My confusion. Part 2.

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My confusion. Part 2.I had to admit and accept to myself that the times with Darren were more than incredible, and more than just sex. I felt something, but not just for him, I felt urges, I felt needs. I began to explore online with porn. Was my attraction just to Darren? Was it just to his cock? I didnt know and the questions only added to my already confused emotions. I watched straight porn. I adore beautiful girls, but I had to admit, it was seeing the big, beautiful cocks cumming on them that I enjoyed the most. I watched some gay porn and the fit studs fucking and sucking each other was a turn on too, but not was I was seeking. So confused.I stumbled across “hypno” and “trainer” videos. So exciting, I was hooked immediately. The flashing images, the flashing messages, it was everything I loved and everything I felt. Video clips and images of both beautiful dicks and beautiful women, faces, breasts and asses, all mixed together and flashing on my screen. No porn had ever excited me more, I was drawn into its world. “One taste of cock and you are hooked” I read the words, I knew and maybe feared they were true. “You love the taste” “Give in to your urges” bahis firmaları “You love cock. You are a faggot!” The words and images bled into my brain. I was so turned on. I felt as if the videos knew me better than I knew myself. Maybe I was a sissy, I thought to myself, maybe I was a cock loving faggot. I have to admit I have had the feelings expressed in the videos, but never thought about them in that way. Never had them thrown in my face so blatantly. I was attracted to Kara, but drawn to Darren’s cock. Maybe I was bisexual, somehow the thought never occurred to me. It always seemed that you had to be one or the other. The was no real middle ground, I thought. But maybe there truly was, maybe not. “One taste of cum and you are a cocksucking faggot for life” one video said. I like girls! I’m a man! I’m big and strong, how can I be a faggot!?! I thought. So confused.I had no idea. People come in all shapes and sizes and all forms of sexual identity. Why should I be any different? Why should I fight my feelings and be so torn? Why should I be so confused? Why should I have to choose?Kara was so gorgeous, just beautiful. So sexy without even trying, perabet she just oozed it. But late at night, when I was alone, it was cock that I thought about. It was cock that I craved. I knew it so why was it so hard to admit?The sight of a hanging cock before me. The thrill of making it erect. The incredible taste of its cum. The incredible, addictive taste… just like the videos said.It was very late at night, but my lust was overwhelming. Should I drive to Kara’s and hope she is home, hope she is alone? Or should I drive to Darren’s? Maybe he wasn’t alone either. One snap decision, and me car was pointed towards Darren’s.I knocked on his door. “It’s late Paul, what’s going on?” he said, wiping the sleep out of his eyes. “I just wanted to see you” I said. “I just wanted to know.” “Know what?” he asked, and I reached out and held his magnificent cock through his pajama pants. My cock became instantly hard and began to instantly throb. There was no denying my arrousal, maybe I had my answer. “Can I come in” I asked and Darren just took my hand and led me to his bedroom. I pulled down his pajama bottoms as he layed back down and I just sighed. perabet giriş This is what I wanted or at the very least, this is what I needed. I lovingly licked his hanging, loose balls. Darren still half asleep, I pressed my face into him and tongued for his asshole. Then moving up, I found his beautiful cock swelling as it layed on his stomach and I kissed it, soft and lovingly. “Oh, I love your cock” Darren didn’t respond, but my own words shocked me. I licked his firm shaft and ran my tongue along the ridges of his cocks head. His pulsing, vein covered shaft, his full, defined head, his now full but tight balls. I did love his cock. “Mmmmm, make me cum” he said. I felt as though I was getting as much pleasure out of sucking his cock as he was, but it was probably even more. Darren began to moan and rock his head back and forth on the bed and it thrilled me. I knew he was getting close, ther was nothing I wanted more. Breathing hard and with one long, slow moan, he began to come. I tasted his first stream, letting it coat my mouth and tongue with his flavor, then pointed his spurting head at my face, catching his thick, sticky streams. Enjoying his pleasure and letting myself enjoy the moment, I felt so incredible, his cum clinging to my face and dripping onto his balls, I loved it.I was a cock loving, cocksucking faggot. I did love his cum on me and in my mouth… and I felt wonderful.

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