Mind the (age) gap!

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Mind the (age) gap!Another work of fiction. I hope you enjoy…I was in my early twenties, in full-time employment and single. I had recently discovered my liking for cock; especially older guys cocks! I really loved an older guy. Something about the way they carried themselves, the way they were so attentive when they would stroke and caress me, the way they could expertly draw a load of cum from my young balls. I’d been with guys around my own age, but I never got the sheer thrill from those experiences as I did with the lovers of more advanced years. My first few encounters were with ‘daddies’, and that had set the course I would be on for the rest of my life.It was an unseasonably hot day in early May, and I decided to treat myself to a day out to the coast. The plan was to go and spend a few hours in the arcades playing on the video cabinets and pinball machines, take in some fish and chips and go paddling in the icy cold North Sea. So, I drove the 30 minutes or so to the coast, parked up, and made my way along to the seaside arcades. My eyes took a few moments to adjust to the darkness inside, compared to the brilliant glare from the mid morning sunshine. There were already quite a few people inside, a lot of family groups surrounding various machines and having a good time. I saw a machine that I wanted to play on, went to the cashier to get some loose change, and started to engage in some good, old fashioned video game goodness. I had been playing on several machines for the thick end of half an hour, when I noticed an elderly guy hanging around, observing me. I thought he may have been impressed by my cat-like reflexes, but the way I was feeding money into the cabinets, I doubt it.As I played, he would ask questions. ‘Where are you from?’, ‘Are you here for the day?’ and ‘Did you come alone or with the family?’ Well, as I ran out of loose change on the current cabinet, I turned to examine the older guy who was showing a lot of interest in my status. He was a guy anywhere from mid sixties to early seventies, clothed in an overcoat, even on this warm day, and wearing a checkered flat cap. But his voice! He had such a lovely Southern Irish lilt. His words fell from his mouth and caressed my ears like warm butter. And then it dawned on me; this guy was trying to chat me up! This was the first instance outside of a public toilet that another male had shown any interest in me. I was a little embarrassed, but quite flattered. Still, the older guy made idle chit-chat, but started to ask more personal questions.’Do you have a girlfriend?’ he enquired.’No.’ I replied, and slightly blushed.’A good looking lad like you should have a girlfriend!’ he kaçak bahis teased my ego.My mind started to race. Should I tell him I’ve already tasted cock, and now there’s no going back?’Well, as a matter of fact, I like men better.’ I quietly divulged to him, out of earshot of other patrons of the establishment.He smiled. His gaydar must have homed in on me in the throng of day trippers.’Do you want to come to the toilets for some cock fun?’ he offered.Did I? Too right, I did! I felt my heart rate increase, I also felt my cock involuntarily fill up with blood. The older man departed the arcade into the brilliant sunshine, and I followed as we made the short journey across the road and down towards the seafront where the old Victorian gents was situated.Upon entering, I was greeted with the sight of a long stainless steel trough, with some smelly piss covered cubes interspersed along it’s length. Opposite, were roughly a dozen cubicles, each daubed in colourful graffiti, and most containing a good portion of sand. Luckily, nobody stood at the urinals, so we could make our way into a stall unnoticed. The elderly gent picked one that was nearer the far end of the building, and we made our way inside, gently locking the door behind us. Once secreted away from prying eyes, we stood in the cubicle facing each other. My older friend brought his hands up to my face and ever so gently brushed my cheek. It felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest at this point, and I could feel the discomfort in my trousers as my cock was almost doubled up in pain. I unbuttoned myself and quickly pulled my trousers to the floor. My older companion had his eyes on my bulging underwear, and was visibly pleased as I pulled my undergarments to the floor, releasing my fully swollen cock. It stood firm and hard, pointing towards the ceiling, blue veins protruding along it’s length. My friend hastily set about removing his own trousers, and then pulled down his slightly faded cotton Y-fronts to reveal his semi aroused member. Even though he wasn’t anywhere near fully aroused yet, his cock looked very impressive. I wasn’t going short today!I positioned myself on the toilet bowl and started to set about bringing my older friend to full mast. Firstly, I took his big, wrinkly testicles into my hand, and gently caressed them both with the slightest of touches from my fingertips. Already, more blood flowed into his cock. His genitals were of a completely different colour to the rest of his skin. He was quite a pasty looking chap, very pale looking. His penis was almost a shade of brown, whilst his scrotum was a bright shade of red. I remembered how my older lovers first casino firmalari teased and caressed my perineum, sending waves of pleasure through the whole bottom half of my body, so I focused my wandering hands around between his ball sac and backside. Still more blood flowed to his cock from my manipulations, and I could feel his erectile tissue hardening beneath my fingers. And then I grasped his member with my hand and ever so gently stroked it, watching as it finally revealed it’s true size. He must have been somewhere between 8 and a half to 9 inches in length, and almost 3 inches in diameter. I rolled back his already peeling foreskin to expose his purple headed tip, and stuck out my tongue and gently rolled it around his glans.My friend took this as a sign that things were getting underway, and rocked his hips and began to force his considerable cock into my mouth. Within three or four strokes he had already filled my mouth, and now he was starting to push his big cock down my throat. I gagged slightly and my eyes filled with water, but my friend continued to slowly face fuck me. Within a couple of minutes, his glistening cock was pumping effortlessly in and out of my hot mouth, and he was starting to increase the pace. My hands caressed his thighs, stroking the inner parts of his legs. This brought out little sighs from him. I was worried that we may be overheard, but I think my companion was beyond caring. Still he pumped his cock into my face. I reached behind his swinging scrotum and caressed his taint, feeling the rock hard tissue beneath. My hands then reached round to gently stroke his still quite defined buttocks, rolling around in small circles. Then, with my index finger of my left hand, I probed the entrance to his anus. Slowly, I inserted my finger inside him, and I felt the walls of his backside clinch onto me. This increased the pace of his thrusts even more. I felt him relax, and I could move my finger around up there. I knew that if I could reach and stroke his prostate, I would give him an even more intense orgasm (God bless women’s magazines in waiting rooms)! I teased my middle finger into him and started to frig his backside. I looked up to see his eyes glaze over, and once more, the pace increased for a final time. He reached down and placed his hands on my shoulders, pumping his cock for all it was worth. And then I got a hint that he was almost ready to cum, as something runny and sweet coated my tongue. Within several strokes, his orgasm approached. I could see as his balls twisted and rolled up towards his body, his cock twitched and almost instantaneously the back of my throat was covered in hot, thick güvenilir casino spunk. He didn’t let up with the thrusting though, and made sure he’d delivered his entire load into my willing mouth. After a few seconds more, he slowed the pace down, and I ensured what was still on my palette was eagerly swallowed down. He withdrew and I could see his impressive member start to deflate.By this point, my own cock was already beginning to drip with pre-cum, a little pool betwixt my legs. As my elderly friend slowly recovered from his orgasm, he got me to stand up and we traded places in the stall. However, instead of sitting himself on the bowl of the toilet, he stood astride it, and proceeded to start to caress me. First, he rolled his gentle hand around the back of my neck. This sent tingles down the length of my spine. Next, he placed his hands on the top of each buttock, and one hand worked it’s way upwards around my lumber, the other gently caressing the cheeks of my backside. My whole lower body now felt super sensitive and I knew as soon as he reached for my cock I was going to cum! And so his hand came round to gently cup my balls, and lovingly stroke my sac, making my cock twitch and ooze out even more clear, sticky liquid.’God! I’m going to cum soon!’ I whispered as I felt my breathing quicken.He smiled. Then his hand grasped my pulsating cock, each vein standing proud along it’s length, and slowly, gently rubbed me. He was really slow, and ever so light of touch. I looked down to see the bright red tip glistening before it was expertly encased in that skillful hand, before reappearing once again. And then I felt the beginnings of my orgasm approach. The unmistakable tingle in my backside that told me that we were getting to the point of no return.’I’m cumming..!’ I tried to whisper, but probably ended up making more noise than I intended.My elderly companion aimed my cock towards the wall of the stall and I felt my own balls rise toward my body as I felt the cum race from me. The first blast weakened my legs, as my spunk splattered onto the old, cracked tiles of the toilet. Another burst of cum flew from me. And yet more! After a few moments more, I could take no more of this intense orgasm, and pushed away my friend’s expert hand. Still, my cock seeped semen from it’s still engorged tip.We looked at the big deposit I’d adorned the wall with, and gave each other a knowing smile. I could feel my face was flushed. I would need a couple of minutes to recover my composure and I would have to dispose of the evidence of our seaside affair. My friend pulled up his trousers and straightened his clothing (he never removed his coat or cap through the whole ordeal), and mouthed me a silent ‘thank you’, before quietly slipping out of the cubicle. This wasn’t exactly what I had planned for my day out, but as I mopped up my cum from the floor and wall, I certainly wasn’t complaining!

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