My first time part 1 (true)

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My first time part 1 (true)This is my first story on here and it is also a true story about my first experience! I hope you enjoy please leave a comment or message me your thoughts. I was in my last year of high school, i was 17 years old and i was quite mature for my age. It was with my beautiful english teacher her name was Miss.Steele. she was a goddess of a woman. She was about 5ft 6 with a beautiful thin but curvy body. She had sholder length dark brown hair, with crystal blue eyes. She had a big bust and a nice ass. She would always come into school wearing tight dresses and skirts that would show off her assests. Everyday i would go home and jerk to her. Over the last two years we started to talk a bit after class about her life and her relationships id say we had become good friends.Then one night whilst i lay awake in my bed, my phone buzzes. I pick up my phone and she has messaged me on facebook messenger.”Hello i know this may seem odd but i really need to talk to you after school tomorrow. X” she had said”Dont be silly of course what about?x” i replied “I just need your opinion on something x” she said.”Ok ill see you tomorrow x” i replied and the convosation ended.The next day i walked into school and her class was the last class. The lessons seemed to drag on and on. I was constantly waiting for her lesson. Then finally it was her lesson. I was the first to enter and she smiled as i came in. But i didnt notice. What i noticed was what she was wearing she was wearing a tight red güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri dress the showed off her curves that stopped just above the knee. She had red heels and black stockings. The dress showed a lot of cleavage and she had a full face of make up on but not too much. Her eyes were shadowy and seductive. Her lips were red to match her dress. She coukd see my reaction as i walked in and sat down. All through that lesson my cock was aking in my pants. I was so hard. During one of our tasks she was sat at her desk on the computer and her legs were crossed. She pulled her dress up to show the top of her stockings and i nearly came there and then. The bell finally went and everbody raced off and as they did she said “can i have a word with you for a minute will?” She said in a sturn voice. With everyone gone she shut the door behind them. “Take a seat” she said smiling as she pointed at the seat just in front of her desk. I sat. She walked over and sat on the edge of the desk in front of me. “So will i just wanted to ask you… do you think im attractive?” She said I was taken aback for a second and then composed my self “well yes miss of course you are!” I said.”Really? Are sure? Its just i seem to only like guys who are knobheads” she says her emotion showing”Yes you are and you will find the guy you deserve one day! You are an amazing woman!” I said sensing the opotunity to flatter her.”Awww thank you will!” She said blushing”Your welcome miss! Is youwin that all?” I ask getting up”Not quite” she says also standing up and walking closer to me “I couldnt help notice how you look at me will!” She says smiling and walking around me in a circle”Errr what do you mean?” I ask me now blushing”Come on we both know that you have been dreaming of me! That you want me!” She stops in front of me so close to my face and fidles with my tie before looking intk my eyes. “It just so happens thats what i want to!” She says as she kisses me her lips finally meeting mine as her hands run through my hair. I hesitate and the give in i kiss her back my hands finally running up her amazing curves. I push her back on to the desk as i unzip her dress. It reveals her amazing body and her stockings and matching bra and panties. I begin to kiss down her neck as she moans. At the same time i undo her bra from behind her back. “Wow first time nice!” She said shocked. I kissed down her neck to her now free boobs. Her tits were so amazing. Big and firm i held them in my hand and began to lick the hard nipples. She giggled as i did this. Then i kiss down her body and push her onto her desk fully. I then pull her panties off to reveal her waiting wet pussy! I begin to tease her kissing up her legs and getting so close she can feel my breath. Then finally i lick up the length of her pussy all the way up to her clit. I taste her juices in my mouth for the first time and the bring shivers down youwin giriş my spine as she moans softly. I begin to flick her clit with my tongue and she begins to moan louder. I then lick my two fingers and slide them inside! I start to massage her g spot as i lick her clit.”Oh fuck! Your good at this!” She says I dont reply i just lick faster and finger her harder. Soon her back begins to arch as her moans turn to shouts of pleasure which she tries to keeo quite. Suddenly, her body begins to shake as she moans loudly and her sweet juices dribble down my throat. She sits up her eyes full of fire and passion. She rips off my shirt and tears down my pants before pushing me into the chair. Her eyes light up as she sees my already hard cock! “Mmmm already hard and so big!” She said as she got on her knees and placed her mouth against it teasing me. My cock was throbbing and twitching. She then wrapped her hand around it as she slowly parted her lips and lowered her mouth onto my virgin cock. I moaned as soon as i felt her wet tongue on my head. Her mouth moved up and down leaving a trail of red lipstick on my cock. Her lips glided over my spit covered head! It felt so good! She started to go deeper and deeper and then she gagged right near the bottom. Spit dribbled down my cock as she went up and down up and down. Her eyes looking into mine. I couldnt hold it any longer.”Im going to cum!” I moaned and she made a satifying mmmm as she pulled the cock out “Cum in my mouth!” She said as she jerked it fast and hard rubbing her hand over the tip! As i grunted and moaned she wrapped her lips around the head and stopped as i unleashed my load in her mouth! Her eyes staring up at me twitching and moaning. She showed me my cum in her mouth and then swallowed it! The end of part 1

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