My surprise weekend away part 8

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My surprise weekend away part 8
“What does Tom like doing to do you most for him?

My mind swirled, so many things had gone through my mind over the years, after a little thought I told him, “Tom loves fucking me from behind, but he doesn’t last as it turns him on so much, and I don’t cum as his dick just doesn’t reach the right spot unless I play with my clitoris as well”

Mark slid of the bed and he bent me back over the end of the bed, I was laid there, stretched me out on my stomach in front of him again.

Laid there I thought I wish he’d do me like Tom does from behind, I wonder if his canlı bahis big dick would bring me off to an orgasm?

And without any preparation or warning he again slid full length into my pussy, fuck that felt different to Toms cock, and as I found it impossible to fuck myself in that position with my dildo, it was a completely new feeling!

Thankfully as Mark had only recently fucked me I was still very wet, and possibly more so thinking of what we might do again tonight, for now though I just wanted him to fuck me like I was his, and make me cum in this position as I’d dreamt bahis siteleri of so many times.

Mark knew when I was enjoying his actions as I was like a wild a****l as he hammered my pussy for a good twenty minutes, fuck it was nice, so much so I came three times before he shot his cum inside me, before sliding out and guiding his cock back to my my mouth to suck him clean of our cum.

What I didn’t know was that Mark had filmed some of it and sent it to Tom again, the video was of his glistening cock covered in my foaming pussy juices slamming into me, making me moan and call out bahis şirketleri in pleasure for more.

As he was about to cum he dropped the phone on the bed by my face and he came hard, pumping his juices into me and set it to play, it looked so sexy it made me cum again, banging his fat dick into me as I was watching his cock filling my pussy on the my phone.

The video of him pumping his cock into me stopped and he pressed ‘send’, I now realise he pressed record again as he released his cum into me, filming my face as I came for the last time and called out “Give me your spunk now, now, now”, I had my eyes closed as I relaxed forward and he laid on top of me in a lovely warm sensual cuddle.

Toms reply came within the minute again and read ‘Wow, I hope we’re both going to do my sexy wife like that again when I get back

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