My sister first time!

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My sister first time!
Hello! My name is Thays and I’m brazilian, I have 22 yo and my sister is 8 years younger then me! This is my first story here and since now, I apologize for any spelling mistakes I may make, my english is rusty!

Me and my sister have a very good relation and one is confidant of the other.
She always quest me about boyfriends, relationship and sex and I’m very open with her about it, mainly about sex, how is very good to do it with a person that you like and about the risks of an unwanted pregnancy, DST and outher things!
Well, in the beginning of the year, in January, after the New Year holidays, I as here in the site watching some videos and I decided to go to my sister’s room to see what she was doing, I knock the door and she don’t respond, so I decide to enter and I saw her lying face down in her bed watching something in her phone! When I got closer to see what she was watching, I saw it was a porn movie! I tell to her to take care to our parents not to catch her watching this king of movies, becouse they are very religious, and it may be very bad to her.
Many days has passed and I was in a night party dancing with my friends and I ended up twisting my ankle, so I had to stay in home for some time and can’t leave home for some weeks! It was a Wednesday and my parents were at work and I was alone in home, when 12:40 pm , my sister came back from school, I was watching some interracial porn and don’t noticed her entering in my room becouse I was with my headphones and my hands was in my pussy under my underwear!
She gave me a fright saying the same things that I had said to her when I catch her watching porn too! She sat on my bed and said that she want to watch the movie with me too! So I think: “If she already watches this alone, how bad is she watching with me?” I was watching a movie called “You need a real man – A black man (no more whiteboys)” and we begun to watch. I begun to pay attention on her and I realized how amazed she was about the size and the collor of black cocks in the videos, and without taking my eyes off the screen, I kept wondering how women could handle a penis of that size and if I had ever had sex with someone the size of them! I answer every of her quests and she begun to masturbate herself.
Watching my sister masturbate, I had an idea, I have 3 dildos of diferent sizes, 6, 7 and 10 inches. I asked her to open my wardrobe drawer where I hide the least and pick it up for me! I tell her that it was in the botton of the drower, under my t-shirts. She found and held paralyzed with wide eyes, I lought and said to her to bring it to me! When she gave it to me, I told her that it was better than my fingers, that if I wanted to, I could use the will! Her face become red and I tell her that there is no problem with this, that makrobet giriş many girls do this too, even with objects and vegetables like hairbrushes and carrots!
While she take of her clothes, I teach her where turn on the vibro and pick a vial of lubricant and put a good amounton the dildo and tell her that it was to enter better in her. She pick up and begun to put it inside her pussy, inch by inch it was gaining space inside her until is reach in her hymen and she stop it because she felt a small pain! I tell her to turn on the vibro, and whe it begun to vibrate, she he let out a groan followed by a (Oh meu Deus) Oh my God and began to squirm in the bed like a snake!
I think she cummed 3 or 4 times with the dildo inside her, and the last she cum, she broke her hymen and put the dildo all the way inside her pussy!
Many months has passed and everyday she was more and more addicted ti interracial porn and and crazy to fuck a real guy and I always telling her to take care and if it have to happnes, must be with someone that she trust!
! month ago, at night, she was in my room chatting and she went to take a shower, leaving her phonein my bed, as I know her password, I begun to read her whatsapp messages and saw that she was chatting with a boy 3 years older then her,he was black like a charcoal, but very beautiful and sexy! Reading their messages,many hot messages and some pics of his cock and her tits and pussy, he was telling her that he love the blowjob that she gave to him and why she don’t let him fuck her if she was so horny that day! She said she have to talk to me first until take this decision, that she respect me so much and I have the right to know that she find someone that she want to fuck badly!
I was so proud of her to think of me like this way and I decided to talk to her about it, so she came from her bath and catch me with her phone in my hands, she run to catch it of my hands but I evade and tell her to seat to talk about this! She want to yell to me but my parents was in home and she can’t scream, and I holding to not laught on her face, so I calmedher and ask her if she want to fuck him! She sayd she date him once and he almost fuck her that day, but she was afraid and only gave him a blowjob, she can’t forget his cock! She sayd it was tasty!
My family, every Sunday, go to my grandfather house and pass all day there, so I had a plan, was still friday and I had time to put my plans in action! Early Saturday, I went to d**gstore to buy some pill to her. Comming back to my home, I tell to my sister pretend to be sick that sunday, so I can stay behind to take care of her and she can send a message to her boy to come to our home 10:00am!
Early Sunday begun her theater, she lay in bed complaining of pain in her belly and that she makrobet would not be able to go to my grandparents’ house. With much insistence, I convinced my parents that they could go that I would stay to take care of her and when she got better, we would get a Uber and we would join them! 1 hour after my parents left, he he arrived at my house as arranged, and when he saw me, he went white! First time I saw a black man turning white! LOL
I invite him in and he sat in the couch next to my sister and we talk for a while until a say: You know why you are here yes? His eyes open wide and I almost laught with his surprise! So I got up taking off my shirt, looking to both and said let’s begun! My sister was red like a tomato and he seemed to have seen a ghost! I call both to my room and tell to lay in my bed, when they sat I went to the kitchen to get some beers and when I returned to the room, he was already with his cock out of his shorts, and what a cock, my mouth started to water! Look bigger then the pics that he sen to my sister! I stop in the door and stay there watching while my sister begun to suck it and his cock was becoming even bigger! It was same size my 7 inches dildo! They don’t realize that I was there becouse they was lost in their world of sex and pleasure, so when I enter in the room, they jump scared and I laught with this! I leave the beer and begun to take out the rest of my clothes and say to they do the same!
My sister begun to take of her clothes and the boy was tremblin! He was very shy in my presence, so I pass a beer to him and tell to drink all at once and I say to my sister to take of his clothes, she take his tshirt and slowly his shorts and we 3 was naked in my room.I pushed him into bed and went over kissing his mouth while my sister started sucking his cock, looks like a hungry a****l, she sucked it like a pro. I put my tits in his mouth and he become crazy and sucked it like and hungry baby and when he said that he would cum, i hold my sister’s head and begun to blow his cock telling her to swallow every drop of his seed! When he came into her mouth, she coughed and gasped because it was too much milk!
So, we let him take a brake and I begun to suck his cock while telling to my sister sit in his face becouse he need to give her an oral too! Passed 5 minutes, I pick a lube and lubricated his entire cock, I slaped my sister’s butt and tell her to sit in his cock that was hard like a stone, I put the head of his cock in his pussy and with some dificult,the head enter her, so I told her to low her body and she say that is too big and I say that she was afraid for nothing, cuz she already can take a 7 inches dildo all inside you and I push her down and her pussy swallow his entire cock and a big groan came from her! Her body makrobet güvenilir mi become to tremble and she begun to jump in his cock like crazy until she laid in his chest creaming his cock! She stay like this 2 minutes more or less until I say to her to lay back and open her legs!
I look at him and told him to suck her tits and pussy! He suck her for 10 minutes and he stand and open her legs and begun to mout her and I cheering both teling him to put all at once and I herd the slap of his pelvis on her! She gave another scream and he stayed like this for a while until begun to move slowly back and forth for 2 minutes and she moaning and breathing very hard! She came again and after this, he rise his chest, put her legs on his shoulders and begun to piledrive his cock like a machine! In this moment,she begun to scream in ectasy! God! I was very horny watching this scene, so I had to pick my bigger dildo and put it entire inside me! I cum so hard too!
He fucked her like this for more or less 10 minutes and I think she cum 3 or 4 times until he say that he is amlost cumming, so I say to cum deep on her cuz she is on pills! I saw the happiness in his eyes when I said it and this make him more crazy and he begun to punish her pussy until he growl like an a****l and begun to fill her womb with black seed! She cum again when her cum inside her too and he stay inside her like that for a while until his cock soften! When he took it out of her, a great amount of cum leaked from her!
She was in trance over the bad so I begun to clean his cock! Was delicious taste of his cum and her fluids! and after cleaned his cock, I did something that I never imaginate to do before, I put my mouth in her pussy and begun to suck and clean her too! She started moaning again and I turn to him and his cock was still half hard,so after clean her I say to her to make him hard again! She begun to suck him and I help her! He sat on the bed and I tell her to sat in his cock and begun to move back and forth, she did it for some time until she cum again! My parents would go back 7:00pm, so they had all day to fuck, and they did it! They fuck taking bath, in the kitchen, on the couch everywhere and I just watching and getting hornier every time I saw him burying his black cock in my sister’s pussy and cumming inside her!
Was 4:00pm and both take another shower and he had to go to his home cuz he was very tired and she too by the many hours making sex! He said goodbye to us and left. Was a crazy day! I asked her what she had thinked of her first time feeling a real dick in her pussy and she said it was much better than a dildo! His hot cock was amazing and when he cum inside was no words! She say she want this everyday! I was crazy and want to fuck him too, but was her day and had to leave forces only for her!
After this day, we get even more close it other,and everytime that she meet him, she tell to me how it was!

I hope that you guys like my story and since now, I apologize for some for some grammatical error that I may commit! My english is rusty!

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