My Boss’s PA

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My Boss’s PAI was 33 years old; even if I say it myself, God had been kind to me! I was not fat – I had a good firm body, without having to go to a gym! I probably looked about 25! I know – you hate me already! I had been in and out of relationships with various girls since school; I had a tendency to get bored quickly.I know what you’re thinking, but before you judge me, think back to yourself and the way you were when you were that age? So, it was probably fair to say it was probably me, rather than them, I just wanted different things to them, so when I split up with someone, the usual things would happen – the sarcasm from both of us – the stupid c***dish fights – loads of tears and shouting matches – then the new thing that women do – the famous break-up stories to everyone she knows on Facebook! All the shit and dirty washing held up in public on their fucking Facebook page! God, I hated that fucking network of sad gossiping bitches! Facebook serves no purpose other than to allow stupid people to talk about all the shit in their lives, which have no significance to anything other than shit. Then what usually followed and had done several times for me, was a virtual hate campaign from every lesbian cow that your girlfriend seems to know.Well, that’s how it has felt in the last 5 years! I probably deserve some of it, but fuck me; women can turn into complete creatures of sheer hate when they are pissed with you!Guys are straightforward. If you’re with a friend in a bar; a guy walks in who you know is a dickhead, you tell your friend! He understands exactly what you said, and that is the end of the matter! But if two girls are in a bar, and another girl walks in that they don’t like – what do they do? Yeah, you guessed it! They invite her over to join them, then they are really nice to her, tell her she looks great, then when the poor cow goes for a piss, they slag her off and say she looks like a whore! I don’t get it why are women like that?Probably the only girl I should have married was Kay. She was older than me; she was 37 when I met her properly. Oh my God, Kay was so fucking horny! She was a dirty cow with a face that melted guy’s hearts! She had a really sexy voice; she could say anything and make it sound horny.I met her when I was 23; she was the PA to my boss at the time. My aim was to find out what was going on in the company. So, as they say, I decided to take one for the team – I started to make her coffee on a regular basis, said nice things about her hair and her clothes – basically I made her feel important! Then WHAM – like a super stud, I asked her out to lunch! I used every charm I knew in the book, and yes, she fell for it! Kay was the bosses PA – she knew everything that was going on. She was the one who sent all his memo’s – she was the one who took all the notes in the meeting’s that he had.But I have to proudly say – the k** in the office had managed to get her to lunch – not even achieved by Peter, her boss! Yes, I was fucking impressed with myself I have to say!So, imagine the first time we went out to lunch in a popular wine bar – I paid for everything; Champagne and smoked salmon sandwiches with cream cheese – she fucking loved it! Kay was very pretty, long blonde hair – she looked like ‘Baby Spice’ from the ‘Spice Girls’, but an older version. Kay had massive breasts – I don’t think I have ever seen anything quite like Kay’s breasts, but she always dressed smart – she hid those puppies away from most pervy eyes! But when your eyes caught them, they were like a hypnotist’s watch – you couldn’t take your eyes off them! The one thing I didn’t like about her was her laugh. Yes, I know, I’m fussy, but her laugh was like a witch – it was like a cackle and extremely loud. If you were out and she laughed, everyone would stare at you, especially if she was drinking alcohol.So why was I in hot pursuit of Kay? Everyone in the company knew something was happening in the company, but no one knew what it was. Peter, the Managing Director, was Kay’s boss; he had been inviting new people into the building on a regular basis, Peter was a creep; he was like a big k** with all the new guests that kept visiting in the office. He was constantly showing them around the office, but he wasn’t saying why they were there to anyone. To me, he just looked like a prick! He kept laughing at unfunny jokes they seemed to be making.Although I was only 23, I was smart and ambitious. I had a house in France, and a new house I had bought with my girlfriend – who was 10 years older than me. I seemed to be attracted to older women – I have no idea why, but something about them really turned me on. I had bought the house in France on my credit card for really silly money when we went over for a long weekend, my girlfriend at the time was bilingual – I always said to myself it was a shame she wasn’t bi-sexual, but Tracy was older than me, and very smart.I guess Tracy was the start of my love of older women; she had 2 degrees, and spoke most languages except ‘Dirty cow’. Tracy liked things in a certain way – including her sex. It was as if she had OCD (Obsessive-compulsive Disorder). She had all the traits before it became trendy to be like that. Tracy was smart – smart with money – smart in her thinking – but boring as fuck in bed. I met Tracy on a blind date when I was 21, I don’t know why we just clicked. She was smart, but not boring. The next thing I know is we are living together in her flat. Within a few months we had bought a house together – but sex was just not exciting. So, there I am, with a house and a girlfriend at 21. By the time I’m 22, we have bought a house in France about an hour’s drive from Calais in a village called Hedin – it’s round the corner from a place called Agincourt.Not really the place to buy a house amasya escort if you’re English – due to a fierce battle we had with the French a few hundred years before – but my bisexual girlfriend, sorry bilingual girlfriend, soon talked the locals round by speaking French and inviting them in to drink my wine whenever we visit the house.So, I am 22 years old, I own a 3-bedroom house with stables and a barn in France – try to understand how I am feeling? My sexual appetite when I visit the house in France is driving me mad! I want sex in the lounge in front of the fire – she wants to read her book in bed! I want to bend her over the sink – she wants to do the fucking gardening! It’s like we have been married for 25 years!So, do you see where this is going now? I have a job in advertising; I’m 23 years old, I’m confident and have a knack of writing those stupid catchphrase type one-liners that people love! You know the stupid jingles that sell products? Don’t ask! I have no idea where the talent came from. The problem is – I’m young and cocky! I actually feel that I could be the next young Saatchi of the advertising industry.Now don’t get me wrong; my sex life was ok with Tracy, but I wanted kinky dirty raw sex! Don’t be disgusted with me – remember I was 23, remember that! I know it’s wrong, but I was still exploring my sexual fantasies and didn’t have anywhere to vent them.So back to Kay and me…The first lunch we have goes really well, and the coffee invites to the coffee machine begin to be a regular thing, 2 weeks go by – we are standing at the coffee machine and Kay basically asks me when we are going to lunch again. I’m super cool about it and say “Why? Are you buying?”Kay smiles at me and says “Tell you what…skip lunch! Why don’t I cook you dinner at my house?”My cock went instantly hard! How I didn’t faint with the sudden rush of blood to my cock, I don’t know!Kay leans over and whispers in my ear “So, can you make an excuse and get away Friday night to come to dinner?”Imagine how I felt! I’m going dizzy with a hard-on, trying to say something clever and witty – and she just leans forward and grabs my cock and say’s “No wanking from now on! I want the full contents of your balls on
Friday!”With that, she smiles and releases my hard cock from her grip and walks away from the coffee machine back to her desk! My hard-on stays for over an hour – I feel like I’m walking around with a broom handle between my legs, convinced that everyone knows I have a massive hard-on!I told Tracy I was ‘out with the boys for a beer on Friday’. I didn’t go drinking very often, but when I did, it was usually a late one. On Friday morning, I got in the office just before 9. I had showered before I got to work. I wore a new shirt and tie, plus a suit that was quite new as well. I got to my desk, turned on my PC, and went over to the coffee machine. I pressed the button for white coffee and listened to the machine spitting out my coffee. It wasn’t very appealing, but I really needed a coffee. As I turned to go back to my desk, I saw Kay.Kay was dressed in a dark blue satin dress – very figure hugging, her breasts looked amazing! Her long blonde hair trailed over her shoulders. The sun shone through the office windows – it seemed to home into the shiny satin dress and make it look like liquid d****d over her body! The dress was fantastic on her – just about everyone in the office seemed to be glued to the dress. Kay did see me – I know she did – because she blew me a kiss. I died when she did it. She smiled and sat down at her desk.I knew I had to speak to her – I just couldn’t think of what to say! It really threw me! I normally had a confidence with women that was almost ignorant! I seemed to have met my match. Kay was obviously very confident – her boss was the MD, but other than that, she seemed to be very self-assured about herself – something that I had not noticed before, Kay really was quite dominant.I casually walked over to her desk – she looked up and smiled.“Hello Mr. Stevens! How are you today?” she leaned over her desk and quickly rubbed my crotch – my cock was almost instant as it fired up a mini hard-on! “I trust those sacs of yours are nice and full with your milk?”I couldn’t believe what Kay had just said! To simply say something so sexual in the office without a care in the world!“You do know I’m going to empty your balls tonight!? I can’t wait for all that lovely cum to cum out!”I didn’t know what to say! I didn’t know what to do! Kay was so sexy! Right at that moment, I would have probably done whatever she wanted me to do! That moment was so kinky – my cock was now as stiff as a totem pole – it was screaming inside my pants! How I didn’t cum right at that moment I do not know!Kay smiled at my hard-on in my trousers. “Oh, good boy, Mr. Stevens…I like to see that on a man! Just think about tonight…think about the moment that I allow you to cum! But trust me; it won’t be…until I allow you!” Kay smiled, picked up a file on her desk, and left me like a human tripod standing there.I couldn’t concentrate all day. I worked, but I couldn’t remember simple tasks, and to be honest, I was a complete mess. My sexual desire for Kay was like no other desire I have ever had for a woman!It was 5 to 5; I looked up at Kay’s desk – she wasn’t there! ‘Fucking hell! Don’t tell me this is a wind-up and she’s left early?’Suddenly I heard a voice “Mr. Stevens…would you follow me please?”I looked around and found Kay standing by my desk; she was holding a box file.“This way please!”I followed Kay down the corridor; it was obvious she was showing herself off to all the guys in the office! She wiggled her arse as the satin dress bounced around her body – not one guy in the office didn’t look at her as she paraded through the office escort amasya – with me following behind her.She stopped outside the boardroom, which was quite a distance from most of the staff desks in the office, and I had only been in there 3 times in the last year for company presentations. She opened the door and indicated that I should go in. As I did, I felt her silky arm brush my face – the satin felt incredible.Kay walked down to the front of the boardroom table where Pete always sat before he would stand to speak to everyone – she sat down in Peter’s chair.“Could you come over here, Mr. Stevens?”As I walked over to her, she lifted her legs up on the chair, pulled her dress up – I could see white stocking’s & suspenders, with white French satin knickers.“I need you to eat me right now! Get on your knees and eat my cunt!”I can’t explain what happened to me – I felt like a helpless robot – I simply fell to my knees, and pulled her satin knickers down. As my face got close to her pussy, I could smell the cum between her legs – it was really strong and really exotic. Kay put her hand down between her legs and inserted 2 fingers deep into her pussy. She pulled them out and began to suck them in her mouth.“Oh Jesus, I’m wet…I’m so fucking wet! Oh God, I taste so fucking creamy! Get down here right now and suck me off, you dirty bitch!”Kay moved her body upwards allowing me to get on my knees in front of Kay, from her knees down, her legs were spread across the boardroom table. The tip of my tongue touched her pussy; it was so wet; I could taste cum on the tip of my tongue. Kay gasped as my tongue probed her lips. I licked a finger on my right hand and began to play with the bottom part of her pussy as my tongue teased her above at the main entrance. Kay grabbed my hair and pushed it closer to her pussy, her lips opened up and I found my mouth around her pussy. The sweet cum taste was all over my lips as she started to wank on my face, holding my head in place.“Don’t you fucking move that tongue, Bitch…I need it deep inside me! Keep sucking me off, Bitch!”Kay began to moan as she wanked off in my mouth, her hips were going up and down as she suddenly screamed out, “Jesus…oh my God!”Her hips seemed to go into a fit as she wanked like crazy, using me like a sex toy. My cock by now was so hard, I have no idea how I didn’t cum in my pants! Kay was so sexy, so erotic; she completely took control, she knew what she wanted and was very confident sexually! A few more gasps and then she let go of my hair. I continued to suck her pussy until she pushed my head away.“That is enough, Mr. Stevens…I suggest you readjust yourself! Go to the toilets have a quick wash and I will meet you in reception!”I moved my head away from Kay. In a very un-lady like fashion, Kay moved her legs down from the table, and adjusted herself. I walked away from her, opened the door, and made my way to the Gents toilets. I jumped as I opened the door to see the cleaning lady walking towards me, she smiled as she left. I went straight to the sink; all my face was wet with cum, and my hair was sticking up where Kay had been holding my head in place. I washed, adjusted my clothes, went back to my PC, signed off, and walked to reception.Nobody was there; all I could hear was a hoover in one of the distant offices. Kay suddenly appeared.“Ah, Mr. Stevens…let’s go, shall we?”We walked to the lifts, pressed the button – and it pinged. We got in, with guys already in the lift – all 3 of them stared at Kay and her breasts in the satin dress – the whole lift smelt of Kay’s strong perfume. When we got to the ground floor, nobody moved. All the men indicated for Kay to get out first. She smiled and said “Thank you!” I followed behind. All 3 men nearly tripped over themselves trying to be casual, but all under her sexual spell.We walked over to a train station; Kay pointed to the ticket machine. “You need Abbey Wood!”I smiled, got my wallet out, and pressed the various options to get the location.“You only need to get a single…you are not coming back tonight!”My cock was so hard, knowing that this beautiful woman seemed to be indicating that I was staying the night. ‘Fuck…what was I going to say to Tracy?’“I need to make a call!”“Your girlfriend? Oh ok…call her…make it quick!”I called Tracy; explained I was out with the boys, and was staying over at Steve’s house. I had done it enough times, so it was not unusual,
except I always actually did stay with him! This time it was different – this time I was with Kay. Then I called Steve, made an excuse, asked him to cover for me in case Tracy called him.I walked back to Kay; she smiled when she saw me.“All done? Are you mine for the night?”“All done…I’m all yours!”The train arrived, we boarded it – it was only 3 stops. When I think back to the journey, we didn’t even speak. We got off the train and I dutifully walked alongside Kay to the ticket barrier. We turned right at the exit, and walked 200 yards to a car park. She got her keys out and walked over to a white BMW car.“Hello Tommy, I’m home!”“You call your car Tommy?”“What’s wrong with that?I smiled. Why do girls give cars and other large items names? The drive to key’s house took about 10 minutes. We stopped outside a modern townhouse; it was a new build, but very stylish. We got out and I followed Kay to a white house-door with No 12 on it.Kay opened the door and walked in, I followed behind. As I did, Kay grabbed me and started to kiss me. She went mad; she pushed me up against the wall in the hallway and started to kiss me, madly running her hand over my cock.“I hope you have some cream left in those balls, because I insist that you wank all over my tits! Let’s go upstairs!”I followed Kay up the stairs. She opened a door – inside, it was very modern, amasya escort bayan very white. She grabbed me and started to kiss me again.“I’m so fucking horny for you…I need to watch you wank for me!”Kay grabbed my hand and walked me over to some large draws; she opened the first draw -inside were bras of every type and colour. Then the next draw were panties and French knickers. Next draw were cami-soles and slips.“I want you to choose something…choose whatever you want…whatever colour you like! I will be back in a minute!”I looked at all the draws – the underwear was amazing! Satin, silk, and lace was everywhere – I was in heaven! As I touched all the various garments, my cock screamed to be released from its prison of my trousers.Kay came back into the bedroom wearing a shiny black nightdress, with delicate pink trim around the breasts. I could also see black stockings and suspenders. She also had black high heels; her long hair was in a ponytail.“I thought you would be dressed by now?”“What? I don’t understand! What do you mean?”Kay burst out laughing “I told you to choose something, Dave…it wasn’t for me! I meant something for you to wear…I want you to wear the underwear for me!”I couldn’t believe what she was suggesting! Me to wear all that kit? What kind of person did she think I was? There was no way I was going to wear her underwear!“Kay, I don’t understand! You want me to wear this?”“Why not? Loads of guys ask women to wear it…I’m just turning the tables on you! So, get undressed and start putting on something sexy for me!”“No way…I’m not doing it! No… I’m not gay!”Kay burst out laughing.“Dave, I know you’re not gay…fuck me, not after that in the boardroom tonight! Jesus…you are not gay, darling, but I really get turned on seeing a guy in my satin underwear! Try it on for me…there is no one else here! Nobody will know except you and me! Dave, you have the perfect chance to see why girls get so aroused in their undies! Come on…let me help you get undressed!”Kay walked over to me, put her hands on my shirt, started to kiss me, and undid my buttons. Slowly she undressed me. As my shirt came off, she sucked my nipples and rubbed my cock in my trousers.“Please, Dave…please wear my underwear…I’m so fucking wet for you! God, I need you to get dressed for me…please Dave!”Kay started to lick my nipples as she undid my trousers, her hand ran down the shaft of my erect cock – she started to wank it off, then she pulled my pants down. My cock sprang out, it was so hard! Kay’s hand teased my cock in her hand, still sucking my erect nipples.“Come on, darling…let’s get you dressed in something satin and sexy for me!”Kay walked over to the draw and pulled out a red satin slip – it was very shiny.“Put this on for me, Dave, please…I want to see how sexy you look in my satin slip!”Kay threw it at me. As it hit my body, I tingled at the satin touching my chest. I can’t explain why I did it, but I stepped into the slip and pulled it up over my body. I felt electric; the feeling was amazing, it felt so sexual! Kay walked over to me and grabbed my hand.“Jesus, Dave…you look so fucking horny!”Kay got on to the bed, crunched up some pillows and laid on the bed with her legs apart. She started to wank herself off – her legs started to twinge – her breathing became heavy as she started to orgasm in front of me – she gasped as her hand got faster and faster.“I need you to suck my cunt off whilst I wank! Get here now, Dave…I need that tongue between my legs! Hurry up, Bitch…I need you!”She looked so fucking horny! I got on the bed and dived between her legs. Her hand was wanking on her pussy so fast; it was like a wanking machine! The speed of her hand and the smell of her cum was addictive – I couldn’t follow her request.I parted her legs even more as I finger-fucked her as well, pushing my tongue lower towards her arse. As I did so, she screamed out – she was so wet as my tongue explored down to her arse. Kay raised her legs backwards; this lifted her arse up and I was able to see her arse – my tongue licked it. As I did, Kay’s legs kicked out.“Oh Christ, Dave…don’t move from that angle! Christ…keep licking my arse, you dirty fucking whore!”Kay’s demands were like a spell; I frantically licked her arse and fingered her pussy. She started to come and demanded I suck her off as she orgasmed. I moved back; she adjusted her legs and orgasmed on my mouth again, screaming out loud. This time she was like a waterfall – the cum came out into my mouth! She tasted like a sweet creamy drink with a salty after taste. Kay’s cum was so addictive – I couldn’t swallow her cum quick enough.It was obvious that her orgasm was over by her vocal silence – her breathing was really fast, it was like she had run a marathon.“Jesus, Dave…that was out of this world! You have the job! Now get on your knees in front of me…let me see how pretty you look!”I didn’t argue, the satin did feel amazing against my skin – she was right! I was really high – all I wanted to do was please her and cum!“I want you to wank over my face and tits, Dave! Do it now, baby…I want to see you pleasure yourself in your satin slip! Come on…wank all over my face, Dave…do it now! I want to see how you pleasure yourself when you wank! I want to see the speed you do it, so I know how to do it for you!”I put my hand between my legs – my cock was so hard! I started to rub my cock up and down – I felt that feeling you get when you are about to come. Suddenly my body was overwhelmed with an orgasm racing through my body. I shot the cum out my cock – it went all over Kay’s tits as I shot some over her left cheek. Kay was wanking herself off and rubbing my cum over her face. I screamed out as the creamy white cum shot all over Kay laying on the bed.“Lick it off, Bitch…lick all your cum off my tits and face, or I will whip you like a common whore! I want you to taste your own cum, you dirty filthy Bitch! I own you now, don’t I?”I nodded – she was right! I was addicted to my Boss’s PA.

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