Mistis’ Adventures Part 164

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 164After they had finished their shower, they returned to the bed. Chloe was pretty well satisfied after all she had done, and had done to her, and asked to be allowed to watch Julia and Carl make love. “You two are the sweetest, most loving couple I’ve met in my life. I’d enjoy watching you two get it on.”They happily told her that they would enjoy putting on a show for her.Julia laid on the bed and Carl was beside her, but, only for a moment. He kissed her as hard as he could, without hurting her, and eased himself on top of her, to continue kissing her. He was, she could tell, giving her many promises with each kiss. He had kissed her, but NOTHING like the way he was kissing Julia. Chloe felt a slight pang. SHE had NEVER, in her LIFE been kissed with so much love, tenderness, and wanting. SURE!!! She had been kissed almost every time she had been fucked. It was an unwritten rule, that, a whore NEVER kissed a John, but she had often been the one to initiate the smooching. She had never had a pimp, so she was on her own. She kept hoping that the right guy would find himself in bed with her, and take her away from this. She loved the sex, for the most part, but not the “WHAM, BAM, THANK YOU, MA’AM!” part. She had met a couple, okay, just one, REALLY, that had scared her, but he had been worried because she was in the back seat of his car, in a mostly empty parking lot. There WERE people coming and going. One loud scream from her and he would be caught.She saw Carl start to move nearly as he had done with her. Only this time it was with REAL feeling. Chloe felt the old longing return. MAYBE…SOMEDAY!Carl went slowly down Julia’s torso, kissing everything he touched, and as his hand moved, he would go up and kiss her lips, or her throat, then return to where his hand had come to rest. She was wriggling and squirming as his fingers trailed down her body, front and back. One time he brushed his fingers over her breasts and tummy, then he went and kissed her lips, while he made the same type move, just as gently, over her back and butt. Each time he did, it pulled a low groan from her throat, or an appropriate comment. “I love you, my dearest. Take me and fill me, PLEASE.” He would kiss her even more, taking his time to give her the greatest pleasure he was able. She was becoming putty in his hands, IF she wasn’t already there. She had never imagined that a woman could give herself to a man so completely. She was loving every thing she was watching.Carl had worked himself down to nibble at Julia’s labia, his lips and tongue possessing her, as his penis would soon do. His hands moved, for the first time, from caressing her, to open her legs, and spread her pussy lips open, so he could tease her more. She had stood up to look between them, and saw his tongue licking around the outer edges, and then dart inward. Julia cried out, and lifted herself on her tiptoes, and the top of her head, her back arched in what looked like a painful pose. “YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!” she cried. EAT ME!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!! THAT FEELS SO GOOD!!!” Chloe, looked again, and saw that he wasn’t licking her pussy, but was sucking her clitoris. Her labia were glistening with his saliva. SURE!!! BUT it was his teasing her clitty that was sending her into orbit. He went down, lower, and began inserting his tongue inside of her. She hissed like an angry cat as it slid inside of her, clutching her hands around the back of his head, pulling him tighter, and crying out with her passion, uncaring if they were being watched or not. A whole Army could have walked in for all either of them cared. THEY were in a whole different dimension where the only thing that existed was their pleasure.She watched the couple for several more minutes, vaguely aware of what Carl had done to HER a short while ago. What he had done to her had long since paled in comparison to what he was doing with Julia. Julia had passed out at least once, and, maybe, twice. Julia had cried out and sunk into the mattress, not moving for several seconds. Her breath had come very slowly.Carl had reached up and took another, thicker, pillow from above their heads, and used one hand to lift Julia’s hips,while he place it under her with the other. Chloe was vaguely aware of how strong Carl REALLY was, after seeing him spin a FULL, 55 gallon bartın escort drum of diesel with one hand, then knock it on its side and lift it, after attaching a pump to it. He had done it when SHE couldn’t even move it with BOTH hands. He lifted Julia’s dead weight with one hand like she was a newborn baby.Once he had her as he wanted, he kissed her face, and lips, until her eyes opened. She whispered something that Chloe couldn’t quite hear, OR understand, and he had kissed her, again. She raised her legs high, and WIDE, and he started to enter her. She could plainly see, from her now ideal vantage point, his dick parting her labia, and entering her body. He legs dropped as he went in her about half of his length, and wrapped around his waist, her ankles locked to hold him. He began to thrust slowly, and deeply inside of her, as she lifted herself up to meet him as he entered her, and swiveling her hips as he withdrew. She was not only observing their love in action, but was learning their techniques. Most times, when she was “on the streets,” SHE had only laid there. Most of her customers had been finished in a couple of minutes. Could have been because of her age, but most likely, wanting to “get it over with,” and get out, before the police caught him, or them. THAT had been in the days that the cops busted the “johns” as fast, or faster, than the hookers.Chloe was learning a new appreciation for the term “making love.” Julia was having love made to her, where SHE had been FUCKED. Two completely different things.Julia’s breath was coming faster and faster, as was Carl’s. They were getting close to their climaxes. He raised up on stiffened arms, and the tips of HIS toes, and Julia was doing her best to pull his shoulders down to hold closer, and he was driving into her so hard that it must hurt her pelvis, but, as Chloe knew, from having it done to her, IT DIDN’T!!! IT FELT WONDERFUL!!!Julia’s mouth opened, and Chloe hear almost the same words as SHE had used. “OH GOD!!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!! IT FEELS SO GOOD WHEN YOU USE ME LIKE THIS!!! NEVER STOP!!! I WANT IT ALL THE TIME!!! FUCK ME ‘TILL I FAINT!!! USE ME AS YOUR SEX DOLL!!! FUCK ME EVERY TIME YOU SEE ME. I LOVE IT WHEN YOU FUCK ME!!! CUM INSIDE ME!!! GIVE ME YOUR c***dREN!!! FUCK ME AS HARD AS YOU CAN!!! OH, GOD!!! I’M CUMMING!!! CUM WITH MEEE!!! PLEASE, PLEASE CUM IN ME!!! Chloe saw and could almost feel his pelvis slamming into her. It was popping every time their flesh met. She screamed and pulled he down. His arms gave way as he poured his seed inside her, Julia grinding and humping to pull every drop if his precious sperm into her body. She held him and kissed him in appreciation for the way he had pleased her. Carl was all but motionless for several seconds, but, finally rolled to the side, with Julia still clinging to him, never relaxing her grip on him. Chloe, unable, or unwilling to not do what she saw as HER part, went beside him and began to lick and suck their combined juices from him. Once she had HIM cleaned, she went to the other side of the bed, and licked Julia’s outer areas, and the insides of her thighs, where the overflow had run down her ass. THEN she went and got a warm, wet washcloth to clean the rest of them, but only after washing their faces, and giving them both a kiss. TO HER, they both deserved it.She moved next to Carl and they all fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.Carl and Chloe awakened at nearly the same time, and kissed, then Chloe had gone downstairs to the kitchen. She saw only a few things in the refrigerator, and went to look in the pantry. She took 2 packages of bacon, and a roll of sausage, and started cooking them. She had not made biscuits for a long time, and had all but forgotten how, so she took two cans of biscuits out and put them in the oven to cook. She then took a large frying pan, and put some bacon grease in it, adding flour, salt and pepper, to form the base for gravy. When it was to her satisfaction, she poured in milk, and began stirring it gently to keep it from sticking, and reached up to get a bowl to pour it in. She took time to turn the sausage and bacon, and poured the gravy into the bowl, turning the faucet on to wash the pan. The toaster was on the counter next to the sink, so she plugged it in and went out to the pantry to get the loaf of bread escort bartın she had seen. She carried in 2 dozen eggs when she came back. She was sorry that she hadn’t seen any potatoes to make hash browns with. She made some of the best hash brown you could ever find. It was one of the things she had learned from being on her own.She had filled a coffee maker, and started it to cooking, as the very first thing when she came downstairs. It was ready and she poured a cup for herself, waiting for Carl and Julia to come down before pouring theirs, so it would be good and hot for them. She took the sausage and bacon from the griddle she had been shown, and put them on a platter. Then she peeked through the door of the oven to see if the biscuits were ready. Almost.She put plates on the counter, next to the waiting pan, and reached up for another platter for the toast and biscuits. She went out to the pantry and brought back the jars of jellies, and a tub of butter, that looked homemade. She set them, and their silverware n the table and sat down for a taste of her coffee. A couple of sips, and she got up, turned the oven off, and took out the biscuits. All that was left was to cook the eggs, and the people to eat them.Carl and Julia came down the stairs, talking about how the house smelled SO GOOD!!! Julia, then Carl kissed her. GOOD!!! THEY were still naked, TOO. Julia, seeing what had already been done, went over and began cracking eggs into a bowl, then putting them in the pan. “HOW DO YOU WANT ‘EM!!!” she called out. Chloe wanted hers over easy, Carl wanted his sunny side up, and Julia made hers scrambled. She didn’t bother asking, but cooked 6 for each of them. Salt, pepper, and picante were on the table already, so it was time to dig in. The biscuits and the toast were the first platter emptied, each of the ladies taking 3, and leaving 4 for Carl, The toast was used to eat the largest portion of the eggs, sausage, and bacon, and was soon followed by the sausage and bacon. The gravy was almost treated as a dessert. Each took their biscuits opened them, and covered them with the creamy gravy. They had held back on the gravy, to give it time to cool, but were soon fanning their mouths. IT was STILL HOT!!!While the ladies cleaned the kitchen, Carl lingered over his coffee, admiring the ladies fro every angle. They had turned him down when he got up to help. He was looking at them, and was being stirred by what he was seeing. Julia smiled when she saw his condition. “Your turn, Sweetie.” she told Chloe, and held out her hand in invitation. “This time, it’s MY turn to do the clean up.”Chloe went over and straddled Carl’s lap, and sat down, guiding his swollen dick into her waiting snatch. She settled in and began rocking back and forth, making him groan, until he filled her almost as well as he had last night. She used her internal muscles to milk him dry, and withdrew her breast from his lips. She had cum 3 times before he had filled her so well. Julia handed her a paper towel, but Chloe shook her head. “We have the same goal in mind. I want him to make ME pregnant, TOO. I don’t want to take him from you, but, I do want him to father a c***d inside me.” Julia rushed over and hugged her. “THAT would be the best thing I could think of. Especially if one, or both, of us has twins.”Carl, in a semi-stupor, had been listening to them. “Before we do ANYTHING, else. Hadn’t we better go get some clothes for Chloe. She has to put them on, SOMETIMES. The law frowns on streaking outside your own house.”They went up and cleaned themselves, and dressed. Carl had khaki shorts, and a safari shirt, bullet loops and all. JUlia had a pair of tan shorts that reached mid-thigh, and were hip huggers, and a pale yellow top that was nearly thin enough to be called see through. She didn’t want to, and was encouraged NOT to, wear a bra. Her dark breasts were as visible as if she was topless, and she loved it. Her nipples were about to punch holes in it. Chloe had improvised, by cutting the legs from a pair of her work jeans that had a few strategic rips in them. One was over her left butt cheek, and was large enough to give a good view of her ass. She also took a T- shirt, and stretched the neck so it was off the shoulder. Of course she had failed to put on a bra, also, and was showing “pokies,” bartın escort bayan which were mouth-watering to say the least. BOTH ladies were head-turners.They went out and climbed into Julia’s car. She had bought a new Lincoln Town Car, when she was told of her raise, by Mary. She had saved more than enough for her down payment, along with her old car as a trade-in. She had had the dealer to tint the glass to the legal limits, and they were nearly invisible inside with the windows up.They went to several salons, and Carl had told her it was HIS treat. She had spent several thousand dollars on clothes. Of course, she had modeled them, and had Julia AND Carl to help her change. The clerk had almost choked when Chloe put one foot on the bench, and they had taken turns licking her pussy. She had refused until she saw what Carl had in HIS pants. Customers had, that day, wondered where the monkeys had escaped from. They SOUNDED like GIBBONS!The next shop had made out just as well as the first, and the third shop was the BIG winner. Every time she had tried to protest, Chloe had been told by Carl, AND Julia, to shush. THEY would decide what she needed. They also went to a shoe store and ended up with 24 pairs of assorted shoes, and boots. “After all,” Julia had told her, “A girl can’t have too many SHOES!!!”The car’s trunk was filled to capacity, and some had to be put in the back seat with Carl. He had, as they left the last store, whispered in Julia’s ear. She smiled and nodded to him. They went out on the main highway, headed toward home, and Carl tapped Julia on the shoulder and pointed. She went into the strip mall, and stopped in front of one of the stores. IT was a GUN STORE!!!They got out and a young gentleman greeted Carl by name, as he entered. Introductions were made, and he immediately went around and took several guns from the cabinet/display case. He was wearing a sidearm as he was talking to them. First he handed several different weapons to Julia, as she listened to him describe what the guns were capable of. She knew a little from her parents and older brother, and she made her choice. A Llama .380 semi-automatic, with a 7 shot clip. It was compact, and powerful enough to do what they wanted. It was put back in its box and set on the counter with 4 boxes of ammunition.He turned to Chloe. “What can I show YOU, now. She had been wandering around, looking at the assorted weaponry. She looked at the one on HIS hip. “What is THAT one? The one you are wearing. IT LOOKS SCARY!!!” He explained that it was the same gun that was used in the “Dirty Harry,” movies. A Smith & Wesson Model 29. .44 Magnum with a 4 inch barrel. HIS had had a 12 inch barrel. She asked, “May I see it, please?” He went down the cases a little bit and took an identical gun from the case and handed it to her. “My Grandfather had one similar to this one. He let me shoot it one time, and it jumped out of my hand. He told me that I could try it, again, when I got bigger and stronger. I was just 12 years old.” He looked at Carl with one eyebrow raised in question. Carl nodded assent. ge told them to follow him, and led them to a room at the rear. “This is where we try weapons that the gunsmith has repaire or modified. He got eye and ear protection for all of them, and took his gun out and took all but one bullet from it.He showed her how to hold the gun, aim, and fire it, and put a target on the carrier, and sent it about halfway down the room. He guided her to the counter and told her to aim and fire when she was ready. She did as he had told her and fired the one shot. he brought the target back and examined it, showing it to Carl. He put 2 more rounds in the gun, and told her to do the same thing, again. Carl had been running the target back in place. Again, she aimed, and fired. The owner brought the target back, but this time he was holding a magnifying glass. He examined the target, closely, and laid the first target next to it. It, at first, looked like there was only one hole in each of the targets, but when one of the spent casings was place over the hole in the second one, it was minutely larger, showing that 2 rounds had gone through. Both holes were dead center on the 10 rings. PERFECT BULLS EYES!!!”Ma’am. If you EVER get tired of this old fart’s hogwash, COME SEE ME!!! I’ll give you a job as a shooting instructor. I CAN’T SHOOT THAT GOOD!!!They went home carrying the purchases of Julia, AND the gun, ammo, and 2 holsters, along with everything else she had been given. It took 5 trips each to bring all their purchases in the house.

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