My Mother in Laws Deal

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My Mother in Laws DealI married my beautiful blonde wife Tina when we were both still fairly young, we fell in love in college, waited until we were living in our own place, and then got married a year or so later.For the next few years we were very happy and things were going well, but then we got busy with work, Tina began to talk about wanting to have c***dren before we were to old, and suddenly there was a lot pressure and issues we had never faced before, and unfortunately that’s when I made a mistake.It was a stupid, stupid mistake that happened because I decided one day to try and drink my problems away, than talk them out with Tina, and the result was I woke up in woman’s bed.Who she was isn’t really important, she was just a woman from work, and it was just a one off thing that we both quickly forgot about, and I quickly devoted myself to my loving, unaware wife once more.Then a few months later I got a text message from my mother in law, Dawn, Dawn was of course Tina’s mother, she was in her early fifties, and looked like a perfect older version of her daughter, about six foot tall, long blonde hair, a perfect tan, and a fit slim body to match, with a cleavage you could loose a beer bottle in.Tina told me that her mothers cleavage had actually been surgical enhanced a year to earlier, a birthday gift from her father.So, wondering what she wanted, I headed over to my mother in laws house, and she greeted me at the front door in a long flowing blue dress and sandals.”Come in, Tom, we need to talk” she said inviting me into the living room.I stepped into her fairly large living area at the front of the house, and Dawn quickly followed me over to the black leather sofa.”So what’s the problem?” I asked as we sat down.”To be frank, it’s you Tom, your the problem!” she replied”What?” I asked”You’ve been unfaithful, you’ve slept with another woman behind my girl’s back, and tried to hide it as if it never happened!” she then said sternly”How? How do you know?” I asked in disbelief”It doesn’t matter how I know, and as I see your not denying it, it must be true then!” Dawn quickly replied.Shit, I thought she had me there, I had literally admitted to it with out even trying to deny it.”So, what are you going to do?” I asked nervously “Are you going to tell Tina?”Dawn stared hard at me for a moment, and then replied “No. No, I’m going to make you a deal””What deal?” I asked”From now on, when ever I call or text you, you will answer, when ever I need you, you will come, you will be my own personnel servant, or I will tell your wife what you have done!” she said sternly again.Fuck, I thought, I was trapped kaçak bahis and really had only one choice.”Okay” I replied”Good!” Dawn then said triumphantly “Now come with me!”She then stood up, took my hand and led me through her house, up the stairs, along her upstairs hallway, and into a bedroom.It was one of the spare ones with a double bed in it, Tina and I had sometimes stayed in it when we came to visit back in college.”Now, then as per the deal, I need you to do something for me, and you will not say no, got it?” she then said masterfully.”Okay” I replied not sure what she had in mind.Dawn then climbed onto the bed, on all fours, and then whipped her dress to reveal a perfect round tanned ass and beautiful smooth bald tanned pussy mound.”Lick my asshole Tom, lick my asshole now, and seal the deal, or I will tell my daughter!” she then said looking back at me.I stared at her beautiful round older rear, and to be honest, it did look just like her daughters.”Okay” I replied and quickly fell to my knees.Then I leant in, placed my hands on those soft round buns, and slowly peeled them back to reveal her tight little pink ring, before I then leant in, and began gently running my tongue around her ass ring.”Oh yes!” she sighed as my tongue brushed over her back entrance again and again.I circled that little pink ring several times, tasting her ass, and teasing her rear little hole until I saw it flex, and slightly open in need of filling.So I then I pushed the tip of my tongue into that little opening, and Dawn instantly let out a groan as I entered her asshole.My tongue ran around and around the inner area of ass, tasting the forbidden moisture inside and gently easing it a little more open.”Oh god Tom, your tongue is so good!” she moanedIt wasn’t surprising to hear, her daughter liked a good ass fucking, and I had on occasions spent many wonderful minutes licking it into a frenzy, before I slid my cock into it.I eased her butt cheeks further apart, which instantly opened her asshole a little more, and quickly I pushed my tongue in deeper, and Dawn moaned louder.She was now gripping the bed sheets, her head was hanging lower as I wedged my tongue in her ass, swirled it around and around and around, before pumping it back and forth over and over, I was tongue fucking my mother in laws asshole, and by the way she was groaning and breathing, she was loving it.”Oh yes Tom! oh yes Tom! oh yes Tom!” she kept muttering “Don’t stop! don’t stop!”Her hand was now wedged between her open legs, and I could see her rubbing her soft inviting mound, but she wanted her ass tongued so I gave it to her.I was güvenilir bahis soon plunging my tongue in and out of her asshole, and it was now as wide as a coin, but she didn’t seem to care as long as I kept on fucking it.After a few more minutes of this, Dawn’s ass was leaking juices and i was tasting it, but to be honest i didn’t care either now, i was into tonguing my mother in laws ass and i was enjoying it, and judging by the tent in my jeans really enjoying it.After just a bit longer, my tongue was going in to her asshole as far as it could, her soft warm cheeks were slapping me in the face, and she was now furiously rubbing at her pussy.”Oh fuck! oh fuck! oh fuck! oh fuck!” she was now crying over and over.Then she grabbed my head and pulled it tight into her asshole, my tongue wedged in to the moist hole as far as it could, her cheeks practically smothered me, and she began bucking against my face.”Fuck! fuck! FUCK! FUCK!” she cried as she came on my tongue.I felt her ass pulsing on my tongue as her orgasm hit, and all i could do was hold my breath, as my mother in law came on my face.After a few seconds of clamping my face in place between her cheeks, as her asshole squeezed my tongue over and over, she finally released me, and i knelt back trying to catch my breath.”Oh god Tom, that was good!” she grinned looking back at me “But i think we need to take this up a notch!” she then said before turning around, leaning down and undoing my jeans.My cock popped up ready to go the instant she opened the last button, and she gripped in her warm firm hand and began jerking it.”Oh yeah, this will do nicely!” she grinned.She then spat on it a few times to grease it up, while she continued to stroke it, and when i was definitely fully hard and covered in her own saliva, she then let go of my cock, and turned back around.”Fuck my ass Tom! Fuck it good and hard, just like you tongued it!” she ordered excitedly.So i knelt up again, moved up behind my hot blonde mother in law, placed my cock up against her wet open, ready asshole, and began to feed it in.My mother in law groaned and urged me on, as i forced the big round red head of my cock, into her back passage, and as she gripped the sheets in anticipation, i finally popped in, and her asshole began to stretch wider than before as my thick young cock filled her ass.”Oh yes Tom! oh yes!” she groaned as inch after slippery inch pushed it’s way into her back tight hole.Then once i was definitely a good three or more inches in, i gripped her hips, and began steadily fucking her ass.”Oh god Tom! oh god!” was all she kept saying as my cock steadily rocked türkçe bahis back and forth, stretching her little pink ring.For a few minutes i fucked nice and easily like this, then i began to pick up pace, feeding my cock deeper into her ass, letting her have it a little faster and a little harder, Dawn gripped the bed sheets tighter, her head was now down on the bed, and in this position i was getting the best angle to fuck her relentlessly.My cock shuttled back and forth, Dawn groaned over and over telling me to fuck her more, telling me to fuck my mother in law harder and harder.”You want this?” i asked getting into the roll “You want your son in laws cock deep in your ass? you want me to fuck you’re little asshole harder?””Yes!” she cried “Fuck my ass harder! fuck it harder! give me that big beautiful cock!” she groaned back.So i began pumping it in harder and deeper, my whole shaft was now sliding into that tight pink ring, stretching it to it’s limit, as my balls slapped against her pussy mound below.Her hand was still furiously rubbing at her pussy, and i could feel it occasionally poking at my hairy scrotum as they met, and now Dawn was really crying out and clearly getting closer to her second orgasm.”Oh god! oh god! oh god! oh god!” she was muttering loudly.I didn’t stop, i didn’t hold back, and just kept hammering away at my mother in laws little back hole, and after just another minute or two, she finally began to cry out.”I’m cumming! i’m cumming! i’m cumming! oh god you’re going to make me cum again!” she cried as she gripped the bed sheets tightly “Oh GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!” she finally cried at the top of her voice.And then i felt her buck, her body twitched violently on my cock, as it buried itself deep in her convulsing wet hole, and as her ass muscles squeezed my hard thick cock, my balls tightened and i knew i couldn’t hold back.”Oh SHIT YES!” i cried as my balls churned, and my cock began pumping my hot wet seed into my mother in laws asshole “OH FUCK YES!” i cried again as i unloaded wad after wad of hot sticky cum into Dawns back passage.For several hot amazing seconds we came together, grunting and grinding into each other, as our hot sweaty naked parts finally got relief.Then we finally stopped cumming, and i leant over my fucked mother in law’s back, to catch my breath.”Okay!” my mother in law gasped still trying to catch her breath “”That was good, that was fucking good!” she added, before she glanced over her shoulder at me “Keep doing that when i call and i promise you, Tina will never find out about you straying!””Deal!” i repliedThen Dawn turned slightly and kissed me deep on the lips, and i quickly responded in kind, before she told me to get off, and as i did, my softening cock slid out of her wet ass, and i watched as my cum began to dribble out and down her legs.Well, at least it wasn’t a bad deal.

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