and paid special attention to her belly button. I tongued that pretty hole and vacuumed it with my mouth. I knew that her pussy must’ve been oozing juices by then. After that, I had to undo the lower part of her dress and I threw it onto the chair at her desk. Now, the only thing between me and mama’s pussy was the thin layer of fabric on her panties. There was a large patch of her juices on the crotch, showing me how much she’d been turned on during our foreplay. I looked at her and saw that she was looking at me with so much anticipation.But I moved to her feet, disappointing her and kissed her delicate toes. Her nails were painted in bright red color, highlighting them more in contrast with her pale skin. I lifted the right leg with both my hands and planted a kiss on the sole of it while looking at her eyes. Then I kissed her whole foot and did the same with the left foot too. Little “Aaahh..”s and “Ooohhh”s were coming out of her mouth letting me know how much she enjoyed my foot worship.I took one toe at a time into my mouth and sucked them and swirled my tongue around them like they were tiny cocks. “Oh my baby,” Mama moaned and squirmed as I took further care of her toes. I sucked and licked them until they were glistening with saliva. Then I started my journey up along her calves and knees and I moved to her fleshy thighs. I parted her legs and settled myself between her legs. I kissed and caressed her thighs, moving slowly towards her crotch. I could feel the heat emitting from her pussy as I got closer and closer and I could inhale the aroma of her juices as well. Mama was getting turned on as well as frustrated with the slow speed of mine. She tried to pull my head up towards her crotch, but I managed to keep my head in position making her frustrated more. “Baby, please don’t tease your poor mama,” She whimpered.But I kept caressing, kissing and licking her thighs as I moved up. Finally I reached her panty covered crotch. From what I could see through her wet fabric, I deduced that her pussy must’ve been still hairy. I kissed her hot pussy for the first time over her panties tasting her juices which tasted better than I remembered when I tasted them from the panties in dirty clothes hamper. But I knew that I’d be tasting them from the source itself in no time.Then I looked at mama and hooked my index fingers on the waist band of her panty and asked, “May I, mama?””Please,” Was her only response and I knew that she had given herself to me.Mama lifted her hips off the bed as I pulled it down kneeling between her legs. I licked its crotch again before throwing it away. I looked at her crotch, hoping to get the very first view of her naked pussy. But she had covered it with her hands and was blushing like a little girl. “God, I feel so shy,” She said like a school girl.”Don’t be shy mama,” I said parting her legs and pulling her hands away. They weren’t tough to move. Then I positioned myself between her legs again. “A beautiful woman like you should be proud to show your body to your admirer.”She giggled and covered her face with her hands. Then I paid my attention to her pussy and saw the most erotic sight I’ve ever seen. Her pussy was covered with a wild bush of black pubic hair which were in contrast to her blonde hair, which I’m sure hadn’t been shaved in years. I t was quite acceptable regarding her sexual inactivity. I’m a huge fan of hairy pussies and I had a huge collection of hairy porn. But still that was the hairiest pussy I’d ever seen till that date. I couldn’t even see her pussy lips through them under the dimmed light in the room. Probably, my hairy pussy fetish would’ve been one of the reasons I gave up college girls as almost all of them shaved their pubic hair. Some people may think that hairy pussies were dirty. But for me, the hairier, the better.I don’t know for how long my eyes were transfixed on it. But I’m sure I didn’t even move a muscle for the whole time. “Ben, Ben,” I heard mama’s voice.”Yes mama,” I came back from my little world.”You were staring at my pussy for a long time, not even moving an inch. So can I say that you like it? I just wanted to have your opinion whether to shave it or not,” She said looking at me.”Never. I don’t want you to shave or trim it unless I say so. I’m a huge fan of hairy pussies and I can assure you that this is the hairiest I’ve ever seen. I want to keep it that way. Mama, can I ask you something?””Of course sweetie. Ask me anything,” She said stretching her hands and touching my cheeks.”Your hair is blonde and your pubes are black. Do you dye your hair?”She pulled me up and I crawled beside her to cuddle with her. “Yes baby. I’ve been dying my hair since I was 18 and my natural color is black. That’s why your mom had black hair while I had blonde and of course no one dyes the pubes,” She laughed. “Oh sweetie, I think it’s better if you get rid of your boxers too. Otherwise your penis will burst through it,” She said showing my cock which was rock hard and ready to tear up my boxers.I quickly got rid of my boxers and crawled down until I was between her legs again. I took my position and ran my fingers through her bush. They felt so soft and wet with the juices she was oozing for some time. Then I parted her pubes in search for my prize. It took no time for me to find it as I felt her puffy labia and her pink inner folds. I could feel her body jolt as my fingers made contact with her lips. She had the dream pussy that I always wanted in a woman with puffier outer lips and less prominent inner lips. Of course her clit was quite small and probably that could’ve been the reason behind her less sexual appetite.I bent my head and gave along lick to her slit from the bottom to the clit sending shivers along her spine. She took a deep breath in and let it out with a low moan. I parted her labia with my fingers and gently lapped her pink inner folds tasting mama’s juices. “Oh baby, your tongue is magical,” Mama moaned and placed her hands on the back of my head.Meanwhile, I was rubbing her clit in circles with my right thumb and I was using my left hand to wrap around her thighs and keep her hips in place for me. Mama was squeezing her tits with the hands. I occasionally took her pussy lips between my lips and sucked the fleshy parts. Of course, it was quite difficult with all the pubes. But I managed to provide her with all the pleasure I could.It didn’t take long for mama to succumb to her orgasm with all these new pleasures. “Baby please stop, you’re going to make me cum. Please don’t do it. I’m scared,” She said in a panicked tone trying to push me away before her orgasm.I lifted my head from her honey pot and said, “Don’t worry mama. I promise you that I’ll take you to a whole new level of orgasm. You just have to hold tight and enjoy the ride. Please trust me mama. Do you trust me?””Always sweetie, always,” Said mama.I got back to my work and doubled my effort. The work load was paying off as mama’s moans increased and her body started to shudder a bit. “Ben, I think you are going to make me cum,” She announced.Her grip on my head tightened and she started to grind her hips against my face despite the fact that I was trying to keep it under my control. She was shuddering wildly and suddenly her body went rigid and no sound came from her mouth. A stream of her juices squirted on my face catching me completely off guard.The first squirt hit on my face
. But I was able to seal my mouth over her pussy before the next two squirts released and both of them ended up in my stomach. I was pretty much amazed by it and that was the first time I made a woman squirt. Mama was riding my face even after the squirts ended. She enjoyed her orgasm for a long time while I was busy, lapping the tasty juices from her pussy.Her body went weak after some time and her hands fell to the sides. I crawled up and cuddled with her. She was in a complete haze and she was still breathing heavily trying to catch her breath. “Oh my god Ben, that was the best orgasm ever. Thank you so much baby,” Mama said after some time.”Anything for my lovely mama,” I said and kissed her forehead.”I think I should be thankful to the woman who taught you so well to eat pussy,” She said.”Then you have a few on the list,” I told her and laughed. “Mama, do you always squirt when you cum?””No. Actually that was my first time. I guess it happens when I’m high in orgasm. Also that was the first time someone has ever gone down on me,” She blushed like a school girl.”I’m glad and I want to be your first in everything from now on,” I said enthusiastically.”How does it sound to be the first man to enter me with my consent?” She asked.”The best idea ever,” I quickly mounted her as my cock was rubbing on her hairy pussy. I propped myself on both of my elbows placed on either side of her and looked at her pretty face which was looking at me. “Please be gentle with me darling. You know, I haven’t been with a man in ages,” She was a little bit scared.”I will mama. I will. I’d never hurt you and I promise you, I’d be gentle as a feather. I’ll show you how beautiful love can be.” I bent my head and kissed her soft lips as she responded with the same love and need.I felt one of her hands hold my cock and guide it to her pussy while the other hand was busy parting her pubes and making sure that none of the pubes entered the pussy along with my cock to make her feel irritated.I lowered my member until I felt the head enter the moist channel. I was kissing her for the whole time and continued to do so as her hands left my cock and held my face firmly over hers so that our kiss didn’t end even if I wanted to.Her pussy was so tight for a woman of her age. But having being unused for over two decades might have made it tighter. I pushed my cock in very slowly, giving her time to get used to the size of it. She pushed my face back and looked at my eyes with so much love and desire burning inside them. “You are so tight,” I whispered.”That’s because I was saving myself for my son.” She rubbed my cheeks.It felt like ages, the few seconds I took to bury my cock inside her. Both of us relished the moment of our first union to the core and we moaned in unison as I bottomed out in her. “Let me get used to your cock, sweetie. I don’t even remember how good it feels to have a cock in me,” Mama said as I tried to pull my member out.Then I waited for a few minutes letting her get used to the size. But we didn’t waste that time and we engaged in a French kiss. “Make love to your mama, my sweetheart. Show your love to me,” Mama whispered while we were kissing.I slowly started pulling my cock out and I did so until only the head remained in her. Her pussy was so tight that it felt like she was pulling my cock back in when I was moving out. Then I entered her really slowly as her mouth opened in pleasure. “Oh my baby, your cock fits so perfect inside me,” Mama moaned when my cock was buried inside her again.”That’s because we are made for each other, mama,” I whispered to her ear.”Just go slowly sweetie. Let mama feel your love.”We were in no hurry. Both of us knew that we had all the time in the world. So we took it really slow relishing our first time. We were looking into each other’s eyes while we made love. That’s why I loved the missionary position so much. In this position, you can stare in to your partner’s eyes and see her love for you while making love. That always makes sex more meaningful and passionate. I moved my hips up and down while she was reciprocating the action. Mama was caressing my back and head as I gently touched her soft hair and pretty cheeks.”Oh baby, this feels so good. I don’t want this to end ever,” Mama said.”Me too mama,” I said and kissed her.It was like we were lost in our own little world where only I and my beautiful mama existed. We didn’t care what happened around us. All we wanted was each other and we had it. Nothing else mattered. I had longed enough and finally, I was in her arms as her lover.I don’t know for how long we had made love. I was so lost in her and I had lost the track of time. “Baby, you are going to make mama cum,” She whispered and I was feeling the urge to climax was getting close for me too.”Cum for me mama. Cum for your son and cum all around my cock,” I said as I upped the speed of my thrusts slightly.She wrapped her legs around my hips and I could feel her pussy was starting to contract around my cock. Her body started to shiver as I was getting close to orgasm myself. “Oh mama, I’m going to cum too,” I said.She was supporting my thrusts with her legs. “Cum with your mama,” she said with a trembling voice as she was getting close and closer to the orgasm.My previous sexual experiences were helping me to overcome my urge to cum as mama’s tight pussy was squeezing my cock like a vise. Her contractions and trembling got heavier and she screamed, “I’m cumming…” And she climaxed. She hugged me tightly while she came all over my hard cock which was ready to ejaculate at any moment.I was fucking her with so much enthusiasm as I wanted to make our first time an unforgettable experience. Mama was flying high in her orgasm for a long time and I let my climax go hoping to give herself another orgasm. It was my time to announce my climax. “I’m cumming in you, mama.””Yes baby, cum inside me and put your sperm deep in me.” I released rope after rope of my sperm into her womb and the trick worked as I expected. She moaned again, “Oh baby you are making me cum again,” and she climaxed once again as cum splashed on her vaginal walls. Her pussy was milking my cock as I ejaculated my semen. It was like she was draining the whole amount of cum from me. We hugged each other tightly enjoying our mutual orgasm. But still I kept moving in her giving away the sloppy sounds as our hips met.Mama was still moaning as she was coming down from her massive orgasm. I was already spent and my cock was semi erect inside her. She was still breathing heavy and I tried to roll away from her to let her catch her breath easily. “No sweetie, stay in me. It makes me feel loved,” She said interlocking her weak legs with mine.I lifted my upper body slightly, so that she wouldn’t feel the weight of my body much. Mama looked at me so lovingly and pulled my face for a long sensual kiss. We thoroughly enjoyed our post orgasmic pleasure with kissing and touching. I must’ve felt guilty that I had made love to my mama. But instead, all I felt was love, true unconditional love for the beautiful woman who was lying under me.While we were kissing, a sudden thought came to my mind and the reality hit me. We just had unprotected sex and I had ejaculated inside the fertile woman who could still get pregnant. But that felt really great as I had never had bareback sex before. I always used condoms and it didn’t feel the same like skin to skin contact. But I was really worried. It’s not that I didn’t want to make her pregnant, I did and all I ever wanted with her was to start a family. But I didn’t expect it to happen on our first night. I pulled out from the kiss. She looked worried as I looked at her. “What’s wrong honey?””Mama, I have to ask you something,” I said.”Ask me baby. You know that you can ask me anything,” She said, still worried.”I know that you’re aware of the fact that we just had unprotected sex and I came inside you. So, there is a great risk for you to get
pregnant unless you are on the pill.”She looked so relieved and then she laughed. “That’s the thing you were so worried about. Oh baby, that’s so sweet of you. But don’t worry. I started to take the pill since I decided to make love with you. So practically, I won’t get pregnant and you can relax now.”That was time for me to be relieved. “Thank god. That was the best news I’ve had for a long time,” I said.”Then how about we celebrate the good news by making love again?” She asked.My cock had been hardened during our post orgasmic session. “The best idea ever,” I said and pecked her lips. “I think it’s time we spooned. What do you think?””You are the experienced one here,” She unlocked our legs.I rolled off of her and spooned behind her as she turned to her right. I pulled her to me as close as possible and put my right hand under her head so that she could rest her head on my arm. She adjusted her body and held her right hand with mine. I looked at her hairy pussy and saw that our mingled juices were oozing out of it and creating a mess on her pubes. I scooped some with the index finger of my free hand and sucked it. I had tasted mine before, but never was a fan of it. But these juices gave a different taste together and it really tasted great. I looked at mama. She was looking at me. She grabbed my hand and guided it to her mouth to have a taste of it herself. “Wait,” I said and scooped another wad of cum from her pussy and brought it to her mouth. She sucked it greedily like a c***d having an ice cream. She swirled her tongue around, licking every bit of my finger. I pulled it out. “Want some more, mama?” I asked. She nodded.I scooped up some more and she licked it the same way. Then I turned her head for a kiss. It was different with our position as she was facing away from me. But it was quite fun to kiss when it looked difficult. Mama had to turn her head as much as she could and I had to stretch my neck. I was slowing moving my body onto hers. Eventually, I was lying partially on top of her once again while making out. “Oops. I’m sorry mama,” I apologized and moved off her.We got to the spooning position once again. Mama held my cock with her hand and guided it to her pussy. All of her pubes around the hole were wet with our cum while her pussy was so slick that it didn’t offer a considerable resistance when I pushed my cock in. I was deep inside her in one swift motion. I waited there and made myself comfortable for a long run. I wrapped my left arm around her belly and cupped a breast while the right hand rested under her neck like before. Everything was set for a marathon fuck and I started to move in and out of her wet pussy. We didn’t start it really slowly like before. I started it in a normal pace and carried on with the same speed. Her pussy was giving out sloppy sounds as it was filled with our juices before. She adjusted her bust to a more comfortable position, so that we could kiss without any discomfort. I was gently squeezing her breasts one at a time with my left hand which was around her belly while she was holding on to my right hand with hers. She was kissing my hand entangled with hers at random. Meanwhile I was busy kissing the nape of her neck and her shoulders. She was so sensitive around the neck and giggled all the time when I kissed her soft flesh around the area. I didn’t forget the earlobe as I occasionally took it between my lips and sucked it.She was moaning as our crotches met. I really loved the way that her buttocks were rippling as I ponded. I rested my face on her neck and blew some hot air making her squirm. “Baby, mam’s going to cum real soon,” She said between the moans and deep breaths.I also could feel her body trembling slightly, signaling an impending orgasm. She held on to my hand tightly and I tightened my grip around her. I had no problem in controlling my own orgasm as I had cum earlier. So I started to pound her faster and harder pushing her towards the orgasm. Her pussy started to contract around my cock and she screamed in a short while announcing her orgasm, “I’m cumming…”She flooded her juices around my cock as I fucked her through the orgasm. I was tweaking her nipples while she was rubbing her clit to prolong the orgasm. “Oh my god, oh my god,” She was murmuring. I was kissing her neck and occasionally licking it making sure she was going high in her orgasm.Finally, her orgasm subsided after a long time. Even I lost the track of time while I was trying to please her. Her body went limp and her breathing was turning back to normal. Mama shifted her body so that she was lying next to me, not spooning. My cock was dislodged from her pussy while she was doing so. She lifted her left arm and it opened her beautiful breasts for me. “Come and kiss your mama, sweetie,” She said in a tired voice.We started a passionate kiss while running our hands over each other’s body. Soon I pushed my tongue inside her mouth and she accepted it gladly by opening her mouth. My tongue wandered around every inch in her mouth and swapped our saliva which I tasted like nectar.Then I moved towards her breast. I sucked her nipples alternatively while flicking her nipples with my tongue. She started to moan and held my head as I sucked them. I saw her opened left armpit and a naughty idea popped into my mind. So I moved from her tits to the left armpit. I kissed it sending a shiver all over her body. “Honey, what are you doing? It’s so sweaty and unhygienic,” She asked.I want to worship your whole body, no matter how sweaty it is. You are my goddess and I adore you very much. This is a proof that I’ll do anything to please you and if this isn’t enough, tell me anything and I’ll do that for you. That’s how much I love you,” I said lifting my head from her armpit.I got back to work. I can tell you that it didn’t taste bad as I thought the sweat would taste. But it tasted divine instead. May be that’s because of my love for this wonderful woman. Her armpit was so sensitive that she was squirming uncontrollably while moaning. I lapped up all the sweat from her armpit and covered it with my saliva. They were so fleshy like the rest of her body. So I started to French kiss her armpit. It may sound funny, but her armpit was so delicious and I couldn’t take my mouth off it. “Baby, please love me again, please,” Mama pleaded.I was so happy to oblige. But, this time I wanted a change. “Mama, I want you to ride me this time. I don’t want to be the one to always manipulate our love making. It’s not fair if you don’t get the chance,” I said.”I don’t know sweetie. I didn’t expect this. I thought that you’d always take control. But if you insist that much, I can give it a try.””That’s my mama,” I kissed her and helped her to straddle me. She held my cock and impaled herself on my cock. I held her not letting her fall without the balance. She started slowly, enjoying the new found control over our love making and seeing the smile on her face, I could say that she loved it. I stayed on the bed holding her hands until she got the balance right. Then I placed another pillow below my head to have a better view of mama riding me.She slowly increased her speed as she closed her eyes relishing the sensation of my cock in her. I moved my hands to her tits and started to play with them. I squeezed them and tweaked the nipples making mama moan more. “This is wonderful,” She moaned.I turned my head from her top towards her crotch. My cock was appearing from her wild bush as she rose up and it again disappeared into it as she fell down. That really was such an erotic sight to watch. I was starting to feel the familiar sensation in my balls. I tried my best to keep the impending orgasm at bay. But I knew that with mama in control, she’d never stop until she milked me dry. I didn’t tell her that I was about to cum. But I think she saw the change of expression in my face. “Are you going to cum, Ben?” She asked curiously. Man, she was a quick learner.”Yes mama, I think I’m about to cum,” I sa
id having no choice, but to tell her the truth.”Naughty boy, I’m your mama and I know everything about you,” She laughed and started to ride my cock in frenzy.”I want to cum with you baby. I want you to hold your orgasm until mama cums. Can you do that darling?” She asked while riding me and rubbing her clit vigorously.”Of course mama, I will,” I said knowing that it was quite a ‘Mission Impossible’.I decided to help her by using my hands on her tits and I think that it was working as I felt her pussy gripping my cock tightly. Her body started to shudder and her breathing got heavier. Her disheveled hair was all over her face, but mama didn’t care. All she wanted was to cum with me. “Ben, you’re making me cum. Oh my god. I’m cumming baby. Cum with me. Aaahhhhh…” She cried and climaxed.I wanted to end this torture too. So I opened the barriers and let my semen to flow into her willing pussy freely. She was milking my cock with all her strength. But was still jumping on my cock. She was out of this world. Eyes closed and one hand on her head, she looked really crazy. I balls had gone empty and my cock was getting softer. But still she was riding me and final she fell over me. She looked semi-conscious with her eyes partially closed and breathing deeply. I held her tightly with my arms wrapped around her, not letting her fall. Her head was resting between my shoulder and chest.I moved her blonde hair from her face and kept kissing her fore head. My cock was still buried inside her spent and turned soft. That was the least of my concerns and right now the woman in my arms was my primary concern. She didn’t even move for some time, making me worried. But she was stirring a bit as her breathing dropped to normal. I sighed a breath of relief as she opened her eyes and looked at me. “I was so worried. What happened to you?” I asked almost ready to cry.She wiped out the tears which were forming on my eyes and planted a kiss on my lips. “That was the best baby. I think I almost passed out with the intensity of that orgasm. That feeling inside me was surreal. I’m glad I gave you this chance and you passed it with flying colors. There’s one last thing to tell you,” She said with a hint of tiredness and sleepiness in her voice. “Do you remember you told me that you told me that you’d do anything to prove your love to me? You don’t have to prove anything to me baby. All those tears formed in your eyes just now proved that how much you love me, care for me and I know that I won’t find any other man who can love me like you do. These past few hours made me realize that. Ben, I love you too baby. I’m in love with you,” Mama said and kissed me so passionately.I too responded in the same fashion. Both of us were crying and they were the tears of joy because we met our soul mates. I was willing to do anything for her and I know that she’d do the same for me. The kiss was so intense that we didn’t feel even the time existed. We were lost in our little world where we had all the time in the world.I was willing to keep kissing her until the day of doom. But mama broke the kiss, but still our faces were centimeters apart. “Mama is feeling sleepy, sweetie. My old body has never been worked like this,” She smiled.I got a little bit angry hearing the word ‘old’. “Hey, you are not old by any means. You are the most beautiful woman on earth and you still look so young. So, that word is prohibited for you from now on. Are we clear?” I asked with a stern voice. “Yes sir,” She said and laughed.”You can sleep like this if you want or we can cuddle like we do every day. It’s your choice,” I said.”Ben, I’m quite heavy and I know you can’t keep me like this on you for the whole night. But I love the idea of sleeping on you. So, how about I lie on your side and put one leg and arm over you while I rest my head on your chest? That way, both of us can fulfill our desires,” She said after thinking for some time.”I think that’s a great idea,” I said releasing her from my arms. She made herself comfortable in the position by my right side and then I pulled the covers over us. I put my right arm around her hand held her close so lovingly. “Good night mama,” I said. “Good night sweetie,” She whispered and I could hear her very soft snores in no time as she fell asleep. I followed her soon after praying to the god to keep us happy, safe and together for the rest of our lives.I was seeing this dream about someone showering gentle kisses all over my face. Even though it was a dream, somehow it felt so real. I had to know if this was real or not. So, I opened my sleepy eyes to see that it wasn’t a dream, but it was mama who has been showering kisses on my face. Her hair was disheveled just like last night which only made her more beautiful. She saw that I was awake and immediately her face blushed. A bright smile appeared on her face. “Good morning baby,” She said.”Good morning mama,” I said and pulled her face down for a long kiss.She broke the kiss after some time. “I got to pee. Be a good boy and wait here,” She said getting up from the bed. Even her walk had a natural grace which could attract anyone. I was playing the events of last night in my head when she popped her head from the bathroom door. “Honey, can you wait until I have a shower? I smell sex all over my body.””Okay mama,” I replied. I too had this urge to pee. So I decided to have a pee myself. So I entered the bathroom without even knocking. Mama didn’t see me entering the bathroom as she was facing away from the door in the shower cubicle. I relieved my urge and then I had this naughty idea of joining her in the shower. I opened the cubicle door and stepped in. She still had no idea about me being inside the cubicle as she was humming a song under the shower. I sneaked and hugged her from behind. She was shocked and she turned around to see who it was. “Oh sweetie, I was shocked and almost screamed,” She said. I was sure that she was shocked to the core as I could feel her heart pounding rapidly.”I’m really sorry mama,” I apologized. “I never meant to scare you. I just wanted to join you in the shower,” I said with a pang of guilt.”Hey, don’t be sorry. I’m glad escort eryaman that you decided to join me,” She smiled.We cleaned each other while we kissed occasionally. All those actions made me horny and my cock was hard and ready for some action. I whispered in her ear, “I need you, right now.”She whispered back, “Take me baby.”I lifted her with my arms and she wrapped her legs around me. I found her pussy through her wild hair and guided my cock right in. She moaned as my cock entered her. Mama wrapped her arms around my neck for support. I was having my hands placed under her buttocks and started to rock her up and down on my cock. She was moaning and kissing me as she was supporting me with her efforts in the movements.My arms were feeling the pain after sometime as she was quite heavy. So I pinned her to the wall and started to pound her faster. “Oh baby, mama is going to cum,” She moaned as I too was getting close to my own orgasm.I was almost there when mama screamed and her orgasm washed over her. She hung on to me tightly as I too let my semen flow freely into her eagerly waiting pussy. That moment was a new experience for both of us as neither of us had never had shower sex. Both of us really loved it.I was getting weak after the orgasm. So I carefully dropped her to the floor and both of us sat on the floor immediately not having the strength to stay on our feet. We held each other close and shared loving kisses until we got our strength back. Then we finished the shower and cleaned each other with our towels. I carried her to our bedroom after that and made love once again.*******************************************The day that we made love, marked the beginning of a new era in our lives. We made love at every possible opportunity we had because we had lot of catching up to do, especially mama had been ignoring that part of her life for more tha
n 2 decades. Talking about our sex life, no day passed without sex. She would give me blow jobs when she was on her periods and we had sex like newlyweds on each and every day apart from those. We preferred vanilla sex, but not exclusively. Sometimes we had risqué sex. Especially at the back seat of mama’s car. We’d park our car on a quiet place and we fuck like teenagers. She didn’t like that at first. But, after the first time she was the one to put the idea for more. Also we had sex at the parking lot of a restaurant where we went on a date. We were almost caught by the security. We had sex in almost every room at our house. Her room, my room, kitchen, living room, garage and even we had sex in John’s room.One day, mama suggested a game. We would make out and the first one to get out of control is the looser. I easily went out of control on early days as I was going crazy over her. But somehow I managed to control myself even though she tried to drive me crazy with her revealing clothes and make up. Sometimes we’d make out for more than an hour before we rip each other’s clothes and fuck like wild a****ls. At first, she rarely gave me blow jobs. But she got over her discomfort and mastered the techniques of cock sucking. Her full lips and talented tongue were made for cock sucking. Not only that, her delicate fingers would fondle my balls with so much care. Mama’s the best of all the blow jobs I’ve ever had.On another day she asked me if it was okay to get a tattoo done. I thought it was really hot to see her with a tattoo. So I agreed. She went to the tattoo parlor on very next day and she had a quite large tattoo of a dragon just below her left shoulder and letters ‘B’ and ‘C’ entangled together inside a heart on her right wrist. I got her name done on my right arm and the word ‘amour’, the French word for love on my fore arm.About my studies. Well, you might think that my grades were getting lower and lower because of my new found sex life. But it wasn’t. Mama never let me have sex with her before finishing my assignments and studies. She looked into them personally as she was also an accountant. So my grades never got lower. In fact, they only went higher and higher.I asked mama to keep her hair in black and she was happy to do it. She looked almost a different person with her natural black hair. We had to act like normal mother and son in front of other people we knew and especially when John was home. He hadn’t changed even after he went to the technical school and was the same asshole like before. He came home once in a month for a weekend as his technical school wasn’t too far away. That was the most agonizing weekend of every month as mama didn’t let me touch her with the fear of getting caught by him.This paradise of a life continued for more than a year until one fateful Friday afternoon. I had finished my second year at the college and mama was working as a senior accountant by that time. I was so horny all day and I waited at the living room for mama to get home. I lifted her with my arms as she entered the living room and carried her to the bedroom to make love. We made love in so many positions and finally she was riding me when both of us came with loud groans. “Oh my god baby, I really needed that. I love you so much,” Mama said and kissed me.”WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?” I was shocked to hear a male voice from the bedroom door. Both of us quickly turned our heads towards it and we were shocked to see John standing at the door. He was trembling with pure anger and his face had turned red with all the emotions running through his mind. That wasn’t a usual weekend for him to come home. So, the last thing I expected to see was him. But the nightmare had become true. My cousin had seen me and mama having sex.Mama quickly rolled away and covered herself with the discarded work clothes she was wearing. I found my shorts on the floor right next to the bed and quickly put them on. He came to me with so much anger and pinned me to the wall with my neck. I didn’t try to fight as I knew that I was the guilty party. “How dare you? How dare you have sex with my mother?” He shouted. I didn’t bother to answer. I kept looking down. I could hear that mama was crying on the bed.”Now I know why you didn’t want to leave home. You stayed here to share her bed, you son of a bitch,” He yelled in anger again and powerful right fist landed on my face making me moan. That was followed by another couple of punches which left me bleeding from my mouth and nose.”And the bitch was ready sleep with her nephew,” He said. That time he crossed the line and it was me who was trembling with anger. I wasn’t going to go down without a fight against the man who called my mama, a ‘bitch’. I mustered all my strength and pushed him away. It was my time to attack and it turned into a fight in no time with John counter attacking me. “Please stop this. Ben, John, please stop this for god’s sake. Why can’t you discuss about this?” Mama was still crying.I turned my head towards her. John took the advantage of my divided attention and pushed me towards the wall. The back of my head hit the wall and the last thing I remember before I blacked out was mama screaming, “BEN.”********I was gaining my consciousness little by little. I tried to move my hands, but I couldn’t. I was hearing the sound of flesh slapping and a woman crying, “Please John, you don’t have to do this. Please.”First, it all felt like a dream. But I could see that it wasn’t a dream when I opened my eyes. They were a bit blurry at first. My hands and legs were tied to the arms of a chair and my mouth was covered with a piece of cloth. I looked at the direction where the sounds came from. My blood started to boil within me because of the scene unfolding in front of me. Mama was on her hands and knees in her bed while John was fucking her hard from behind. For the third time in her life, someone was forcing her to have sex. She was begging him to stop, but he wouldn’t listen. “Take this all bitch. You were more than happy to take his cock into your cunt and now you are begging me to stop this,” He said and started to pound her harder.Mama was helpless against his strength. John pinned mama’s head to the pillow and held her hands behind her so that her cries wouldn’t be louder. I tried to break free from my ties. But all my efforts were in vein as they were too tight. I tried to scream, but they were muffled by the piece of cloth around my mouth. John heard my muffled sound and turned his head. “Look who is awake. Your little lover,” He turned mama’s head towards me. “Oh god Ben, you’re awake,” She said and tried to come to me.”Where are you going bitch?” John held her hair and kept her in position.I’m so ashamed to tell you that I was getting an erection by seeing all the action. I tried to think about something else, but nothing worked. The bulge was visible through my shorts and John noticed this. A wicked smile appeared on his face. “It looks like someone is really excited to see his mama getting fucked. And now my little brother, I think is the time that we team up on our mother,” He said and pulled her to me with him.He pushed her to the floor and ordered, “Suck his cock.” She looked at both our faces not knowing what to do. John got angry again and pushed her head towards my crotch. “I said suck his fucking cock.”She gave me a helpless look and whispered, “I’m sorry,” and took my semi erect cock out from my shorts. John was looking at everything and I saw his cock for the first time. His tool was about 5 inches long when fully erect, but it was quite thicker than mine.Mama kissed the head of my cock so tenderly and licked it once from bottom to the top. That made my cock hard in seconds. John got behind her and started to fuck her again. Mama was trying her best to blow my cock so lovingly despite the fact that her own son was pounding her pussy brutally. “You better make him cum before me mom. Otherwise your favorite son will be left unsatisfied,” jo
hn said to her.She got panicked after hearing that and started to work on my cock with much more effort. She was throwing in all her tricks as she didn’t want to leave me horny. I wasn’t going to cum quickly as I had cum moments ago. But the grunts of John suggested that he wasn’t going to last long. So, for the first time in my life I wanted to cum very quickly. Mama was bobbing her head fast on my cock while working her tongue around it. She used her delicate hands to fondle my balls. “Oh mom, I’m going to cum in your tight pussy,” John moaned.I was feeling the urge to cum too. I think she sensed it and used both her hand along with her mouth on my genitals. John ejaculated inside mama with a loud grunt and I too came in her mouth a few seconds later before he could recover from his orgasm. There wasn’t much left. But it was enough to give her a good taste.Mama tried to untie the cloth around my mouth. John saw this and he pulled her back. “You’re in such a hurry to untie him. But he needs some lessons before that,” John said and I received another few punches on my face.”I want you out of this place, tonight. You can’t step into this house ever again and you can’t meet her either. I may not be in the town, but I got eyes all around. If you do anything I told you not to, both of you will suffer. I don’t think that you’d want her to suffer. Do you? Now just nod your head if you understood,” John asked me.”No John please, don’t do it. Please John. I beg you. Don’t push him away,” Mama was begging him. But the man didn’t listen to it.I knew the man wasn’t bluffing. He had friends all around the town and most of them were thugs. I didn’t see no other option other than agreeing to his terms. I won’t get to meet mama in the future. But that would be better than letting her suffer in his hands. So I slowly nodded my head. “Good boy. Now get your things ready and take your ass out of here.” He untied me.I picked my shirt from the floor and started packing my clothes in my room. I called to one of my friends and asked if I could crash in with him for a couple of days. I said that I had a fight with my mama and I needed some time to clear my mind. He was okay with that. I called for a taxi and pulled my suitcase out. John had locked mama in her room and he was in the living room to make sure that I was gone. I could hear mama crying. I wanted to run to her and console her. But my body wasn’t ready to take another beat down from John. “Don’t forget what I told you,” John said with his index finger pointed at me as I stepped outside.****************I stayed at my friend’s place for a few days and I found a small apartment with a single bedroom. I bought it with the money I got from my parents’ insurance policy. I didn’t need them for a long time as I was living with mama. My apartment was about 5 miles away from her place. It was quite close to college than mama’s home too. I found another part time job at a local store. My third year of the college started and I focused my mind thoroughly on studies. But it wasn’t so easy, as the memories of mama were flooding to my mind on each passing second. I started to have sex with the coeds, mainly to release my frustration. But nothing seem to work. None of them never felt as good as being with mama. Everything felt so empty without her. Sometimes I cried for hours thinking about my cowardice when I faced John. How I backed off without being there to protect her. I always remembered my promise to keep her safe and how failed to live up to it.Mama was calling me and texting me since the day I moved out. But I ignored everything. Not because I didn’t love her, but because I loved her too much. I knew that if John came to know that she had called me, she would be suffering in his hands. There were more than 10 missed calls and same amount of texts every day from her.My doorbell rang on one evening making me jump up in surprise. I never had any visitors up to that day and I wondered who that might be. I opened the door to see a lady about 35-40 years old standing outside. She was about mama’s height with a slim figure and a mostly flat chest. But altogether she was quite beautiful. “Hi, I’m Barbara Rhodes. You must be Benjamin,” She said with a smile.I was a little bit confused. I had a vague memory like I had seen her somewhere. But I couldn’t remember the exact place. “Yes I am. But how do you know me?””Actually, Clair is my best friend. The last time I saw you, you were only 10 years old. So you might not remember me,” She said. Mama took me and John to the company’s Christmas party when I was 10 and I met some of her friends there.”Oh I remember you,” I lied. “Please come in.”She walked in and sat on the couch. “Let’s come to the point,” She said not wasting any time. “Your mother has been very depressed lately and I’m very concerned about her as the best friend. She always looked distracted at work. I asked her the reason, but she wouldn’t tell me about it. I was so worried that she might get sick of whatever problem she had. So I kept pressing her until today when she had to ask me for help.”That made me worried. “What happened? Is she okay?” I asked sitting next to her.”Yes, she is. But there are some things that I want you to know.” She took a deep breath. “I knew your mother since the day she joined our company and we were best friends since then. I knew that she had shut down dating long before we met. But I tried to set her up with some men I knew. She was so tough that she refused to date most of them and the others were only a single date or two most. Then I noticed a big change in her about a year ago. She looked so happy and seemed like she was in another world for most of the time. As I suspected, she told me that she had found the right man. I think you can imagine how happy I was for her. But she never told me who the man was and I didn’t push her too. All I ever wanted was for her to be happy and she was.” She paused for a while.”The things started to take a bad turn since the last three months. Suddenly she went from one end to the other in no time. She started to avoid people, even me. She looked distracted and kept thinking about something. Sometimes she cried alone in the office and she’d wipe away the tears when I see her. I was so worried about her. I really needed to do something, but it was impossible without knowing the reason behind it.””Today she came to me and asked if I could help her. She said that she wanted to tell me about everything. So we went out during lunch and she told me everything about your special relationship. I have to tell you that I was a bit shocked to hear that at first. But this was my best friend. So I’d support her for anything. I think you don’t know about the things that I’m going to tell you about. Your mother has been having sex with your cousin for the last three months and I want you to know that she hasn’t enjoyed even a single moment of it. John comes home on every weekend, but she lives alone during the week,” Said Barbara.”I think John has his thugs stayed around the house to see if I come home to meet her,” I asked.”I think so. She told me that John isn’t gentle and caring like you. He just bangs her and only thinks about his pleasure. He has been forcing her to do some things that she didn’t want to do.” My body started to shiver with anger after hearing that. But I tried to stay calm for the time. “Now she is in an emotional downfall. She always thinks about you. How you used to make love and the special moments you spent together. She is so worried about you too. She said that you haven’t been returning her phone calls and texts. Part of her thinks that you have abandoned her. It’s like she has lost herself. Ben, she wants to meet you tomorrow in room 20, Sunshine Motel at 5 p.m.””I never abandoned her. It’s just that I love her so much. I don’t want her to get hurt if John gets to know that she met me. I don’t care what happens to me. But I don’t want her to get hur
t.””She doesn’t care about anything right now. All she wants is you. So please don’t let her down,” She asked me.”I won’t. I promise you. So, would you like something to drink?” I asked.”No, thank you. I have to go now. My daughter is waiting at home.” She got up from the couch.”Okay then. Thank you for being there for my mama,” I shook her hand.”You’re welcome. Take good care of her. I think you know what I mean,” She winked me and left.*************************After a long night I decided to meet mama. I had to be there for her no matter what consequences I’ll have to face. I put on a pair of jeans and a t shirt. I managed to get to the Sunshine motel 5 minutes before the time. I walked in and I was standing in front of room 20, sharp at 5 o’clock. I nervously knocked the door twice. I heard a faint sound from inside, “Come in.” I turned the door handle and the door opened. I stepped in slowly to see mama sitting on the bed still dressed in her working attire. She looked gorgeous even after a full day at work.She got up from the bed and walked to me as I was staring at her like in a trance. I imagined that she’d come to me and give me a kiss. But, all I got was an angry hard slap across my left cheek which left me dumbfounded. “Aaawww…” I rubbed it as it was hurting a lot. “Who do you think you are, huh? How many times I called you and texted you? Thousand times? Two thousand times? You could’ve returned at least one phone call or text me. But you didn’t care about me even for a little bit. I never gave up on you. But you?” She started to cry and tears were rolling over her pretty cheeks.I hugged her as she hid her face on my chest and started to hit it with her hands. “Mama please don’t cry. I never stopped thinking about you. I still love you. I love you so much. I couldn’t risk us getting caught to John and I didn’t want you to suffer because of me. That’s how much I love you,” I turned her head towards mine and kissed her lips. She returned the kiss immediately starting a long kissing session. “Make love to me baby. Show me that you still love me,” She whispered between kisses.I lifted her without breaking the kiss and carried her to the bed. I placed her on the king size bed carefully and fell on top of her. We were in so much hunger for each other. I wanted to show her not my lust, but how much I loved her still. So I gently rubbed her hair and cheeks while we were kissing. She was the one to push her tongue into my mouth. I gladly accepted it as I too pushed mine inside her mouth. We tongue dueled for some time while moaning into each other’s mouths. My cock was begging for a release inside my jeans as we were getting heated up for the occasion.I knelt on the bed, breaking our kiss and took off my t-shirt. Then I started to unbutton her Jacket. She lifted her upper body from the bed and got rid of it. I started to unbutton her shirt while she kissed me again. She removed her high heels herself as I was working on her top. She was wearing my favorite black lacy bra underneath.I started to slowly kiss my way down. I planted kisses on her neck while licking it lightly. She purred like a kitten while turning her neck to the side. I covered one side and tried to move to the other side. But she refused to open up that side. “Please mama, turn your head,” I asked.She still kept refusing and finally I had to force her to turn her head. She showed some resistance, but I was too strong for her. I was kissing around her shoulder when I got shocked by what I saw and that might have been the possible reason not to turn her head. She had a deep bite mark at the place where her neck and shoulder joined. It was quite deep but it had been healed. I looked at mama. She had closed her eyes, but I could see that she was quietly sobbing. I propped on my elbows and gently rubbed her head. “What happened mama? Did John do this to you?” I asked in a calm voice not wanting to make her cry on this special occasion. She silently nodded her head.I was furious. I knew that wasn’t a love bite. Love bites never go that deep. How could John do that to his own mother? If he wanted revenge he could’ve taken the revenge over me. But she was so innocent. I turned her head towards me. “Mama, look at me. I’m so sorry that I was a coward and I could do nothing to protect you from him. I never thought that he’d hurt you like that. I promise you, I’d never let him hurt you ever again. But I want you to move in with me. I don’t care who his friends are. All I know is I’ll do anything to protect my mama,” I said looking at her eyes.She rubbed my cheeks so lovingly and smiled. “Sweetie, I know, you love me more than anyone. I want you to know that what you did wasn’t cowardice. You did that to protect me from his hurting. I too want to live with you so badly. But sweetheart, John won’t leave this behind. I can’t take the risk of you getting hurt by his thuggish friends. Now, listen to me very carefully. I have a plan. But it needs some time to work. So, I have to stay in my home during that time to avoid John becoming suspicious.” I was disappointed as well as felt relieved at the same time.”I trust you so much mama. So I don’t ask you what the plan is. But how long will it take for your plan to work?” I asked. “Two weeks max. If it doesn’t work in two weeks, I’ll move in with you no matter what happens, right? I don’t want either of us to face any more trouble.” I nodded in agreement to what she said.”Mama, would you mind if I asked what happened to your neck? When did he bite? I’m just curious. That’s all,” I said.”I won’t mind it sweetie. In fact I can tell you what happened when you were away if you like. I didn’t tell everything even to Bobbi,” She looked quite sad.”Of course mama. I’m all ears.” I rolled off of her and sat on the bed resting my back on the head board. I made her sit between my legs and wrapped my arms around her belly, pulling her back to me. “All right, now you can start. But only if you are okay with it.””After you left, John moved into my room. There after I had to sleep with him when he was home. I thought that he’d come home once in every month like before. But he started to come home every weekend. He never treated me like you did. All he wanted was sexual release and I was just a woman to him. He never cared whether I came or not. He goes out of control when he is cumming and sometimes he bites me. This is the latest one,” She said showing the mark. “He just bangs me and I don’t cum most of the time. Then I’d masturbate thinking about you and how we used to make love. Oh baby, it did feel way better than his cock,” She said and I kissed her head.”I thought that it’d be the limit of him. But it wasn’t. Sometimes he tied me up to the bed or a chair and tortured me until I begged him to stop in pain. He just enjoyed making me cry and he said that he enjoyed torturing sluts.” I saw that drops of tears were running over her cheeks. That made my anger rise. “Mama please stop this. I don’t want to see you cry,” I said wiping away her tears with my thumbs.”No baby. I want to take these off my chest. At least that’d make me relieved.””Okay mama. Carry on if that makes you feel any better.””You know the worst part? John made me have sex with Tony,” She started to sob audibly. “Son of a bitch,” I whispered. John must’ve bailed his friend out of jail. But how can he let a guy who tried to **** his mother have sex with her.”He was no different. He too was so brutal on me. Luckily he was the only one that John allowed to fuck me,” She said with a sigh of relief.I kept licking the bite marks on her neck like I was applying a soothing balm on them. She must’ve felt so comfortable with me licking her neck. So she started to moan while opening her neck more for me to lick. I had to wipe her bad memories away from her mind and fill it with our sweet memories. The only way now is to make love to her. So I turned her head back and kissed her. “Forget everythi
ng about John. I’m going to fill your mind with the sweetest of memories,” I whispered. “Yes baby, please,” She said.I tried to pull her skirt down. But it was too tight around her waist. She knelt on the bed and unzipped it from behind making it easier to take it off. Then she unbuckled my belt as soon as she took the skirt off. She unzipped my jeans and pulled it down with ease with my help. My cock had been hard since I entered the room. So, a dark patch of pre-cum had formed on my crotch. She saw it, but ignored it momentarily and straddled me. Mama held my face with both of her hands and started a deep saliva swapping kiss. Our tongues roamed around each other’s mouth while my hands roamed all over her back. I found the clasp of her bra and undid it carefully not wanting to damage my favorite bra of hers. I slipped it from her shoulders and pulled it along her arms. She let go of my face and allowed me to remove the bra fully. I pulled my face back to admire their beauty. They were as beautiful as I remembered. “God they are so beautiful,” I whispered.I cupped them with my palms and squeezed them gently. I molded them for quite some time. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the attention her breasts were having after a long time. I started to suck her right breast still working on her left one with my hand. “Aahhh…” She moaned as I wrapped my lips over her areola. I vacuumed it in my mouth like a hungry k** looking for his mother’s milk. Mama hugged me tightly, still moaning. “My sweet son, suck my tits baby. I’ve been waiting for his moment since you left. My nipples have been aching to have your lips wrapped around them.”I switched the breasts and gave the same attention to the other too. Her nipples hardened in my mouth. I occasionally flicked the nipples with my tongue making them harder. Then I showered soft kissed all over them and her cleavage. I continued to service her breasts for a long time. Then I wrapped my arms around her and rested my head on her soft breasts.”Let me see my son’s beautiful cock,” She said after sometime. Mama got off my lap and made me lay back on the bed. She pulled my boxers down as I lifted my hips. My cock sprang up, rigid like steel as soon as it was released from its confinement. She couldn’t take her eyes off it. She licked her lips greedily making them ready to service my cock. Mama crawled between my legs like a kitten and planted a soft kiss on its head. “It’s been more than three month since I last tasted this,” She said. “Has anyone tasted this after that?” She asked jokingly.I wanted to tell her the truth, but I was so ashamed. After thinking for a few seconds I gathered some courage. “Yes mama, there were a few. But that was only to come out of my frustration and depression. Nothing more than that.” Even I could feel that my voice was full of guilt. “I want you to know that none of them were as good as you. They didn’t make me feel better, not even the way you make me feel with just your smile. I always imagined that it was your pussy and your mouth around my cock. But nothing worked. I’m sorry mama. I’m really sorry,” I said and started to sob.She crawled back up to me and hugged me. “Sweetie, that’s not your fault. You were so stressed and you just had to find a way to get over it. There’s nothing to be sorry. Besides, I’ve been having sex with other men too. So I’m perfectly okay with that. But from now on you are mine and no one else’s. Right?” I just nodded my head. “I’m so glad that you understood that there’s no one in this world that loves you more than your mama. Now just lay back and relax while mama have taste of your cock,” She smiled and put an extra pillow under my head so that I could have a good view of her servicing my cock without any trouble.She once again positioned herself between my legs. Mama kissed my inner thighs for a few seconds. She gave a long lick from the base to the crown of my hard cock. “Oh mama…” A moan escaped from my mouth. That felt so good to feel her oral touch on it and I thought that I’d cum right at that moment. “Do you like that sweetie?” She asked in a seductive voice. “Oh my god, yes,” Was my only answer.Then she opened her lips wide and took the head in. She looked at my eyes and started to slowly move her head just over the crown only. Her tongue was doing wonders by swirling around the sensitive head. Her movements got deeper as the started to work harder on it. She was taking it all after sometime and I could feel my cock hit the back of her throat. I could feel my orgasm starting to build. I tried to keep it at bay as I didn’t want to disappoint her in our first coupling in three months. She started to gag, but didn’t give up on her effort. Finally she pulled herself away and smiled at me like a champion. Her face had turned red with all the effort she was putting on me. “I haven’t deep throated anyone since you left,” She said.Meanwhile her delicate fingers were gently fondling my balls making me feel so good, a feeling which I hadn’t felt since I left home. She started to lick all around my cock like a cat bathing its kitten. Mama took my balls in her mouth and she vacuumed it one after the other. “Mama I’m going to cum in your mouth if you don’t stop eryaman escort bayan this,” I warned her.She pulled away and gave me a stern look. “You are not going to cum in my mouth, young man. Not today. I want your every last drop of cum inside my pussy.”She got off the bed and pulled her panties down with a seductive wiggle. She posed for me showing her body in all its glory. My eyes scanned over each and every inch of her figure and I was surprised to see that she had her pussy totally shaved. It was glistening with her juices. She came to me and laid beside me while I was looking at her with awe. “What happened sweetie?” She asked.”Your pussy is so beautiful mama. But why did you shave it? You know that I like hairy pussies,” I asked.”I’m sorry baby. John asked me to shave it and I had to do it. He preferred it shaved. But I promise you, I won’t shave it from today. I think it’s good for a change for us. Isn’t it?””Yes it is. But mama I don’t want you to get in trouble for not shaving. So I’m okay with that until you come back to me,” I said reassuring my commitment to our relationship.”Now it’s time for me to return the favor,” I said getting up and moving between her legs.I laid there and made myself comfortable. I inhaled the heavenly aroma emitting from her pussy. The prize which was mine for over a year and now it was in the possession of my cousin. But it won’t be long until I claim it totally again. It was so wet and glistening right in front of my eyes. I started by planting kisses all over her fleshy inner thighs. Then I kissed her crotch which I had never seen so clearly with all the pubic hairs which had been covering it. In fact instead of hating the fact that her pussy was shaven, I was loving it. But only for the moment. “Please baby, don’t tease me,” Mama started to whine as I she couldn’t bear the torture I was giving her by ignoring the pussy.My target for the night was to give her the maximum satisfaction. So I redirected myself towards it. I gave her pussy a long lick to start with from perineum to the clit in one motion. Her body shuddered as I made contact with her hot pussy and specially the clit. A low moan escaped from her mouth while I was doing so. She parted her legs some more as I turned my attention to her plump labia. Her outer lips were so plump that they covered the opening while her inner lips were quite small. I parted them with my fingers and pushed my tongue in like a cock. “Oh sweetie…” She moaned.I tongued it for some time and then started to lick the pussy. She was oozing her juices like a little fountain as I tasted the nectar to my heart’s content. But I knew the volcano would be erupting soon. So I set my target for that. Mama started to rub the clit herself to heighten her pleasure. I was licking it as well as I was sucking it. Her
moans only got higher and higher as I introduced my right index finger to the mix. I started to fuck her with my finger and she moaned, “Put another finger baby. You’re going to make mama cum.”I pushed my middle finger in too. She started to squeeze her tits while sucking them herself. I took the advantage of her vacant clit as I attacked it with my mouth. I started to vacuum it with my lips sealed around the sensitive bud. It didn’t take long for me to feel that the orgasm was getting closer. She started to shudder, very slightly at first and the frequency was getting higher by each passing second. Mama moaned louder, “Baby you are making me cum.”I increased the tempo of my finger movements. Her pussy started to spasm around my fingers. Her breathing became louder and deeper as she started to gyrate her hips over my face. Suddenly her body stiffened for a moment and she gave a loud cry, “I’m cumming…”I pulled my fingers out knowing really well that she would be squirting all over my face. I started to rub her clit with my right hand getting ready for a mammoth orgasm. “Cum for me mama, cum all over your son’s face,” I said as I kept rubbing her clit vigorously.A powerful gush of her vaginal juices squirted straight into my opened mouth. “Fuuuuuccckkkk…” She screamed as she squirted more and more juices like a geyser. I closed my eyes and let her sweet juices hit my face. She squirted about 4 or 5 more spurts and then her body dropped back to the bed. But her eyes were still closed and her body was shaking.I moved up and wrapped my arms around her. She was laying there like she had almost passed out. I started to kiss her face lightly as she was still returning from her earth shattering orgasm. I planted kisses all over her face and rubbed her disheveled hair gently until she opened her eyes. I had been unknowingly smearing her juices which were dripping from my face on her face. She opened her eyes and I smiled at her.”Hi beautiful, did you enjoy it?” I asked.”You’re the best baby. I almost passed out. I can’t remember the last time I had such an orgasm. Thank you so much,” She kissed me.We exchanged passionate kisses for some time. She rubbed my wet cheeks ever so lovingly. “You are a total mess,” Mama said looking into my eyes.”Well, thanks to you,” I laughed.”Then let me clean my baby,” She said and started to ick her own juices off my face.That was a new experience for me as she had never licked my face even though she had squirted on me before. Her talented tongue licked all of her juices off me replacing it with her saliva.My cock was hurting as it was flattened between the mattress and my body with my position. So I was constantly shifting my position to keep it comfortable. I was so glad when she said, “Make love to me sweetie. Love me with your hard cock.”I moved between her parted legs. I rubbed my cock along the slit coating the wetness on the head. Mama’s delicate fingers wrapped around it as I kept teasing her and with a single look into her eyes, I knew that it was time for our reunion. She guided my cock towards her warm hole while we were looking into each other’s eyes with unconditional love. She placed my cock at the entrance. I pushed it in with the slightest of efforts and it slid in easily with all the juices she was oozing over the last 30 odd minutes. “Aaahhhh…” Both of us moaned in unison as my member slid about halfway from the first thrust.”I’m back home, mama,” I said.”Yes baby. Welcome home. This is where you belong. I just feel like I’m about to cum even before we start making love,” Mama said and we kissed so passionately.I pulled back and pushed it again. This time I buried it all the way in. She was still as tight as I remembered. But it was her juices which did the trick for me.I stayed inside her for a while, relishing this sensation which I was feeling after a long time. I laid my head on her shoulder and kissed her neck. I ran my fingers smoothly over the skin of her right hand. She was holding me enjoying my touch on her body.I lifted my head and looked at her again. Then pulled back my cock and started to move in and out of her moist channel in a very slow and sensual pace. We were in no hurry as we weren’t even in to the night. We exchanged occasional kisses, otherwise it was the simple act of love making between true lovers. Neither of us didn’t speak a word as it would spoil the passion in the moment. But we didn’t lose the eye contact even for a second.Her eyes told me everything I needed to know. The true unconditional for me was written all over them. Literally, I was lost in them. That moment was precious than our first time. Because in the first time you only know that she is valuable. But that moment I realized how much she worth to me. She was invaluable. I had lost her and now she was back with me. That feeling is indescribable when you lose something you love and you get it back after sometime because at that very moment you realize the value of it.A tear was forming at the corner of mama’s eye. But she gave me that smile which could light up even the darkest of places. I knew those weren’t the tears of sorrow or sadness. But they were tears of joy and happiness. I kissed her eyes and wiped the tears away with my lips. I didn’t want to see her cry even for the joy.We were so lost in each other that we didn’t even realize for how long we were making love. It was like we were in a world without time. Quietly, but steadily an orgasm was building inside me. At the same time, mama was experiencing her second orgasm of the night. It wasn’t a screaming, violent one like before. Just a powerful clench of her vaginal muscles around my cock and a quiet gasp followed by a sensual kiss were the only signs of her orgasm.We continued our act of love until my orgasm was waiting at the edge. Mama knew that I was going to cum and she just nodded. I let my orgasm go with her cue and it was also a calm and quiet climax like mama had earlier. A huge load of my semen ejaculated inside her waiting pussy, the right place where it belonged. It was undoubtedly one of the best orgasms in my life. That triggered another orgasm in mama as she hugged me tightly experiencing her orgasm with me.We laid there in the same position until our orgasms subsided. I felt so much satisfied, the feeling which no other woman I’ve ever been with couldn’t give me. We exchanged kisses basking in post orgasmic pleasure. I tried to roll away from her, but she stopped me. “Stay in me honey.”We continued to enjoy the bliss and I saw a tear roll down from her eyes. “Are you crying mama?” I asked in concern.”No baby, I’m not crying. It’s just that I’m so happy to be with you again,” She kissed my fore head. “I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such a lover like you and I don’t regret having a sexless life for the past two decades. I wonder why all the men aren’t so patient, loving and gentle like you,” She said.”Thank god they aren’t like me,” I laughed. “Otherwise I might not be the one in your heart and sharing your bed. The person laying on you right now might not be me. But your life would be much different if things were like that. You might not have to go through all the sufferings you went through. You might have a loving husband to take care of you and I would be just your son. So, a part of me is glad that all the men aren’t like me while the other part wishes that all the men to be like me so that you’d have met a better man and had a better life,” I expressed the true feelings which were running through my mind to her.”Sshhhh…” She kept her hand over my lips to stop me from talking more. “Don’t ever talk like that. I don’t want a life without you. I’m so addicted to you that I can’t even think of a life without you. If I have to choose between you and any other thing, I’d choose you in a heartbeat. That’s how much you are worthy to me. I know I must’ve told you this long ago. But I couldn’t,” She took a deep breath.”My life changed since the day you ca
me to it. I always envied my sister for having such a loving son while my son didn’t even care about me. You were always so obedient to your parents and loved them. That’s why I decided to raise you since you faced the tragedy. You were the best son a mother could hope for. You loved me so much and you obeyed me. You were there when I needed you. You cried with me when I cried and you shared my joy when it was there. While I did no difference to either of you, you became my favorite son with all your good qualities. It didn’t bother me much when John moved out. But I was so afraid that you’d move out too, thank god you didn’t.””I never had sexual feelings about you, but I knew that there’s something more in my love for you other than a motherly love. I thought about it long and hard after you confronted me about your feelings. I had to admit that I too was harboring similar feelings towards you. I knew that I was in love with you.””So how dare you tell me that I’d be having a better life with another man?” She asked.I didn’t answer. I kissed her instead, a passionate kiss only true lovers would share. My cock was growing hard inside her again as I slowly moved my hips back and forth. “Baby, mama is hungry, I mean really hungry,” She said.”Oops, I’m feeling hungry too,” I said feeling my hunger after her reminder.First we decided to order something, but then decided to go out and have some food while having some fun. We got refreshed as we were covered with sweat, saliva and cum. We went out dressed in casual dresses, I in the same pair of jeans and t-shirt while she wore a tank top with a pair of denim shorts. Unlike me, mama had brought some clothes with her. The tank top exposed a part of her dragon tattoo which I adored so much. She had worn a little bit of make-up and her black hair were put over her right breast showing off her partially exposed tattoo. “I couldn’t believe how hot she looked in this simple dress. “You look so hot mama. I’m so glad to be the man to court you. I’m sure that I’d be the envy of all the men in town,” I said kissing her.”I’m the lucky one to go out with such a handsome young stud.”She had come in Barbara’s car in case anyone would follow her. I offered to drive, but she didn’t want to let me drive her best friend’s car. She had to let me drive it after much insistence. We drove for more than 5 kilometers and parked the car. Then we walked through the streets holding our hands like a newlywed couple. We had nothing to worry about as it was the part opposite to the area where we lived. We had our dinner at a Chinese restaurant and then we visited a night club. It wasn’t much crowded as it was a week day. But there were some people of all ages, especially college boys and girls.”I’ve never been to a night club before,” She said looking around.”Only a few experiences for me too. But this is the first time I’ve ever been to a night club with a sexy lady,” I whispered to her ear. She giggled after hearing it.”I don’t feel sexy. Look at all those young girls dancing around. I’m just an old cougar with my prey,” She said making me really surprised to hear that word coming out of her mouth.”Oh my god, where did you learn that? You may be slightly older than those girls. But I’ll bet you that the eyes of their men will be on you, my sexy cougar.” I teased her.I asked whether she wanted to join the dance floor, but she declined. So we went to the bar and I ordered beer for the two of us. Mama never allowed me to drive after drinking. Not even beer. “You have to drive us back, don’t you?” She asked.”Babe, it’s just a glass and no more. I promise you,” I said.She had no choice but to give me permission. “Okay, but just a glass, right? And Ben, don’t call me babe,” She said.I bent my head so that only she could hear what I was saying. “How do you want me to call you tonight? I don’t think people should know about us mama.””Okay then, anything you want,” Again she had to agree.We had a beer and surprising me again, she suggested to go to the dance floor. “I want to feel young again,” She said dragging me to the dance floor.Who was I to complaint? I followed her and we joined the dance floor which was moderately crowded. A fast track was playing. Mama was dancing like a young girl, so cheerful and she had let go of her inhibitions. We were dancing together, but soon some young guys gathered around her. It looked like she was enjoying the new found attention from the crowd. I too danced with some other girls, but still keeping an eye on her in case she needed any help.A girl looked interested in me and she kept sliding her body against mine constantly while I was dancing. I tried to avoid her while I danced with other girls. She got the cue and didn’t bother me after.I got tired after a few tracks and I headed to a seat again. Mama also came to the seat a few moments later. “That was great. I’m enjoying myself after a long time,” She looked really excited.”I’m glad you are enjoying tonight. But remember, the night is still young,” I said and got up. “I have to go to the wash room. I’ll be back in a second.” I went to the washroom to relieve my urge to pee. I wasn’t in no hurry, so I spent some time refreshing myself after the dance. I walked back towards our table and I couldn’t believe what I saw. There were 2 guys sitting at our table whom I identified as the guys from the dance floor. Around mid-20’s and quite athletically built. Mama was flirting with those guys and I could say that they were really interested in her and might’ve been thinking of a possible threesome with this sexy MILF. Part of me was getting angry on mama while the rest wanted to see where this headed.It looked like they were inviting her for something and she looked refusing it. They were insisting on her when I decided to take things to my hands. I walked towards the table where mama was relentlessly refusing their offer. “What’s going on babe? Sorry it took longer than I anticipated,” I asked and pecked her lips.Mama looked relieved. “It’s nothing sweetie. These gentlemen kept me company while you were gone,” She said holding my hand which was on her shoulder. “Baby, this is Jason and Steve. Guys, this is Ben, my boyfriend,” She introduced the people.”Oh, thank you so much gentlemen for looking after my girl,” I said and smiled at 2 guys who were so embarrassed and angry at the same time for ruining an opportunity to fuck a hot MILF.”I think we should get going. I’m so horny and this is going to be a long night,” I said loud enough for the guys to hear. Then they just left the place quicker than they appeared. They would probably try another woman, I thought.”Baby, kiss me. Show everyone that you are the one to own me and nobody else does or ever will,” Her voice was like a horny slut.I wasted no time in sealing my lips over hers. She held my face between her hands and returned the kiss making it a deep sensual kiss. I moved my hands to her perfect ass and squeezed it making her moan which attracted the attention of the few people closer to us. She started to grind her hips rubbing my crotch, making me horny.”Oh baby, I’m so hot right now. Let’s go to our room,” She said panting after the kissing session.We left the place in a hurry. We practically ran to the car. We hopped on to our seats and I started to drive. Mama started to rub my crotch and surprising me, she opened the fly of my jeans and took my cock out. It was leaking pre-cum as she teasingly moved her hand on it. “Aaahhhh…” A moan escaped through my lips.”Do you want me to suck your cock baby?” She was in the mood to tease me and was doing it really well.”Yes please,” Was all I could tell. I was having a hard time concentrating my mind on the road.”Please what?” She was easing more with her seductive voice.”Please suck my cock,” I pleaded.”That’s my boy,” She said and kissed the cock head bending her head.That felt so good that I almost lost the control of the car. She st
arted to lick the head while fondling the balls with her fingers. She started to suck my cock really slowly not wanting to let me cum in her mouth.We reached the motel after a torturous drive and she let go of my cock and stepped out of the car quickly. I put my cock back in and followed her. She was unlocking the door as I reached the room. We went in and I she jumped on to me as soon as the door was locked. I carried her to the bed while she was crazily kissing me. I laid her on the bed and undressed in haste. She too did the same. Our clothes were flying all over the room as we just threw them away in hurry.We started to kiss again as soon as the last of the clothes came off. We were like a teenage couple with raging hormones. Finally, I rolled on to my back with mama on top of me. “I want you to ride me mama,” I said.She guided my cock into her pussy and it went in with no problem as she impaled herself on it. “Baby, love me like you always do,” She whispered. “I will mama.”She started to ride my cock like a cowgirl, closing her eyes and enjoying the moment to its full content. I rubbed her breasts and played with her nipples which got long and hard under my palms. She was so horny that it didn’t take much for her to cum. Her she was shuddering on me and she gave out a loud cry, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming.”Her pussy gripped my cock like a vise and she went rigid for a moment. Then she fell on my body with a shriek. She was still humping on my cock while her pussy was clenching around it. It was driving me wild and pulling me closer to my climax as well. But I tried my best and managed to prevail the time without climaxing. Mama started to kiss me as her movements slowed down gradually and I could feel her juices dripping down over my cock. Her heart was beating so fast like an earthquake.”That was great sweetie. I really needed that,” She rubbed my hair. “But you didn’t cum, did you?”I shook my head. Then I bent my knees to get the leverage for another round as she was too tired to manipulate the fuck. “I will cum. But you have to cum more before that,” I said and started to move in and out of her making her smile.”You are the best. I love you so much,” She said still laying on me.I held her buttock and made them move against my cock with her help and we synchronized our movements perfectly, her ass coming down as I drove my hips up. She was moaning and at the same time kissing me all over the face. She partly lifted her torso letting her tits sway over my face. They looked so inviting that I couldn’t resist my urge to suck them. I took the right nipple between my lips and sucked them heightening her pleasure. “Suck it baby. Please. That feels so good,” She was moaning.I switched between the tits as I was squeezing her buttocks as well. My hands touched her ass crack unintentionally giving me another crazy idea. I want to tell you that she had never even discussed anything about anal sex. The only thing she had told me is that she had never had anal sex before. So, I didn’t bring up the topic too. First I ran my index finger along the ass crack making her shiver as it passed the ass hole. I think she kind of liked that touch because she didn’t stop me. I kept doing it again and again taking her close to another climax.My climax was also closing in. So I wanted to make her cum again before me. So I took the bold step forward and pushed my finger into her ass. That was too tight and without any lubricant it would never go in. Mama felt my move and she hesitated for a bit and pulled my hand away. I stopped all my movements too. “What are you doing sweetie? I’ve already told you that I’m not into anal,” She said with an annoyed voice.”Just listen to me mama,” I said. “I’d never do anything to hurt you. But this is just a very little step forward just to make you cum again, right? I swear, it’s nothing more than that. Didn’t it feel good?””It did at first. But I’m so scared of dong anal sex. So it hurts when you try to put something in it.””Just relax and don’t think much about it. I’ll use saliva this time so that it won’t hurt you,” I reassured.”Thank you baby. I know you’ll never hurt me. But please be gentle with me love. I’ve never put anything in my ass,” She looked a bit relaxed.I sucked my index finger and coated it with a generous amount of saliva. Then I applied it around her asshole making it ready for the first penetration. Mama just laid her head on my shoulder enjoying the loving assault on her virgin ass.I coated my finger with saliva again, but this time it was mama who sucked my finger. I positioned my finger at the entrance of her ass, as my cock was slowly moving in her pussy, again.”Just relax your muscles and enjoy the moment. Let me know if there’s any pain and we’ll stop this right there,” I said and she nodded.I applied pressure on her ass little by little. Mama was moaning as she was trying to relax her sphincter but feeling the pain. “Do you want me to stop mama?” I asked ready to stop at any time.”No, no. Just keep going,” She moaned. It was difficult for me to go steady as I was fucking her pussy with my cock while she was also moving with me. So I applied much pressure at once and my finger went in as mama gave out a shriek. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and kissed me. I didn’t know whether they were tears of joy or pain. So I tried to pull my finger out, but she stopped me.”Please just do it,” She said.I pushed the finger until the first knuckle and started to fuck her ass with it. She started to moan quite louder as she was nearing another orgasm. I was inching towards my climax and I was trying my best to climax with her. “My baby, you are going to make mama cum again,” She moaned.”I’m going to cum in you, mama. I want you to cum with me.””Yes baby, we’re going to cum together just like we always do,” She said and smiled.Her body started to shudder and her pussy was clamp around my cock again and again. My orgasm was fast approaching and I wasn’t strong enough to fight against it. “I’m cumming in you, mama…” I cried and let my load of cum shoot all over her vaginal walls.That triggered her orgasm like always and she too came with a loud cry. She rode my cock in frenzy while she was experiencing the orgasm. Then she suddenly fell on me limp after the orgasm took over all her energy. Both of us laid there breathing heavily, with my semi hard cock still in her blocking our combined juices from flowing out.I pulled my finger out and tasted her ass for the first time. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I licked my finger and she was looking at it. Then she took my hand with her hand and brought it to her mouth to suck it. She cleaned it really well, vacuuming it like she does with my cock. “Wow, my ass tastes good,” She smiled and kissed me.We shared soft, sensual kisses while touching each other so intimately. We whispered our love to each other between kisses. “Have I ever told you that you have the most perfect ass?” I asked.”Yes baby. You always told me that at least 3 or 4 times a day,” She laughed.”Then, have I ever told you that you have the prettiest tits?” I asked knowing perfectly how I used to tell her everything that I was asking now.”Yes silly. You told me that every time you touched them and sometimes I got fed up with all your admiration. But I really like it,” She looked at my eyes.”Oh I didn’t know that. This is the last. Have I ever told you that you are the most beautiful woman on earth?” I asked.She didn’t answer. But she gave me a deep kiss instead. “Does that answer you? That’s the thing I miss most about you. How you made me feel loved, beautiful, confident and sexy. No man has ever made me feel like that except you,” She was crying. “You are the only man I fell in love with. I can’t afford to lose you again baby. I’ll never let you go.” She hugged me and cried. I let her release her emotions and she cried for a good 5 minutes.”Mama, I want you to know that you won’t lose me. It’s only
that I don’t have a plan and yours need some time to work. So let’s just give the time for it to work and we’ll be together forever. Won’t we?” I asked.”Yes baby. No one will be able to separate us.” We started a passionate kiss and we kissed like that until we fell asleep. I pulled the covers over before I fell asleep.That wasn’t going to be a long sleep as I was awakened by one of mama’s sloppy blow jobs and we had sex again until I came in her pussy, but not before making her cum three more times.We had a round of shower sex in the morning before we left and my cum was deposited in her womb, same as the previous night. She had brought clothes for work and she dropped me at my apartment before going to work. She knew I was getting late if I had to go to college by my bicycle or the bus. So she waited until I got dressed for college and gave me a lift to the college.We had a few of those nights on the days followed. We tried not to face any of the people that looked suspected of following us. On every night the order was same. No matter how many blow jobs she gave me, I had to make love to her when I came.It didn’t take more than 2 weeks for mama to keep her promise. I got a phone call from her on Friday evening next week. “Baby, come to my place tomorrow morning. There’s something you need to know,” She said in a voice what I could tell as a happy voice.”But, what about John?” I asked.”I need to tell this to both of you,” She looked excited.I went to her place on Saturday morning and John was the one to open the door. “Mama wanted me to come here today,” I said.”Come in,” He said in a harsh voice letting me know that the hostilities were far from over.Mama came out of her room as I entered the living room. “Hi sweetie, I’m glad you could make it,” She smiled at me.”Just finish this crap so the bastard can leave,” John looked angry as mama was being so nice to me.”Sit here,” She signaled and we sat on the couch separately. Mama sat between us on the couch. “There’s something both of you need to know,” She took a deep breath.”I’m pregnant,” She dropped the bomb right at the middle of the living room.”How can she get pregnant when she’s on birth control?” I asked myself.”What the fuck are you talking about?” John was clearly shocked. “How can this happened I was using condom and you were on the pill? You should be k**ding.””No John. I’m not k**ding,” She said in her usual calm voice. “I wasn’t on the birth control for the past few weeks.””But I used the condom,” He said not believing he fact that his mom was pregnant at the verge of 40.”You might have used a condom. But he didn’t. In fact he had never used a condom with me. Everything I told you about that night being the first night without a condom was a lie,” She said. “Then I stopped taking the pill because you used condoms. You might be the one who was there with me on the bed for the past few months. But he is the one who’s in my heart forever. So I had to come up with a plan and it has succeeded,” She looked at me and smiled.She continued, “John, don’t get me wrong. I love both of you equally as my sons. But I love him as my lover too. I’ve never been happier than the past year which we’ve been lovers. I need to spend the rest of my life in his arms and I’m sure you’ll find a better lady.”John still looked angry. He got up from the couch and so did I, to protect mama in case he tried to attack her. “You cheating bitch,” He was trembling with anger. “You went whoring with grandpa’s friend and got pregnant even before 18. Now you’ve gone whoring with this bastard and got pregnant again.” Tears were rolling down her cheeks as he started to yell at her.I wasn’t going to stay down like last time we faced this sort of a situation. I jumped on to him and both of us lost balance and fell down. I was on top of John as I rained my fists on to his face. He too attacked me but my position didn’t allow him to strike me powerfully. “Enough,” Mama shouted. “Stop this, both of you.”I got off the body of weakened John, but I was quite hurt too. He got up weakly. “John listen’ I don’t want any of us to get in trouble. So just let us live our life and you can do anything with yours. Oh I almost forgot this. In any case you or your friends try to mess with our lives, I’ve given a written testimony to 2 of my friends to give it to the police if something happens to us.”I was totally impressed with her plan. She had thought about all the possibilities and John was cornered. He had to accept the defeat. “All right, whatever you want,” He said in a defeated way.**************************

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