My first sex experience

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My first sex experienceHiii Sinhala wal katha loving friends, I am Pradeep, I am a man with some sexual fantasies on my mind. Now I am 45 years old and I have achieve some of them, and there are yet to achieve. During my life I have met different kind of girls and did several kind of sex acts. So, I hope to share my sex experience with you all… things I tell you are genuine …and I wanted share those things with sex loving people.This is the first time writing a such long story and you have to pardon me for language bcos I am not much fluent in English..So I will use some Sinhalese words in order to give you real feeling and also it will be easy to express my ideas.However I apologize for foreign readers for inconvenience they experience while reading my stories.So, I hope to start with my first experience….this was happened when i was 9 years old boy….a cousin sister 3 years older to me …came to our home to stay and go to near by school….she had a well shaped figure..specially big boobs and back…but I did not noticed those things at güngören escort that time …bcos I had no much interest and feelings about girls.. but .she was very friendly and we used to play and study together wither cousins and friends in our ages… we made Sellam Gewal and she and me acted as father and mother. Sometimes inside those sellam gewal we used to sleep..ehema nidaganna welawata eya mawa badagen mage aga athagawa….mage ath aragena eyage papuwe thiyagena than deka mirikewwa….jungiya assatath atha dammawagena choowa atha i got strange feeling to my body when we doing so…those days we had big land and evening we used to go little away from home to pluck ambul pera….and we were talking about our friends…she always telling me things her friends doing with boys…hearing this too, i used to get strange feelings….some times she used to pee …just behind a bush but i could see. eya gawma ussala junggiya pathkarala chooo danakota mama balagena hitiya…eya keewa eyage choo godata matath choo karanna kiyala…ehema escort güngören choo karanna eliyata gannakota mage choowa loku wela chooo athata widda…..and ,sometimes we both went for bathing to normal well..down side our land….there she just lifted her under skirt over chest and bathed….so i could see her body through her dress yantham mavil thibuna chooti huththa thamath mavila penawa…when ever she bend i clearly saw her pussy…..with this activities some strange feelings developed inside my body….During new year time we were doing ” hangi muththan'( hide and seek) game with some of our relatives and friends…during this game always she and me used to hide together……so one day we two got behind a big hole on our land used to take soil for making bricks….and no one expect us to go there…so while we got into that hole her frock entangled with a root and her lower part was exposed,….having seen her pink colour panty i got big feeling…we spent there few minutes and i saw very strange look in her face….at the same time others güngören escort bayan were searching us and to avoid detection we got into a corner her boobs touched my face…with that she hold my hands and…drag me to her…so we embraced each other,,,,and she started kissing my face….i just leaned to her but did nothing…she took my hand and kept it between her legs,,,,and she touched my dick….after few minutes she leaned back and lower her panty…and draged me between her legs …and took my cock out from my pants and kept on her pussy,….she started fucking me…eya mawa badagena mata karagena karagena giya……i also did same..after few minutes i felt some current rang through my body….and saw some white colour liquid came from my cock….This was first time i had such feeling and i was confused.. ethakota eya keewa ” malli bayawenna epa…oyata giye karry..ganu minussu hukanakota karry yanwa…mama oyata okkoma kiyala dennam kiyala”.( she said not to worry and she will teach my every thing later on). So we adjusted our dress and shouted for others to indicating our place…This is a very genuine story and hope to continue…………same day night she told me fucking lesson…. She was a nothing but now is a very popular singer………..I appreciate your genuine comments….

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