Motorway orgasms

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Motorway orgasms
Ten years ago when Jean and I were returning from the West Country she mentioned she was getting hot from the sun streaming through the windows. We had been on the motorway for a couple of hours, the air con was on and it still felt warm in the car. Jean was wearing a summer dress and to cool down she pulled the hem of the dress up to her waist, opened her legs and directed the passenger air vent down to her knickers.

Jean sitting there with her legs apart and dress pulled up was a distraction and I slowed down and moved over to the slow lane. Driving with one hand on the wheel I put my other hand between her legs and started to rub the outside of her knickers. Gradually I could feel the material getting wetter and it wasn’t long before she had an orgasm. She pushed her knickers down so that they were around her ankles and we continued the journey for many more miles with her dress pulled up and her legs apart.

From then on whenever we went on a long motorway journey Jean would wear a dress or skirt. Sometimes she would not wear any knickers and when she was very wet I could put a finger inside her. Driving a manual car meant that sometimes I would have to remove my hand from between Jean’s thighs to change gear. After a few trips we worked out that gear changes could be minimised by keeping in the kaçak bahis nearside lane and following a slow moving truck.

Only once has Jean squirted when having an orgasm and that was in the car. As usual it was a long motorway journey on a hot sunny day, she had removed her knickers and her dress was up around her waist. We had been following a truck for a long time and I could feel Jean getting wetter and wetter. Then without warning she had a very violent orgasm and squirted over my hand and the seat. She said at the time she had never had an orgasm like it and never had one like it since. At the next services I parked away from other vehicles so Jean could get out of the car and dry herself. I bought a newspaper to put on the seat so she could sit on it for the rest of the journey and absorb some of the moisture out of the seat.

Sometime after, our local car dealer had an amazing offer of a discount on a new car if we traded ours in. The new car was a more upmarket model in which we had a test drive and thought we had got a great bargain. When taking the test drive there was one test we forgot to try and discovered the problem on our next long motorway journey. As we drove along Jean lifted her dress up and pushed her knickers around her ankles and it wasn’t until I reached over I found that my fingertips tipobet güvenilir mi just about touched her. We had bought a car wider than our previous one and were sitting further apart in the new one. My initial reaction was disappointment, I would no longer be able to stroke and finger Jean while travelling on the motorway.

It was the following year when we were going away for a short holiday and had been on the motorway for over an hour when Jean said she missed what we used to do in the car. We then came to a congested section of the motorway where all the vehicles had to slow down Jean suggested I move over to the inside lane and once we were crawling along she pulled the hem of her dress up to her waist and pushed her knickers down around her ankles so that I could glance at her without having to focus too much on the road. She said it was a shame I could not put my hand between her legs. She slowly moved her hand up and down between her thighs and asked me if I would like to stroke her, teasing me, knowing full well I could not reach her.

A long time ago when I could get an erection my cock would have been firm by now but nothing happens anymore and my main enjoyment is voyeurism. I told Jean to push her seat right back and lower the back rest so that she was lying back resulting tipobet in me having a better view of her cunt. I then told her to close her eyes and start stroking herself and pretend it was me touching her. It wasn’t long before she was massaging her lips with one hand and had two fingers inside with the other hand. A short while later it was obvious she was getting towards an orgasm, her face was red, her breathing was faster and her hips were moving as she pushed her fingers in and out but for some reason the orgasm never came. She suddenly burst into tears telling me that she kept getting close to coming and then the feeling would fade. When she had recovered Jean put the seat back in the upright position and pulled her knickers up as we continued our journey. After that we keep a lipstick size vibrator in the passenger door pocket but that problem never arose again.

Last year we changed our car again and this time bought one in which I could comfortably stroke and finger Jean while driving and it had front seat backs that folded down. Now when stroking Jean’s lips I can see what my fingers are doing. When buying the new car an automatic would have been ideal to avoid changing gear but unfortunately that wasn’t an option. Now when driving long distances we look at any cars following slow moving trucks to see if there are other couples that do the same as us. We know we are not alone in making motorway driving more interesting as I found one posting and am still searching for any others.

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