Motherly Love

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Motherly LoveI awoke one morning one morning shortly after the start of my senior year in high school not long after I turned 18. Taking a quick shower, I headed downstairs where my mother Marie was cooking breakfast. “Good morning baby.” She said happily setting two plates on the table, “Just in time.”Mom always let me sleep late on her days off. Dad on the other hand, always had me get up early. When she sat down, I saw her robe was open, nearly exposing her hereditarily firm 44L boobs. I tried to resist staring and tried to eat faster so I could get out of the house.”Slow down Kyle.” She said soothingly as she touched my arm, “Take time to eat and tell me about life.” We had often had these conversations when she would pick me up from school talking about politics and science. She always said I got my smart gene from her.We talked a long time but it was straining. My cock was pushing hard against the front of my denim shorts which was exceedingly uncomfortable. She also was wearing a matching black panties and lace bra set. “Kyle,” she suddenly asked, “what were those noises coming from your room last night?”I immediately thought back to my jerk of session after Mom had shown off her new bikini to Dad and I. “Um…” I said hoping not to arouse suspicion, “what noise?” She turned toward me, further exposing more of her her knockers. “Well, I was coming from the bathroom and heard moans coming your room.” “Oh those noises.” I stammered, “I was watching porn. I’m sorry mom.” I hoped she would accept the answer and give me a punishment to avoid my being found out. “You know your father does not approve of pornography in this house Kyle. So I was going to kindly tell you to turn it off. But I saw something far different.” She continued, “I was about to tell your father what was happening but I couldn’t make myself walk away.”She continued as I kept looking down. “I couldn’t see you entirely but I saw your movements and heard how you moaned my name. You were imagining us having sex weren’t you? Tell the truth. Please baby?” I told her everything from my erection from her hot body and I badly needing relief.She listened intently to the whole story and nodded for a while after I finished. “I’m sorry I let you down Mom.” She shook her head. “You could never let me down Kyle.” She said and she hugged me, pulling me close. My face was buried in her warm cleavage and I felt my cock awkwardly touch Mom’s leg. I pulled back and apologized again, continuing to eat nervously. She crossed her smooth beautiful legs and tapped her foot on the floor. “I admit blame for all this. So for that I apologize. I can understand that you need help keeping all that sexual frustration down.”I looked down where sure enough, my morning wood had returned… with a vengeance. She giggled softly. “Its perfectly normal to be aroused Kyle. I can remember when you were younger, always intrigued at the size of Mommy’s big boobs.”I was somewhat embarrassed hearing her talk like this but my dick kept growing… and she noticed. “I’ve seen you jerk off even before last night Kyle. Moaning my name while you look at pictures of me.” she rubbed my print, “I saw the bikini picture you have of me on your phone from our vacation last year. I loved knowing someone still found me attractive.”Hearing me liking the sensations from her rubbing the sensitive area, she reached farther up stroking my whole length. “Seeing you last night had me so turned on,” she said, “I went to my room hoping to have some fun with your father but he just kept sleeping. That bikini was made to turn him on but, like always he ignored me.”I wondered how on earth anyone could turn down my mother. “That’s crazy.” I replied, “I’d have gladly done it.” I expected her to become angry but instead, she smiled and kissed me lovingly on the cheek, “Thank you. At least someone appreciates me.”She looked down again to where my cock felt like it was going to explode. She gently gave her soft motherly touch, the one that had always made me feel so safe and then nearly made me cum right there as she whispered in my ear. “It seems like we both need some sexual help.” She pondered as she wrapped her fingers around my bulge.She removed her bra, freeing her massive boobs which had remarkably little sag. “Do you like these Kyle?” She asked shaking them gently.”Oh yeah…” I exhaled, “Those are best looking tits I’ve ever seen!” She smiled lovingly at me, “Come see how they feel.”I instantly began groping them and tracing around her soft tits. “They feel wonderful.” I replied.”Really?” She asked, “How about a closer look?” She pulled my face into the softness.I hungrily sucked on her stiff nipples and she moaned. I tried to pull as much of the soft boob into my mouth as I could. She moaned softly as I cupped them, feeling their weight and sucking the big hard tit intimate my mouth, flicking it with my tongue.She moaned and lay her head back, “Let your mommy see how much you’ve grown…” She hooked her fingers in my waistband and lowered them.Once they dropped and exposed my swollen knob, she gasped, “I knew it was big, but this is fucking gigantic!” She gently took it her warm hands and began stroking, moving her thumb slowly against my head, soon bringing up a trickle of precum.”Does that feel good baby?” She asked as I continued my pleasuring of her breasts.”It feels perfect Mom.” I replied, alternating between each rock hard tit. She gently removed me from her boobs and brought my dick up to her mouth. Her blue eyes stared into mine as my own mother, the first woman I ever loved sucked wonderfully on my shaft.She took my cock down far until it was rubbing canlı bahis siteleri her tonsils. I had experienced plenty of blowjobs but one from my mother was incomparable. Her throat was so tight and wet but she kept swallowing inch after inch of my cock. She suddenly stopped sucking dropped her panties, exposing her wet pussy. She took my cock and rubbed my knob on her wet slit. “Do you want to be inside me Kyle?” she asked as I cupped her beautiful tits. She pulled me out and began jerking me off hard. “I’ve waited so long for this before Kyle…” she said lowly as she continued to stroke me. I simultaneously reached over and placed two fingers in her tight wet pussy.”I have too Mom.” I replied, never letting my hands leave her tits, as if it was some dream that would end if I let go. “I wanted it for so long.””What did you imagine me doing to you baby?” She asked as she moaned from my touch, “I imagined you jerking me off and giving me a blowjob.” “What else?””I always wondered how my cock would feel in your pussy.” I replied honestly as she jerked harder making me spray precum on her boobs. “Ahhhh!” I groaned as she kept jerking harder and harder and she groaned as I rapidly fingered her pussy. We kissed madly before pulling from each other.”You’re so beautiful mom.” I said to which she chucked.”Sometimes I don’t feel beautiful anymore. I wish your father would tell me from time to time.” I moaned as she wrapped it snugly in her large boobs and gave me an amazing titjob while still sucking my swollen pole.”Will you eat me out Kyle?” She asked as she came up for air. Placing my head between her legs, her pussy smelled amazing. I instantly entered my tongue between her wet folds. She moaned and gyrated over the bed. “Ugh yesssss! I need this so bad!”I licked slowly in circles, savoring her sweet taste and enticing aroma. I nibbled and sucked her sweet folds and she’s moaned louder and louder, putting her legs over my shoulders. She pulled my hair and moaned as I licked her clit, entering two fingers in the already tight space. “Oh fuck…” She moaned, “I’m gonna…gonna… CUUUUUMM!!She came hard, spraying my face. I licked it all off before she pulled me in for a fiery kiss. “I’ve never came from being eaten out.” She said, “And only the biggest cocks could get the job done after that…”I smiled as her eyes traveled down my throbbing length. “It tastes so good Mom.” She ran her fingers through my hair. “Maybe I can see how your’s tastes…” she said with a wink.She pushed me onto my back and grabbed my throbbing shaft. I moaned as she flicked her tongue across the head and sucked thoroughly on each ball. She then pulled off from my glistening sack and licked up to my head sucking gingerly on my swollen knob.”Holy shit!” I cried as she wrapped her shiny red lips around my shaft and sucked powerfully. She was bobbing her head as she managed to get it all down her throat. She made loud slurping sounds as she slid up and down. I moved hand behind her head, having her go faster.When she detached, I sprung up and popped one of her huge nipples in my mouth, making her moan as she rubbed her pussy against my dick. We slid our southern regions against each other as we kissed. “Kyle…” she moaned, “I need you inside me.”She lay me on my back as she slid her wet cunt up and down on my shaft. “I’ve waited for this so long Mom.” I said squeezing her juicy melons.”I have too baby.” She said, “It’d be a sin to let this cock go to waste any longer.”She kissed me and began to push my cock into her pussy. By the time my head was fully in, I nearly came. “Oh fuck!” Mom exclaimed, “Even your fucking head is gigantic!” We both moaned as she began to slide down.Her udders swayed gently and she was so tight! It was like she hadn’t been fucked in years. I had been in her 9 months and now I was in her again. She stopped for a second to breathe and flexed her cunt. She dropped about 2 more inches. “Oh shit!” She asked, “How is it so thick?””Do you want to give up Mom?” I asked but she shot her head up. “Absolutely not!” She said defiantly, “You obviously need relief. What kind of mother would I be to let her baby suffer?”I watched as she rose back to the head and slammed all the way down. The scream she elicited nearly shattered my eardrum. “Oh fuck!” We both screamed. 11 inches in her pussy, far exceeding the limited capacity. She tightened again and I had to fight the strong urge to cum. “Oh fuck!” She cried out and planted one of her soft tits in my mouth. She slammed her slick cunt down my cock, forcing it into my balls. My own mother was opening her pussy to ME and cumming on MY cock! “This is like a dream come true.” I said to her as we kissed. “It is for Mommy too baby.” She replied adjusting to me being inside her.”Oh fuck!” She screamed, “I fucking love it Kyle. You’re so much better than your father!” I had moved her spot far from where it had been and I watched pleased as her huge boobs clapped against each other just over my face. “Oh fuck! I can’t believe your dick is so fucking huge!” She yelled and started cumming all over it.”I love my cock being inside you mom. I wish I could be here all the time!” She kissed me softly. “You can be baby. I haven’t felt this good Kyle since I first married your father. I guess it makes sense.” She touched my face as I continued thrusting, “I’m your’s now. My pussy is yours. Even when you get married, this pussy I will forever be here for you to fuck.”Her words and pussy was driving me insane and I fought hard from cumming already. I slapped her wildly quaking boobs and dug my fingers into the soft squishy mounds. I held bahis firmaları one stiff tit between my teeth while she bounced up and down while I spanked her ass.I began thrusting into her, my balls slapping her soft ass. She looked happily down at me, enjoying our wild fucking. I pumped harder and harder, madly slapping her ass. She screamed loudly and came hard a second time, contracting so much, my cock was ejected from her.She fell onto her back, breathing heavily. “Oh fuck…” she said smiling at me, “That dick does wonders.” She positioned me in front of her, my dripping head just inches from her pussy. “Fuck me baby!” She instructed, “Fuck the shit out of me.”She helped me guide the head in and I pushed fully. She grunted as I went balls deep. I looked and saw Dad and Mom’s wedding photo. “Are you sure we should be doing this?” I asked thrusting hard inside her. “Of course!” She replied between moans, “What kind of mother would I be if I didn’t help my c***d get their sexual needs met? And what else’s would you possibly rather do?” Absolutely nothing. I then began pounding her hard.She then pushed the picture from the nightstand and moved farther down to give me more leverage. My cock was now speeding in and out of her pussy with no opposition. “Oh baby!” She cried, “Your cock is tearing me in half! Don’t stop! Please!” I built up speed and slammed even harder into my mother slapping around her gigantic knockers. “Oh come on baby!” She pleaded, “Just like that, yes!” I pinched the soft sacks and pushed deep inside her.We kissed warmly, my hand still rubbing her gigantic natural breasts. I groaned as my orgasm began to hit. My hot mother grinded furiously against me shaft, holding me close inside her. I had her raise her legs, placing her feet by my ears and I slid in even better.Her pussy sloshed with her floods oozing from my cock as we fucked madly. I sucked hard on her stiff nubs and grabbed her ass as I pushed deeper inside her. We were both screaming and kissing. Every 15 thrusts or so, I was grazing her womb.She vigorously rubbed her clit as I pounded inside, her wetness covering my dick. I was balls deep inside her and had to hold back my moans of untold ecstasy. I unleashed a loud groan as I pounded my cock into her even hard.I was fucking her aggressively, hearing her loud screams. “Oh fuck me Kyle! Fuck your mother!” She begged as her boobs shook hard enough to give her a black eye. Her pussy spread widely as I got deeper into her. We were both moaning as I explored her insides. She kept moaning as she slid her hands up my arms and chest. There was no one in the world besides us. Just I and my beautiful mother, lost in a whirlwind of passion. I grabbed her boobs and squeezed them together and dug my fingers in the soft skin.My cock was on fire, speeding in and out of her pussy. Mom threw her hips against mine in a furious fast pace. She put her hands above her head and gripped hard onto the sheets. “Yes! Fill me up!””Oh god! Kyle, your fat shaft is stretching me to the limit!” She gasped each time I hit bottom. “Mom?!” I cried out.”Yeah baby?” She replied.”D-do I need to pull out?” She grabbed my face in her hands. “No, don’t you fucking dare! Oh god! This is the best fucking I’ve ever had. Your mother’s pussy is where your cum belongs.”She suddenly gripped my cock hard making me brace on the creaking bed. She threw her pussy back into my dick, driving herself to another orgasm. I felt my head tickling her cervix and I built up speed. “Just a little more baby!” She pleaded, “Mommy’s almost there!!”Cum blasted from her pussy like a cannon and I used the lubricant to force my cock even deeper. I gripped her boobs roughly and slammed into her womb. “That’s it my fucking beautiful gifted boy!” She screamed, “Fuck the life out of your mother!”Mom turned over and spanked her own ass. “Right there Kyle!” She ordered with a fire in her eyes, “Stick that monster right there!” I plunged upon her, grabbing her hips. She bucked wildly throwing her soft ass back on me as I fingered her pussy vigorously.She kissed my neck and I moaned more as I pulled her hair. “Yes!!” She cried and she screamed without stopping. My balls slammed against her soft cheeks and she screamed even louder. “Oh fuck! That’s the spot!” She began shaking wildly as I pushed deeper inside. My balls slapped her ass, turning the soft skin beet red. “Oh… Oh fuck yes!!” Mom screamed as I buried my balls inside her. I reached under and grabbed two handfuls of her bountiful tits. She lowered her head and her ass lost grip on my allowing me to adjust.My balls blew apart watching her ass jiggle wildly against my hips as she reached between her legs and squeezed them. “Oh god Mom!” I cried as she held them roughly, “It’s so fucking tight!” Mom nodded, “It’s been too long since I’ve have such a good fucking! Open it up baby!”We turned back toward each other and I entered her flooded cunt. I started thrusting madly, my balls slamming into her pussy. We moved in perfect sync as I groped and licked all over her boobs. “You’re so fucking tight Mom!” I screamed out as I went deeper. “I needed you so fucking bad Kyle!” She yelled, “Your father is so weak. I need a new dick. Hard and young! I can’t live without your cock baby!” I was shocked for her to be opening up to me. “I stared at your huge dick when you would come from the shower, so thick and manly.””I had to fight from sticking it in me! Ugh… god! Why did I wait so fucking long?! If only I knew what I was missing!” Her pussy clenched so hard I thought my cock would break off inside it. “I’m about to cum!” She cried and gushed her kaçak iddaa juices over the both of us.She got back on top of me and riding me like mad. Her massive boobs shook in my face as I sucked and slapped them. I grabbed Mom’s hips. “Oh fuck!” I shouted as my orgasm became imminent. “Oh Kyle!” Mom screamed, “I need your cock! Tell me you’ll never me! Never leave your mother!””Ugh…” I groaned as her slick cunt clenched again, “Never!” I sucked hungrily on the tits that had once nursed me. They were so tasty and soft. She came while screaming my name, her delicious juices running down my shaft. I moaned as she kept riding me. “Does it feel as good as you imagined Kyle?” she asked slamming down onto my balls.I moaned again. “Even better Mom…” I replied and held onto her hips as she brutally rode my throbbing shaft. She smiled at me as I kept sucking on her huge tits. “Keep sucking them baby! It feels so good to have you sucking them again! I would always see you looking at my boobs and my ass while I would clean. More than your worthless father ever did. He doesn’t love me anymore! -Gah!!- But that doesn’t matter anymore. I’ve got this fat cock now!”I kissed her areolas. “My cock is all your’s mom. Anytime dad won’t fuck you, you can have me.” She laughed wildly as she groped her own tits. “Please!” she said, “Your good-for-nothing father had lost any chance of fucking me anymore. The only dick I’ll ever need is yours.” Her ass slammed down on my thighs as we kissed passionately. She screamed as she came again and stopped riding. She let her head fall down to her sweaty boobs.I reached out to see if she was okay but she she stopped me. Her plump lips sucked my tongue. “I feel your orgasm closing in babe!” She said happily holding my face to hers. “I want your cum flooding inside me.”Our mouths met in another hot kiss as her pussy continuing squeezing my cock. She rose to the tip and drove back down while positioned on her feet and hands. I cried out loudly, “I can’t hold out anymore!” It felt like a weight dropped in my stomach. Cum exploded from my sore dick, overflowing her already stuffed pussy.”Cum for me baby! Fill your Mommy’s pussy up!!” She cried as cum sprayed from my exhausted cock, filling my mother as we kissed. Her pussy tightened, holding my cock inside of her, having all my fluids gush into her. “Oh god!!” She screamed as her pussy spread from the weight of cum inside her.I came almost nonstop, making my mother’s stomach bulge. “Yes!” She begged, “Fill me with that hot cream!” She talked so dirty to me, it spurned me on to keep fucking her, her cum spraying on my balls. I was barely conscious as an ungodly amount of semen entered my mother. “Keep cumming inside me baby!” Mom screamed, “Just like that! Fill me up!” It felt like I was losing body mass and I kept cumming, sucking on my mom’s tits. “Yes! Fuck me like your little whore!” I pushed in harder, feeding her grasping cunt all my cock. I tried my best to show her much I loved her. She gazed into my eyes and I knew she felt it. Pure love from a son to his mother.She beat hard onto the bed as I unleashed all the cum in my body into her. We then fell on top of one another, my cock still inside her as we kissed like sexually starved teens.After 15 minutes, I exited her, Mom’s pussy overflowing with my cum. We then lay facing each, kissing as our sensations died down. “That was great Kyle,” she said as she rubbed my dick against her folds, “I’ve never seen so much cum at once in my life.” I said, “I’m just glad I don’t have to share you with dad.” She laughed and kissed me again, feeling all over me. “I’m all your’s baby,” my mother soothingly said as she parted her lips from mine, “Anytime. Anywhere. Whenever you want me, I’d be happy to have that cock slamming into me.”I kissed her back and we wrestled with our tongues. “I love being married to you Mom.” I said into her ear. “I love it too baby. I love you so much. And don’t worry.” Mom replied breathlessly, “With your foolish father, our secret is safe. As long as you promise to keep fucking me.” “I’d fuck you for all eternity if I could.” I replied as Mom jerked my flaccid cock back to life. She smiled warmly and we kissed. I was still amazed seeing her red lip prints on my shaft,She turned her ass to me and I ate her out while she sucked my cock. She sucked wonderfully but I managed to get her to cum just before I let my load go all over her face. I somewhat thought she would be angry but she wiped it off and sucked it carefully from her fingers. I then feel asleep, well fucked out. An hour later, I felt her warm hand moving over my shaft. “Oh good you’re awake again…” she said stroking it, “I’m just dying for a round 2.” I answered her by plunging my fingers in her flooded womanhood. She tensed and kissed me passionately.We looked at the clock which read 1:37, we had fucked for over 5 hours. We looked back at each other. “2 more hours.” She said. We used every second before I blew another heavy scalding load just as my dad drove up. She kissed me and got her clothes. “Wait mom!” I called after her, “Can we ever do this again?” But she rushed to greet my father. – -For the rest of the night, things seemed normal between us besides the occasional wink or lip lick. When she gave me my plate during dinner, she let her hand run over my cock. Otherwise, it was just a normal night. Just as I was about to fall asleep that night, I felt a pair of soft lips begin sucking my shaft. I laughed and lifted the blanket where Mom lay smiling, Mom gave me a stunning handjob with I holding onto her shaking boobs the whole time. She covered my mouth as I came blasting round after round on her tits. “I love you mom.” I said as I regained my breath. “I love you too honey.” She replied as she wiped up my cum dripping from her rack into her mouth. “And we will definitely be doing this more. A whole lot more…”

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