My bucket list #1 My Mature neighbor

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My bucket list #1 My Mature neighbor
My Bucket List Fantasy #1.
All the pictures used, represent what I find sexy, and beautiful!
If you like the story let me know. If you have the same fantasy / bucket list, let me know. If you like the story and would like to someday make it true, let me know.
I am not a professional scammer. I neither seek money nor want to pay money for fantasies. I write these for my fantasies and the hope that others will enjoy them. Send me note and let me know. If you are local, we can exchange bucket list items.
1. Helping Granny in the yard
We have an older neighbor in our neighborhood whose husband died about a year ago. Her lawn and garden have gotten overgrown. She posts a sign for help to clean up the yard. I saw post it, and told her I had some free time. I told her she did not need to pay me, I would do it in my free time. Told her I would not feel right taking money from her and that she should spend it on herself or do something fun with it. I came back a few days later and started to work on her yard. It was a hot day so the work was not hard, but was sweaty work. She came out later with some ice tea and I took a break and talked to her. She told me she missed her husband, who was also a very good guy. I drank the tea, and went back to finish the work. She sat on the porch and watched. I worked about 2 hrs. When I finished I went back to the porch. I was sweaty, so she ask me if I wanted to get cleaned up and shower be I left. I said that was a good idea.

I went into the bathroom, and disrobed. I turned on the shower and waited for the water to get hot. When it was steamy, I got into güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the shower and grabbed the soap.

I then heard the shower curtain slide open. I turned to see her through the steam. She was completely nude and completely beautiful. I could feel myself getting erect. Very erect. She told me she would help me soap up where I could not reach and stepped into the shower next to me. She started to soap up my back, and then my butt. When she got to my butt crack, she ran her fingers from the front when my cock was viably erect and hard. She then ran her fingers toward the back. She stopped at my anus. She began to finger it slowly. It felt good and then she pulled it away.
She then came around to the front of me and then started to soap my chest. She is so close to me when using the soap that she brushes up against my cock. I look down and see it bouncing from side to side. She then starts to soap up the shaft of my cock then the head of my cock. She then gets on her knees and starts to soap up my leg and inner side of my leg. I look down and can’t help but think about her and wanting her to sock on my cock. She keeps moving down my leg and soaping it. When she gets to my feet, she looks up and can see just how hard she was making me.
She senses just what I am thinking and goes up to my hard erection. She slips her mouth over the head of my cock first, then down the shaft. She starts to suck so hard that I can feel my cock pulling away from my body to her mouth. Really feels good. Very good! She then starts to kiss and lick the head of my penis in a circular motion. Then she canlı poker oyna gets up and hands the soap to me and turns around. I start by lathering her back up. Rubbing my hands into her beautiful body. Up and then down her back. One turn deserves another. I slip my hand between her butt checks and reach around to the front. I start to finger her by now wet pussy. I can hear her moan with pleasure as my fingers go back and forth on her pussy lips. I then slip my hand back to where her anus is. I start to rub it and can hear pleasure from it. I then turn her around and start to lather her boobs and nipples. Where she garners more joy and pleasure. I then start to suck on her erect nipples. She moans and moan more while I suck and kiss her nipples as she rolls her head back moaning. I then work downward with the soap. I stop down at her pussy. I lick and suck her pussy and she moans again, loader this time. I gently lick both sides of her pussy, and then the center of her pussy. I lick her deep inside her pussy as she continues to moan with pleasure. This continues for five minutes. I then start to soap up her inner thigh and work down her leg. When I get to her feet, I lift up her leg to my mouth and put her foot into my mouth and start to suck her toes. I then out her leg down and we rinse our bodies down.

As we step out of the shower, she grabs my hard cock like a leash and pulls me into her bed. She lay on her back and proceeds to put my head between her legs. She then wraps her legs around me tightly. Pulling my face into her. I start to kiss and lick her pussy. Like a fine wine, just better with age. I can internet casino tell she enjoys me being between her legs and kissing her pussy. She begins moaning with ecstasy and saying that it has been a long time since someone has done this for her. I tell her I enjoy doing it for her and would love to do it anytime she wants. She pulls me up to her breasts. Her nipples are erect and hard, like I am too. I start to kiss and suck on each one. She moans again enjoying the playful nipple play on her boobs. It is getting me hot, and I can feel the throbbing of my cock. I go up to her face and look into her eyes. She is in a daze of ecstasy. We kiss. The deep kind of kiss, which lovers do. Our tongues swirling in each others mouths. She reaches down and grabs my cock, and slides it into her. Man, she is so wet, that my cock just slips and slides right in. I enjoy seeing her boobs bouncing back and forth with each hard thrust into her. My thrusts become faster and faster as I can feel she is ready to cum. She moaning becomes loader and loader until she reaches that ecstasy moment with a load few “oh, ohhhhs”. The sound of her cumming, begins to bring me to climax as now it is me that is moaning the “oh, ohhhhs”, until that last thrusts releases my cum deep inside of her. We lay there for a few minutes where I then pull out of here wet, and now milky white pussy. I roll over in the bed, and then she half lays on me in a laying cuddle. Feels good having her boobs laying across my chest. We lay there, both satisfied for about 15 minutes and making some small talk. She tells me, I know you are taken…but I would not mind if you would want to return for more showers….And I say, yes. Showers of love. I would love to return and be with her. Lay with her. Make love to her. My secret love that we share for the short time that we are here on this earth. Sharing our love, many, many times over and again!

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