Miss Keven-Jeanne Sissyfag!

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Miss Keven-Jeanne Sissyfag!Mmmmm – lipstick, short skirts, high heels – MAN! I feel like a woman! Ladyboi Queen Keven-Jeanne Sissyfag keeps pushing her hard penis down as she walks to the adult arcade. It’s a steaming hot afternoon, and the horny little bitch is already thinking about the hard cock she’s gonna suck tonight. Sissyboi is wearing a black halter top, purple butt baring short shorts, high heels, and red lipstick. She has beautiful silky legs, and not a HAIR on that fine sissy ass! Most of the mile walk is next to an industrial area near the waterfront, and at 4 p.m. on a Friday, she’s getting a lot of attention from men who drive past. Since Keven-Jeanne is totally passable as a biological female, none of these men know that this “lady” is really a boi!! Once, recently, a guy in a blue jeep Wrangler kept passing by. He’d slow down and ask Keven Jeanne if she needed a ride. Keven-Jeanne could see how horny he was – a big white guy about 35, wearing a sweat shirt with the sleeves cut off, exposing his big tatted muscles, and a pair of shorts to show off those gorgeous hairy LEGS! Keven-Jeanne could see the bulge in the man’s shorts. He asked Keven-Jeanne where she was headed, and the sissy pointed to the building that housed the adult arcade and the nude modeling studio. About 20 minutes later, when Keven-Jeanne was in the arcade, dressed only in high heels, string panties, and a black silk Victoria’s Secret shorty robe, the guy with the jeep walked up. Turned out he had thought that Keven-Jeanne was a real girl, and that she worked in the nude modeling studio! When he described Keven-Jeanne to the girls at the studio, they laughed and told the guy that Keven -Jeanne is a tranny, who works out of the video booths in the back. Well, he didn’t care because he knew what he saw and what he liked, and he liked Keven-Jeanne! He ended up going into the private booth with the feminine blonde queen, and she gave him a hawt mouth watering bareback blowjob, and the tightest piece of boi pussy he’d ever had – NO condom, girls!That’s the effect Keven-Jeanne has on real men. The little faggot loves big buff tatted men with hairy legs! It’s hard to belive that just 4 years ago, Keven -Jeanne was a married guy himself, with a wife and 2 brats. And all the time he was married he secretly cross dressed, and masturbated several times a day while fantasizing that he was a sexy bitch satisfying real men! Keven-Jeanne’s wife was a waitress at Denney’s, and he began sneaking out at night when she was at work. He would take a dress and heels, and leave the k**s alone in the apartment, and walk the streets, giving guys blowjobs in their cars and charging 20 bucks a pop. One night he got busted by the undercovers and was arrested for prostitution. When they booked him they thought he was a woman, but Keven-Jeanne admitted that he was a guy. Then he did something really stupid; he begged the cops to let him go because his u******e brats were home alone. That’s when they added the felony endangerment charges. He couldn’t make bail so they brought him upstairs to the housing unit to await disposition of his case.The inmates raiped him the following evening after 6 p.m. lockdown. He was made to strip naked and they took him into the shower and turned up the rap music – in case he screamed; he didn’t. Within a week, he had been turned out as a jailhouse sissy and sold to a prison pimp named Charles, who renamed him Pretty Pinky. Having sex with men was not really a new thing for Keven-Jeanne, and after a few ass whippings from Charles – mainly for not bringing in enough money – Keven-Jeanne quickly learned how to get his hustle on to support his man. After 6 months, Keven-Jeanne was found guilty and remanded to state prison for 2 years. When he got upstate he already had a faggot “jacket” – meaning everyone – inmates and staff alike – knew he was a hoe. Charles had tatted his sissy’s pale skin with gang signs and had the word “SISSY” tatted across the bitch’s bare buttocks, in large block letters! When he arrived at prison, Keven-Jeanne discovered that Charles had already sold him to another pimp in the prison, a man named D’Andre. Kevin-Jeanne lived as a woman for the entire two years. When he was released, he made an attempt to regain his male identity, but he soon found that he missed being a woman, and he definitely missed having sex with hawt men! As a male. Keven-Jeanne was a plain little guy that no one looked at twice. But in make up and in drag, he was fuckin HAWT! As a girl, he got LOTS of male attention!So now as the queen nears her destination, her little penis – or, her “clit,” as she calls it – is hard and dripping with lust. The arcade is located in a large complex of old industrial buildings, all related to the adult entertainment industry. There is a strip club and an adult video store on one side, and on the other is a gay strip club, an adult arcade, a nude modeling studio, and a gay bathhouse at the end. Keven Jeanne is only interested in the adult arcade. Unlike most arcades, that are situated in the back of adult video stores, this one is an entity unto itself; there is no video store attached. It shares a space with the nude modeling studio, and operated by the same owner. When you enter the building, you walk up a long ramp leading to a door straight ahead. To the left of that door is a ticket window with a plexiglass window, behind which sits one of the nude models sits and takes the money for both the arcade and the modeling studio. Keven-Jeanne has come to know most of the girls who work in the modeling studio, and gets along with most of them, though there are a few now and then who can be very catty with her because they know that the sissy is taking some of their business from them, primarily because Keven-Jeanne is just as hawt as them, and hotter than a lot of them, AND – that Keven-Jeanne will perform sexual acts for these men that the models are, for the most part – unwilling to do themselves. You see, a lot of men will go to the strip club next door to watch the nude dancers. And when they are very horny, rather than pay a lot of money for a half assed blowjob from one of the women, they just go next door to the arcade and stick their cock through a glory hole and let some unseen faggot suck them off – for free. And as for the modeling studio, a lot of guys go to the arcade first and get horny watching the videos, before going to the modeling studio to have one of the pretty models suck them off. But since Keven-Jeanne showed up, providing an alternative to the models, some of their business has gone down. Of course a lot of men just plain won’t have sex with anyone who is in any way male. But in recent years especially, a lot of men who are heterosexual, will go to a ladyboi – providing that she looks feminine enough – for sexual release. In fact an entirely new aspect of the adult entertainment industry, id focused upon shemales. Some men are Asian freaks, some like black girls, and now – some prefer ladybois! And Keven-Jeanne arrived on the scene just as this new niche was gaining traction.I mean, why not? Why spend time and money on some bitch who is not about to give you what you want? Most wives or girlfriends do not behave the way the women in porn videos behave. Some biological women will make the effort if they’re out to hook a man, but even then it’s not going to be with the same enthusiasm as a shemale, and will not last once the relationship is cemented. This, and the fact that men are güvenilir bahis şirketleri promiscuous by nature, is why so many husbands and boyfriends cheat on their wives or girlfriends. Even professional whores are not usually down to act like a porn actress. Men figure, why spend all this money for a lap dance and furtive blowjob in a strip club?Enter the shemale, or, ladyboi. Many of them, like Keven-Jeanne Sissyfag, are completely passable and as pretty as any hoe out there, and I’ve actually heard some biological women complain that ladybois have the advantage of not having to worry about such things as “cottage cheese” thighs and other things that women have to constantly work on to stay attractive to men. So they are very competitive when it comes to being sexually attractive to real men. And the fact that they have male characteristics – they’re always horny and promiscuous – combined with femininity – is a real turn on to men, because these “ladies” are usually submissive sexually, are very girlie, and are down to do some really degrading, disgusting things to please their sex partners. The ladyboi, like most males, views the porn actress as their ideal, and will act and deliver exactly like what they see in the videos, so in that, there is a meeting of the minds between both sissy and Man.Initially, soon after his release from prison, Keven began going to the adult video stores to loiter in the arcades. He had not yet made the decision to live as a woman, and went there to suck men off. But because he was a plain looking little guy, he didn’t get all that much love from the gay guys who frequented these places because, as we know, gay men are all about hot looking pretty faced musclemen! One night Keven spotted what he thought was a woman in one of the arcades. She was black, and upon striking up a conversation with her she told him that she was really a guy. Keven was intrigued; he was filled with questions for the black tranny and, because it was a slow night, she allowed Keven to pick her mind. Keven went home that night, his head reeling. He knew that his life as a man was over forever, that he was no longer just Keven Donald Andersen; he was now Miss Keven-Jeanne Sissyfag! The black tranny had been feminine and passable, but next to Keven-Jeanne, she was masculine. Keven-Jeanne knew, from her prison experience that she would be a much more feminine and pretty “lady” than the black tranny. The tranny was a larger, taller person than Miss Keven-Jeanne, and carried herself in a slightly more masculine manner than most real women. Keven-Jeanne had always been small and slightly built, with delicate small boned hands and feet. After puberty, Keven-Jeanne’s physical development had not kept pace with that of his male peers. Also Keven-Jeanne had almost no body hair, but her biggest asset – or embarrassment – as she considered them then – were her female breasts that developed with the onset of puberty. I mean, they weren’t overly huge, but were easily as large as many of the girls in his class, and shaped like a real girl’s. Keven-Jeanne was so embarrassed by these tits that she used to wrap them with tape, so no one could tell. But when she was home alone, and he undressed and looked at herself nude in the full length mirror, she was secretly thrilled. One rainy afternoon she did this, and upon impulse she grabbed one of her mom’s lipsticks, and applied a generous coat to her full, pouty lips – and was electrified! She looked like a woman! A woman with a little hardon! Thus began the unending cycle of crossdressing and purging. Part of him hated the feminine nature he had been born with. As he grew older he tried everything to be a man – even got married and fathered 2 brats. But his heart was never in it. Just to have sex with his wife he had to conjure up images of big muscular hairy men making love to him!The next day after work he went to Walmart and Target and began purchasing lipstick, dresses and high heels. Because he had shaved his head a few weeks earlier, he visited a beauty salon that advertised wigs, and bought two wigs, both bobs – a red and a blonde. He had decided to wait until Friday afternoon, as soon as he got off work, to go to the arcade -fully dressed. And as he dressed in his high heels and was applying his lipstick, he knew that “he” had crossed the line and was now and forever, a “she!” After that he was not Keven, but Keven-JEANNE!Soon after this, Keven-Jeanne discovered the arcade and modeling studio. She was enthralled because she didn’t have to go through a crowded video store to get to the arcade. Once she paid her 6 bucks at the ticket window and was buzzed through, she found herself in an extremely dimly lit maze of video preview booths. The place, like most arcades, smelled like a mix of stale piss, cum, sweat, and Lysol, a smell with sent electricity coursing through the little faggot’s body! One thing about Keven- Jeanne was, she loved having sex when she was completely nude! She loved squatting completely naked in just her high heels, sucking some hunk’s cock! High heels and lipstick only! Especially black or Latino men! So initially she loitered in the arcade wearing nothing but high heels, but a gay complained and the manager came back and told Keven-Jeanne that she would have to over up her genitals and tits at least. So after that she began wearing a string bikini and high heels, while in the arcade. One of her favorite combos is lacy string panties, high heels (ALWAYS high heels, ladies!!), and a black, silk shorty robe, which she holds loosely and opens up to expose her tits and silky body whenever men walk by. Initially, Keven-Jeanne, even though she had been a prostitute behind bars, didn’t consider charging for her services; she would suck any guy who walked into the arcade for free. But it didn’t take long for to know that the arcade could be more than just a fun place to hang out – that it could be financially lucrative as well. One this the hawt little sissy picked up on was that pretty much every guy who approached her would ask her, how much she charged. So she began throwing figures out there – usually 50 bucks for a blow job – and she was amazed at how many men were readily forthcoming with the fee. And if a guy would tell her he only had 20, she would accommodate him for that. Within a month Keven-Jeanne was making far more prostituting than at her menial factory job, so she quit and began living the life of a whore. Because for Keven-Jeanne, being a woman – as wonderful as that was – was still not as fulfilling as being a slut, or even better, a whore. Now Keven-Jeanne had the luxury of sleeping in in the mornings. Her routine was to get up, throw on a pair of shorts, a sweatshirt, sunglasses, and tennis shoes, tie her hair back, maybe a light lipstick, and go to the nearby coffee shop and sip a latte while looking at her phone. Nobody seeing her would have any suspicions that she was anything other than what she presented herself as – a well put together young Millennial woman! But as the afternoon draws on, The queer whore begins to prepare for her night. After a shower – or sometimes a leisurely bubble bath, she spends an hour at her dressing table, doing her hair and makeup. After he thick blonde hair grew back out, Keven-Jeanne began relying less upon the wigs and more time styling her own hair. One reason she preferred that to the wigs was that this way when men grabbed her hair and yanked it, nothing came off! And so after tipobet giriş applying her makeup and lipstick, Keven- Jeanne would choose her outfit for that night. In contrast to her daytime appearance, which was to detract from her sexuality, at night she sought the polar opposite effect. As her finances and confidence grew she began relying less on cheap Walmart stuff and began going for more stylish, coordinated apparel. The main thing was to look whorish. Mostly her outfits were extremely short, butt baring short shorts, very high heels, skimpy halter tops, poofed out and sprayed bouffant hairstyles, and occasionally short spandex minidresses. Underneath these she always wore her black string bikini, and she kept her shorty robe bunched up in her purse – these items to be worn while soliciting inside of the arcade.As soon as Keven-Jeanne is buzzed through the door to the arcade, she makes her way toward the middle of the room, where this one conveniently situated preview booth is located. It’s the only booth that faces the front of the arcade, requiring anyone coming in to pass by this booth. She goes inside and quickly strips down to just bikini and high heels, checks her make up, and opens the door, propping it open with her bag. Keven-Jeanne has studied sexy women her entire life, and knows just how to seduce a man! She will sit in the doorway of the booth, her silken lady legs crossed sexily, her tits popping out of the bikini bra, her kewpie doll face looking hot; or sometimes she’ll stand and dance to the music coming over the speakers – like a stripper in the club next door. No real man passes by when he sees this. A lot of them are surprised to see a woman back there, and assume it’s one of the models from the studio out front, but Keven-Jeanne does her best to let her small penis and testicles show from her panty bottoms. She knows that being a ladyboi gives her a distinct advantage over being a lady! Men approach her in different ways, but there are types, and Keven-Jeanne recognizes and adapts to each one. Some men are newbies, this being their first foray into the world of underworld sex. As alluring as Keven-Jeanne is, this type is the one that must be cajoled and convinced to come in the booth. They are shy, nervous, skittish, jumping at every noise. Most of this type are married and concerned about bringing home a disease. Some won’t let you blow them without a condom, some even will only masturbate while looking at you. One cute guy recently jerked off inches from Keven- Jeanne’s hot face. Keven Jeanne saw he was getting ready to cum, so she got down low on the floor and begged him to aim for her mouth – “Don’t waste it on the floor, honey!” the queer begged. One man ignored this request and shot a thick load of cum on the floor, and Keven-Jeanne pouted prettily and said: “Oh, WHY did you DO that?? Now I have to lick it up off the floor!” And she got down on her knees and elbows and slurped and lapped it all up off the filthy floor! Some. more confident men, will walk right up to Keven-Jeanne, their pants bulging. Keven-Jeanne will reach out and give it a nice squeeze. “Want a blowjob, sweetie?” she asks.”How much, sissy?” he asks, as Keven-Jeanne is unzipping his fly and fishing this hardon out of his pants. Price agreed upon, he enters the booth and watches as the sissy gets totally naked and stands before him all nude in high heels. The queen shivers slightly as she feels the big calloused hand lightly feeling up her bare silky legs and buttocks, the other hand feeling up her tits. “Like it, honey? she whispers. He doesn’t answer, just unbuttons his pants. The faery sinks to her knees easing his pants and undershorts down to a pool around his ankles. The man groans loudly as he feels the wet mouth around his cock, his hand reaches out to feel the sissy’s blonde hair. a minute maybe 2 go by before Keven-Jeanne feels the man’s big legs begin to tremble, and the little cocksucker knows from experience that he is about to cum. Every man is different; some like to end by jerking off all over your face, some grab the back of your head and ram their cock balls deep into your mouth and ejaculate deep into your throat, but most men like to cum in your mouth. And whether they request it or not, Miss Keven Jeanne always opens her mouth and looks up at them with a lewd smile, displaying their oyster on her tongue, like a lugee, before swallowing it all.Then you have the guys who want more than a blowjob; they want a piece of pussy! Keven-Jeanne has taken a lot of cock in her ass, but she remains tight. She has taken black cocks 12 inches and fat as a beer can, but still will be tight for a small dicked white man. That’s because she does Kegels, something she learned from another queen in the joint. You can do them anywhere, even in public. You just squeeze your anus together tightly and relax slowly, and repeat. You’ll always have a nice tight pussy this way! To be honest, a lot of fucks begin with just a blowjob. Keven-Jeanne has a pretty good instinct to know when a man wants more than just a blowjob – there are unmistakable signs – the most predominate is, while your blowing them they reach down and begin feeling up your bare buttocks. Usually, when this happens, Keven-Jeanne will ask if they want to fuck, and usually the answer is yes.The booths in the arcade are not very big, so couples are limited in the positions they can assume during sex. The booths where Keven-Jeanne goes are about 6 feet deep and maybe 5 feet wide. There is a vinyl bench running around the side and back, and these are only a couple feet deep. So if you’re gonna fuck in them, the most common is the queen kneeling, her buttocks cocked up, her face up against the wall, and the man stands behind to mount her. Second favorite position to fuck in the booth is standing. The sissy stands facing the door, while the man comes up behind and gets in her ass that way. As much as Keven-Jeanne hates to remove her high heels during sex, she will make an exception if a customer specifically request her to do so, or, if her heels make her too tall for a shorter guy to get in her. Then she’ll think of getting fucked barefoot and pregnant! After that, a position is the bitch squatting over the man’s erect cock and boogieing on his dick, lap dance style. And the other is the bitch on her back on the bench her legs up on the man’s shoulders.Then you have the dilemma: condom or no condom. Again, men vary widely in this. Some men insist upon it because they either don’t want to catch AIDS, or they simply don’t want to get shit on their dicks. Keven-Jeanne got so used to fucking bareback in the joint, that she prefers bareback, but – the customer’s always right! When a guy uses a rubber, Keven-Jeanne always gets down and tries to be the one to take the condom off the guy’s dick when he’s finished, that way she can drink the cum out of the rubber. And if the guy cums deep in her guts and gives her a nasty cram pie, Keven-Jeanne will get on her knees to clean the guys dick with her mouth shit, cum, grease and all! Not gonna find many biological woman who will do that, huh, guys??Keven-Jeanne loves being totally girlie and seductive. Recently she had this big horny man, and she was giving him a mouth watering bareback blowjob, and he stood her up and said, “Let me look at you!” Keven-Jeanne stood naked in just her heels as the guy sucked on her tits. Then she turned away from him and faced the door, wiggling her naked buttocks tipobet güvenilir mi seductively – “Wanna fuck me, honey?” she cooed over her bare shoulder, smiling lewdly at him.”You got a condom?” he asked, almost pleadingly. Well, Keven-Jeanne had plenty of condoms in her clutch purse that night, but she was feeling the challenge. She wanted to get him to fuck her bareback! So she shook her head. “Then I can’t,” he said. I’m married and I can’t take a chance.” As he said this he was rubbing his big hard cock in the cleft of her buttocks.Keven-Jeanne laughed silently to herself. She reached back and took his cock and choked down hard, close to the base. He groaned deeply. “Oh, baby -don’t” – he said, his voice strangled like his cock. “Come on, honey, Keven-Jeanne cooed, “fuck me! Honey! You KNOW you want it!” And she rubbed his dripping cock against the raw mouth of her anus. She knew she had him now. He was thinking with his dick now. She felt his hairy arms encircle her waist, his strong hands grab her tits, as he pushed his big hard body up against her back. She guided this dick to her rectum and pushed back with her hips as he pushed forward with his. There was a moment of uncomfortableness as the big plum head tore through the ring of anal muscles, and he worked that hard Johnson up into her belly – balls deep! His hands were everywhere, her tits and soft belly, his breath hot on her neck and she felt his kisses on her ears neck and back – like a wild out of control aniimall – claiming his female! Keven-Jeanne knew that if she were really a breeder, she would be getting pregnant from a fuck like this one. He began ram bucking his hips, the sound making loud slapping noises against her buttocks, and rocking the whole booth on the brackets that held it to the floor! The bitch was whimpering loudly as he raiped her. Suddenly she felt his body tense and he shouted out in pleasure as he emptied the contents of his balls deep inside of this bitch. Hours later, as Keven-Jeanne left the arcade, she was surprised to see him in the parking lot. As soon as he spotted her he ran up to her and began trying to get her number, telling her he wanted to see her again – somewhere private. He was babbling shit like, he wanted to divorce his wife to be with Keven-Jeanne – shit like that! It took a while but she was able to put him off by telling him they could talk about it the next time they met in the arcade. She could smell liquor on his breath.Being a whore, Keven-Jeanne will have no problem with having sex with pretty much any man -old, fat, ugly, a combination of all those – she doesn’t care. Of course, like any female, she has her preferences. Keven-Jeanne’s ideal man is a big muscular brutish black male, a man who like to rough a bitch up, a dominant male. Well, you see, Keven-Jeanne is small pale skinned, and delicate, and extremely submissive during sex. Keven Jeanne was always a physical coward, avoiding confrontation at all costs with guys his age. But at an early age Keven-Jeanne began associating sex with nudity and humiliation. It wasn’t until he got to jail that he began getting physically attacked by other men. He was safe from most attacks because he was the property of strong, powerful prison jockers – first to Charles, and later in prison, to D’Andre. These guys were pimps and Keven-Jeanne was a commodity, so they afforded protection from other inmates to sissies like Keven-Jeanne. And though neither Charles nor D’Andre seriously injured her, she did receive beatings from them, especially from Charles, because she was in a learning curve. And there was a lot to learn. And now, on her knees naked, her mouth jabbed full of really hard meat, she whimpers in pain as the harsh looking man uses his strong plier like fingers to pinch her tits black and blue. And what REALLY hurts, is when they pinch the soft flesh of the breasts themselves. Sometimes it hurts so fuckin bad that Keven-Jeanne thinks she’s going to vomit, but men who like dominating and hurting women, could care less how much pain some weak ass faggot is in – in fact the thought of the bitch’s agony excites them even more! An angry guy recently not only pinched Keven-Jeanne’s tits black and blue, but he worked her arms near the tits too, and then worked over the soft flesh of her thighs, near her groin! It hurt so bad that he had to clamp his large hand over Keven-Jeanne’s mouth, to keep her from shrieking in pain. He told her that he would like to take her to his antique shop about a block away, where he had a sound proof torture chamber in the basement, where he could REALLY work her over. “Would you be down for that, bitch,” he asked?Keven-Jeanne had nodded and asked the man if he would kill her if she went with him, and he laughed and said, “Who knows? You down, or what? He gave her the address and told her that this was a one time invitation. Later Keven-Jeanne had got right up to the door, but her fear of dying in shrieking until she was hoarse as the man slowly killed her, got the best of her and she ran from the place. She never saw him again.When Keven-Jeanne had gotten to jail, she had to adopt to being a prisoner, because not only did society take away her freedom, the prison culture was even worse; in there she learned that she belonged totally to the man who had purchased her. Her name, her identity, where she could go, who she could talk to – all dictated by the whims of the black men who owned her. On top of that, she had to learn to accept the identity of a female completely. Homosexuality is frowned upon by the hyper masculine population of prison, so sexual release is found by seeing to it that some male inmates become women. In prison it is frowned upon for two men to have a relationship; one has to be a MAN, and the other a punk, bitch, sissy, or queen. For example, a MAN can never be the submissive partner in a prison sexual relationship. As long as he’s the one getting his cock sucked, as long as he’s the one fucking a sissy in the ass, he keeps his “man card.”The sissy on the other hand is looked down upon and disdained by the population, and is relegated to the demeaning status of a “woman.” But unlike wives or girlfriends on the outside, these prison “women” have to be completely submissive to men. The can’t be opinionated or mouthy, like women on the outside; they have to be subservient in every way to their men. And the humiliation that Keven-Jeanne innately craved, was found in jail. His first couple of months were a trial. Charles humiliated his bitch in every way, from shaving Keven-Jeanne’s head, tattooing her buttocks, making her walk behind him, wearing an oversized shirt with no pants, to display her bare silky, ladylike legs, a slave rag and lipstick. He had Keven-Jeanne feed him, and lick chicken grease or Cheeto’s residue from his fingers – in front of everyone, inmates and staff alike. Keven-Jeanne had always been lazy, but now she found herself having to keep the cell spotless, and hand wash Charles’ socks and undershorts. And if there was one spot she missed he would be sure to yell at her and slap the shit out of her – also in front of the other inmates. The illusion of male and female is so important to the inmates that even something as taking a piss becomes important. Charles had told her from the beginning to piss squatting down, like a bitch, and one time she had to piss really bad and did it standing. Well, another inmate saw and reported her to Charles, and it resulted in the harshest beating she got while incarcerated. She ended up with a fat lip and black eye for that piss. Well, that’s the life of an adult video store sissy – a daily hunger for hard cock and drinking cum juice. Sometimes Keven-Jeanne feels like a kind of vampire, with this unquenchable thirst for cum juice.

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