My First Time (cont)

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My First Time (cont)My blindfold was removed and I blinked, trying to focus my eyes. eventually I focussed and found myself looking into a pair of beautiful blue eyes. The eyes were part of a pretty face topped by a blonde bobbed wig. ‘Hi sweetie I’m Joan’s friend Sharon’ with that she leant in and french kissed me, probing me with her tongue. I tried to resit but was drawn toward her, flicking her tongue with mine. My restraints were ondone and I was allowed to stand. For the firt time I was able to take in my captor. She was around 6 feet tall, blond hair with a pretty face. She was wearing a tight fitting sweater which did nothing to hide a pair of large breasts as I looked down I saw a slim fitting black skirt and sheer black stockings, she was wearing 4″ heels in shiney black leather.Sharon encouraged me to lie on a bench and strapped my arms above my head, a belt wwas secured around my middle, finally my ankles casino şirketleri were secured to a spreader bar.She reached over and proceeded to kiss me more, my dick was as hard as it’s ever been, Sharon reached down and caressed it. She took some oil and rubbed her hands in it, her slick hands returned to my dick, slipping up and down it’s shaft. I groaned with pleasure. As my pleasure approached she stopped and stepped back.She stood astride my hands and lifted her skirt, exposing red satin panties trimmed with black lace. She positioned herself so that I could grope her smooth pert buttocks. As I continued to grope she bent forward and kissed me more. She proceeded to walk forwards until her arse was over my face. She encouraged me to kiss her buttocks through the panties whilst she took my dick in her mouth, sliding up and down my pole, her hot mouth engulfing me.Again as I approached orgasm casino firmalari she stopped, She climbed off me and released my arms and hands, a blindfold was reapplied. I heard her retreat and then heard th sound of satin sliding over stockings. I heard the footsteps approaching and then heard the skirt being lifted. She took my hand and brushed it up her stocking clad legs, up to the soft skin above the stockings, upwards and upwards, She took my hand and wrapped it around something hard and warm, she used my hand to pump her penis, moaning as I gripped her, She told me to stop,I heard footsteps and fels something brush my lips. I was forced between them and she encouraged me to suck. She took my head in her hands and proceeded to fuck my mouth, my own dick was throbbing. She with drew her dick from my mouth and stepped away. I felt the spreader bar rise and my legs were raised upwards.She proceeded güvenilir casino to lift my legs until my dick ws pointing to my mouth and my arse was exposed. I felt a cooling sensation on my arsehole, followed by a stretching sensation, my virgin hole was being stretched, something else was being introduced to me, I felt myself stretching further, I moaned with pain, but the pressure increased, eventually I yielded and fully accomodated it. Sharon removed my blind fold and smiled as she pumped in and out of me. As she quickened she took my dick and wanked me, I was so turned on that I didn;t take long before I was spurting into my own mouth as she came up my arse. She withdrew and then cam to my face, encouraging me to suck her clean.She released the spreader bar and brought me back to the bench, releasing my restraints. She leant in and kissed me before walking away. Joan walked into the room as she left and instructed me to get dressed, I asked if I could wash my face but she said that sluts like me ought to wear spunky faces as an advertisment as to our true role in life.I quickly dressed and was shown to the door Same time next week stated Joan……………….

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