My College Education Pt. 08

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As I have related in the previous seven chapters my girlfriend, Abby, lives with two attractive roommates, Barb and Carla. All year long has been one sexual adventure after the other as the three of them try to find ways to embarrass me. While they have been successful on many occasions, I have to say that every weekend is a new experience and I truly look forward to seeing what they have come (or is it cum) up with next. Over time I have wound up having sex with all three of them and fortunately Abby has not been upset or seemed to mind.

As Abby’s birthday approached, I had to think of something to get her for a present. The first thing that came to mind was kinky underwear such as crotchless panties, a skimpy bra, or maybe a filmy nightie. Knowing that we would have some kind of celebration that included Barb and Carla, I felt that something perhaps even more risqué would be in order. That’s when a remote control vibrator came to mind. Not thinking about it even a second time, I ordered one online and at our little celebration it was a big hit eliciting naughty comments from her two roommates. The week after Abby’s birthday I had a field trip required by my civil engineering program so I couldn’t visit the girls. Nevertheless, a week later Abby related the following story.

“I had a major paper assigned by my Pharmacology course on drug interactions, which meant that I had long hours in front of my computer doing library research and then putting the paper together. What was nice is that my roommate, Carla, also had to do the same paper so at least we could converse.”

“Hey, Ab, how’s the paper going?” asked Carla.

“Not so well. I think I could have used Rob’s company this weekend for a little moral support. Besides he’s so smart, he’d have some ideas that I might use.”

“I think I know what you’re missing, and it isn’t moral support,” replied Carla with a little naughty snicker.

Having lived with Carla for as long as I had there was not much that she would say that would make me blush. At least not anymore, that is. “You’re probably right about that. He does have a way of keeping my spirits up.”

“And you have a way of keeping him up,” said Carla with her endless stream of double entendre.

It was that last comment that made me think of the birthday party that I had the previous weekend when Rob had given me the remote controlled vibrator. It’s a terrible thing to say, but I had not tried it yet. After güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Carla left, I went to my top dresser drawer and got out the tiny velvet pouch and removed the little black bullet and its remote. There was also a wifi connection so I could control it from my smartphone. Not waiting one more minute, I attached the USB cord so that it could charge and then downloaded the app to my phone. “Now all I need to do is get back to my paper for an hour or so as this thing charges,” I said to myself already starting to feel a wetness develop in my panties.

My attention returned to my paper where I was reading about electrolyte depletion in patients taking diuretics. “Fascinating stuff!” I sarcastically said to myself as I made some notes that would wind up as a quote. Still, that lingering wetness told me that I needed to check on my vibrator’s charge. “Perfect! It’s ready!” I exclaimed out loud.

Carla popped her head in. “Are you OK? I heard you yell something.”

“No, I’m fine. I just found something online that will be really useful in the paper,” I explained not wanting to let Carla know what I was about to do. She’d learn eventually, but not at this moment.

I got the tube of Astroglide from my nightstand and lubed the vibe, which made it into a slippery little devil. I really liked the design because this vibe could be worn totally concealed. It was designed to go into my vagina and even had a little nylon string so I could remove it when that time came. Not waiting a minute more, I slipped it down the front of my bikinis and pushed it up inside. Once inserted I could not feel a thing, sort of like having a tampon inserted. Then the moment of truth arrived as I picked up my cellphone, went to the app and found the settings. Being a newbie, I thought it best to go slow and turned it on to its lowest setting. A faint vibration started, but what was nice was that it was totally silent.

I left it on for a few minutes to sort of get used to it. It felt very pleasant and not the least bit offensive. “Continuing to the write the paper would be a breeze with this humming away inside of me,” I thought. “Besides it is so quiet I could even wear it to class. It would sure be a way to deal with a boring professor who might drone on about some arcane topic.”

“OK, so now that I got used to the vibrations I went back to the app and tried some of the other settings. Some were too powerful and were güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri totally distracting, while others were programmed for some fluctuations. “Nice,” I thought, “But also distracting.” Still even the low setting was making my pussy quite wet, which is a nice experience if you are engaged in foreplay, but under these conditions I was only going to wind up with very soggy bikinis. To counter that, I got up, went to the bathroom and put a pantyliner in.

Returning to my desk I felt that I could now turn my attention once again to my paper. The faint vibration in my vagina was soothing and sort of like listening to some music. I honestly think that it made me more productive. At least it got me through those boring paragraphs on pharmacology research.

Sometime later, my phone rang. I could tell by the number that it was Rob. “Hey, how are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m fine. The field trip is awesome, but I would much rather be there with you this weekend,” he replied.

“Well, you are sort of with me.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“I’m trying your birthday present and love it. Not as good as you inside of me, but still very enjoyable. I’m using it as I’m writing my paper.”

“Cool. Look, I’ve got to run, but will call you a little later when we can chat. OK?” he asked.

“Sure, that will let me get most of the way through the paper. Call me after supper.”

“OK, love you.”

“I love you, too.”

So once again I returned my attention to the paper, that little vibe just doing its thing in a most enjoyable and quiet way. It was the perfect gift.

About an hour or so later I decided that I needed to take a pee break but was amazed at how wet my pantyliner was. So much so that I was going to have to put a fresh one in, which is something that I have never had to do, at least when not on my period.

When I returned to my desk and resumed composing the next section of the paper, I sensed that the vibrations ‘down there’ were stronger than they had seemed only minutes before. “Could that be?” I asked knowing that I had not changed the settings on my iPhone. The vibrations were pleasant enough, but clearly they were stronger. I chose to ignore them.

Sometime later they felt stronger yet. I was wondering if the vibe was malfunctioning, so I read the instruction pamphlet. It did not say anything about variations or speeding up, so I tried to put it out of güvenilir bahis şirketleri my mind. That was not easy because the vibrations were stronger still. Don’t get me wrong, it was not the least bit unpleasant, but they were strong enough to be distracting and when I say distracting mean that I felt that I was soon going to have an orgasm because my pulse felt like it had quickened and my breathing was deeper. I loved the feeling, but it was certainly strange.

Just as I was on the verge of a climax, the phone rang. It was Rob. “Hey, Ab, how’s it going?”

“It’s going great, but the funniest thing about that little vibrator that you bought me, I feel that it’s like a runaway train. The vibrations keep getting stronger and stronger. It’s now really distracting, but I have to admit I’m loving every minute of it.”

He started to laugh and finally said, “I’m really glad that you are enjoying it.”

“Enjoying it?! I think I’m about to cum. This thing is amazing.”

Rob now went into hysterics. “Ab, check the app on your phone.”

“Why? Have I done something wrong?”

“No, you haven’t, but just check.”

“The phone said that I the setting was at high-medium. I hadn’t set it that high.”

“Really? You had to.”

“No, I didn’t,’ I told him as I reset it to low. Then before my very eyes the phone reset the vibe back to high-medium.

He started laughing uncontrollably. “That is just too funny,” he said.

“This thing was about to make me cum in my panties,” I shouted.

Hearing the commotion Carla came back to my room and said, “What? You’re going to cum in your panties? From what?”

“I tried out my new vibe and it set itself to high. I love the sensation, but I am about to cum,” I told her.

“That’s too funny.”

Meanwhile Rob finally had to give in and tell me that he had also put the app on his phone and could control the vibe by wifi. In other words, he could make me cum anytime he wanted to, assuming, that is, that I had the vibe inserted.

“So, mister smarty engineer, what would have happened if I had been in class when you did that?”

“You would have enjoyed that class more than you ever have known. Besides, your classmates would all be wondering, too.”

“And I would have had a huge wet spot to deal with. Still, you’re forgiven, but I think I have to go change my pantyliner . . . again.”

“It is the gift that keeps on giving or maybe keeps on cumming,” said Carla with her often heard naughty giggle. “I’m going to have get myself one of those. It will certainly make Dr. Bartholomew’s class a lot more tolerable!”

I did have to forgive Rob for his extremely naughty trick because this was the best gift I have ever gotten. And it does keep giving, too.

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