Mistress Dominique

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Mistress DominiqueWe watched the sexy videos playing on the TV for a while, chatting a little. Mistress would occasionally brush my thigh, or touch my face. I was very aware of the fact I was trapped in my new cage. And also by the nasty nipple clamps biting me underneath my C-cup breast forms. There was a particularly horny scene where a sub gurl was sucking a dominant gurl, and I turned to look at Mistress. She brought her hands up to the sides of my face, held me still, and simply planted a hot wet kiss full on my lips. It took me a second to register, and then…. I moaned, parted my own lips, and permitted her access.Mistress Dominique was all over me. Holding me, hands roaming, kissing me so deeply, her tongue thrusting into my mouth. And I was responding, I was melting. I sucked on her tongue. I tried to respond with my own. Me being locked did not matter. My own tiny little clitty was irrelevant. Even the constant biting at my poor nipples faded into the background. At that moment I knew that I was hers; she could do *anything* to me. I would not be able to resist. I would not want to resist.I disentangled, and unsteadily rose to my feet. I reached out for Mistress’s hand, and I led her through my house, up the stairs, to my bedroom.We fell back onto the bed, her on top of me. Her weight crushing me, her lips and mouth and tongue ravaging mine. I almost yelled with the pain of my nipples. But I knew this was my due. Pinning me to the bed, hands holding my wrists above my head I could not move, could not prevent her using me. I did not want to prevent her.After a time, Mistress eased away, and slid me down the bed, and moved herself up to straddle my chest. I could feel her huge hardness nestled between my boobies. Every move of hers sent bornova escort more jolts of pain across my chest. My nipples felt like they were being ripped from my body. But I strangely did not care very much. I looked up into her eyes as she slowly lifted up the hem of her sexy shiny dress. I could see her clit straining against her slinky panties. I shuffled lower, and reached out, releasing the object of my desire from those panties. It was resting on my chin, my nose, and I inhaled her sexy intoxicating aroma.Mistress started rubbing herself across my lips and mouth. I hummed and moaned as she did so. I opened my mouth, and let my tongue protrude slightly, and Mistress kept rubbing against me. I could stand it no more, and reached forward, taking Mistress into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head, adding sufficient saliva. I wanted more. I wanted it deeper. Mistress stacked a pillow under my neck, giving me a better angle.I licked and sucked, I took her deep and shallow. Every bob of my head sent further jolts through my tortured titties. But there was nothing else in my world. Mistress and her clit. Despite the pillows, I still could not get the perfect angle. I took the liberty to push Mistress off my chest, and moved out from under her. I positioned her on her back, and basically kneeled on the bed beside her thighs. I grasped her giant, slick-from-my-sucking hardness, and resumed my enjoyable task.This was better. I could take her deeper. And I did. And the immediate pressure was off my clamped nipples. Several shallow sucks, followed by a deeper one. Hitting my gag reflex, I slowed, and pushed though. I spluttered, gagged as she entered my throat. And I eased out. But then immediately went back for more. I worked bornova escort bayan her. Up and down, in and out… choking… taking her all the way… I felt so proud that I could take her so deeply. I had never managed to do that with anyone before – even those much smaller than Mistress.I could tell Mistress must be close to exploding but, to my disappointment, she pulled away. I felt empty. I reached to grab her, but she pushed my hand away.Mistress told me to wait, and got up, exploring the bedroom. She returned with some items. “Open,” she ordered, and slipped a penis gag between my lips, buckling it behind my head. It was a poor and short substitute for my missing Mistress’s. And then a blindfold. Heavy leather cuffs were attached to my wrists and ankles.I was turned face down on the bed, and a chain was linked between my wrist cuffs behind my back. This gave me a little slack, at least. The pressure on my nipples returned. Every movement was like an electric zap of pain, from side to side of my chest. My legs were pulled wide apart, and I felt fiddling at my ankles. Ah. I was kept wide by a leg-spreader. Of course, my little skirt had slid way up to my hips, exposing me completely. “Enjoy, my dear,” Mistress said in my ear, and left the room. I suppose she went downstairs to rest, have a drink or something. I was left alone, largely immobile, spread wide, and my titties on fire. If I moved to relieve any discomfort, it placed more pressure on my chest. There was little to do, so I just sucked on the small plastic cock filling my mouth. I don’t know if it was five minutes or two hours, but finally I heard Mistress return. At last, I was to be released!Her hands gently caressed me as I lay spread face down, roaming over my escort bornova body. I moaned in pleasure, despite my discomforts.Her mouth came to my ear. “My slut,” she said, “Remember that I owed you a punishment?” I shook my head, saying into the gag… No, no.”Yes,” she said. “You are going to receive twenty strokes. And there is nothing you can do to prevent this. Understand?”I heard the swish of the riding crop, as Mistress struck the bed beside me. I jumped. Oh no.Mistress started gently enough. A couple of swats on my bottom, probably even on my panties or skirt. Then she lifted the skirt further up, and pulled my panties up my butt crack.And then, crack! Yow! Crack! Stroke after stroke. These much harder. I yelped each time now, into the gag, into the bed. I had no idea of the count. I no longer noticed the screaming nipples. Tears were streaming under the blindfold. My nose running. Drool from the gag. It stopped. Oh. Good. Soft hands across my striped bottom. Such a pleasant relief. My panties extracted from being wedged up my bottom crack. Nice relief, but why?Oh. Hair brushing across my sore buttocks and thighs. I was unable to resist. Unable to squirm away. I knew I would love this. I knew I would hate this. It is so intense!Licking, warm lips… I was in heaven! After the pain of the cropping, this was a delight. Of course, the clamps were still in the background, but I almost blotted that out by now.A deeper licking, a tongue probing. Oh my. A little finger insertion. More tongue. This was getting… ummmm… too much. I tried shifting. I tried clenching. Mistress was really good at this. My tiny tight bud was being absolutely given a going over. The pleasure was almost over now though. It was too much, too intense. Arrrghhhh…. arrrghhhh… into the gag.Oh, at last! The lovely, but almost unbearable assault was over. And then…. A coldness where there was warmth before. A finger probing. Aha. Lubricant being liberally applied, spread, inserted. Oh. What had I let myself in for?

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