My little naughty sister in law…

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My little naughty sister in law…I was away on another boring business trip for at least four days.On the second night, while laying naked on the bed in my hotel room, with my hard cock in hand, I snapped a picture of my nice erection and prepared to send it to my sweet Ana…I attached the picture to my mail and lazily began to type in Ana’s address. After I clicked to send it, I felt my heart sank, when I discovered I had mistaken the names and had sent the mail to my dear sister in law, instead of my naughty wife.Both names, Anita and Alicia, looked very similar…I had fucked Alicia in the past. She was then a slutty babe in her early twenties; but now she was a happily married grown woman.I decided the best thing to do was to send her another mail, to apologize for sending her a picture that showed me holding my hard dick in my hand…I briefly explained to Alicia this was meant for my wife and I had somehow accidentally sent it to her. Twenty minutes later I got an answer from my nice sister in law.I took a deep breath and clicked on to open the file.My sister in law’s response was:“No worries, dear Vic. I am missing that huge hard piece of meat. My sister is a lucky girl if she gets to play with that all the time…”It was such a relief to read her response and realize that she was very cool about the situation. I wrote back, saying I was glad to know her husband had not seen my mail.But then Alicia surprised me, by asking she wanted to see more…I got surprised also; but I knew my sexy sister in law would not tell anybody about this. So I decided to send her a short video of myself.I was masturbating myself in that video. I sent it to Alicia…Ten minutes later, I got her response:“I must admit, Vic, you made me a little wet watching this…!”I could not believe I was having this conversation with my wife’s sister. I recalled Alicia was a wild girl in her twenties; but now she looked like a very faithful married woman…Over the next two days, we sent each other back and forth about a dozen more times. I showed her konya escort my naughty solitaire reliefs with my cock in hand. Alicia sent me videos of herself touching her pussy while she was locked in her bathroom…I eventually came back home and found my sweet Ana was happy when she told me we would have her sister Alicia and her hubby here at home for a couple days. They would come from Buenos Aires, in way to San Francisco for business and pleasure…Ana and I went to receive them at the airport.When we first saw each other with Alicia, we gave a coy smile and a polite hug as we always had done. There was so much sexual tension in the air I was afraid everyone else could notice this… The long weekend at home with this nice couple began and my mind constantly raced as to when this was going to happen. I wanted to fuck Alicia like the old days…But we were many people in the house, with some other common friends and it was difficult for us to be alone just for a moment…But, on the second night, my wife’s sister and I found ourselves alone in the kitchen making some drinks to take to the back yard.Alicia then admitted she had been masturbating as she watched the videos I had sent her. She laughed, saying she was not embarrassed at all to confess she was still a naughty girl…My mind raced with the thought of taking a taste from Alicia.So I told her that in about twenty minutes I would excuse myself to get inside the house and use the suite bathroom for a quick relief.She could come after me and catch me as I was jerking myself.Alicia gave me that coy smile and returned to the group outside.About twenty minutes later I decided to make the move. I got up from my chair and whispered to Ana that I was going to the bathroom. Her sexy sister gave me a quick look but I was unable to know if she was going to follow me or not.I went to the bathroom upstairs and, as I entered there, I pulled out my hard cock. I began stroking it and getting it harder, hoping that my sister in law would show up. I was nervous but excited…Then escort konya it happened. I heard a faint knock on the door. I opened and saw Alicia was standing there. I opened the door widely, but she stood there at doorway, smiling and telling me to go ahead…I started jacking off hard and fast for her. She just stood there staring my cock as I stroked it for her. Two minutes later, she smiled and begged me to hurry up and cum for her…Her urgency made me even more aroused and I then started to cum all over the lavatory. Alicia stood there and watched me cum and it was such a turn on. As I began to clean up she surprised me again and reached out his hand to grab my still hard cock. Her fingers took some cum drops and my nasty sister in law licked them as she smiled at me. She then just turned and walked away…A few minutes later I joined the group outside and saw nobody had noticed nor suspected a thing.The next day we found again ourselves alone for a second time. My sister in law was the first in the shower that morning and when she got out she went to her room to finish getting dressed. As soon as the bathroom was empty it was my wife’s turn to take a shower. Alicia’s husband was outside on the back yard having breakfast; so I thought this could be our last good chance.She had kept the door cracked and I slipped my head and saw her wearing only a towel while she put on some makeup. She smiled, saying we should be careful, since she did not where her hubby was now. I told her we could have some privacy, since he was at the back yard…Alicia stood up and moved out to the hallway; with her wet hair and her nice body just wrapped in a towel.I lowered my shorts, exposing my cock to her again. I could see my naughty sister in law was enjoying the show and she kept staring at my cock with her wet red lips open…I asked her to show me her curvy body and, with no hesitation, she opened up her towel showing me her beautiful tits and a very nicely trimmed mound. The little bitch looked so hot…But she allowed konya escort bayan me just some seconds, before closing the towel again. She kept looking at my hardened dick in my hand.I asked her to let me see her ass; so once again she turned her back to me and lifted up the towel exposing her round buttocks. My hand reached out and cupped one of her cheeks and she arched her back a bit and stuck her butt out a bit more for me. I stepped forward, until my cockhead was touching her ass crack. Alicia giggled, asking if I was going to cum all over her ass cheeks.But instead of coming, I let out my dick and spread her ass cheeks apart with both hands.I thought about my sweet wife in the shower and my sister in law’s husband at the back yard; but it was just for a second; I also thought I was in a point of no return…The tip of my cock was slightly rubbing against Alicia’s puffy pussy lips; then I took my chance: I grabbed firmly her hips and shoved my hard erection up her tight cunt.Alicia gasped and put her hand to her mouth to muffle a loud cry.Her cunt was warm and wet; I knew she was aroused about watching at my hardening cock in front of her.I pulled her hair and made her nice face come closer to mine.I kissed her passionately and Alicia responded kissing me back with her wet tongue. I pumped her cunt fast, thinking we had just a couple minutes.Alicia pushed back a little letting me know she wanted it deeper.She suddenly came, biting her red lips. It was too much for me and then I exploded buried deeply inside of her delicious cunt.I pulled out quickly and saw a stream of my own semen running down Alicia’s thigh. She stood straight and turned to me.She kissed me again and said I would better go and clean myself.And with that, she just walked into her room and shut the door.I returned to my room and a few minutes later the shower stopped. My wife came into the room and said it was my turn now.But she then noticed I was still hard. My thick cock was pulsating inside of my shorts, even after the quick fucking with Alicia.Anita smiled; I knew the bitch knew it for sure…She unwrapped her towel and showed me her naked sexy body.But then it was
the worst; when my naughty wife said Alicia had told her about my mistake in sending the first mail…

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