My Neighbor Seduced My Wife

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My Neighbor Seduced My Wife

This is a true story of how my wife and my neighbor started their affair. My wife Sunita is a hot sexy maal. She usually wears soft shiny nighties at home which shows her ample assets proudly. She is a very innocent but horny housewife who expects frequent fondling and kissing from me.

After our marriage, she has been giving me the best of sex full of love. She is a shy but horny woman. It took me months to realize that she is outwardly unresponsive but gets horny even by smallest of sexual instigation. The first time I noticed that when we watched a Bollywood item number.

I was fooling around with her in the theatre. Her boobs were taut and her nipples quivered by my touch. Then I smelt her musty smell emanating from her pussy which I always smelled on our bed after a wild fuck night. After that many times, I found out she was horny and wet in her twat while outside she seemed very normal.

I observed that she likes partial nudity of men with muscles. Her eyes like tracing groins under their pants or lungis or whatever. So I had started to whisper into her dirty things while we fucked like we doing threesomes or her cheating on me. She always responded well by biting and scratching me and her pussy was wet and sloppy.

A new neighbor named Manoj shifted next to our house. He had a nice body and fair and tall and obviously everyone was charmed easily. I welcomed him as he was shifting. My wife offered him some water and tea when his things arrived in his flat.

He said his family would arrive in a month from hometown and hoped his wife would be a good friend of mine. To my surprise, my wife, who is usually shy offered him to visit us if he needed anything anytime. She said she can cook for him till his family arrived.

Now, I secretly had fantasies of Sunita doing sexy things to other men. This seemed to be somewhat like that. When we went to sleep that night, I started to hold her sexily. She didn’t respond as usual at first but soon she was horny. I could sense her heating up.

I took my cock and rubbed on her face while she shut her eyes and mouth tightly. I lifted her nightie up and felt her ass and thighs through her panties. As I felt lower, I felt the sloppiest ever pussy of her. I rubbed against her more and sliding her pantie entered her.

Her pussy was pulsing and she held my ass and thrust upon her now. I said to her, “You are so horny today, are you thinking of Manoj?” Then I kept fucking and asking her the same while she came twice. But she didn’t say a word, though we had climaxed to our fantasy of involving Manoj with us.

When I woke up in the morning I saw Sunita was already up and made breakfast. She wasn’t wearing any bra or panties as they were still on the bed. Her pert ass cheeks and boobs moved about in her nighty. I had an erection and pressed it on her ass while I was nude.

She simply let it slip and continued working. I said to her, “Manoj ko bhi bulau kya naashte ke liye?” She said, “Hmmm.” I told her, “Isiko pehen ke rakhna, andar kuch mat pehen na.” I groped her tits by opening her front and grabbed her ass. She said, “Dimag kharab hai kya?”

But her face had an impish smile which looked like she’s game to such things! I again fondled her and she just made a sound of, “Mmmm!” I freshened up and knocked at Manoj’s door. I saw Sunita also came to door expectantly. Manoj answered the door just in a towel. Apparently, he was just out of the bath.

His smooth body shone in morning light with small droplets of water. His cock was semi-erect in his towel. So we waited for him to put on a dress and join us. Now Sunita started to serve us. I observed Manoj repeatedly looked at her sexy boobs, whose nipple was prominent and shaken like jelly.

Even he eyed up her ass when she went to the kitchen to get something. I knew Manoj fantasized my wife and I was eager to take it up more. I told him that, “I’ll be gone to the office. If you need anything please feel free to ask Sunita.” Sunita had a smirk as I said so.

I don’t know what Manoj thought of that. I was busy in office but kept thinking if he really knocked on our door. In the evening we went for a walk. As Sunita started to make dinner, she asked me, “Manoj ko bulana hai kya?” But as she saw a mischievous sparkle in my eye she kept quiet.

I embraced her again from behind and told her, “Bulao usko!” She didn’t respond. I again pulled out my cock and made her hold it in her hand and asked her again to call him. She just gave a shake and let go but I made her hold it again, this time moving down her track pants to half her ass.

She tried to pull it up but I held her hand and said, “Aise hi jao.” She surprisingly walked with her ass exposed to his Manoj’s door and knocked. I waited and watched while I stuffed my cock back. When Manoj opened, she stood and called him, “Khaane pe aayiyega please!”

Her dress might have been looking funny although her ass faced me and I saw Manoj’s eyes quickly moved. He said, “Bhabhi, aapko takleef toh nahi hai na!” Sunita still didn’t move and said, “Koi problem nahi aap kaçak bahis please aayiye!” He said, “Kuch der baad aata hun bhabhi, please kapde dho raha tha.”

Now as he moved to close the door Sunita turned back to our house. I saw that as soon as he had a glimpse of her half-ass showing, he kept watching. I was horny and happy that I could make some progress. I asked Sunita to wear her new sleeveless dress.

The dress was sky blue colored, sexy, showed good cleavage and her ass was prominent in that. I also asked her not to wear bra and panties. She simply nodded and wore her dress. After some time, Manoj arrived and I welcomed him. He sat on the sofa and we chatted for a while.

I asked if he needed anything today. He said bhabhi gave him good tea in the evening. I told him to be comfy and come here anytime. Now Sunita was making some pakoras. I went to the kitchen, hugged her and adjusted her dress so that her boobs were sexily exposed.

I offered Manoj some drinks and we started off. Now Sunita came with pakoras and served on the coffee table. Her boobs were again shaking and Manoj had a good view. We had a drink and I asked Manoj if he can get some pakoras from the kitchen. He went in. I was horny thinking about my wife and him being alone.

He came back a bit late and obviously he tried flirting with Sunita. Maybe he had a good look of her ass too. After we each had two drinks, Sunita served us dinner. We all sat at the dining table and Manoj praised her cooking. When he was about to leave I kept Sunita in my front and place both my hands on her shoulders.

He kept seeing while we talked something else. I let one of the side sleeve of Sunita’s dress to slip and expose her half boob. She kept it like that like an obedient wife and I guess only her nipple was covered. Soon he left saying goodbye.

I asked him to come for breakfast at eight in the morning and continue to dine with us till his family arrived. He agreed if Sunita was OK and she readily said she liked him Manoj was now our new fantasy while we made out and fucked. The next morning I made Sunita wear a tank top and a tight short. Sunita had perky ass and boobs, though a bit big, but those had a fresh sexy look in them. She wore the shorts without panties and even not wearing a bra.

Her ass and boobs now jiggled as she worked. I went and called Manoj to join us for breakfast. He was ready and followed me wearing shorts and a t-shirt. His smooth but strong muscled legs were sexy and so was his round ass. I saw him flinch a bit as he saw Sunita in shorts.

I asked Sunita to serve us and as she moved, the effect was on him. While he couldn’t take his eyes off her ass as she walked away, I smiled and winked at him. He was flustered with that mixed signal. Later I left for office and he resumed his unpacking at his home. That evening I asked him to come for dinner at our place.

He arrived at eight. I had asked Sunita to wear her new jumpsuit. It was thin with a generous cleavage, tight in the ass region, and exposing a lot of thighs and legs. She raised her one eyebrow as I asked her to wear it. She said, “Kya usme kuch zyaada nahi dikhta?” I said, “Mast lagta hai woh tum pe!”

Manoj was a bit taken aback as this dress of Sunita was a bit too modern and revealing. Her boobs were more exposed and jiggling. Obviously, she didn’t wear anything within both on top and bottom. We sat in the hall and made small talk. She sat opposite to Manoj and was flashing her thighs, flirting with him.

She smiled or laughed whenever he checked out her legs or had a glimpse of her boobs. Now she served us drinks and stuff which was more of her parade showing more tits and ass. Manoj’s erection was visible too. That night she whimpered and orgasmed as I fucked her asking her if she wanted to show more to Manoj.

She wore a silky nightie with no back and split in thighs the next morning. Manoj arrived for breakfast and was leering at her dress. I made her move around again exciting him. This time he didn’t try to hide his erection but kinda flaunted it. I asked him, “Tumhara shorts tight ho gaya!”

He grinned and said nothing. I said, “Lagta hai bhabhi ko miss kar rahe ho.” Then as Sunita gave us breakfast, I asked her, “Sunita, isko biwi ki yaad aa rahi hai. Thoda uske saath baitho.” She sat next to him placing her hand on his thigh and said, “Lo Manoj bhaiyya, maan lo ki mai aapki biwi hoon!”

Manoj was excited by this flirt. He started to caress her shoulders while she caressed his thighs. I said, “Bas biwi se itna hi pyaar?” Now he placed his hands on her thighs and started to grope her. Maybe I was there and he wasn’t sure he didn’t go further. I asked Sunita, “Pati ko khilao, yaar!”

Sunita took the sandwich and fed him. He tasted her fingers and this game went on for a while. Sunita had once placed her arms on his hard-on. I said “biwi ko thoda pyaar karo bhai!” He had now hugged and kissed her on neck and cheeks. Now Sunita got up and as she walked a drop of pussy juice trickled down her thighs.

As he got up to go, I asked Sunita, “Usko ek pappi do!” Now she properly kissed kaçak iddaa him on his lips. I said, “Biwi ki yaad aaye toh aa jao, yeh rahegi idhar!” After that, I went to the office. I couldn’t stop myself from calling Manoj on his phone. I wanted something to happen when I was at the office.

As he answered I just made small talk and asked if he was in his flat alone? He said yes, and again I jokingly asked if he missed his wife again. He said yes, so I said wait, I will do something and called Sunita. I asked her to put on her morning nightie again and go and spend some time with Manoj.

She said OK. I also asked her to take some selfies and send to me. After some time my phone buzzed and I received some selfies. Manoj was wearing his skimpy shorts sporting an erection while Sunita sat with him showing her thighs. There were some timed snaps as they embraced and Manoj saying thank you.

I video called and asked her to kiss him. I had to jack off in my office toilet watching them kiss. That night I kept the door open and fucked Sunita in the open making her cum again and again. That night too I and Sunita fucked and had multiple orgasms.

She was getting hornier as I mentioned Manoj and fucked me as I kept saying to her to assume it was Manoj having sex with her. We woke up in the morning and she was preparing breakfast. I made her nude and discharged my sperm between her thighs once in the kitchen.

I held her hand and made her scoop my cum and put in the omelets. I asked her to wear her t-shirt and shorts which showed a lot of legs. Soon Manoj joined us and Sunita welcomed him. He again noticed her sexy legs and feebly said she looked great. I felt horny watching him eat those omelets which had my cum.

Sunita too had more than she normally does. As I left for the office, I asked him to be free with Sunita. He grinned and said sure. That evening too we had some drinks and Sunita too joined us in a nightie. She sipped some Breezers while somehow I brought the matter to buying clothes.

I stressed that Sunita had purchased nighties from a particular shop which was very smooth. I now asked Sunita to stand between us and asked him to feel the cloth. He was doing it reluctantly. I lifted her nighty exposing her thighs and asked him, “Acche Se pakad kar dekhna!”

He did so while he saw at her legs. I sensed Sunita was getting horny. I made her sit next to him on the sofa and said, “Uska nighty masalte rehna, dekh, kitna mast lagega!” He didn’t lose this opportunity and ‘accidentally’ traced his fingers on her knees and thighs. I asked him, “Accha laga?”

He said, “Smooth hai!” I joined them and said, “Upar bhi material mast hai!” and guided his hand on her shoulder. He moved his hand but couldn’t dare to do anything more. I asked Sunita to stand and lifted her nightie again this time making a fold and fixing it like a lungi.

This showed more of her thighs. I said, “Aise kaam karne me sahi rehta hai is me!” He agreed and said even for his wife he will get nighties from there. After sometime he had dinner and left. Obviously, we fucked again blatantly saying his name and Sunita came in a shuddering orgasm.

I wanted him to grope her next. So as he arrived for breakfast the next day, I made Sunita wear her track pants loosely and a tight top. This showed her navel and almost a quarter of her ass, crack and all. As she served us, he was looking at it. I said, “Sunita, pant upar karlo, dikh raha hai.”

He looked at me, slightly shocked. I asked him to pull it up for her as her hands were oily. He hesitantly pulled up. But it kept moving down. I acted as if I had an oily hand and she too, and said to him, “Thoda pakad ke karna tabhi rukega!”

Sunita was taking heavy breaths and bit her lips. He kind of moved his hands on her ass and tried to move up but still, it came down. I asked him to at least pull it down more so that it would be comfy for her. He did so with shaking hands and her beautiful ass was now exposed fully.

Sunita moved about showing it off and he kept staring. After we ate, I winked at him and said, “Mast hai na!” He grinned and said “Haan!” I said, “Tumhare biwi jaisa hai?” He said “Yes!” I called Sunita to put tie on me while she showed her back on him. Her ass was still exposed.

She whimpered as he grabbed her ass while she was putting on my tie. This went on for a while. I asked Sunita to tie my laces and as she bent he had still better access. He kept groping and even fingered her hole. Now as she got up, I asked him to pull her pants up. He did so and I left for office.

That evening I made Sunita wear a very short t-shirt. It was cut horizontally from below and exposed her underside of boobs. I again asked her to wear the loose waisted track pants. After some time, I went to Manoj’s flat and called him to join us for drink and dinner. He was in his shorts and nothing else.

I urged him, since it was hot, to come without a shirt. His smooth chest and abs, semi-erect upturned cock and rounded ass globes, and smooth thighs with his smiling face made me instantly horny. He came with me. I observed the first checked güvenilir bahis out Sunita’s back.

I smiled and asked, “Bhabhi ka phrase dekhna hai?” He blushed while Sunita went to kitchen shyly. I went to the kitchen and groped her tits slid down her track pants exposing her ass again. I felt her pussy, she was wet with anticipation.

Now I came to the hall and asked Manoj if he can help bring some snacks from the kitchen. I deliberately waited and watched from the corner of the room. Sunita stood to work with exposed ass. Manoj went in and hesitated a bit but soon gave her ass a squeeze. She just whimpered and continued to work.

This time, Manoj felt her ass roughly and kissed her ass crack and licked for a while. Then he came out with a plate of snacks. I winked at him and he grinned. Sunita also came with two plates and still her ass exposed, so obedient she is. I said, “Yaar Manoj, tum sirf dekhoge yaa dikhaoge bhi?” He was confused.

I simply put a finger on the backside of his waist and pulled his shorts down. He grinned at me and Sunita kept looking. His smooth white ass was fully exposed. Then he sat down while Sunita too sat with us sipping a drink, and her ass exposed too. As Sunita went to the kitchen again, I winked at him suggestively.

He went while his ass moved sexily. I too entered the kitchen after a while, and he was groping her ass while she held his ass firmly. I felt up both their asses for a while. He was horny now and made me touch his cock inside his shorts. It was hard, warm and upright and precum leaked.

I tasted it taking on my finger in front of him. I guess he leaked more. I scooped more and placed on Sunita’s lips. She refused at first but I made her lick it forcefully. I applied it on her lips and tongue. I said to Manoj, “Uska pant poora utaarde!” He did what I said.

Sunita stood stiffly obviously feeling nervous about her bottom now being bared fully. I turned her around giving a generous view of her pussy and ass. Then we went to the hall and started our drinks. Sunita moved about with her fanny exposed. His eyes fixed on her pussy while she leaked her juices.

I gave him my shirt and asked him to wear it. After he did so I made him stand and slowly removed his short saying, the dresses should be equal. He was totally excited, his cock facing up and sexy. Then I sent him to Sunita in the kitchen. This time he rubbed his cock up and down as I watched.

Its angle made his cock head rub against her slit while she silently stood and bit her lips. Somehow we finished dinner. I asked Sunita to see him off to his house. They both moved in the verandah, their sexy asses exposed. He made out with her and tried to slip his cock once in her pussy.

But couldn’t as she pushed him out. I saw that she was so horny, she kneeled down and started to finger herself facing his cock. He understood and shagged himself vigorously and within no time came on her face and shirt. She too shuddered once and seemed to have an orgasm.

Now as she came home, I kissed her and tasted Manoj’s cum off her face and lips. We then fucked each other and slept off. The next morning Manoj came to us early at seven. He was looking fresh and cute and was dressed in sexy shorts, no undies, and bare-chested. Sunita was still asleep.

I woke her and asked her to make some breakfast and coffee. She started to do so and shyly greeted him once. She was still nude from waist below. Soon after seeing her Manoj started to have an erection as we stood in the kitchen. He asked me, “Bhabhi ke chuche ekdum tight hai!”

I said, “Nahi yaar, itne tight nahi hai.” He said, “Are nahi, dekhlo!” and lifted her t-shirt exposing one of her boobs. It was surely tight and willing to be touched by Manoj. Manoj said, “Meri biwi ka itna tight nahi hai!” I said, “Aayenge toh dekhna hoga.”

Manoj said, “Sunita bhabhi ka hips aur boobs dono mere biwi Se tight hai!” She kept working with an exposed boob. I said, “Masal ke dekh.” Now maybe it was the first time for him to touch my wife’s bare boobs, he kept massaging it. He now did not stop and even rubbed her ass and pussy.

I said, “Chalo isko kuch kaam karne do!” We saw TV for a while. Sunita served coffee for us and still had her exposure on. I said, “Chuche andar kar le!” She smirked and pulled down her t-shirt. Manoj was a bit disappointed. As Sunita saw this she said, “Oh, inka muh utar gaya!”

I said, “Are Manoj tum is ke saath sharmao mat, maze lo!” Manoj now was too horny. He slowly made Sunita sit on his thighs. He felt her up and down. I told, “Chaahe toh tumhare flat le jao ise!” He now took her and Sunita followed him. But she held my hand too.

As he looked questioningly, she kissed his cock and said please. Now as they entered his house, started to make out roughly. He was ravaging her and Sunita enjoyed it. He threw away his shorts and within seconds inserted into Sunita’s pussy. He then rammed her while she whimpered and grunted loudly.

After some hard fucking, he came in my wife’s pussy and his discharge dribbled out of her slit. That day he fucked her five times and each time she was satisfied. I ran to store and got them milkshakes so that they are comfortable.

Then for a week, Sunita lived with him and barely they came out of the room. Sunita told him about my fantasy of a bisexual threesome with him and he said sure.

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