My husbands’s Sexy Surprise!!!

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My husbands’s Sexy Surprise!!!I have made no attempt to hide my absolute unwavering LOVE of sex!!! I have an insatiable appetite for making love. If given the choice, I’d rather be playing with a cock, then everything else comes after that. From the minute I lost my virginity, which was a fantastic experience, I have been on that never ending quest to get as much cock as possible. I just LOVE it. I have been a very lucky girl to get to have been with some very sexy and wonderful guys, with great hard cocks, that can fuck me like I need to be fucked. Although our marriage ended in divorce, my ex had a “Rock Star” cock!!! It was definitely the best part of our marriage. He pounded me relentlessly and my pussy was always satisfied. We had sex 2-3 times a day, even when we were fighting. Sometimes he would add a little spice to our sex life, which always turned me on……..this story is about one of those times.My ex-hubby is a touring musician. He is a sexy physical specimen. Like I already mentioned, his cock was superb. As a musician, when on the road, I am aware that he enjoyed time with other ladies. I was realistic to that fact. But when he was home, he was all mine. Sexually, we took advantage of our time together.After a short tour, he was due home and I was really horny!!! I was super excited to know that I would soon be getting some hard cock. I heard the garage door, so I knew he was home. I was in the kitchen when he came in. I had on a pair of loose gym shorts (very sexy) and a tight t-shirt (no bra), and a pair of very sexy panties. He looked sexy too. We kissed and he felt me up for a few minutes. His hands explored every inch of me! I could feel his cock was super hard and my pussy was starting to get very wet. He then whispered in my ear, “I have a little surprise”… heart started to pound!!! He had a little bag that he gave me, I opened it and inside was some lotion, a blindfold, a feather and a cute little paddle! We have been know to enjoy a little light spanking to get us in the mood!!! I was super excited and my stomach had butterflies! I told him….”well, I’m all yours baby”…..***side note*** The paddle was super sexy! Written on it: “BAD GIRLS WHOSE BOTTOM’S GET SPANKED RED…GIVE MUCH BETTER HEAD”. One side had a cute drawing of a girl bent over, her bottom lip pouting, her skirt pulled up, panties around her knees, with a glowing red bottom. The other side had the girl on her knees, panties still around her legs, glowing red bottom, giving a blowjob to the man who just spanked her. The guy was laid back holding the paddle that alanya escort had smoke coming off of it!!! *** {{{sigh}}}He then takes me by the hand and leads me into our bedroom. He said that he needed some pussy really bad and we need to get this party started. He then informed me that our friends Tommy and Dina were coming over later. Tommy and Dina are very close friends. They are a super sexy couple who we have talked about possibly having a foursome with. Me and Dina have always been attracted to each other but never acted on it. I was glad that we were going to see them, but…like him…I needed some cock so I was ready to get down to action!!!He sat down on the bed, and asked me if I’d been a bad girl while he was gone! I answered “YES” knowing full well that it meant I’d soon be over his lap getting my ass spanked. He said “well, you know how this goes. Bad girls get their butt’s spanked don’t they”? He then told me to bend over his lap. I bent over and his hands started to rub my ass. I was anticipating that first smack!!! He then swats the hell out of me!!! Oh God it felt so good. Then he spanked me again…I was stinging!!! He then pulls my shorts down and gets that little paddle!!! I braced myself for it and he then spanked me good with that paddle. My butt was stinging and pink. My pussy was dripping!!! His cock was about to burst out of his pants. He asked me how it felt and if I was going to be a good girl now? I said I would and told him to stand up and I’ll prove it. He stood up and I unzipped his pants. His cock was rock hard and standing straight up. I kissed it, licked it, sucked it and rubbed it all over my face. I was owning his cock at that moment. It was mine and all mine to enjoy. I don’t know if I’d ever taken him so far into my mouth as I did at that moment. He was really enjoying it too. I had his balls, cupped in my hand, squeezing them as I swallowed him deep. My tongue was flicking the sensitive underside as I went. His balls were heavy and full. His cock was glistening from the the blowjob I was giving him. He told me I was a good girl and good girls get some hard cock!!! He asked me if I was ready to get fucked good. I stood up and he put on the blindfold. I laid back and he took the feather and tickled me. He gently went from my sensitive breasts down my tummy to my wet throbbing pussy. It was so excruciatingly awesome!!! I was so horny I was about to explode. He then told me to turn around, put my butt up, arch my back and put my head on the bed. He also told me to leave on the blindfold. I totally did escort alanya as he said. I quickly got into position. I heard him walking around behind me, making me wait. He then said, “ok, reach back and open your cheeks for me”. I did and he started rubbing his cock on my ass. I tried pushing back against him but was unsuccessful getting him inside me. Then he grabs my hips and WHAM!!! He went balls deep inside me!!! I screamed out LOUD!!! Then we pulled out to the tip and WHAM…balls deep. At that point he started hammering my pussy hard! I was panting and screaming from how hard he was fucking me. It was exhilarating. His cock felt extra thick as he pounded me from behind. He then instructed me to play with my clit. When I touched it, I came so hard. He just kept pounding away!!! I covered my mouth to muffle my screams but it didn’t help. I was in heaven. He slowed his pace a bit and asked how it felt. I told him this dick is AMAZING!!! IT FELT FUCKING INSANE!!! I then felt his lips kiss my lips and he squeezed my hands. It startled me…I was like “wait…how is he kissing me when he’s behind me pounding my wet pussy”. He pulled off the blindfold and looked me in the eyes. He said “SURPRISE”….He was on his knees if front of me. Our friends Tommy and Dina were there the whole time!!! Tommy was the one fucking me while my hubs was watching. I started to turn around but Tommy held my hips tight and in place. He said “don’t go anywhere yet, I’m not done pounding that pussy”. Dina was standing there in a sexy nightie. Her face was just beaming!!! She asked me “How do you like my husband’s cock”? I told her it was fucking FANTASTIC!!! She then informed me that she was getting ready to take my hubs cock for a ride. She then bent over the bed, held my hands, spread her legs and kissed me on the lips! She looked back and told him to fuck her. He wasted no time getting behind her. He gave her little butt a smack and jammed his cock in to her. Dina’s eyes were staring into mine as he did. It took her breath and her eyes went into the back of her head. She was in heaven. Our lips were together as our husbands fucked us. I could feel her hot breath as she moaned, panted and screamed out. A couple of times, she squeezed my hands so hard it hurt, but her husbands cock quickly took my focus back to the task at hand. Both of us girls were getting fucked good, proper and HARD by the other’s man.While we were getting fucked, the boys were talking about how good our pussies felt. A few times they would “high five” the other without breaking stride. Both alanya escort bayan of us came a couple of times in our current positions. We continued to kiss passionately while our men handled business. It was an onslaught of deep, hard, continuous, pumping tip to base strokes for both of us. Tommy then says “OH GOD, I’m gonna cum”…then he blasted a massive load all over my back!!! My husband a few minutes later gave Dina a massive load on her cute round bottom. The were congratulating each other when Dina looks me in the eye and says…”Nikki, I want you to spank me with that little paddle, I got so wet watching you get spanked”. I was shocked. I said OKAY! Then she said…”after you paddle me…I want to eat your pussy”. I was beside myself. Then she turned around, bent over, grabbed her ankles and told me to give her ass a paddling!!! I happily obliged her. I swatted Dina 3 good whacks. Her beautiful butt turned cherry red. She squeeled and yelled “OUCH”. God it was sexy. Then she pushed me back and started licking my pussy. She made me cum quick….then I returned the favor. I got between her legs and licked her sweet pussy. I could taste my husband on her wet cum covered bush. I had my butt in the air while I was eating her. I suddenly felt a smack on my ass…it was Tommy…He told me to spread my legs apart so they could see my pussy while I ate her out. I finished Dina with an explosive orgasm. She shook and came hard. It was sexy.When we finished, I wiped my chin and smiled. The boys then suggested a blowjob competition. Who can make the other’s husband cum fastest gets to be the winner. The boys stood up, and we took our positions on our knees inches from their hard, massive, awaiting cocks. They again shook hands and said….”READY, SET, GO”….We began sucking the other’s husband. It was a blowjob fest. We are both very good at sucking cock. I finally took Tommy’s huge thick cock down my throat and rubbed his balls passionately. He couldn’t last another second…and he pumped cum down my throat!!! After I swallowed as much as possible and the rest ran down my breasts…Tommy declared me the WINNER!!!! Dina then, in defeat…finished my hubby with a sexy blowjob. It was so sexy to watch her swallow my husbands cum!!! Hubby and Tommy then went and jumped in the pool and me and Dina showered together. We had such a great time talking, kissing and washing each other. We marveled at how great our boys cocks are!!!After that, we had many more foursomes. Also, me and Dina had many lovely, sexy times together. There aren’t words to describe how much I love the taste of her pussy. As good as she tastes, and as soft and sexy as she is….NOTHING will ever replace the undying love I have for HARD COCK. I have dedicated my life to pleasing Hard Cocks!!!! Happy fucking y’all….and best wishes!!! Kisses!!!!!

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