My bad mistake in the morning

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My bad mistake in the morning
That morning I woke up with the first rays of sun in my face, feeling my husband’s hardened dick pushing against my round buttocks.
We had spent the night in this motel room, celebrating another wedding anniversary. I closed my eyes again; it was Sunday and Victor and I had no office work that morning.
I could still smell champagne in this room; the same that my loving hubby had leaked over my body once he had blindfolded me. He spent a long while licking every corner of my body with his soft tongue.
Then we fucked savagely, angrily, with such lust and passion…
Now the pressure of that hard dick against my ass was getting me wet.
He had it so hard; until I finally reached my hand back and got this beautiful cock between my fingers. I spread a bit my thighs and then I guided his cockhead between my wet pussy lips. My entire body shivered as I felt the tip touching my swollen clit. I moaned very softly.
My cunt got even wetter; I moaned again as I moved my buttocks to receive his cock inside of me.
Soon I felt this hard dick going deep up to the bottom. I moaned louder.
I squeezed Victor’s cock with my vaginal muscles and felt it getting even harder. He started to pump me slowly, as he held my hips.
I began to moan and cry, as I pushed my body against his.
I kept my eyes closed, as if I was güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri still blindfolded.
After a while I started to shiver and tensed my body, feeling an intense orgasm was getting closer. I finally got it; I experienced a very nice intense climax; but I kept moving my hips against his wonderful hard cock…
My lust cries were too much for Victor and then I felt his warm semen flooding deep inside of my hungry hot cunt.
I felt the spasms of this thick cock. My hubby was till pumping me; but now his motion was very slow. Then I had another consecutive orgasm.
This time I screamed in pleasure as a wild cat.
I felt those hands leaving my waist and his dick slipping out from my cunt.
Keeping my eyes still closed, I felt him waking up from the bed. He locked inside of the bathroom and I heard the water running in the shower.
I stood there onto the bed, enjoying a relaxed state of mind.
A while later I opened my eyes and saw my husband was lying there by my side, looking at me. I was astonished, because I could still hear the shower.
Victor was smiling at me. I looked down, watching his thick cock seemed to be close to explode. Then I realized some other man had fucked me…And worst of all, I had guided myself a stranger hard cock into my wet pussy.
I could still feel his semen oozing out perabet from my cunt, falling onto the sheets.
Then I imagined, as I was blindfolded on the previous night, this other man had licked my body and fucked me so wildly. But Victor read my mind and he told me that his mate had licked me; but my own husband had fucked me so passionately.

My beloved hubby was still smiling, as I felt the stranger was again getting inside the bedsheets on my back. I turned my head and saw he was Gary, an old office friend from Victor.
He was fully naked and his gorgeous dick was completely erect.
Gary was married to a wonderful woman and now I wanted kill both him and my husband. But then Victor’s lips pressed against my neck.
He made me get on my belly and spread my thighs. He mounted me from behind and soon I felt his hard cock touching my vaginal lips. Then I had another wild orgasm, even before my hubby could penetrate me…
I cried loud as I felt the electric effect coming from my womb. Now my vagina was soaking wet and well stretched by Gary’s thick cock.
Then Victor shoved his hard dick deep inside of me.
I buried my face into a pillow and screamed; but my cries sounded muffled.
Victor fucked me from behind for about ten minutes, pumping my cunt in a wild, angry way. I screamed in both pleasure and pain, as I felt perabet giriş his huge dick fucking me.
He finally emptied his load in my hungry cunt. I knew he was very excited after watching me being fucked by his old mate.
Victor blindfolded me again, before slipping out from my very stretched filled cunt. I was speechless and tired. I stood there onto the bed for a while.
When I tried to get up, a couple of hands pushed me back down. I stood quiet, waiting for another hard cock…
Gary inched his dick in me very slowly; but then I knew he had done it just to lubricate his thick cockhead with my own fluids. I tried to resist, knowing the next step was to destroy my tight asshole with his powerful tool.
This time, Victor’s heavy hands made me to get quiet in position.
I started to cry in pain as I felt a very thick cockhead invading and opening wide my poor sphincter. My anus was very tight, since Victor had not sodomized me in weeks…
Gary pumped my asshole very slowly, grunting and without saying a word.
After the initial sharp pain, I just started to feel pleasure as this huge dick was going in and out in my anus. Gary’s body finally stood quiet over my back and then I felt him emptying his balls deep inside of me.
He slipped out very smoothly and I stood quiet there, facing down, trying to recover my own breath. I was still blindfolded; my cunt and ass were aching; but I felt totally relaxed and very satisfied…
Then I sensed another movement onto the bed and I knew my beloved husband wanted to enjoy a nice try in my asshole too.
It was now well lubricated and fully stretched…

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