my first time with a man

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my first time with a man
I was a 20 year old college student at the time. Fit and thin. I was dating a girl but had been interested in feeling what another cock was like in my hands for a while. So I started looking at craigslist every so often. The posts made me horny and I usually ended up masturbating and logging off before doing anything.

I has a few drinks one night and logged on. I thought maybe I should finally post for once. I started on my ad, mainly pointing out that I was inexperienced and looking for someone patient to let me touch their dick. I was suddenly rock hard as I typed so I went even further… I snapped a picture of my hard dick and uploaded it too.

About twenty minutes after I posted I started receiving responses. None of them seemed like a fit until I saw His. He described himself as a stocky older man in his 50s who could host at his place. He even assured me we would go nice and slow. He included a nude pic and his dick looked very big and interesting. I responded quickly telling him more about what I was interested in, saying it would be nice if he was waiting for me nude so we didn’t have to have awkward small talk. He was friendly in his response and said that could be arranged. Also that he lived pretty close to me. I had another drink and decided it was now or never. I got his address and let him know I would walk over after a shower.

My legs were trembling as I walked to his apartment building. It was only a twenty minute walk and I was very close to turning around a number of times. Finally I got to his door but his buzzer broke. I emailed him from my phone and eventually he came down in a robe to let me in- it was the awkwardness I was afraid of. Surprisingly he was all smiles and didn’t think much of it, which put me canlı kaçak bahis at ease.

We walked up to his apartment together in silence. Once we got through his door the lights were indeed down, but I had seen enough of him on the stairs to see what he was like. He was definitely in his 50s, shorter and much stockier than me, but he looked friendly and handsome. Like a rugby player. He offered me some wine when I sat on his couch and I said yes. He sat at the far end of the couch and we sipped our wine in almost full silence. I nervously put my glass down and started touching his outstretched arm. I could see him smile in the moonlight and put his glass down too.

I touched his arm some more and then scooted over closer to him. He looked so comfortable and content in his robe and then I noticed his legs were slowly opening but his still covered him. I felt an urge to touch his chest so I started rubbing where his robe was open. His chest was firm and hairy, much hairier than mine. I was close enough to feel his breath at this point so I brought my mouth close to his and kissed him. He kissed back and our mouths fit together really well. He kissed slow and passionately, with both of his arms still propped up on the back of his couch. I pulled back from the kiss and looked down, his robe had opened up due to his large erection, exposing his firm stout belly and a big thick cock. I was still fully dressed but he didn’t seem to mind.

I got off the couch and sat on my knees, I couldn’t help but comment on how big it was. He agreed modestly, mentioning the girth. It must have been about 8×6 inches- thick and uncut. His balls were juicy and big too, with a nice amount of hair all around. I put both of my hands on his dick and he moaned approvingly. canlı bahis I started stroking his cock and cupping his big ballsack at the same time. His moans were low like a bear. I could see some pre cum glistening so I moved my mouth up to the head and took it in my mouth. I think this surprised him- both of his legs twitched and he giggled. It tasted so salty and clean at the same time. I had no idea what I was doing but he seemed to be enjoying it. I started rubbing his chest again while I sucked on the tip of his cock some more and he slipped completely out of his robe.

His cock was twitching after a while so i stood up and sat next to him, we started kissing hard and deep, tongues in sync. I had a hard grip around his cock and started slowly pulling at it. It was like a long soda can. I started pulling faster and could feel him grunting through our kissing. He pulled away and let out a big moan and I felt warm thick cum ooze out all over my hands as he panted.

I sat back and felt a huge smile on my face. He was smiling too. We started talking more at that point and finished the wine. He sat there with his rope wide open and with his cum covered cock out the whole time. I admired his confidence. He told me he was a geology professor from another university an hour away so all my internal fears about discretion went out the window. I wanted to kiss him again so I did. We kissed for about 30 minutes and this time he helped me out of my clothes. I stood up to slide my pants off and sat down on his lap to kiss him more. I could feel his hands reach around my hips and his hard cock sliding between my cheeks. He stopped kissing me to ask if I’d like to go up to his bed. I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

We walked up the stairs to his loft bed and kaçak bahis we started kissing again. My naked body on top of his. I told him I wanted him inside me between kisses and I could feel him smile while our tongues pushed on each other. He pulled a condom out of his coffee table while I moved down to use my mouth on him. I could taste the cum from earlier and my ass surprisingly felt wet in anticipation. It felt like it was begging to be used. I licked his balls while he fit the magnum condom over his juicy cock and once it was on I moved up to meet his mouth again. I slid my legs around his and he eased my hole on top of his cock, rubbing it gently with his head. I was so tight that it would barely budge. His fingers came around my smooth cheeks and started touching my hole, I was so eager to be penetrated that I was almost twerking onto his fingers.

He told me to lay down on my front so I did. He got behind me and slowly worked his lubed fingers into me. It hurt at first but soon I was thrusting back toward him to go deeper. He brought out more lube as I was face down and I could hear him apply it. I missed his fingers already. Suddenly his cock head was back at my entrance. This time he pushed further and I could feel myself opening up. He pushed until what felt like his cock was inside me. He leaned down and I met his lips with a twist of my head. He started thrusting now- slow at first, then fast, then very fast. My mouth was wide open and I could feel my eyes started blurring. I could hear him grunting hard and he put more and kore of his weight on me. His cock was pushing in the perfect spot, I was at a loss for expression. Finally he let out a big moan as he filled up his condom inside me. I felt his pulsing dick pull out slowly and he collapsed on top of me, kissing my neck and mouth.

i eventually got up on my shaky legs and cleaned up in his bathroom. He kissed me goodbye and I walked home and back to my life. It’s ten years later and I still think about him and that night.

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