My kid sister Amy

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My kid sister Amy
My k** sister

My name is Allen I’m 17 and this about my k** sister Amy she is 16 our sexual relationship started when I was a junior in high school . We share a bathroom and it’s not uncommon to see her in just her bra and panties , but lately she leaves her door slightly open and she walks around her room naked at first I thought she might have accidentally not closed the door completely so I closed the door to protect her privacy . I could not shake the vision of her naked so I ran to my room so that I could relieve myself it was the most intense orgasm I ever had.

The next day I tried to avoid eye contact with Amy , guess I was feeling a little guilty about jacking off after seeing her naked , but that image will forever be burned into my memory. Amy could tell that something was bothering me so she asked if she did something wrong , we have always been honest with each other but I found it hard to tell her that I saw her naked in her room , but she just laughed and said she left the door open on purpose with the hope that I would see her naked she said that she has had the hots for me for sometime now but didn’t quite know how to tell me.

I stood there in shock not knowing what to say but when she started to rub my crotch with one hand then her other hand reach behind my head and pull her lips to mine I just reacted and kissed her back shoving my tongue down her throat and grabbing her tight little ass and grinding my hips into her crotch my mind was just crazy with lust I never wanted to fuck anyone as bad as I wanted to fuck her . When we broke the kiss she said I was hoping that you might feel the same way cause I have been shaving my pussy just for you .

Mom and dad both have to work this weekend so I’m hoping that we can pickup where we left off my sources say that you a first class pussy licker and I have been practicing with mom’s dildo and would love to try the real thing fucking my throat and slamming into my hairless cunt . Whoa just a minute I said now what are your sources saying about me ? Well I know for a fact that your cock is at least 7 inches and very thick and that you trim all around your cock and balls and that you can shoot a huge amount of cum . My mind is now racing trying to think of just would know these details and the only name that comes to me is Becky my current girlfriend . Becky has learned to deep throat my cock and has finally swallowed me all the way down to my balls and that’s what I love about her she is not afraid to try anything she took to sucking dick like a duck to water , plus she swallowed my load the first time I came in her mouth . I made the comment that I like a shaved pussy and on our next date she had shaved her cunt bald instead of just being trimmed I immediately dove straight into her sweet pussy and proceeded to lick her to several mind blowing orgasms before I would stop . Becky loves it when I fuck her ass , now I’m thinking that I’d love to fuck my sister’s sweet ass too.

The weekend seemed like it took forever to get here but mom and dad finally left for work , with the same old instructions don’t burn down the house , don’t kill each other and no one comes over while we are gone. OK we got it all ready , mom smiled and said be good see you guys this afternoon late we both should be back before dark there’s money for lunch or just get something from the freezer, see ya later . With that said she was gone out the door and into her car and she was away she went .

I looked at Amy and she smiled then said I thought they would never leave , lets go to my room I’m just dying to get a taste of that big cock of yours . I watched in awe as Amy undressed on the way to her room showing me that sweet little ass of hers , those tennis ball sized tits and her mouth watering pussy . My cock was more than ready to invade every hole she has more than once . When we finally reached her room she kissed me so hard that it almost felt like she was going suck my cock from the inside of my body . My hands were all over her body exploring every possible inch both outside and inside .

It took a few seconds for us to calm down enough for me to lead her to the bed so that I could remove the rest of my clothes , she fingered her pussy as I undressed so that when I stepped out of my shorts Amy immediately got on her knees reached for my cock then slipped it straight to the back of her mouth then grabbing my ass cheeks so that she could control the pace of the blowjob . My hands went to the back of her head as my hips pumped in and out of her mouth . Amy’s technique felt really good lots of tongue action and suction in just a few minutes I could feel my balls starting to tighten up like they were going to burst wide open , I said that I’m getting close now you better stop or your going to get a mouth full of cum . Amy stopped just long enough to say that she wanted my cum to fill her belly and she was not gonna stop until I filled her up .

Well who am I to argue with that logic so I started canlı bahis to pump my hips faster while holding her head not forcing it any deeper if she was determined to get a belly full then it is my job to give her what she wanted . What really sent me over the top was watching my beautiful k** sister ‘s blond hair flowing back and forth while my rock hard cock reached the back of her throat it was a sight that I would never in a million years would ever happen . I stopped my hips for a couple of seconds as I held her head still while I pumped out my load onto her mouth , her tongue kicked into overdrive when the first spurt hit the back of her throat she tighten her lips and sucked harder it was the most incredible feeling ever , Amy was determined to get ever drop that I could produce . My eyes were shut so tight I could see stars . From that moment I knew I wanted to give her the that kind of pleasure everyday as much as humanly possible and when ever we were able .

As I caught my breath I pulled Amy to her feet hugged her so tight and told her that it was my turn to lick her pussy until she came all over my face then I was going to do it all over again . Amy smiled and said what are you waiting for a written invitation , I have been waiting what seemed like forever for you to eat my cunt . I have jilled myself for months waiting for this moment so lets not waste anymore time talking it’s time for me to ride your face big brother . Now I can finally bury my face into Amy’s pussy something I have been looking forward all week and I won’t disappoint her .

I crawled between those lovely thighs looking at the most beautiful shaved clean pussy in my life licking my lips I lightly touched her clit with my tongue which caused her to gasp for breath as she reached for my head she said don’t miss anything eat it all . Hearing her say that was like a jolt of lightning for me as I pulled her hips closer as my face dove straight for her pussy , I felt like a man starving and I was going to eat her until I was full . My tongue searched every possible spot from her asshole to her button and everything in between . I seemed like I was just getting started when Amy grabbed my head and held it while she humped my face her ragged breath told me she was cumming hard I wanted her to have the best possible experience so I increased my tongue action . Amy pulled my hair as she exploded in my face and I had not planned on stopping until she forced me away from her cunt .

Amy’s chest heaved up and down as she tried to catch her breath a smile spread across her face , when she finally opened her eyes she said to me that was better than I ever could have imaged and I want us to do this as often as possible , what ya think big brother would you ever want to eat your little sister again ? Anytime you want I would love to eat your sweet pussy every day if I could . That is like music to my ears but I’d love for you to fuck my ass and cunt too , plus I want more of your cock juice to fill my belly so let’s make a deal . Anything for you baby I said . OK but first I have to make a phone call .

Who as you calling ? If you promise not to tell mom or dad that we had company over while they were at work then I’m sure that we could make this a regular thing if you want ? I’d love to make this our secret but who are you calling ? Well if you must know I’m calling Becky she is the one that suggested I seduce you with the hope that she could join us if you want . Are you sure you want that ? Would you be OK with that ? More than OK Becky and I have been lovers for awhile now and we both love you so much that it only seem right that we both share you if you want ? Are you serious that is every man’s dream having two beautiful women to fuck and suck when ever he wants .

When Amy returned a couple of minutes later and said that Becky was on her way and would be here in a few . I was laying on the bed slowly stroking my cock when Amy started to lick the head of my cock , teasing me saying would you like to shove this monster up my ass . Hell yes you and Becky both are going to get it up the ass , only because you kept it hidden from me . Just think the three of us could have been fucking each others brains out for months now if you would have asked me earlier . Well big brother it’s not something you would bring up as an every day subject it has to be the right time and place .

Well look who started without me Becky said from the doorway it startled me since I had my back to the door . It took a second to regain my composure but felt a little bit more at ease when Becky started to undress as she approached us and said I hope there is still some left for me after all this was my idea . Soon we were all naked and we shared a three way kiss which really got my blood pumping . Becky spoke up first and said that she wanted my cock up her ass and for Amy to lay in front of her so that she could eat her pussy while I fucked her good.

Amy scrambled onto the bed in front of Becky and güvenilir casino positioned her sweet pussy
in front of her face as Becky got on her hands and knees and raised up her ass to me . I slid a couple of finger into her very wet cunt then my cock for a few strokes before I removed it and slammed my full length as far up her ass as I could her scream would have been louder had it not been her face buried into Amy’s cunt . I grabbed Becky’s hips and pounded my cock into her ass , as I wished I could fuck every woman like this but not every woman wants a ride up the old dirt road . I feel very lucky to have more than one woman that wants to have her ass invaded many guys never find any to receive such pleasure . I return to the matter at hand so to speak , I opened my eyes to see Amy hand firmly pushing Becky’s face into her pussy with some urgent purpose of cumming all over her face . Just the sight of seeing my two favorite women enjoying themselves as much as I was enough to send me over the edge . I exploded deep in Becky’s ass just about the same time as Amy moaned and flooded Becky’s face with her juices . Becky came a few seconds later her ass squeezed my cock like a vice milking my cock I pulled out of her ass with a pop , and saw a gaping hole staring back at me a huge smile spread across my face as my cum slowly dripped out .

This is going to be a great day I had just unloaded a huge cum shot in Becky’s ass and as soon as I can catch my breath I’m gonna fill Amy’s ass the same way but first I have to pee and find something to eat . The girls lay spread out on the bed eyes closed and both with a giant grin on their faces they looked so peaceful so I just left them laying there I’d be back to finish the job . I went into the bathroom to relieve myself as started to pee Amy said can I hold your cock while you pee? OK if you want to, as she grabbed my cock I could feel the piss racing out of my cock and splash into the toilet . That is so cool I have never done anything like that before she said. I’m thinking you are only sixteen when would had time to ever do anything like this. Today is a day of firsts for the three of us but I sure have my fingers crossed that it won’t be the last.

All of us are now in the kitchen trying to find something to eat the girls grab a yogurt while I looked and leaned into the refrigerator Amy walked up to me and knelt down and licked my ass which shocked the shit out of me I almost jumped into to the fridge , composing myself quickly I reached behind and grabbed Amy’s head as I thrust my ass back into her mouth forcing her chin right into my balls and her nose right at my asshole , Take a good look honey cause in the next couple of hours I’m going to have my cock in your ass and fill you with my spunk MMMMMM was all she could say with a mouthful of my ass. Becky cracked up laughing by saying to Amy you are just going to love having your brothers cock up your ass anytime you want it , makes me wish I had a brother to fill my needs when ever I needed it which is everyday sometimes twice a day , so maybe I can come over here a little more often and get my itch scratched maybe your dad could help me out sometime? I wish said Amy if it were possible I’d love to have dad’s cock in my mouth or in my ass , only problem is mom she may not like the idea of having her husband ‘s cock deep in their daughter . I’d like to know just how big his cock is I sure hope that big cocks run in our family just think about it two big cocks fucking my face and my ass would be heavenly . Your right sis but I doubt it will ever happen I mean dad would go for it in a heart beat but mom would squash it long before it ever got off the ground . So if you ever want two cocks fucking your brains out at the same time you are going to have to look elsewhere . Yeah your right mom would never go for it unless she thought it was her idea .

So we returned to the bedroom after I finally found something to eat . Amy was so anxious that she sprinted to and assumed the position while Becky crawled under Amy’s face and pulled her head straight into to her pussy like Amy did to her . I brought the KY jelly just to make it a little less painful for Amy but I still was going to give it to her hard . I lubed her asshole with plenty of KY and some on my cock as well . I started slowly until I could get the head of my cock just past her sphincter then it was straight to the bottom full steam ahead . Amy squirmed a little at first but soon relaxed enough to start enjoying it . Becky’s eyes were closed as she ground Amy’s face as deep into her cunt as possible with out smothering her . I was enjoying the view watching my cock sinking to the depths of Amy’s bowels and watching Becky’s face all squished up humping Amy’s face we were all having a grand old time and not wanting this to ever end .

I knew it might take awhile to cum since I had recently unloaded a huge amount into Becky tight ass but I wasn’t in any hurry a slow and steady pace seemed to internet casino be just right Amy had relaxed to the point that she was enjoying my cock reaming her ass with powerful strokes as she feasted on Becky’s cunt . My mind wondered thinking how wonderful it would be to fuck mom in the ass she has a terrific figure for a woman of thirty six and I’m sure she can give any man a hard-on if she wanted too. I remember last year while on vacation when we were at the beach how great she looked in her bikini a tight stomach from all the hours at the gym . I grabbed Amy’s hips and stroked as deep as I could driving my cock all the way to my balls while thinking I wish I could fuck mom like this . The mental picture in my mind was pushing me closer to cumming in Amy’s tight ass I could not hold back any longer I came so hard in her sweet little ass that I almost blacked out . I held on until I finished then pulled out with a pop loud enough to cause the three of us to laugh . My cum just leaked out of Amy’s ass slowly while I flopped onto my back next to Becky . I reached over and squeezed her tit as she moaned from the licking she was getting from Amy. The girls were really enjoying themselves and I was too just watching them . Becky’s breathing increased and her hands wrapped around Amy’s head as she humped her face. Becky’s mouth opened and said I’m gonna cum all your face bitch and your gonna swallow every drop. Mmmmmmmm was all I heard as Becky flooded Amy’s face I started to get another stiffy .

One great thing about being just s*******n is that it doesn’t take long to recover and watching these two little minx sure made it easy and I plan to take full advantage of that. I said that I was going to take a quick shower ,when Amy said let’s use mom’s shower it’s the biggest so we won’t be crowded so we ran to mom’s room grabbed a few towels from the hall closet . I made sure that I soaped up the girls washing their pussy and ass because I am going to be licking both of them . Becky made sure that my cock and balls were properly cleaned before rinsing off . When we were basically dry Amy suggested that the girls should see who could swallow my cock and stay down with as much of my cock as far down their throat for the longest time I thought it was a great idea my cock already started to rise.

Amy told Becky that since he is my brother that she would go first Becky said sure go ahead but I’m gonna win , Amy slipped to her knees took a deep breath and swallowed my cock to the back of her throat she grabbed my ass cheeks and forced the last two inches down her throat as her tongue danced around the underside of my shaft . After about fifteen seconds Amy started to tear up as she ran out of breath she pulled off my cock . WOW that is harder that I thought it would be . OK Amy now watch how a real pro handles it. Becky looked up onto my eyes and said get ready big boy your going to love this . She opened her mouth took a deep breath and forced it straight down her throat the feeling is amazing her throat muscles felt like they were milking my cock , I put my hand on the back of her head and forced her nose to my groin . Becky started to suck harder and after about thirty seconds she came off my cock took a breath and went straight back down As I started to pump her mouth , Becky stroked my balls as my cock invaded her mouth and throat .

Amy sat next to Becky and asked her if she could have another turn . Becky looked up at me and I nodded as she released me with a pop which felt incredible by the way. Amy crawled between my legs placed her hands on my hips and pulled me right into her mouth and taking me as far down her throat as she could my balls bouncing off her chin at a steady pace I put my hand on the back of her head for balance as I forced my cock to the limit into her mouth. Becky moved behind me and placed a wet finger into my ass trying to stimulate my prostate the feeling of her finger and Amy’s mouth was just to much , I have never come so hard in my life my eyes rolled to the back of my head and my legs grew weak as I held onto Amy’s head as I felt cum rushing out of my cock and straight down Amy’s throat .

I swear here was pain involved and for just a few seconds the light were out everything went dark. I had to sit down and catch my breath as Becky and Amy moved into the sixty nine position , it was quite a show as both girls looked to be very good at eating pussy as they were really getting into it I would have had a major boner if I hadn’t just blown my nut just a moment before .

My parents have only been gone from the house for four hours and I’m fucking exhausted and my nuts are tender I need a nap bad , I told the girls that I needed a break and that we would continue after a couple of hours sleep they were both in agreement so we went to my room threw back the covers and crawled into bed with me in the middle . Sleep came quickly for me it felt like I left my body as my mind wandered three hours just flew by when I awoke from the deep sleep I could feel movement around my hips, when I opened my eyes I saw Amy and Becky licking my shaft the girls were looking back at me and grinning like the cat that ate the canary when Becky said welcome back sleepy head

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