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MICHELE’S NEW LIFE – CHAPTER 17BCHAPTER 17B: MOM AND THE WEEKEND, CONTINUED…..When Tim woke up the next morning, the evening before flashed back to him with the sight next to him in his bed. He smiled to himself with the thought, ‘How many guys get the chance to wake up in bed with his beautiful wife and her beautiful Mother.’ And be happy, truly happy, about it. He heard the jokes about mothers-in-law but he hadn’t any of those experiences. He could honestly say that he loved Michele’s Mom. He got along with her and thoroughly enjoyed her. He guessed that having sexual relations and with her with his wife’s acceptance and encouragement didn’t hurt.The two women were still sleeping soundly. The prior evening’s sex play just might keep them in bed for a while longer. Barb, my Mom, especially since much of the activity was focused on her. We were snuggled together and it was quite a sight. The top sheet was down to their hips exposing our breasts as Mom lay with one arm and leg over me. He could feel his cock start to move just looking at us and remembering the play we had already shared and the informal plans he had for the rest of the weekend.He got out of bed as gently as possible to not disturb us and foregoing getting dressed, walked to the kitchen naked to make what may be just the first pot of coffee. Once started he went out onto the back patio and fed Cody and gazed out over the property and the peace they enjoyed with the solitude that it provided. Needing coffee he went back inside and poured a cup of the dark blend. It got life started in the mornings. He then set about preparing a tray of sliced fruit and raisin bagels so it would be ready when we wake.And that is how we find him, on the patio with the coffee pot, the tray of light fare, and two extra mugs and the morning newspaper which he apparently retrieved from down the driveway at the county road without putting any clothes on. Mom and I had just woken up moments before. I opened my eyes first and gazed at her as she was cuddled into me. I didn’t know how much of the night we had spent in that position but I was comfortable and she obviously was. I leaned over and kissed her forehead and she stirred slight. I rolled to my side enough to stroke her arms and back lightly, not really trying to wake her but it felt good as she just cuddled in closer. But then her eyes did open. They appeared a little surprised and then quickly softened as her awareness of her surrounds came to her.I greeted, “Good morning, Mom. I hope you slept well.”“Good morning, dear. It was a wonderful sleep. Thank you.”“About last night … you gave us all the signs, so I hope you feel good about it all.”“Oh, Michele, it was wonderful. My body feels so … I don’t know … alive? You two made me feel so loved, cared for, wanted. Thank you for last night.”“Well, if I know my husband, and I do, he still has plans for our weekend. Some, I am sure, he just figures will happen as a natural course of the day, but I would be surprised if he doesn’t have something more planned for us.”And that is when we went in search of Tim and/or coffee. We found him on the patio at the wrought iron table behind the Sports Section of the newspaper with his coffee mug. He heard us open the sliding door, looked, put the paper down and filled two mugs for us and slid the tray of fruit and bagels to us. Mom said, “You don’t have to stop reading the paper for us.”Tim looked at both of us, “Let me think now. I can read various writers speculating about the upcoming games or I can view you two.” He held up one hand, “Speculation about a game.” Then held up the other hand, “Look at two naked and beautiful women five feet away.” Then he rubbed his chin like he was thinking before breaking into a big smile. “Not much question there …”Mom was blushing, again. She just said, “Timothy, you are awful!”He smiled and shocked her further, “Says the woman who let me fuck her in three different position last night.”Mom responded with shock on her face, “Timothy! You really are terrible.” She stopped and smiled, “No, actually, you are really quite amazing. That was amazing last night.”“Speaking of which, how are you feeling this morning? I know I surprised you with the ending last night. Are you okay?”She looked at me, “See, Dear? That is why I love this man so much. He is still concerned for me.”I replied, “You can love him, Mom. But remember he is still mine at the end of the day.”During that banter back and forth, Cody came up and went directly to Mom. He pushes his head between her legs and starts licking her thighs until they open enough for him to reach her pussy. And he soon does. Mom is a little surprised and looks at us both while enjoying the morning stimulation. She knows the rule for me with Cody (when I am naked and he indicates his desire for me, I won’t refuse him), so she starts to get up but I stop her for two reasons. One, she was fucked well last night and I assisted Tim in making sure Mom was well pleasured. Two, she was well fucked last night and I wasn’t. Simply put, my turn. So I pushed her back into her chair and, instead, I move to the edge of the patio and call Cody to me. He looks at Mom quizzically. Almost like he is wondering what is happening, she is naked, I made my move, but she isn’t complying. But he immediately comes to me. A morning fuck by my dog. He probably caught our scent from last night and Mom would have had the most scent given that she was the one on the receiving end of the activities. The grass feels cool and pleasant in the morning. Cody comes to me and we kiss for a moment before I reach underneath him to check if he is out. He kind of is but a little attention will make him easier to get inside me. I stoke his side as I hug him, letting him be comforted by my attention before touching his sheath. This attention to detail isn’t quite as important for Cody because he is so used to my sexual contact with him, but strange dogs are more skittish and this action is certainly helpful to avoid a dog overreacting or jumping from fear or nerves.I find his sheath and stroke the outside and more cock comes out but I want to speed this process up. I bend over and go underneath him and lick the tip of his cock, the end of which is almost pointed. I taste a bit of pre-cum already seeping from him. The lick serves as a warning, a notice to him of my coming actions to him there. I take the end of his cock between my lips and lightly suck, then take more into my mouth and suck harder. I take more into my mouth as he exposes his reddish cock from the sheath. As I get to nearly a mouth full, I pump his cock with my mouth, pushing cock into and then out of my mouth. Soon I have him hard enough and exposed enough to insure a good penetration. There is nothing more frustrating to both dog and woman than for the dog to penetrate but not maintain penetration and in his frantic pumping, pull himself out, then not finding the opening again, get off and wander around before trying the process over. For that reason I like to have the dogs fully hard and exposed from the sheath so lasting penetration is assured.I get out from under Cody and hug him and then sit back on the grass and open my legs. He immediately is between them, licking my cunt with the energy of someone who understands what is coming. After just a few moments of his licking, I force my legs closed, pushing him out of the way so I can get into the classic ‘doggy’ position on my hands and knees. Before I can even get my hand back to pat my ass to encourage him to mount me, he already has. So I move that hand between my legs to assist him penetrating me if he needs it. Once inside me he readjusts his position and pulls me into him and himself into me. His nice, big cock is deep inside me quickly and he is frantically pounding me like dogs do. The energy they put into mating with their bitch is amazing. There is one purpose and one only. To tie the bitch and fill her with seed. This isn’t love or romance. K-9 sex is fucking. And that is before the knot. Once the knot comes it goes into something totally different that sex with a man can’t replicate. But at this point, Cody has me firmly in his grasp and he is wonderfully pounding into me. And that frantic pounding provides the stimulation with the contact with my cunt wall to get his cock to grow more. Inside me it becomes longer and fuller. God, it’s wonderful. To feel the cock inside you growing, lengthening and getting larger while it is pumping in and out of you. My cunt is clasping onto the cock and it hasn’t even started with an orgasm, yet. It feels so good.Then I feel the knot. I realize I was waiting for it, preparing myself for it, even wanting it to appear at the entrance to my cunt so I can get it inside and feel even fuller. But wait no longer. It is pushing at my opening with each stroke but the strokes are shorter as Cody is wanting to get the knot inside. Rather than pumping, stroking into my cunt, they have become more pushing, urgent pushing as he, and now I, feel it stretching my lips and moving ever so slowly into me. Each time is a similar experience but seems to get better. The realization that there will be some discomfort or even pain, but only momentarily, as the knot finally stretches the lips far enough to pop through and be lodged firmly inside. And the term ‘tied’ because now we are going nowhere but together. A big dog has been known to be able to drag a smaller woman behind him or at least force her to crawl backwards to avoid the feeling of having her cunt torn by the knot, like giving birth only it is attached to a really large dog. The Mastiff I took in Belgium might have been such a dog had I been a smaller woman or our mating been from a different position.But here it is Cody and I, and we are very familiar with each other so there is none of that. We are tied and I feel him inside me, leaking his pre-cum into me as his cock and edremit escort knot move only inches inside. My cunt walls clench around them both, filling me so wonderfully. And I can feel my cunt reacting to the stimulation from inside and the bumping of the knot, the pre-cum leaking into me, the furry body on top of me and the frantic short strokes as he works to reach his climax. And as he is, I feel my own coming upon me quickly. I drop to my elbows leaving my ass high and the angle changes and puts new pressure in different places. And when I feel Cody tense and drive his cock as deeply as he can and the first spurt of dog cum shoot out of him and hits inside my cunt, I have my own release. My legs begin to quake and my stomach muscle quiver as my cunt begins to spasm around the cock and knot inside it. And as my walls are clenching, contracting and loosening in spasms, it serves to almost milk his cock of more cum and he continues to cum inside me in seemingly great volumes. I can feel a slight trickle of cum escaping from my cunt, somehow managing to squeeze between the knot and my distended lips. And at that, I release completely and drop to the grass, no longer even holding myself with my elbows. My chest and face are flat on the ground.When Cody has shrunk sufficiently to pull his knot out of me, I feel a volume of dog cum run out of my open cunt. And I happily drop the rest of the way to the ground. I sense movement and look over to the table and see Mom sitting on Tim’s lap and she is anchored to him by his cock in her pussy. And she isn’t sitting quietly. She has her hands braced on Tim’s knees and is pushing herself up and dropping down, impaling herself on his cock to the fullest in that position. I struggle up and crawl to them and I call Cody over, putting my hand over her pussy and his cock. He enthusiastically comes and begins licking at their joined parts. Both of them groan at the change in stimulation, changing from entirely vaginal stimulation to that with an external licking stimulation that has effect on both of them as Cody’s tongue laps at the entire front of the joined humans in front of him. Licking from Tim’s ball, over his exposed cock, onto Mom’s pussy lips and over her clit. Repeatedly. Over and over while they continue fucking with first just Mom raising herself but then Tim adding his effort by driving his hips into her as best he can. And with all that activity going on, Tim moves both hands from holding her waist to her b**st and squeezes and finding her nipples, pinches them, twists them and pulls them out from her breast. And she slumps forward but his pressure on her nipples continue and she finally cries out and Tim takes her securely in his arms as she begins to shake and shudder. Cody is still licking and Mom’s eyes roll back into her head and her whole body is quaking in Tim’s arms. I grab Cody by the collar and pull him away and see that Tim is also cumming. I crawl up between their legs and wrap my arms around both of them and gently kiss her breasts. Slowly, seemingly very slowly, they calm down. And Mom is very disoriented from that orgasm and Tim just holds her, gently stroking her, not erotically, but calming and securing, loving and reassuring.Later in the day Mom and I are in the gardens, again. This has turned out to be a very soothing way for us to talk and get into difficult analysis; a peaceful environment, our hands are busy, we’re accomplishing something, and our eyes are distracted by our weeding or planting, but our minds are free to consider other things. And as we both agreed for this weekend, we are both naked. And quickly getting dirty. There is nothing like sweaty skin to become a dirt magnet. We are enjoying our time quietly working, talking, considering. She has a lot to work out and to put herself in perspective with the bombshell my father dumped on her and us only a week ago. But she is getting her perspective. It takes talking, falling backwards and then moving forward, again. It is a process and she is following it with our help and Tim and I are committed to give what it takes to get her through this and through it as a whole and beautiful person. Soon we are laughing and considering the future as a positive new opportunity, leaving the fear of unknown and abandonment behind.And as expected, Cody eventually makes his move and comes to us and picks Mom. Two naked females with their asses up in the air. What’s a well-trained dog to do? None-the-less, there is Mom on her hands and knees as she is working in the flowers when she is surprised by the tongue on her pussy. But she is my Mom and she is very familiar with Cody and very familiar with the goings on around here. And she is still very willing despite all the fucking she has enjoyed already this weekend. She had said she loved the sexual encounters she had with us and wanted to be able to enjoy it more. She wasn’t sure what that meant beyond us, but she was definitely into this with us. And we were with her. And this was just an example. Being picked by Cody, she looks to me and smiles with a question in her eyes. I nod to assure her I was okay and to go for it. She backs out of the garden so as not to cause any damage to the plants in the process of being with Cody. She moves to the grass and lays back to let Cody work his tongue magic on her pussy. And Cody does. Mom is soon moaning and I begin to wonder if she doesn’t want the fuck, but she soon shifts her position and works her way under Cody and services him, getting his wonderful cock harder and further out of his sheath.Once satisfied with her effect on the dog’s cock, she comes out from under him and quickly assumes the position for him, on her hands and knees and her ass pointing towards him. She pats her ass to call him, but the action is pointless as he is already moving to her and immediately climbs onto her back without any further licking or attention given. And once on top of Mom, Cody begins to hump into her ass cheeks and he hits her several times before she slips her hand underneath as I taught her and he is quickly inside her and her mouth drops open and she sighs at the sudden sensation of penetration. And she groaned as his dog cock fully penetrated her on the second thrust into her. She has had Cody many times and knew what to expect and the pleasures he would give. When we had to be away, she took Cody over to her house not so much for the convenience of not having to drive out here to check on him as much to have him close by and she could get fuller and easier access to him. From a woman who was just curious about dogs after Tim and I returned from our adventurous honeymoon, she was now a comfortable lover for Cody. And Cody was certainly comfortable with her.While I admit I tried to continue working in the garden as though this was a normal occurrence around here, I just couldn’t. I felt it was a normal occurrence for me to be interrupted in my day for a fuck, but having someone else being fucked right next to me was just too much. And it being my Mom, well … there was no way. I sat back and gave into it, allowing myself to just enjoy the sight being played out in front of me. My naked Mother on her hands and knees outside on the grass next to the flower garden we had been tending to, with a dog on her back humping her furiously. When I am being fucked in that position, my hanging breasts will swing. But Mom’s being a little less … firm, swayed and swung beneath her. It was highly erotic to watch! I know Mom can be self-conscious about her older body and less firm breast, but even Tim is constantly praising her body. She is comparing herself to my body which is not at all fair. She’s my Mother, of course she will be less firm and tight and be softer. But Tim sees the woman and the body at the same time and not separately. So when he came home from work last night and Mom met him at the door in stockings and heels, he was honestly turned on.And so I was sitting here in the dirt of the garden watching this same woman, getting a good pounding from my dog lover, the very same dog I had committed myself to way back at my wedding ceremony. And somehow it all seemed to be a circle of experiences. Then I had committed myself to Tim and Cody. In the last few days Mom seemed to be committing herself to us in a way. Maybe not forever more, but for a time of gratitude and rediscovery. We were all anxious to see this latest challenge in front of us to its conclusion and to discover what options would be presented to Mom. See how she would move forward from this and, in our minds, become stronger and more of the person she deserved to be. That being fully and completely loved and respected. That was our hope from this tragic circumstance that she would come out the other side better.Funny how your mind goes through things sometimes. All this while watching my Mother being thoroughly fucked by the dog. The very activity that my father seemed to think was his ‘ace-in-the-hole’ against Mom.Tim comes out into the yard looking for us as Cody and Mom are still fucking. I can tell from the expression of concentration on her face and arching of her back that Cody’s knot is being pushed into her pussy as I watch. Tim stands and watches Mom and she again reacts with a blush, which Tim just loves. She has been very sexual with us and this weekend is a further push towards her being even so. Instead of being loved as a part of a special encounter with us, but to experience continuous participation in our sexual daily life. But she still gets shy and embarrassed when she finds herself having spectators, even if it is just us. I can see that watching Mom is having an effect on him as the shape of his cock under his shorts rises. He takes a couple steps to me and puts out his hand. I take it and he pulls me up and out of the garden. He turns me around to face Mom and applies pressure on my shoulders and I take edremit escort bayan his lead and go to my knees. I hear him behind me and I look to see him removing his shorts. Now naked he kneels behind me and I go to my hands as I feel his cock press against my ass cheeks as he leans against me and takes my breasts in his hands and squeezes. One of his hands leaves a breast and I feel his cock pressing against my cunt lips, parting them and sliding inside, my juices already sufficiently lubricating me without any other stimulation than observing my Mother.I raise my head and see Mom lean to me with her head slightly cocked to the side. I reach to her and we kiss. And as we kiss, I can feel Cody’s humping of her with his knot now firmly inside her and he is pressing into her with short but still urgent strokes. While Tim is using long, smooth strokes into my cunt and on the occasion when he and Cody are pushing in at the same moment, Mom and I bump into each other as we are kissing, both with one hand around the other’s neck. Both of us were now moaning into the other’s mouth while we tried to share our passion with the other and assist our respective lovers pounding into us at the other end.Mom pulls away and cries out as her orgasm comes over her as I feel and then see Cody shaking and pulsing into her as he is now cumming inside her. As she calms down from her orgasm, I am still being fucked well by Tim and Mom is still tied to Cody. This gives Mom a little more freedom to react to me now that Cody is staying still on her back and not pushing into her any longer. Now it is just me being pushed by Tim’s fucking and we can connect with our mouths and share more satisfying kisses and tonguing. But with the earlier visual stimulation for both Tim and me, it doesn’t take us as long to find ourselves approaching our own climaxes. I drop my head from Mom as I feel Tim tensing and pushing more deliberately, seeking deep penetration into me and then his hand searching my cunt and finding my clit, pinching it and squeezing it as his pumping becomes urgent and erratic. When I feel his first spurt of cum into me from a cock that is twitching and jerking inside my cunt, I too climax and groan loudly and long as Mom reaches under me and pulls dramatically at one of my nipples and I crash into another wonderful orgasm.What a wonderful experience, being fucked outside on all fours but it is by my husband while my dog lover is fucking my Mother right in front of me. As Tim and I complete our enjoyment of our lingering orgasmic bliss, he slips out of me and I lay on the ground and roll over on my back. One leg is stretched out while the other is bent at the knee and splayed to the side, fully exposing my leaking and gaping cunt to my lover. And as I feel him lazily stroking my cunt and legs, Mom is freed of Cody’s knot and she too is on the ground but she falls flat on her stomach and stays there. Tim has moved up further between my legs which allows easier stroking of more of my body including my breasts, but also now allows him to use one hand to stroke Mom’s back. And as he does, she raises her head slightly and smiles at him. He bends down to her, kisses the side of her face and says, “Mom, you are beautiful to me always. But while being fucked by a dog … wow!” When she raises her head to look at him and then at me, we can see her blushing, again, after his comment. Tim is right, just beautiful.Later in the day he suggests we go out to get a salad at our favorite little restaurant. He directs us to wear short sundresses and no underwear. Mom and I go to our master bedroom to shower and dress. We go into the shower together and she is almost not aware that it now seems natural at the moment to assume we would shower together. But since she is I soap her up and I can see that she is distracted. I turn her around and raise her chin to look at me. I offer to her, “Mom, if you would rather not, we’ll just tell Tim. I’m the one that will follow his direction. Leaving the house and property makes it your decision.”“I know that, dear. You two have made that very clear from the beginning of this weekend. It’s not that I don’t want to, Michele. I am just a little nervous about the potential for exposure in public.”“It will appear like a natural thing if it happens. Tim won’t purposely make us expose ourselves in this setting. It will be more for our stimulation, knowing that it could happen. It will be up to us to keep our knees together when we sit. The biggest potential otherwise is the wind when we are walking. Tim is likely to forbid me from holding my dress down. But, again, you don’t have to honor that.”“Thank you, honey. We better get moving and not keep that man of yours waiting.” I smile. She’s going to do as Tim instructs, I can just tell.It is a little windy and as I expected Tim directs us to not control our dresses with our hands. We only have a block and a half to walk from the parking lot and there is some exposure as we walk down the sidewalk as our dresses fly up around our hips for just a moment. Tim is walking behind us so he can enjoy the occasional exposure and when the bottom of Mom’s dress flies up over her hips for a split moment, he says to us, “Simply beautiful. And that reminds me that we should stop at Sharon’s boutique afterwards. You two need more stockings.”When we enter her shop, Sharon greets Tim and me with kisses. And not the kind of kiss a customer would normally receive. She looks at Mom and remembering her, steps towards her looking for an invitation. Mom gives it by opening her arms and they kiss, a couple times. Tim and I look at each other and we get the same idea to consider for another day. Sharon, holding Mom’s hands asks, “So tell me Barb, are you chaperoning these two today or are they corrupting you?”In response Mom looks around quickly and lifts the bottom of her sundress to her waist showing her naked pussy. Sharon hugs her and says, “Good for you! Now, what can I do for you guys?”After telling her that Tim just wanted us to get more stockings, she takes us both by the hands and leads us off. As we are winding our way through the racks, I spot John, Sharon’s son and playful Master, making his way to Tim. I get suspicious easily when those two get together and when I look back at them later I see Tim nodding towards us as he is saying something to John. John looks at us, asks something that Tim responds to and then nods enthusiastically. Tim gives John a little pat on the shoulder, like guys seem to do, and John goes off to attend to something else. I know if I ask what that was about Tim will just say I need to show some patience. So I won’t bother. But I do wonder if it was just me or if Mom was also somehow involved in the discussion.As we are checking out, Sharon tells us that Nikki and Joe had just been in earlier that afternoon and she got naked and tried on a variety of items. She apparently even interacted with another customer while trying on a very sheer floor length negligee. Hearing that I was disappointed. It would have been fun to interact with them in Sharon’s shop.On the way home I had Mom sit in front with Tim and I sat behind. Once we were mostly out of the busy part of the city, Tim slid his hand onto her nearest thigh and up towards her hip pulling her dress up at the same time. From my vantage point in back, by leaning forward, I could see her entire thigh was exposed. He slid his hand to the inside of her thigh and without his applying any pressure she opened her thighs for his touch. I couldn’t see this hand under her dress but the next thing I heard was her moan and she placed her hands on the seat and tensed her arms. He had apparently gotten all the way to her pussy.He removed his hand and put both on the steering wheel. Mom just sighed in frustration. I smiled and when I saw Tim adjust the rearview mirror to see my reaction, I beamed back to him. He smiled back and then said, “Mom, you’ve taken everything we tried this weekend. I am proud of you. Everything has been within our safe little world until this afternoon on the sidewalk. How was that for you?”He was making her express her experience and physical feelings. “I won’t deny that I was nervous. Michele will tell you that, but when I committed myself to it, it was so exciting.”“Yes, I felt that excitement just a moment ago.” Mom looked at him quickly and her mouth was open. Tim put his hand back on her thigh and went right up until it was gone from view again. “In fact I still feel it.”“You are terrible, Timothy.” But instead of true indignation she slid forward in the seat so her dress moved further up her thighs and she spread her legs more for him. I could see him look over at her lap in the seat and then looked up into the rearview mirror at me. He reached over and slid his hand between her legs and stroked her pussy a couple of times before uttering in frustration, “Damn, if only I wasn’t driving.” All three of us laughed and Mom sat up in her seat and turned around to me, a big smile on her face. This was my Mother? So blatantly playing my husband’s games with him in the car where passing pickups and semis could see her? What are we creating?But Tim recovers quickly. “I have an idea for tonight.”I respond, “Uh Oh, why aren’t I surprised.”He smiles in the rearview mirror before continuing, “Mom, this is another outdoor activity and away from home. Michele will be doing it, but you have your right of refusal. But … you’ve been so responsive in fully participating this weekend I really hope you will this, too.” He looked me in the eyes through the rearview mirror, again. “But we need to wait for dark, get Cody, and get ready there first before we go.”I am shaking my head, “The park. We’re taking Cody for a walk in the park. Do you have someone setup this time, too?”Mom is confused, “A walk in the park with Cody? That sounds nice but why in the dark? And what escort edremit is this about someone else?”Tim chuckles, “It is nice. No, there is nobody else involved, just us. And as for the dark, Michele, do you want to respond to that?”“Mom, this is one of Tim’s little games. We take Cody for a walk in a secluded park at night when nobody should be there. And that does sound nice except that Tim has me naked. And somewhere along the way I usually get fucked by Cody … in the public park. That is why it needs to be in the dark. Just in case and because there is usually nobody around after dark.”“What about the ‘someone’?”“Once, this pervert of a son-in-law of yours arrange for a friend of his to have his dog in the same park and he pretended to ‘discover’ us. He talked Tim into letting his dog fuck me. Of course it turned out to be a setup, but I didn’t know that at the time. The dog wasn’t experienced and it wasn’t very enjoyable, at least from my perspective.”“So, Timothy, is that what you have in mind for tonight? Without the ‘someone’?”“Why is it that when you say ‘Timothy’ that way I feel like I am in trouble with my own Mother?”“Maybe because as I have gotten to know you, I suspect you have had a lot of experience with being in trouble with your own Mother. But, to me you are a dear. A corrupting one, perhaps, but a wonderfully sweet, sexy, instigator of naughtiness. And I have come to love it. As my daughter obviously has.”“Well, thank you … I think. And, yes, that is exactly what I have in mind. What do you say … Mom? Interested? Ready to walk out on the wild side of descent behavior? Ready to put yourself really in my hands for your safety? Like your daughter has, but maybe not quite to that extent?”Mom was quiet for a few moments, clearly weighing her experiences of late and the changes already occurring in her life by recent events. She turned and looked at me with a questioning look. I said the only honest thing I could say, “It has to be your decision, Mom. You have to be comfortable, completely, or the answer has to be ‘no’.”She smiled at me and thanked me. She looked at Tim, then, and responded to him, “Yes, Tim, I do trust you and this has all been such a turn on for me. I want it but I don’t yet know what my limits are. I trust you will work with me in developing reasonable limits to start this out and let it evolve as time goes. Like you did with Michele.”“I am going to ask you again in the morning, after you experienced tonight. And, yes, we will need to establish limits for you. And I expect them to be much different than Michele’s. You are a different woman, different experiences, starting with different concerns and fears. For now, if you think you are sure, I am going to ask you to do a few things and you need to comply.” He looked in the mirror at me and I nodded back to him.Mom asked, “What is it?”“First, when you are clearly put into the submissive role, you will address me as ‘Sir’ as you have heard Michele do when we are in similar situations.”“Yes, Sir.”“Second, take your dress off.”She looked at him for only a moment. “Yes, Sir.” She lifted her ass off the seat and pulled her dress up to her waist, then undid the seatbelt, leaned forward and pulled the dress over her head, threw it back to me, leaned back and refastened her seatbelt, the belt clearly going between her breasts which visibly jiggled with the motion of the car.I think Tim was a little surprised and impressed by her compliance. I think he had one more test and sure enough, “Third, and final, turn on the dome light, lean your seat back, spread your legs and masturbate.”She didn’t even look to him or say anything. She just complied immediately with each demand and it was clear her breathing was quickening as she did each step.With her fingers of one hand in her pussy pumping and the other playing with her nipples, Tim casually said, “Just so you are aware, Mom, I will be passing a line of semis in a moment.” And she shivered as she had a small climax. Her first as a result of public exhibitionism.To his plan we go home and prepare for the park event. He wants to wait for it to be not just dark but also late to truly minimize the potential for anyone else being in the park. The idea is to experience the potential of being discovered rather than actually being discovered. Tim asks Mom to get us all some drinks while we wait for the proper time to leave. Mom is still naked as she was in the car. I am still dressed which is unusual in the house when we don’t have company. Tim said to me that he wanted Mom to feel the effect of being the only one naked as I have been many times with Tim and Mr. R at various events coordinated by them. And Mom has noticed that I am not getting undressed. But I can also see she is unsure how to raise the issue with the recent change in her agreement with Tim. Perhaps remembering times of my own struggles, she just comes out with it in a manner she thinks would be acceptable. After bringing out the drinks and shelled peanuts and pretzels for snacking (Mom has come to know my kitchen very quickly), “Sir, pardon my questioning but I was wondering why I am naked and Michele is not?”She is standing in front of Tim and me. Tim responds as I expected him to, “Are you already questioning how I am treating you?” He says it with some firmness. I sense he is still testing her, gaging her resolve and commitment.I am nearly shocked by her response. I don’t think I so quickly took to the role in response. She dropped to her knees in front of him and lowered her gaze, “Oh no, Sir! I accept your desire for me to be naked for you. I know that when I am naked I am more readily available to you. I accept that, Sir. In fact … may I be candid, Sir?”“Yes, Barb, please.”“Sir, I not only accept it for being available to you, I desire being available to you.”“Very good, Barb. So, what is your problem?”“Sir, I thought both Michele and I were to be naked at home.”“At home? Is this your home?”“I am sorry, Sir. I am being presumptuous. I have a house. But this just feels so … comfortable … safe. I feel loved and secure here with you two. I am sorry.”“Don’t be sorry, Barb. We will talk about that later. As to Michele, she is still dressed only because I asked her to be. Like you from now on, she would normally get undressed upon entering the house. Right now I want you to feel what it is like to be the only one naked, as your daughter has been many times before. How does it feel, Barb?”She was squirming in front of us. I was getting wet just watching and listening to this. “Sir, it makes me extremely hot. I feel like I must be dripping.”“Open your knees and show us. Feel yourself and tell us.”She opened her legs obscenely wide and thrust her hand between her legs and slid two finger immediately into her pussy. “Yes, Sir, my pussy is wet. Very wet.”“Good.”“Sir, may I enquire about one other matter?”“Of course.”“I know I am to be available to you and to do as you require. Is that also true of Cody?”I respond, “What? First my husband and now my dog?!?”Tim says in a commanding voice, “Strip and kneel!”I get up and quickly pull my dress over my head and join my Mom in front of Tim. He says, “Yes, that will include Cody. There are two cocks in this house. If we are to have two cunts, we may need another dog. We’ll talk about that later. Now, let’s have our drinks and relax. Now as a family.”And immediately everything changes. I am truly amazed by Mom. She transitioned quickly. And we joked and bantered our conversation back and forth. And I could see that Tim was equally amazed. The issues Mom had the previous time with submission apparently was timing and trust. Now, just with Tim involved, Mom was easily assuming the role.Tim announced it was time and I got up to get Cody and put him on a leash. I followed Tim to the garage with Cody on the leash but Mom seemed hesitant. I turned to her and said, “Tim has apparently decided we will have no cover for the drive or at the park.” She looked a little unnerved but followed. I was a little unnerved myself. No cover in case we were stopped for some reason or if there was trouble with the car or if they might be someone else in the park. Well, that’s the thing about trust. If you do, it isn’t a “sometimes” thing. You do or you don’t. Apparently Mom came to the same conclusion because she was right there getting into the car with us.Since we live in the country, getting to the city parks and entertainment takes a little longer, but the peace and solitude is worth it. I see we are at the same park as the time his friend was there. But he is cruising all the parking lots around the park and verifies that nobody is still there. After he parks I get out of the back and bring Cody out with me. I am standing under the light pole in the parking lot and when Mom comes out of the car her legs seem a little wobbly. This weekend has been a big change for her but tonight’s revelations has to have Mom reeling some. Mom moans just getting out of the car with only a single lick from Cody on her ass. In a way I sympathize with her. I remember the first time Tim had me do this, only the past times I stripped once we were in the park. Naked we walk into the park which is very dark. At the open grassy area we have used before Tim has us stop and we listen carefully for anything but we hear nothing that might indicate we will be interrupted. We are naked and we have no covering, even in the car. We are naked. He didn’t even have us wear stockings and heels. We are bare foot and naked.When he is comfortable that we are indeed alone (and that is what I love about him, he was focused on our security) he took Cody from me, unhooked the leash and had me get down into position for Cody. He said, “Tonight we switch from this afternoon. Tonight I fuck Mom while she is under Michele.”And once in position, Cody is on me instantly. Mom squirms under me and starts licking and sucking my clit and pussy with Cody in it. And while she is doing that, Tim is fucking her. And while all that is happening, Tim and I are able to kiss. And I love that part.* * * CHAPTER 17C: MOM AND THE WEEKEND, CONTINUED will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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