My first cuckold

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My first cuckold
I never had a real stable boyfriend till the age of 22. I was sexually active with my focus on black men for their obvious sexual prowess and their big black cocks. I was never really looking for a boyfriend, but more multiple sexual partners for my own pleasure and sexual exploration. By that age, I did more things with boys than 99% of the girls out there. I had been gangbanged and fucked over and over by so many black guys. I’ve been fucked by straight, bi and gay black men as a boy and a sissy. I could be proud that my ass was exclusive to big black cocks until that age.

But, things change in life. I met Brice. He was a very nice normal French white boy. He treated me like a girl and he wasn’t shy that he was dating a sissy. I was always a girl with him and he made me comfortable to be a girl on a regular basis. I did love him for who he was, a nice gentle boy. However, like all good things, there’s always a bad thing. He wasn’t a god in bed. His cock was about 6 inches at best, but thin like a pencil. I was OK with the size, because size didn’t matter.

With time, I was unsatisfied. I never achieved a full sexual ecstasy moment with him. He loved sucking my little clit and loved having myself sucking his cock. He though he held a power over me because of his cock size. Yeah, sure, he was bigger. His cock was bigger than my little cock that he also called a clitoris. But, he was never into ass fucking me. He did a few times, but I was bad. He just loved sucking my clit and swallowing my manpussy juice. I must admit that at least, he wasn’t selfish on that. Like I said, a very nice boy.

Like every couple, we were facing a crasis. I had to tell canlı bahis him that I wasn’t satisfied at all about my sexual life. He was wondering why he wasn’t fulfilling his role as boyfriend adequately. I had to confess to him my nature. To be honest, I never cheated on him. But, I told him about my lifestyle. I told him my ass was visited by more black men than he could think off. I did tell him that he wasn’t up to their level and I needed to be fucked soon and on a regular basis. To my own surprise, he agreed to let me fuck black men, on condition that he would be present in the same room or at least drive me to their place.

I was relieved that he was okay with me going back to my own lifestyle of hunting black cocks for my ass. I did warn him that I was not just looking necessary for a one-time fling with one guy. I warned him that he could be jealous. I knew he loved me well because he loved me enough to agree to let other more capable men fuck my ass.

It didn’t long for me to make arrangement. A week after our talk, I called a few guys over for a small gangbang. At that time, I haven’t had a big black cock in my ass or mouth for about 6 months! I was horny the whole week. My boyfriend sucked my clit regularly and was surprised how horny I was. He was amazed that I was that horny just with the though of black cock. I told him it was the power that black men have over girls, sissies, and straight boys. I really hoped that I would be able to make him suck my guys’ black cocks.

The day came. Brice, as good as we were, did help me getting ready to be gang fucked. I gave me enema, dilute my ass with toys, shave my ass and balls, and took care of beer and food mobilbahis güvenilir mi for the guys. I wore a skin-tight black dress with some crotch-less pantyhose for quicker ass to my ass.

The guys came, and I introduced my boyfriend to them. They were 4 intimidating black guys that I have been fucking for years. I didn’t take long for them to recall my sexual history. They told my boyfriend that I am one of the sluttiest sissies they know. They told a lot of stories about gangbangs and multiple black cocks encounters. My boyfriend seemed horrified about my sexual past and didn’t know that I lived as a black cock slut for years. They mocked Brice by saying that after this, he would never see me the same way. It’s not porn, it’s real.

While, we were talking, some of the guys started to caress my legs and my man pussy. I didn’t take long for one of the guys to bend me over, lift my dress, remove my panties and started to lick my ass in front of poor Brice. The other guys started to pull their big black cocks out. I was so hungry, I started to suck each cock. The guys that came were all 9 inches long and thick, that twice my dick size and about half more than Brice.

I told Brice to come have a taste of black men. But the guys all said the same thing. We don’t fuck boys, just girls and sissies. Sadly for Brice, he was a boy to their eyes, not a girl or a sissy. He was not going to taste a big black cock, but he would have his chance to taste black men.

I just loved sucking black cock so much that I had forgotten for a moment that I had a loving boyfriend. I told Brice to bring lube for my ass. Like a good boy he was, while I was mobilbahis giriş bent down sucking a black cock in front me and jerking some guys off, my boyfriend was making sure my ass was ready for black cock.

I told Brice that there was going to be no condoms tonight and I would feel every black cock in my ass.

I was fucked so hard by the guys. They took turn and fuck my ass gently as well as hardly.

I came so hard while getting fucked in the ass and once of the guys was in my mouth. I was ridding that black dick so good.

Brice didn’t have to ask for anything, he just came over and started to lick me cum on my dick. I felt so good.
The boys were going at it hard. They called me names that Brice never thought I would gladly accept. Asian bitch, Asian sissy, manpussy, BBC slut, bitch slave, and the list goes on.

As I took their black cocks one by once, they came in my ass. I can assure that it was not tight anymore. 6 months may have had my ass slightly tighted, but it was ravaged after four black men went into it. They thrust hard and had their precious black semen in my ass one by one.

I told Brice, do you want to taste that a capable black man taste? He was lucky, he got to taste four of it.

Like a nice boy, he sucked every drop of cum out of my ass. I felt my ass was clean and well stretch as it used to be.

The guys left our place satisfied.

I was satisfied for the first time in a very long time.

Brice became a cuckold that day. He was willing to suck some black men’s semen for my love.

I will never forget the cum on his lips. It was semen that I allowed to be made by letting 4 big black cocks in my ass. I knew my boyfriend was submissive and It would be a lifestyle that he would have to accept. My asshole is meant for black men, and Brice would have to support it or leave.

Black guys will always have the right to fuck my ass. Brice, learned that while watching a live gangbang of his sissy girlfriend.

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