My first massage

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My first massageEver since my 18th birthday when I got a special massage from a well built and well hung man that was friends with my mother, its always been something that has turned me on. While I always focussed on personal training as a career, I always thought that being a masseuse was hot. Running my hands on someones body, giving them pleasure. My husband encouraged me to go ahead and go to school to get certified. We are lucky that we are in a situation where I have never had to work, so money and not working has never been an issue. I enrolled and got certified. in the meantime, my husband had a portion of our basement that has large windows that overlook the golf course behind our house remodeled so I had a bathroom, changing room and place for 3 massage tables. I used to practice on him and my friends until the day came when i was certified. My husband called me to let me know that my first client would be over to the house for a massage that morning. I was so excited that i quickly showered and got dressed in white leggings and a tight tank top. I had found out that even with women, when I dressed a little sexier, the tips were better. I skipped the bra and panties so that my nipples and camel toe would stand out a bit more. I heard the garage door open and someone walk in. I realized it was my husbands son from his first marriage. Now, I was only 22, but since my husband is so much older than me, his sone is actually 2 years older than me. He has always been very cute canlı bahis with a great body, just very cocky. I had heard stories about him having a nice cock from a few friends, but had never seen it.“Im your massage for the day” he said with a smirk. “Seriously?” I asked. He smiled and waved money at me. I decided it was good experience, and took him downstairs. I showed him where the changing rooms were, and then got the bed ready for him. he didn’t bother to use the dressing rooms and just pulled off his shorts and shirt and stood before me completely naked. I couldn’t help but see that the rumors were right, his big cock hung between his legs. I know I was staring because he was smiling at me when I finally made eye contact. He laid down on the table, face down, and I put a towel over him and went to work.“You must be a great fuck.” he said after a few minutes. “Why do you say that?” I asked. “you landed a wealthy man as old as your father. You must have a amazing pussy.” he said. “We don’t fuck that often. He likes to watch.” I replied. “With?” he asked. “Guys and girls. People we meet.” I replied. “I can see why he likes that. Your body is amazing.” he said. I blushed and had him roll onto his back. the towel fell a bit and his cock stuck out. This time he was hard as a rock. “My massage that good?” I said with a smile. He looked up at me and said, “The thought of you fucking others is what made me hard.” I pulled the towel off and left him exposed. “You mind if I just perabet leave the towel off?” I asked. He smiled and said he didn’t mind as long as I didn’t mind seeing his cock. “Its pretty, I like the view. Its the best part about this job.” I said. I moved from his chest to his abs and pelvis, then around his hips to his thighs. He groaned a bit when I hit his sore muscles. “So do you fuck your clients?” he asked. I laughed and said, “I dont know. You’re my first client. I have thought about it, and would be open to it, but not for the same price.” He pointed to his pants on the floor and told me to get his wallet. He told me to open it and pull out the cash. There was $250 in the wallet, and told me that it was mine if I would see where it went. I nodded and put the money on the table and stripped. His cock jumped when he saw that I wasn’t wearing panties or a bra, but had figured it was possible when he saw my hard nipples sticking out. I oiled up his legs and worked his thighs and calfs while his hands groped my ass, tits and pussy. I turned a bit so he could sink a couple fingers in my pussy while I worked my way back up to his gorgeous hard cock that was standing tall. i got some more oil and worked it into the shaft, and then down between his legs and to his asshole. I saw that he was waxed, so I knew he took it in the ass. he moaned when I put 2 fingers in, then stroked his cock with my other hand. I climbed the table and stranded his face so he could eat my perabet giriş pussy while i fingered his ass and suck his cock. He only lasted a couple minutes before bucking his hips and cumming deep into my throat. I got off of him after hitting my own orgasm, then kissed him on the lips and told him that he still had 30 minutes left, He smiled and grabbed his phone. He took pics while I used my mouth to get him hard again. Within minutes, he was ready to do.I oiled up his cock and sat on it, letting him sink deep into my asshole. “I bet your wife won’t do this.” I said while taking his cock deep in my ass. He shook his head no, then took more pics while I rode his cock. “I want you to post those online and share them with your friends.” I said. He agrees and grabbed my hips to enjoy the feeling of my tight ass on his cock. When I saw he was about to cum I got off, took him in my mouth and then after sucking him, laid down on the bed and made him get on top of me. “I want to see your face when you cum in me.” I said. He got on me, put his cock in me and plunged his tongue into my mouth while he slowly fucked me, enjoying my tight pussy with every inch of his being. He pulled back after a few minutes and I knew he was going to cum. “Yes baby, cum inside me. I want to feel your cum in me. And then he went deep and emptied his balls into me. I pulled him tight, bringing him even deeper until he had no more to give. I gave him my phone and had him take pics of my pussy with his cum driving out of me. “Your dad gets those” I told him.He kissed me for a few minutes before getting up and getting dressed to go back to work. He did as I asked and sent the pics to friends, and just like that I had a booming business

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