My Best Friend and I Exploring: Part 2

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My Best Friend and I Exploring: Part 2
Two whole days had gone by since the last time I hung out with Sean and I was getting anxious. Then, on Friday afternoon I gathered the courage to head over and knock on the front door of his parents house. Sean answered as he looked at me with a surprised look on his face and it seemed that he had been avoiding me this week ever since our last trip to the pool together.

I waived to him as I said, “HEY… Whatcha doin?…” I heard Sean’s mom shouting in the background, “WHO IS IT SEAN???…” He looked behind him as he replied to his mom saying, “It’s just Kevin mom!…” Sean then came outside as he closed the door behind him saying, “Hey Kevin… Before you say anything else, I want you to know that I have been thinking a lot about what we did in the locker room by the pool we go to… AND…”

I waited anxiously as Sean took a moment to pause, pacing back and forth pensatively until he finally said what he wanted to say. He continued using a lower volume as he said, “I— I just don’t know if I wanna do anything like that again… Or at least not with you… NOT THAT I DON’T LIKE YOU, I DO… BUT AS A FRIEND… YA KNOW???” I blushed from the embarrassment feeling ashamed of myself for causing this tension between us.

I agreed with Sean as I nodded my head saying, “Umm… Yeah, sure… Okay Sean. Whatever it takes for us to stay friends dude…” He smiled as he reached his hand out for me to shake and I shook his hand feeling more confident about our friendship now. Sean invited me indoors to watch some tv and I agreed as I follwed him inside, heading upstairs to his bedroom…

… I felt like I was ultimately responsible for the tension between us because, the last time we went to the pool together, I stared at Sean’s dick way too long when we got undressed in the locker room. Then moments later while we were swimming, I guess it must’ve caused him to get hard somehow and while we were in the pool I accidentally discovered his erection. We ended up masturbating in front of each other in the locker room showers and after each of us blew our loads a suttle feeling of regret came over the two of us shortly after.

But ever since that afternoon I could sense the tension between our friendship and it was clear to me now that we couldn’t do anything like that again if we wanted to stay best friends. I learned that, at least for now, whatever feelings came up from catching a glimpse of Sean’s cock would have to be kept burried within myself. The irony of that promise would only just begin to rear it’s ugly kaçak bahis head just a few days later…

It was a long weekend of hanging out with the familly, and Sean seemed to be busy too over the weekend, so we hadn’t seen each other since we watched tv in his room Friday afternoon. So after schhool on Monday I headed to over Sean’s and I knocked on the door to see if he wanted to hang out somewhere. Sean opened the door with his duffel bag in his hand already and I was surprised to see he was ready to go to the pool with me again.

Sean said, “You ready to go for a swim bro?…” I hesitated thinking about our last conversation, being that I really didn’t want to mess this up and then I remembered that we agreed that Monday was gonna be our day to go swimming. I stuttered a bit before I replied, “OH— I— I have to go get my bag in the house… I’ll be right back dude…”
I ran over to my parents house as I headed to my room to get my bag full of swim gear and I headed for the front door again shouting, “MOM, I’M GOING TO THE POOL WITH SEAN AGAIN! BE BACK LATER!…” My mom replied the usual, “Okay hun… Be safe out there!…” I met Sean in front of both our parents houses and we walked down the sidewalk on our way to the pool.

We got there only ten minutes until the entrance to the pool area was closed and the pool would remain open for another hour, but only for those already inside the gates. The lady at the entrance said we were lucky because nobody else had shown up the whole afternoon and we were the only ones there. That meant we had the pool ALL to ourselves, but that also meant we had the locker room to ourselves too…

Sean put in a little more effort this time to hide himself while he got undressed and I did the same as I faced the other way to get undressed. Once we were both in our trunks we each took turns quickly applying sun screen and finally we headed to the pool laughing as we walked down the slippery wet hall. Sean jumped into the pool first and I followed shortly after as we raced to the deep end right away.

We each took turns swimming around in the pool and once in a while we would race each other from one end of the pool to the other. We were both having such a good time we completely forgot about our previous incident and Sean seemed to be just as lively as ever. About an hour later we heard the sound of the lifeguards whistle meaning we had to get out of the pool and we had half an hour to get dressed before they closed up for the day.

Sean climbed out of the pool first and I followed shortly after as kaçak iddaa we headed to the locker room to change. Once we were inside the locker room Sean lowered his trunks right away as he headed to the showers without thinking it over twice and I did the same. While we were showering side by side I tried my hardest not to look at him so I wouldn’t be tempted to stare at his dick and I continued rinsing off my body as I faced forward.

Then from the corner of my eye I noticed something going on next to me that I just couldn’t ignore no matter how hard I tried. I looked over at Sean when I heard him moaning and he had his hand on his cock which appeared to be fully erect as he gave it a few pumps. I continued to stare in awe as my best friend continued to tease me it seemed and I reached down to stroke my own cock as it stood up to attention right away.

I remained facing forward with my eyes skewing away to sneak a peak at Sean once in a while as I continued to pump away at my own stiff cock. But then I noticed Sean was looking over at me too from time to time while he continued pumping away at his fully hard cock. I couldn’t help myself any longer as I turned my body to face him and I noticed that he was already facing me while we both masturbated in front of each other once again!

I looked up at Sean’s face this time and he looked up at mine as he nodded his head letting me know it was okay for us to continue. We moved in closer to each other making our cock’s touch heads and we moaned together as I looked back up at Sean’s face. “Ohh… UHH… Ohh yeah… This is so hot Kevin. Can I— Kiss you?” I nodded my head letting him know it was okay with me in the heat of the moment.

Sean leaned his head forward and soon I felt his lips touching mine as I parted my lips allowing him to kiss me like they do in the movies. We continued to pump away at our cocks while we kissed each other passionately, our eyes filled with lust, and we kept rubbing our cocks together as we shared moans. “MMM… MMM… Ohh… UHHH…”
Then Sean broke the kiss when both of us looked down as he sprayed several hot spurts of his fresh semen all over my own cock, some dripping onto the floor, and some all over my hand too while he moaned, “Ohh! UHHH! UHHH!… Ohh yeah!… Ohh Kevin…” I used his warm slippery cum as lubricant, pumping my own cock faster and then I reached my orgasm too, moaning loud as I said, “Ohh fuck Sean!… OHHH! UHHH! UHHH! OHH SHIT!… OHHH!… Ohh yeah… Ohhh…”

I watched helplessly as my own sperm poured out of me in a few heavy spurts, güvenilir bahis spraying both our feet and I watched Sean take a couple of steps back to avoid getting splashed by my spunk. I then took a moment to recover from my orgasm and Sean did the same as we both continued rinsing off under the shower head.
There we were, once again, in the same situation which I thought we were trying so poorly to avoid. But then it occurred to me, why were we avoiding it if we both enjoyed what we were doing together???

Sean left the showers as he dried himself off without saying a word to me about what just happened between us and I got a feeling of de ja vu when I saw his reaction. I followed him as I dried myself off too and we both got dressed facing away from each other. Sean stayed quiet as he walked away and he seemed upset.

I followed him to the exit, but once we were outside I turned to face him saying, “NO!… YOU KNOW WHAT!?… YOU DON’T GET TO ACT LIKE— LIKE A CHILLD OR WHATEVER THIS IS… YOU NEED TO TALK TO ME ABOUT WHATEVER YOUR THINKING ABOUT RIGHT NOW!” Sean looked at me and I could see the shame in his eyes as he looked at me without saying a word, just staring at me with those half teary eyes.

I tuned my head away so I wouldn’t make him feel better about ignoring what just happened back there in the locker room for the second time. All I wanted to hear from him was that whatever happened back there was mainly his idea, that he meant to make that happen and that it wasn’t ALL my fault!

Finally, just as we were turning the corner to our neighborhood Sean turned to me and spilled his guts about the whole situation back there, saying, “ALRIGHT BRO… I’M SORRY. I GUESS I AM A LITTLE GAY… THERE! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR??? DOES THAT MAKE IT ANY BETTER???” Actually, that was more than what I expected him to say, but I’ll take it!

I smiled as I said, “There… That wasn’t so bad was it?… I’m gay too. I’ve felt it for a while now… I knew I felt something for you for quite some time now but I just couldn’t bring myself to let you know because I thought you wouldn’t want to be friends anymore…” Sean and I blushed as we both paused for a moment to take it all in.

Sean broke the silence and he spoke first as he said, “We should still keep it to ourselves for now… My mom would totally freak out if she knew I had feelings for another guy… Even if it is you…” I nodded my head to show him I understood and I accepted those terms for now as I said, “Okay, but one day when we’re older we have to tell our parents… Promise?” Sean nodded his head this time as he replied, “I promise bro…”

We each headed off to our homes as we waived goodbye and I felt butterflies in my stomach just thinking about what we would do now that we knew each others secret…

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