Mutual Masturbation

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Last spring just before classes ended for the summer, there was a party at an apartment in our complex. There were a bunch of fraternity boys that lived there that we knew, and the party was pretty raging. I was there with my roommate, Tara, and her cousin from out of town, Devon, who was staying with us. The party was tons of fun and we all drank way too much.

When it was getting late, we found ourselves in one of the boys room with a bunch of other people. Tara had left with her boyfriend an hour earlier, and me and Devon were both sitting on the floor in the bedroom by one of the beds. There were probably 15 people in the room and music was really loud. At some point, Devon pulled out a small cd case from under the bed and started flipping through it. It had the typical mix of pop punk and gangster rap. Then near the end, there were a couple of cd’s that were blank with hand-written Sharpie on them. One was called “Girls.” Devon looked at me and right away we knew it wasn’t a cd, but was probably a dvd. Without even asking me or thinking twice, she slipped the dvd out of the case and put it into her purse. We both starting laughing and couldn’t control ourselves. We had to see what was on it, so we made some excuses and left the party and went back to my apartment.

By the time we got to the door, we were practically running and giggling the entire time. It was a mixture of being buzzed and being somewhat horny, or at least curious about the dvd. As soon as we got inside, Devon had the dvd out of her purse and was handing it to me. We put it in and finally got it to play. Sure enough, we weren’t disappointed. Porn. I, personally, didn’t know if it would be a copy of a porn movie or maybe a “self made” movie. I think I was hoping for the second, but it was the first.

It showed some girl on a couch masturbating. She was pretty cute and didn’t look like a trashy porn star. As far as porn movies go, it wasn’t bad. We both moved over to the couch to sit down, but neither one of us said much. We watched the girl go through her whole routine and cum. Then the next scene started. It was more of the same. It had a girl in a bikini out by a pool putting oil on. You knew what would happen next and it did. She undid her top and then began massaging oil onto her boobs. “Fast forward it a bit,” Devon said. “Let’s see what else is on here.”

I sort of liked it and thought it was a bit hot, but I didn’t want to admit to Devon that I wanted to watch girls masturbate instead of watching cute guys, so I fast forwarded. The bikini girl soon lost her bottoms and then started touching herself both in and out of the pool. She eventually güvenilir bahis lost it to the jets in the Jacuzzi. Been there, done that.

The next scene was another girl, this time she was camping in the woods. Again alone, and, again, masturbating. We soon got the picture of what this movie was about. I kept my thumb on the fast forward button and it soon reached the next scene. This one was a little different. It had two girls on a couch dressed in sexy pajamas. I guess it was the whole “sleepover fantasy” thing. And sure enough, they started getting into it. However, it wasn’t a typical porno lesbian scene. In fact, it was lesbian at all. Instead, they just started touching themselves through their pj’s. This made sense because this was probably a “masturbation” dvd.

I was starting to get really turned on and could feel that my panties were getting pretty wet. I let go of the fast forward button and let it play. We watched it for about 1-2 minutes and I could feel myself get tingly. Unfortunately, Devon wasn’t feeling the same. She suggested I hit the “skip” button instead of the fast forward one to see what else was on here. I told here that it was probably all the same sort of stuff, and she acted disappointed. “Bummer, I was hoping for some good porn. Oh, well, I’m going to hit it,” she said as she got up to go to Tara’s room which she was sharing. I debated about staying and watching the movie myself but knew I couldn’t with Devon here. We took turns sharing the bathroom to get ready for bed, and then said good-nights.

I couldn’t sleep. My panties were wet from earlier and I chose not to change them. This meant that I would probably masturbate before falling asleep which was unavoidable anyway. I slid my hand down and smeared the wetness all around being gentle and slow. I was thinking about scenes from the movie and pictured myself in their spots. I had grown up with a Jacuzzi and had done that exercise many times. I had never been camping, and it sort of scared me thinking about being out in the wilderness all alone. Then I thought about being on the couch with another girl. Not touching each other or doing any lesbo stuff, just exploring ourselves in front of each other. That thought got me super turned on. I was getting really wet and hot thinking about that and working my fingers back and forth inside my panties. I was starting to get close to cumming, and I slowed down. I was so hot and still buzzed from the drinks, and I didn’t want this feeling to end. I layed there in bed and caught my breath. I know…I would go back out and watch that dvd. It had been an easy 45 minutes since we went to bed, türkçe bahis and I was sure Devon would be asleep. It was a great idea and got my juices flowing even faster, but I didn’t know if I could actually pull it off. What if she came out to use the bathroom and saw me? What if Tara wasn’t staying all night with her boyfriend and came home and saw me on the couch? I thought about these things, but couldn’t get the idea out of my head. How hot would it be to go watch that movie and finish myself off out in the front room when someone else was home? Way hot.

With that, I jumped out of bed and slowly opened my door and headed down the hall. As I got closer, I could see the blue light coming from the front room. The TV was on! I crept slowly up to the corner wall and peered around. Sure enough, the tv was on. Well, the dvd was on, to be more accurate. And Devon was on the couch. I couldn’t see her without sticking my head out further, but I could see her legs a little bit. The dvd was on and it was the scene where we left off. The two sleep-over girls on the couch rubbing themselves through their nighties. I didn’t know what to do. I could run back to my room and feverishly finish myself off with the thoughts of what was going on out here, or I could join in. What would she do? She would probably be embarrassed at first, but c’mon, she was out here watching it. I guess I could also just stand here and watch from around the corner. This last option seemed the best, or safest, so I just stood there and watched the dvd while standing against the wall around the corner from Devon. The girls on the tv were starting to really get into it and began their moaning. However, in between a couple of moans from the girls, I heard a different moan. It was Devon! Damn, she was going at it! I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised at all, but it was surprising and sexy as hell. I tried to peer my head out a bit further, and saw her with her legs up on the couch underneath her, and her hand down between her legs. She had a nightshirt on, so I couldn’t tell if she had panties on or not. My guess was no. She was leaning back against the coach and rubbing seriously, her chest heaving with deep breaths.

This was too much. I immediately threw right hand down to where it had been just minutes before. I was still wet and this situation was making me even more wet. It felt so good, and I just massaged my clit while watching the girls on the tv and once in a while peering my head around the corner to see Devon. I wanted to cum so badly, but thought it would be amazing to wait until Devon came as well. I tried to slow down, but if I made any progress, güvenilir bahis siteleri the girls on the tv would turn it up and make it difficult. By this point, they had lost their lacy outfits and were now laying down on the couch flat out rubbing themselves. They looked right at each other. Both at each other’s fingers as well as each other’s faces. It was really hot. It was then that I heard a gasp from the real life couch and stuck my head out once again. Devon was really working it. She was now sitting straight up facing the tv. She had one hand up her shirt and the other working between her legs. Her breathing was heavy and I knew she was close. I looked back at the tv and then looked at myself – up against the wall rubbing myself inside my panties. I took my left hand off of the wall and used it to touch my nipples like Devon was doing.

Ok, here we go. I was on the train and it was leaving the station. The girls on tv weren’t ready to climax yet, but I couldn’t wait. I knew Devon was close, but couldn’t wait out for her either. I pushed two fingers inside and they came out just drenched. I smeared the juices around and decided to finish this off in style. I was just getting into that “zone” when I heard, “Don’t cum yet, wait for me.” My fingers stopped dead in their tracks. It was Devon. Was she talking to me? I didn’t move. And then she said it again. “Chelsea, don’t cum. Wait for me, ok?”

I looked around the corner and Devon was staring right up at me. She had known I was there. I was embarrassed and turned on at the same time. Now what? I can’t really run back to my room and pretend this didn’t happen, so I stepped out slowly into the front room. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t spying,” I said. “I just was coming out here and saw the movie on. Then I saw you here and didn’t know what to do.”

“That’s ok, I just was too horny to sleep, so I thought I’d come out here and watch some more of this. C’mon over and get more comfortable, I promise not to do anything weird. I was getting close myself.”

“How did you know I was there,” I asked.

“I could hear you breathing, and then a minute or so ago, I could hear how wet you were and those sloshing sounds said you were ready to cum at any minute,” Tara said, laughing. I laughed too and then sat down on the couch. Now I don’t need to make this long. Here we were, two girls in our nightshirts already close to cumming, sitting on a couch watching two girls on a couch getting themselves off. Let’s just say it was amazing. I peeked at Tara a couple of times and she peeked at me. We didn’t get naked and didn’t get super nasty. However, that was one of the hottest masturbation sessions I have ever had. The sound of both of us working our way to climax and then letting it all go was so sensual. At least once a week since that night I have relived that scene in my mind while I “put myself to sleep” at night.

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