My neighbor

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My neighborWhen i was 18 hadn’t left home yet i would cut grass do odd jobs for my neighbor he was in his early 60s id watch his dog when he would go on vacation that sort of thing. Never had any sexual feelings for a guy until one day he wanted me to mow his grass so i go and i mowed his lawn weedeated mind you its in the summer time and hot as hell after i finished i went and asked him for some water he invited me in we got to talking about things in general we talked for awhile then i ask if i could use his restroom while im in the bathroom i notice he has a hustler magazine by the toilet so i start thumbing thru the pages looking at the pics of beautiful women and some had guys in bed with them thats the first time i noticed cocks i was surprised at how nice and hard they were so i was getting turned on looking at the pictures for sure started rubbing my cock i was getting harder the more i looked thru the magazine thats when i noticed my neighbor antalya escort was standing in the doorway watching me rub my cock you could tell he was turned on from his hard on showing thru his shorts i didnt know what to do next i just frooze thats when he took me by the hand lead me down the hall to his bedroom and sat me on his bed he then undid his shorts let them fall to the ground i was shock at how big his cock was had to be 8 inches low hanging big balls and he was smooth no hair .He ask me if he can take my shorts off i just shook my head yes he unzipped an pulled my shorts off i was hard as a rock all 7 inches was in full view of him he started rubbing my legs slowly working his way up to my cock i didnt know what to do at this point . he can tell im confused he tells me to relaxe that i will enjoy it so he continues to wrapp his hand around my cock strokeing me slowly it felt so much better him doing it than when i do it. he escort antalya continued stroking me till pre-cum was coming out thats when he slowly lowered his self down between my legs till his face was right there at my crotch thats when he took my cock in his mouth and started sucking it till i thought i would pass out it felt so good in his warm mouth he just kept a slow even rythm up and down just when i thought i was going to get to cum in his mouth he stopped and stood up between my legs with his cock so hard and dripping pre-cum thats when he told me to suck him i was scared as hell to put my mouth on his cock but i couldnt stop my self it looked so good hard and wet from pre-cum so i shout my eyes and moved closer to that big cock i slowly put my mouth over it till i had it in my mouth i started sucking and could taste all the pre-cum that was oozing out into my mouth i was in heaven sucking his cock and i could tell he was liking antalya escort bayan it to he had hes hands on my head pumping my mouth so good i thought i would cum from him just fucking my mouth my cock was begging to cum i guess he could tell because he pulled out of my mouth and took my cock into his this time he was not slow he was sucking it like nobodys business i was about cum in a mans mouth for my first time i was getting lite headed it felt so good i could fill my cum swelling up inside of my balls i couldnt take it any more and told him i was about to cum he moaned and started sucking faster till i started cum all in his mouth it was the best feeling at that moment id ever had he kept sucking till i was dry i was in heaven,i wanted his cock back in my mouth so i could do the same for him he stood up pushed my head down on that throbbing hard cock and started fucking my mouth fast and hard wasnt long he was telling he was cumming he exploded in mouth cum every where i couldnt swallow fast enough to keep up with him i had cum all over me but it was a wonderful time we had we continued our little romps for awhile then my brother got involved but thats another story to be told …..

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