My homestay student forced me

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My homestay student forced meIn the past there had been some embarrassing situations between our homestay student, David, and I, of a physical nature. I imagine his behavior stems from his culture or some genetic endowment as I’m sure i have done nothing to encourage this. On one occasion he had basically forced me to kiss his genital area and had become completely carried away with it, developing a huge erection. And then on a later occasion he had forced himself on me in an overly intimate fashion where i had again firmly resisted but he, being of bigger size and weight, had persisted and things had gotten out of hand again, but this time it was even more embarrassing as he made me suck the head of his huge erection.Since that time David had been more respectful as I had been very stern with him and threatened to humiliate him in front of his father if he didnt stop these advances. We eventually settled the situation by David standing in front of me while i gently pulled his undies down and he was able to resist getting an erection or trying to touch me despite me being in my bra and panties. He had argued that it was myself who had caused him to be so “horny”. Though i cannot imagine how he could believe that. I admit i like to güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri dress nicely but that is hardly an excuse for his bulging shorts and all the lude behaviors that followed.So more recently i had noticed David again becoming more reckless with his gaze and his suggestions. I really wonder why he is like this.I hadn’t said anything but then just a week ago when i went into the breakfast room in my nightie and stockings, there he was sitting with just his undies on and his legs apart in a fashion that afforded me a clear gaze of his cock. His undies were so loose that my stare took in almost his whole shaft, which appeared to be already a little erect.Ignoring him i continued making my cereal.“Mm I love those sheer stockings. And your nightie is so short, its above the curve of your arse”, he said.“Well u can talk” i said as i marched over to himI placed my hand on his undies to stop him getting an erection. “You’re not exactly hiding anything are you!” I could feel his body heat right through the fabric.Being so typically rude David silently reached out and felt the curve of my arse with his hand and ran his fingers under my nightie. “Stop that immediately” i insisted, feeling his güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri fingers on my sensitive thighs.“You’re not wearing any panties!” He exclaimed“That’s very common David. There is nothing in the rule book says i have to.”I realised his cock was fully erect under my hand and protruding from the leg of his undies“So why don’t you just behave like a good boy and finish your breakfast young man. And stop exposing your big cock”. I felt myself blush as i looked at his erection.As I leaned across the bench allowing my nightie to ride up over my arse I realised that might be a turn on for a young man. I knew he would be tempted and i wasn’t going to allow him to touch me anymore.David gently held my hand on his hard cock still protruding from his undies, Without realising what i was doing i squeezed his cock gently, enjoying memories of when i was dating his father“David we have to stop this, youre my homestay, and you mother would be very angry”“But it just aches so much there” he groanedMy fingers encircled his shaft and I slowly began to masturbate his cock, wanting to relieve his ache like his mother would if she had been able to.“Fuck, that’s so good”, his voice shuddered“I don’t güvenilir bahis şirketleri want to see it,” i said, “you’re so naughty, and stop swearing, you know i don’t approve of naughty talk”Continuing to masturbate him, but only very gently, he became even harder, his hands caressing my thighs and almost suggestively stroking under my hem lineMy nightie was riding up and David’s cock was rock hard. “David please dont, you’re over hard now!”“Please just rub it a little more to relieve my aching and then we can stop”So because I felt i should support him i continued to gently masturbate his throbbing cock, squeezing the head a little firmer-i dont want u to cumm David. No accidents, do u understand me! No accidentsHe squirmed as i masturbated himWithout my approval but very gently David pushed me against the bench“Mmmm this is so nice, and it’s so good for my aching balls and cock”I could feel David’s erection throbbing against my thigh“David stop, NO, you’re too close! You might have an accident and dirty my nightie”I lifted my nightie a little to avoid any of his juices getting onto the silkHis cock was hot against my skin I hadn’t expected my body to respond but without warning I felt a warm feeling down my leg and i realised i had wet myself and it had run over his erection and down my stockings“Oh shit” he exclaimed, “oh shit im gunna cumm!”“No david, we mustn’t”, i tried to pulll away but his body being so rigid held me and suddenly i fely his cock ejeculate hot semen over my vagina and thighs, running down my stockingsLook for part two…

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