My Ex girlfriend cuckolds me Part 3

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My Ex girlfriend cuckolds me Part 3You will need to have read parts 1 & 2 for this to make sense but this is the true story of the breakup with my ex girlfriend Louise when we were both turning 30.So Louise had left and it gave me time to reflect on the last year or so but also to remember what a good time we had enjoyed in the early days. I was unsure of what the future might bring but the good news appeared to be that we would remain friends. Reflecting on the last few previous hours had been wild and learning about Louise’s obsession with this monster cock had been an insight into the relationship that we had. She was transfixed by the big cock porn and had worshipped my dick because she was imaginging a monster down her throat. But that wasn’t the most thing for me. When i came inside her and her anger took over, it was the way she mounted my face that had blown my mind.I’d never managed to control Louise in the bedroom or dominate her sexually. All my previous (and future!) encounters had always had me being in control but Louise had just not submitted regardless of the sex we had. Perhaps it came down to what she saw as dominance and that was dick size. My dick is average in size and i know that is the case. Gary’s dick, who she was off to see was far from average. Long and seriously thick, he must of been the first massive cock she had had the pleasure of and it was too much to resist not going back for more. Who was i to stop her?! One thing i had learned about my own sex drive was that if i need to release then it was more important to satisfy myself than to concentrate on others.With Louise gone, i showered and waited patiently for her to return. I was driving myself crazy casino oyna daydreaming about the antics that might be happening so i plucked up the courage to text her, to see what’s was occurring. After a 15 min delay i got a message back; ”Be home in 20mins x” not as exciting as i hoped but then a picture came through on WhatsApp. The picture was a selfie of Louise clearly naked laying on his lap, smiling, with flushed red cheeks and Gary’s semi erect cock next to her face. Even semi erect he was enourmous, and clearly wet with a mixture of what looked like cum and Louise’s slobber. I instantly replied requesting to see more and after an agonising 5 mins, a video downloaded to my phone through WhatsApp.The video showed Louise in the same position except this time she was putting that mouth to use. Handling Gary’s used dick and waggling it around in front of the camera, it finally entered her mouth and Louise showed no hesitation in sucking on his dirty cock. I was jealous as Louise had never put my dick in her mouth once it had been inside her but clearly Gary would be getting special treatment. The video was narrated by her breathless sucking and slurping as the semi erect monster slowly appeared to be growing in her hands. Her sucking motion changed as her mouth filled with his dick. Then the video stopped.Another message came through. “Actually….ill be home in an hour LOL x” and sure enough i didn’t hear a peep until I heard the front key in the door around twelve o’clock. “Hey” whispered a flushed faced Louise”Hey, how are you?” “Tired…..a bit sore…..very tired” she laughed”I bet! Gary looks impressive. I honestly didn’t think guys were that big in real life. I thought canlı casino siteleri that was like only in porn” I said in an incredulous voice”Yeah i know” she started to laugh “and he fucks like a train and wants to go again and again and again……but……your cool with this, right?” Louise looked concerned“Yeah of course, i can’t lie… really turned me on” I admitted”Well…i said. I’d bring you back a present.” Louise reached into her bag and pulled out her panties. She hung them round her finger and presented them to me. I was gutted! I thought I’d be seeing more of her freshly fucked pussy!”Oh! i was hoping for something else” i gestured as Louise looked confused”Like…What?” She said with a furrowed brow”Well what about soothing your sore pussy?” I motioned down to her crotch.”But….Er…….I don;t know how to say this but….he didn’t wear protection… i’m Probably full of his load” confessed Louise.” I know, that’s OK…..i guess i don;t mind that either”This will surprise most people but i have never had an issue tasting my own cum. I’ll write the true story up in detail soon but honestly it’s never bothered me at all. Even the loss of sex drive after ejaculation is not enough to stop me slurping up my own cum. So to be fed cum from Louise’s pussy would pure heaven even if it was another mans.”OK…..Well….If your sure” Louise agreed. We moved to the bedroom and Louise removed her clothes. Her body was red in places against her pale skin. Her arse had clearly been spanked, her boobs and nipples looked hardened to the touch and her face still glowed red from the high excursions. Louise climbed onto the bed and sat upright against the head casino şirketleri board. She spread her legs and reveal her red raw looking pussy. Her once small hole, which would only part when entered now rested in an open position and i saw the glistening contents begin to leak from her. “How many times did he cum inside you” i asked as i positioned my head in front of her cunt. With closed eyes and resting her head Louise answered;”Er…4…i think. Not all inside me. I swallowed once….so maybe 3 inside me” she softly spoke. I could smell her pussy from a few inches away as her scent and his combined into a powerful aroma. I hesistated and then went for it with my tongue widely spread to cover her spread pussy. Louise let out a small moan. “Just be gentle, i’m Really sore!”And so…….. i spent the next hour licking Louise’s cum filled pussy. She appeared to sleep through the majority of my clean up session. We changed positions and i lay her on her front and cleaned the residue that had leaked down to her arse. I also wanked off again, this time over her arse and licked that cum from her red cheeks. She did’nt really make an comments or objections to what ever i did and was OK with my tongue exploring her holes.After a while i retired to the bathroom and cleaned myself up, when i returned Louise was sound asleep, it was around 1:30am.The next day we discussed the previous night and agreed that it was weird and confusing but she could continue seeing Gary as we were going to separate anyway. I promised that i would go down on her after they had sex and that neither of us would mention this to anyone. We continued like this for about 2-weeks, and the pictures Louise sent me got more and more graphic. Eventually i had videos of her getting fucked, deepthroating his cock, choking on his dick and taking his cock in her pussy. Louise eventually asked Gary if i could watch and that will be my final part 4 and the end of this story.

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