Mistis’ Adventures Part 68

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 68
Cathy, when they got to the farm, had insisted that Rick take a shower, so she could check his leg, and change his bandage. She helped him up the stairs, and went to turn on the shower for him. Their bathroom had the biggest walk-in shower, so she came back in and helped him undress. This time, instead of unwinding the bandages, she took a pair of surgical scissors and just cut through them. They were going to be thrown away, in any case`. She looked at the wound, probing it gently with her finger, and rubbing her fingers over it. It was having a noticeable effect on him. Ignoring the obvious, she stripped off her own clothes, and walked him into the shower.

She told him to just lean against the wall, and she would take care of the rest. Rick did as he was told, enjoying the smooth lather in her even smoother hands. She coated his body with soap, and took the sponge to scrub him clean. She rinsed him and told him to turn around so she could get his back side. She repeated what she did in the front, except this time she told him to spread his legs apart so she could wash his ass and testicles. She took a handful of soap into her cupped hand, and reached between his legs to cup his penis and testicles and massage the soap in, dragging her fingernails across the crease of his balls, scr****g between his butt cheeks, and up to run a single finger inside his anus. He drew a sharp breath at this move. He had NEVER had this done to him, before. It had given him an instant erection. He heard her giggle at his condition as she reached around to massage the soap into his growing cock. This made HIM groan. This girl was just full of surprises.

She took the hose sprayer down from its holder and directed the spray over his back, and between his legs rinsing the soap completely away from him. She pulled at his arm, indicating that she wanted him to turn one more time to face her. She wiped the soap from his erection, and sank to her knees in front of him. there was no need to hold him, as he was rigid as a pipe, and sticking straight out. She took his dick in her mouth and began to massage the underside of it with her tongue. She reached out to cup his cheeks in her hands, as she began to fuck him with her lips. Her tongue was swirling around and around his prick as she took him balls deep into her mouth, pulling out, now and again, to give it a kiss, or to take his balls into her mouth in its stead. She began to feel him twitch from wanting to cum, so she stopped, and dared him to put her in the same condition as HE was. This was an out and out challenge.

He handed her a shower cap, so she wouldn’t get her hair wet, and began to scrub her. He poured the soap into his own hand and began to work it into all the tiny nooks and crannies of her body, using the same gentle motions that she had used on him. He completely washed the front of her body, and helped her turn to face the wall. He started at her neck and shoulders, working down to the round softness of her butt cheeks. He massaged them for a long time, knowing how she enjoyed someone playing with her ass.

He decided to try the same thing on her as she had done to him. He took a tiny amount of the soap and reached between HER legs to wash her mons from the rear. Being careful MOT to have any soap on his fingers, he massaged her clitty, causing her to cum thrice. BOOM, BANG, BAM!!! Her body shook as the waves of pleasure washed over her.

He had to catch her as her knees were canlı bahis siteleri giving way. She turned her head and reached back to cup her hand behind his head to give him a post-orgasmic kiss. “That’s enough, my darling. Let’s dry off and get into the bed. I’m ready to FUCK!!!”

Rick reached up and removed the cap from her hair, letting it fall loose, once more, hanging it on the hook with the sponge, and turning the water off. She reached out and got a towel to dry them off with, and, quicker than ever, had mounted the bed. Both were ready, but Rick turned around to start kissing her between the legs once more. She feasted greedily on his manhood, while his tongue fucked her, and his mustache tickled her clit. She had cum several more times, spilling her juice into his eager mouth. Curious, he inserted a finger into her back passage. As her anus gave way, she surprisingly, pushed back, driving his finger in to the second joint. This made him wonder. He knew only one person who would let him fuck their ass. His MOM!!! And she had to be turned on beyond all belief and reason. He had only back-doored her twice, and she had cum when he DID! She had scolded him a tiny bit, accusing him of taking advantage of a horney old woman. BUT! She was smiling when she did. He had asked some of the others if they had ever taken her anally. None had, or, at least, they didn’t admit it.

He gave her one more long lick from her anus to her clit. It made her jump, and cum, one more time. He turned around and took one of the pillows to put under her ass, lifted her onto it, and spread her legs.He bent down to lick her one more time. This time she gave a loud gasp, and pulled him closer with her arms and her legs, pushing her cunt into his mouth as hard as she could. She hunched against his face, as if she was scrubbing him, again.

He unwound her legs from his neck, and placed his pecked against her pussy. He started pushing into her. For the first time, she simply lay there while he went all the way inside of her. When he was all the way inside, it was as if a button had been pushed, and her legs locked around his waist, and her arms wrapped aroud his shoulders, drawing him down to kiss all the way from his hairline to his collarbones. He was thankful that she kept her fingernails trimmed short. He could feel her fingertips digging into his back. Nails would have dug a pit into it.

He pumped into her at a quick pace, but not a hurried one. She was thrusting up to receive him and swirling her hips as he withdrew. She would give an extra push as he sank to the bottom of her womanhood, making a clear pop as their flesh slammed into each other. She was shaking her head as if to plead “NO.” but her lips were encouraging him to “FUCK ME HARDER!!!” He noticed a shadow, and looked up quickly. Robbi and Billy were standing there watching, and, from the smiles on their faces, enjoying watching them fuck. Robbi flashed the “Okay” sigh at him, and Billy made a circle with the fingers of one hand, running a finger from the other hand in and out of it, in a sign to “Fuck her harder.” Both of them were naked, as if they would be following suit, soon. He reached up and took a jar of Vaseline from the nightstand, setting it closer.

Just then Cathy let out a half scream half gasp as she had one more roaring orgasm. She was already in the right position, so he flipped the top open with his hand, and took some on his finger. Her legs had fallen from him and she was bahis firmaları laying there totally open to him. He withdrew slowly, and coated his dick with the lubricant.

He used one hand to lift her legs higher and the finger with the Vaseline dipped into her anus, coating it with the slick substance. He wiped the rest around her butt hole, coating it, too. He lifted her legs high enough to give him a clear view of the opening, and he placed the head of his cock against the tiny, brown, puckered entrance, and pushed slowly. This time she grunted, and spread her legs even wider, and lifted them even higher. The head was almost inside.

He felt her hands pulling on HIS butt cheeks. He pushed in a little farther, watching her face. It hadn’t changed. He pushed one more time. He was almost half-way inside of her, again. He began to pump slowly in and out of her. She grunted, but pushed against him, as if to say, “more.” He let her loosen up a little, and tried to push deeper. Another 2 or 3 inches went inside of her. Her ass was swaying like he was fucking her pussy. One more good push and he was all the way inside of her. She was contracting with her asshole like she did with her pussy. The only difference was, that her ass was a tiny bit tighter than her cunt. He decided to go for it. He lay full on top of her and began to fuck her ass. She was responding as she always did. With great appreciation and enthusiasm. She was giving his pecker a workout. She was REALLY into it. With aid from the Vaseline, he could pump in and out of her ass with little more effort than it took to fuck her pussy. She acted like she was enjoying it, too. He began pumping as he had before, giving it all he had and her legs went around his waist, again. He looked and saw that her eyes were open. “Play with my clit while you fuck my ass, please. It makes me cum better.” He moved his hand around to massage her clitoris and kept pumping into her asshole. “I hope you can cum soon, my love. I’m getting ready to turn loose with a Mother Fucker.” Her head went back, and her eyes got VERY wide. Her mouth formed an O. “OOOHHHH GOOODDDD!!!! FUCK ME HARRRDDDEEERRRR!!! BLAST THAT CUM UP MY AAAAASSSSSSSS!!! I’M CUUUUUMMMMIIIIINNNNGGGGG!!! OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!! FFFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK MMMMMMEEEEEEEE!!!!! ” She squeezed almost hard enough to crack ribs with her legs. He shoved himself all the way inside of her. She had her hands pulling on HIS ass trying to pull him deeper. He shot wave after wave of sperm inside her ass. He could feel the tickle of her juice running over his dick and dripping down his balls. She was sobbing. He looked at her and she looked back. “Thank You, Sweetheart. I haven’t had that many butt-fuckings since I graduated. Billy would rather stick with fucking my pussy, and nobody wants to fuck my ass. I miss it. Now, when I get the urge to have my ass fucked, I know I can count on you to do it right for me. I love you, Big Brother!

They laid there, enjoying the last spasms together. She kissed him as deep, or deeper than she had before. Each time she would whisper, “Thank You.” to him. Finally, she looked at him, and asked, “Would you please give me a hand full of tissues. I tend to leak a bit after a good butt fucking. I don’t want to mess up the bed any more than we have, already.” He tore out a good amount and handed them to her. “Now, pull out slowly, or you’ll turn me inside out.” He slowly pulled out of her, and she had the tissue ready to kaçak iddaa catch whatever came out with him. A little of the sperm, tinted brown ran onto the tissue. She reached up and pulled more from the box. “Here. Wipe your dick with these.” He did as she had indicated. “Now we’ll need another bath, I’m afraid. Oh well. Maybe I can talk you into fucking me, again, later. If I know them, Robbi and Billy are in one of the other bedrooms getting a little. I’ve got to admit, if I were a guy, I would want to fuck her, too. Maybe I’ll talk her into a little girl-girl action, so you guys can watch us. Every man likes to watch a couple of girls munching carpet, together.”

They went back to take another shower. This time much more leisurely, and almost as thorough. About half-way through, the door opened, and Robbi, and Billy joined them. Robbi liked Cathy’s idea. That would be fun, after supper.

They bathed, dressed, or somewhat dressed. The 2 guys put on their blue jeans, and hoodies, and the girls put on halters. Nothing else. It was a Friday night, so there was lots of traffic. Both girls had the top strings tied, so they came off easily and went on the same way. Cathy was driving, and Robbi was in the back seat, behind her. Every time they stopped for a light, the tops would come up, exposing a couple pair of gorgeous boobs. and in some cases, they would open their doors, and turn as if to get out. They received many appreciative comments, and almost as many suggestions as to how they could spend some time. One or the other would reply, “Not right now, Sweetie. We’re both fresh fucked. Maybe another time. We’re cooling our pussies, now.”

When they arrived at the drive in, they pulled up to the window, tops completely absent. They were both naked. The guy in the window looked out and told them that their order was on him. “Thank You for making my day.” Cathy put the shift in PARK and they both got out and kissed him, standing where he could reach out and fondle their breasts. Robbi stated that she had a class with him, and would consider the next step. They had talked at the registrar’s office, this morning.

They went home, without replacing their tops, and pulled up in front of the house and going inside. Everybody got what they wanted to drink, and they sat down, after reheating the food, and ate supper. As soon as they were inside, and had the door closed, the 2 men’s clothes came off, too. They ate, laughing about their excursion, and commenting on the possibilities of another similar trip in the future. Robbi asked Cathy how brave she felt. Cathy replied that she wanted to hear about it. Robbi told her what she was thinking of them doing, and Cathy started giggling. Robbi went and brought her tablet down and logged on to a site she knew of. People posted themselves in intimate situations. Cathy, the more she heard, the bigger her smile got. “How about it, guys. You up for a little porn action?” Billy and Rick looked at each other. “Why not. Nobody will be looking at us. They’ll be too busy looking at the girls.” Robbi, looked at them. “I got the remedy for that, too. Just a minute.” She went up the stairs, and was back in a minute, holding four domino masks. “With these nobody can see enough to tell for sure who you are.” They put them on and decided that she was right. “I been using them for a couple of years, now. One of my professors thought he saw me in one clip, but wasn’t sure. I told him later, it was me. Right after he fucked me. He said it was my hair, on both ends, that gave me away. I was the only girl he knew that had such bright red hair on her pussy. I let him fuck me 3 times that night.”

Discussions were over, misgivings had been settled. It was time for the fun to begin.

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