Muslim Men 3

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Muslim Men 3So after being dropped home by one of Tariq’s friends I headed straight for the shower, I wanted to be in bed before Morgan got home, standing in the shower letting the water cascade over my used body, a sort of new fear came over me, what the hell had I got myself into with Tariq, he was an ugly repulsive man older than my husband but I seam to be infatuated with his monster Muslim cock I cannot get the image out of my head it haunts my every thought, what am I going to do.I dried myself and got into bed and was starting to drift off, I was woken by noise and got out of bed to see what it was, its at times like this I wish my husband was home more often, I came out of my room onto the landing and looking down the hall couldn’t here it anymore, so I thought it was just me dreaming and turned to go back to bed, then I heard it again a kind of muffled groan” what is that noise I thought” I walked towards the stairs passing Morgan’s room which the door was shut, then I realised the door was open when I came up to shower, I slowly pulled the handle down and pushed the door forward and peaked inside( boom) there on the bed was Morgan legs apart with a pillow over her head and Tariq between her legs slowly pushing his paki cock in her cunt” oh no Morgan what are you doing I said” with that Morgan jumped and sat up with the pillow across her lap” oh mum I thought you were asleep” Just then Tariq said ” ahh your delightful mother”  how are you this evening ok I hope” what the hell is going on here Morgan” why is Tariq here and what the hell are you doing letting eryaman escort him have sex with you, he’s older than your father and your 17 young lady” mum I cant help it I love him and would do anything to please him he owns me” WHAT” yes he owns me now” GET OUT OF MY HOUSE I SAID TO TARIQ ” no I don’t think I will you dirty cunt he said to me” fuckin stand there you dirty fuckin whore mother fuckin stand here come on” I was shaking and walked to the edge of the bed” Tariq then pulled the pillow away from Morgan’s chest and pushed her legs up and out” nice and wide slut he said and moved forward towards her.Open wide you dirty cunt he said and then I saw the that monster paki cock at the entrance to Morgan’s cunt” please Tariq don’t, not in front of me” I looked at Morgan and she was pushing her tits up and circling her nipples between her thumbs and forefinger’s” I said shut the fuck up you whore mother and watch me abuse your daughters young white used cunt ” my persona was starting to wilt again when Tariq forced his cock into Morgan’s cunt and was now fucking her with rapid strokes” ahh yes yes I need more sir I need more” she was calling him sir” oh your gonna get more slut he said” with that he then turned to me and said ” take your robe off Jenny I want you naked now you whore mother” I was visibly shaking and looked at Morgan for her reaction and when she just layed there still pulling her nipples I knew things were about to change in all our lives” I undid my robe and let it fall to the floor” yes that’s it you dirty whore mother now get here and escort eryaman kneel next to me” I moved onto the bed and kneelt next to this ugly paki man fucking my daughter when he said” tell me Jenny you like what you see don’t you, and don’t fuckin lie to me” in a muffled voice I said “yes” yes what cunt ” yes I like what your doing” to who he said ” to my daughter ” she’s not your daughter anymore she’s my personal slut and fuck slave you got that ” yes ” so what is she” she’s your personal slut and fuck slave Tariq.I could feel myself getting really wet and Tariq noticed and moved a finger towards my cunt and my labia opened upon his touch” you dirty fuckin whore mother getting turned on by watching your daughter get her white cunt used by superior Muslim cock your dirty cunt needs fucking to and he then pulled out of Morgan and his cock was standing upright in front of him” suck you dirty cunt he said” he grabbed the back of my head and forced me down on engorged cock and I started sucking for all I was worth” yes that’s it you dirty cunt mother and daughter just what ive been waiting for.I was sucking hard when Tariq said to Morgan” did you know your mother was a whore slut” no said Morgan but I do now” yes she’s also a dirty cunt like you and I now own you both and you will do exactly what I tell you and with who and when you got that” yes sir Morgan said” you got that whore mother” I lifted my head up and off his cock and said them fatal words yes sir” good said Tariq, and he moved me out of the way and pushed his cock back into morgans cunt” lick eryaman escort bayan her nipples you fuckin whore he said to me” and with that Morgan pushed her tits together and held them, not once saying anything to me” I bent forward and licked her nipples and suckled them into my now dry mouth and she layed there and groaned, he grabbed my left hand and pulled it towards him and said” rub the sluts clit” while I finish off in her cunt, so here I was on my daughters bed while she was getting fucked by this ugly paki man older enough to be her father and I was naked and sucking her nipples and rubbing her clit.” that’s it Jenny bring your slut daughter off coz im gonna cream her cunt” with that he was spurting his paki cream inside her” yes you pair of dirty cunts yes you paki cock loving sluts, he was spent and pulled out of her and then grabbed me and pulled me forward and said ” eat her cunt of paki cream, im afraid to say that I ate my daughters used cunt for every last drop of his paki cum” I know its shameful but I cant help it he has this hold over me and I just cant say no in his presence.He told me to leave and to wait on my bed, next he was in my room” she’s sleeping now” open your legs cunt I want more white cunt” with that he was between my legs and again rubbing his cock up and down my fuck lips” did you like licking your daughters cunt after I fucked her with paki cock Jenny” yes sir I did ” I told you I was gonna make you do it didn’t I you dirty cunt, then he was in my cunt and fucking me really rough and he started talking in my ear” I own you now Jenny you got that” I own you and your daughter, whenever we fuck again it will be with you both and you both suck my paki cream out of each others used white cunts” you here me you dirty white whore” yes sir whatever you say.part 4 to follow

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