My first precum-experience, nude outdoor

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My first precum-experience, nude outdoorSaturday, I was all alone and no plans, just masturbating all day and evening.But, I hold back my orgasm, and did none cumshot – only some precum and some cumdrops (overloaded..). It was not so good weather, so I was inside. But the weather-report tell me good weather sunday, so thats why I holded it back (and of course I love to wake up in the night, or in the morning, and feel superhorny).Sunday was grey in the morning, and I got so disapointed !!I waked up at 8 – and was REALLY horny.I stood up, and start to read some erotic novels, and also look at some porn-movies, pumped some cock and balls, not to much, masturbated, and was so close to cum many times.Around 12.00, the weather started to get better. So i packed my bag, and got ready to drive to my new lake – sooo horny.I just had to go to the bathroom, and shit first (normaly I dont give details like that, but now I have too..). But I did not take of my vacumpump, the big one that have place for both cock and balls at the same time.And, do you know what happend, when I pushed to shit (sorry the details canlı bahis again) ?When I pushed, it comes precum/semen slowly out of my cock !!And it was not an orgasm at all – just big cumdrops…!I got so surprised – and of course a little bit happy. So of course I pushed more – and more semen/cum came out!!. And all of it run down to the bottom of the pump – and got collected there. I manage to push 5-6 times – and got an really big wet load in the bottom of my pump. Luckily it is made in clear plastic, so I could take a really good look at the lovely cum.And I could study it closer and smell it, when I took it off.Then I drinked it – so lovely and tasty. I loved it, I was sooo horny. I think I drink 3-4 times – then I had to put a little bit bodytemperated water in the pump, to mix with the last cumdrops, so I got it all out and into my mouth.Most of it was thinner than normal, so it was mostly precum from my overloaded balls. But there was lot of thicker stuff to, so it was a lovely mix. I was soooo fucking horny, it was an so lovely experiens to feel this semen get pushed slowely bahis siteleri out of the cock, into the tube, again and again. I cleaned the cock with my fingers, and put them into my mouth. I did not swollow anything, I just wanted to keep that taste in my mouth all the way to the lake.I put on my big metalcockring, with a little bit work/trouble – but its worth it because my cock keeps more big-sized and feels more heavy.Then i put on an tshirt, a light and easy shorts, without an boxer under of course – so my big pumped, precumdripping, wet, horny, cumshoot-ready, halferected cock – had lots of space to move in.And it is also really easy for other peoples to see that big cock moving from side to side when I walk. Or when I stand still, you can see the curves of something big inside the shorts. And just one or two small cock-muscel-moves from me, then its no chance to hide it anymore. I love that sense and feeling…!I grab my bag, and walked to my car. Drived to my new lake, and start walking. So horny, still feeling and tasting that cum from almost one hour before, and I could feel more bahis şirketleri precum come, and it run down inside on of my legs. And, luckily, I met one lady walking with here dog on the path in the woods.I worked with the cock-muscels, and let dirty ideas run through my mind, at the same time as I tried to walk normaly. My cock was nearly half-erected, heavy, and doing big moves inside my shorts – in other words ; very easy to see.When we got closer and closer, I could see that her eyes was looking directly at my cock. And when we passed, she said ; have an lovely day, with an glimp in here voice.Of course I said the same back, and just keep walking.Then I came to my “secret place”. Take off all my clothes, and lay down, completly naked and relaxed – and superhorny of course.Mabye I manage to wait 5 min, before I just had to start give my cock some attention.I got two lovely orgasms, on that place, that day – also with some peoples looking at me from the other side of the lake (maybe 200m wide). The first one, was of course the best and most powerfull.And I cum much again, and lots of lovely semen to drink for me.I wonder if they could see that from the other side..Then I lay down on my stomach, and let my buttom and rear get some sun too..maybe 15 min, then my cock was ready for more fun.. its a hard life and work.. 😉

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