My continuing affair with my Step-Mom part 1

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My continuing affair with my Step-Mom part 1
At the end of my last story I mentioned that, for several years, we continued our escapades. The following is a recount of one of the times we shared. All of this is 100% factual, I have no reason to make this up.

I was 18 years old, a recent high school graduate attending a local community college and dating my high school sweet heart (to whom I am now married to for 6 years.) I had moved out of my mom and step dads house to live with my dad and step mom. I did this for two reasons. First, I had more freedom and my girlfriend could stay with me anytime that we wanted. Secondly, living under the same roof with my step mom made it easier for us to have our fun.

The community college I was attending was about 30 minutes from both my new home and my wife’s house, where she still lived with her parents. (Opposite directions). I had a pretty nice routine set up. Monday through Thursday (the weekends my girlfriend came home to my house with me), I would wake up at my house, drive to the community college to meet my girlfriend for class. After a day full of classes, I would go to my part time job while she went home. After work, I would go to her house to have supper with her family. After supper her parents always went to the basement for an evening of television watching, newspaper/magazine/book reading and dozing off. My girlfriend and I would go up to her bedroom to watch tv. Most nights, while watching television, we would mess around. Sometimes she would give me blow jobs, other times I would eat her pussy. Most of the time we got each other off by mutual masterbation. On occasion we would take the risk of getting caught and fuck. Around 10:30 or 11pm each night I would leave her house and drive the 45 minutes to an hour back to where I was living with my dad and step-mom.

My step mom always waited up for me to get home. Dad, working early and long hours would have been in bed for quite sometime and sound asleep. My step mom would always greet me with a kiss, a lovers kiss. She would take my jacket, book bag and anything else I was carrying from me, take my shoes off and offer me a snack or drink, just as any good housewife should. We would then make our way down stairs to the family room on the opposite end of the house from where my dad was sleeping.

On the nights when I had eaten my girlfriend’s pussy, my step mom would comment on how good my kisses tasted. She would ask me if I had fucked her, and if I had, she would immediately get on her knees to blow me, cleaning my girlfriends pussy from my cock.

This night in particular stands out. It was a Tuesday night. I remember becuase it was one of my long days of classes, I pulled 2 shifts at work and my girlfriend was not in any kind of mood to do anything sexual, we had been in an argument.

I came home and my step mom greeted me with her usual kiss. She took my things and set them on the chair in the entry way and bent over to untie and take my shoes off. While she was taking my shoes off, she commented that I seemed tense and that my breath did not smell like pussy. I told her of the long day that I had just endured and that I was hoping to get some from my girlfriend and she had shut me down.

“Go on downstairs and relax, I will be down in a minute.” she told me.

I was downstairs on the recliner end of the blue sectional sofa watching Comedy Central, sitting in just my mesh shorts and waiting for my lover step mom to come down. I heard ice hitting the bottom of a glass, the familiar hiss from a soda bottle opening and then her footsteps comming down the stairs. She knew how much I enjoyed my whiskey and cola drinks and made one, quite strong to help me relax.

She handed me the drink and sat türkçe bahis down next to me. She was wearing a light pink nightgown. She was beautiful. Brown shoulder length hair that was naturally wavy with light brown, crystal clear eyes. She was about 5’7¨ and since she had her stomach stapled, she had slimmed down to a healthy 155 pounds. Her ass was now very round and still plump. Her tits had been deflated from DD to a large B/Small C due to her surgery. They were also somewhat saggy due to her age and the fact that she had breast fed both of her sons. But, he nipples were still very big and thick. I would say that her nipples were as round as the tip of my index fingers and at least a half inch long. They were dark brown in color and her areloas were about the size of a coffee cup.

We talked about our days and the fight I was having with my girlfriend. Throughout our conversation she rubbed her soft hand up and down my chest, occasionally playing with my nipples while I sipped on my liquor drink she had made me.

“I want to help you relax.” she said to me as she took off her nightgown to reveal that she was not wearing anything under it.

I said nothing and leaned forward to kiss her and we made out for a minute or two.

“I love you.” I said breaking our kiss.

I started kissing down her neck and shoulders heading for her tits. She pushed me back and said, “I said I was going to help YOU relax.”

She got down on her knees between my legs and slowly pulled my shorts off revealing my growing erection. She pushed herself up, rubbing my cock between her tits, and down her belly as she kissed me.

“Sit back, enjoy your drink and a blow job. OK?”
“O-OK” I stammerd.

She started kissing her way down my chest, knowingly teasing my nipples with her tounge, the sensitive underside of my cock rubbing her velvety soft skin back up to between her tits. When she got down, with her face to my cock, she looked up at me, with her bottom lip on my cock, right where all of the nerve endings meet at the bottom of my cockhead and said “I love you too, son, more than you will ever know.”

She started to let her tongue dance around my cock. She licked it down and up. She licked my balls. She got my cock completly soaked with her spit and then took my entire length into her mouth. My step mom slowly and deliberatly sucked my cock. If I did not already know, I could tell by her blow job that she truly loved to suck cock, but this felt more. I could feel passion and true love between the two of us. She firmly but gently grabbed my cock with her hand and stroked me with a twisting motion with each bob of her warm wet mouth.

I knew she was getting wet, I could smell her sex leaking from between her legs. I leaned forward to play with her tits and pinch her nipples. She pushed me back.

“I told you, I am helping you relax, now finish your drink.”
“Yes ma’am!”

I grabbed my drink with one hand and put my other hand on the back of her head. I drank down the rest of the drink in just a few gulps, letting the remaining ice hit the bottom of the glass. I put the glass down on the end table and put my now free hand on the back of her head as well.

I drove my hips up, ramming my cock into her mouth. She tried to back off, but I held her there, with two fist fulls of hair on the back of her head. I slowly withdrew my cock. When it was out she said, “Baby, fuck your momma’s mouth, cum down my throat.”

She resealed her lips around my 6 inch member, relaxed her neck and let me rock my hips up and down fucking her mouth and throat. I continued to face fuck her for a few minutes. She then grabbed my dick again and stroked me with her famous twisting motion as I fucked her face. The feeling of her hand twist on my cock, combined bonus veren siteler with the sucking sensation and her soft tongue working the underside, was more than I could handle.

“I’m about to cum mom.” I told her in the softest voice I could, to keep from waking up dad.
“MMMMM” is all she could say as she was not about to break the seal she had with her mouth on my cock. The vibration from her moaning on my cock sent an extra, new sensation down to my balls and triggered my realease.

I shot 3 or 4 large strings of my cum in her mouth and down her throat. She pulled back as much as she could, before I broke my grip on the back of her head. She continued to milk my cock with her hand as she swallowed what was in her mouth. I shot another 2 or 3 smaller shots on her cheeks, lips and chin. Without breaking her rhythm of slowly stroking my cock, she took her other hand and using her first two fingers, she gathered the cum on her face and stuck it in her mouth and swallowed it. As her stroking got slower and slower a few more dribbles of cum seeped from my now softening cock. She put her mouth back on my cock and licked and sucked me dry and clean. When she was done, she took the hand that she was stroking me with and licked the remnants of cum from it.

I pulled her back up on the couch with me. I held her in my arms and kissed her, deeply and passionately. I could taste my cum in her mouth which did not bother me. (It was not the first taste of cum that I had, and certainly would not be the last, mine or someone else’s).

She leaned against me as I held her in my arms, her right leg d****d over my left. I played with her hair and kissed her on her forehead. As we sat silent, the only noise was the tv. I could feel the heat escaping her pussy against my leg and I could smell the musty smell of her soaking pussy. I knew that she was primed, ready and most importantly wanting.

“Thank you.” I said
“Are you relaxed?”
“Yes, I guess a little bit, definitly better than I was.”
“A little bit?!” She said as she sounded shocked.
“Well I can’t fully relax knowing that you have not gotten off yet.”
“Don’t worry about me dear.”

We continued sit on the couch, holding each other for another 10 minutes or so. We did not say anything, we just enjoyed our taboo love. I continued to play with her hair but started to also let my hand slowly and lightly rub her back and side. I would touch her skin ever so lightly as I d**g my hand slowly up, brushing the side of her breast.

She looked up at me after another 5 minutes of my light touches and we started to make out again. At first, the kisses were loving and passionate, but soon got more sexually fueled. I reached over with my right hand and started rubbing and pinching her tits. She slowly started to grind her wet pussy on my leg.

“Please fuck me now son?” she cooed in my ear.
“Lay back, I want to eat your pussy.” I told her
“No time for that, your dad is bound to wake up and notice I am not in bed yet and come looking for me.”

With that, she pulled her self on top of me, still sitting on the sectional. She looked me in the eyes, while I played with her tits with my hands and positioned her hot, dripping cunt over my now stiff again cock.

She took in a deep breath as she lowered herself on me, and let it out slowly as I entered her completely. We never broke eye contact. It was like we were staring into each other’s souls. She leaned in slowly for a kiss. We kissed again, passionately before either of us made a motion to fuck. We wanted to savor the feeling of our love, the feeling of step mom and son being as one. I started to slowly rock my hips and she broke our kiss. She put both arms around my neck and buried her face deneme bonusu in the the nape of my neck. She held me and began to rock in time with me.

We rocked together slowly, making love at first. The feeling of my cock working her insides was fantastic, and just having cum in her mouth, I was able to savor and enjoy it. The more we rocked, the faster our pace got. Her breathing started getting heavy, her moans in my ear were getting louder. She pushed her self back and supported her weight with her hands on my chest. I reached forward and grabbed her tits firmly, pinching her nipples between my index and middle fingers. Our love making had turned in to just straight fucking. I rammed my cock as deep as I could into her, hitting her cervix. I held it there and let her grind on me as fast and hard as she wanted. She let out a loud sigh and looked at me with crazed eyes. I knew that she had just cum, but she continued to grind on me hard and fast.

“Cum on me again mom, fuck me hard and cum for me again.” I whispered.

We were in a fantastic rythm when we heard the door at the top of the steps open. We froze, my cock still in her.

“Dear, are you down there?” It was my dad calling for her.
“Yes…?” she said, quizzicly. How she managed to not sound out of breath I will never understand, but I was hoping he would not come downstairs. If he did, we would both be naked, it smelled of sex, and there was no exit besides the steps he was on.
“What are you doing? It is 2 in the morning.” he said
“Our son had a bad day so we have been talking about it and watching tv, I will be up in a bit.”
“Oh ok, I love you.”
“Love you too.” she replied with a devilish grin.

“That was close mom.” I whisperd to her.
“I know. It was exciting. Did you notice he did not shut the door back?”

I had noticed that, and we both commented, as we slowly started to grind together again, that we had not heard his footsteps back across the floor to his room.

She grabbed the remote and turned the tv up just a bit, and started to ride me hard.
“Don’t make a sound, he is still listening.” she told me,

She clenched her pussy muscles and started to grind on me fast and hard. I had to bite my lip to make sure I did not let out a sound as she fucked me like a teenage girl desperate for attention.

She never let up, cumming a second and third time. I could feel the pressure in my balls building. I told her I was getting close.

“No, don’t cum yet! I want to come again!”

We heard dad start to make his way back towards their bed room. I was relived that I could relax a little and moan with out having to worry about getting caught.

“Good, he’s back in bed, now cum with me.” she told me.

She started to fuck me, working her hips in all directions. Front and back first, then left and right and finally in a circular motion. The pressure continued to build in my balls and she started to bounce up and down on my cock. The entire time she was fucking me, she kept her pussy muscles clinched tightly, working my cock. She started to dig her finger nails into my chest. The harder she did that, the harder I would squeeze her tits and pinch her nipples.

In a deep, sexxed up voice she said “I’m going to cummmmm.”

That is all it took and I I erupted for the second time that night into her pussy. I felt her juices burst around my cock and felt her body get tense. She kept bucking, uncontrolably against me as I held my exploding cock into her.

She fell limp against my body, her breath returning to normal. My cock started to soften and plopped out of her cunt, bringing a mixture of our sex out with it. She got down on the floor and sucked me into her mouth to clean me up. Once she was satisfied with her cleaning job, she told me that she loved me and was going to bed. I leaned in for a kiss and she pushed me back.

“I’m going to kiss your dad and make him taste us.”

Thank you for reading. Be looking out for at least two more accounts of my flings with my step mom.

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