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MICHELE’S NEW LIFE – CHAPTER 12BCHAPTER 12B: RE-NEWED BEGINNINGS – EVENING WITH CARLOS When Tim and I arrive at the club, I am stunned. I never knew about this place. It is very nice. Tim drives up and stops outside the main entry. A young man comes up to open my door and then park the car. My heart skips a moment because I know what he will see when I move to step out of the car. He opens the door and offers a hand. I take it and he is focused on me. I swing both legs out together but as I shift forward to get out, my dress is pulled back even more. Despite my attempts I have flashed him. I smooth my dress down casually, and wait for Tim. Tim leans into me and instructs me to bend over to act as though I was adjusting the strap on my heels. I take a couple steps and stop, bend over at the waist and touch the strap on my right shoe. Those in front of me are clearly seeing my exposed breasts. Those behind get a view of my exposed ass. I straighten, look at Tim and he smiles his satisfaction. We enter the restaurant area and are led immediately to a horseshoe booth and I see Carlos getting up. Tim has instructed me to always walk with my hands loosely at my sides. I can feel my breasts moving under my dress with each step. Carlos gives me a big hug and a quick kiss. He says, “I knew that dress would look great on you.”Tim indicates for me to slide into the booth between them. The waiter arrives almost immediately for our drink orders and in the middle of ordering, both men have a hand on a thigh. In sliding around the booth the hem is at the top of my thighs already. Tim says in a normal voice, “Michele, you may as well pull your dress out from under you. I would hate to have it to get wet in the process of this evening.” I look at him and he is smiling. I look over at Carlos to see if he was paying attention and he is also smiling. I raise up and slip the dress out and sit back down.The drinks come and I realize I have u*********sly opened my legs slightly with them stroking. We do the normal chit-chat with me asking all the right questions showing interest in the business and the meetings that have kept them so busy. Carlos finally says, “Really, Michele. That can’t possibly be of interest to you. And we have been talking about it for far too long. I suggest we discuss something far more appealing at the moment. What have you been up to since moving in to your new property?”So I gave him a run down on the things that been happening at the house. The minor things we’ve done to the house itself, some changes to and additions to some of the flower gardens, the addition of the vegetable garden and general things around the property. Tim gave me a nudge and suggested that I was leaving out a very big part of the daily routine. I looked at him, a little concerned, but then realized who I was talking to and what we have already participated in with him. So I said, “Tim’s right, it is not specifically about the house or property but what it allows me to do. I have taken up running. Every day Cody and I run the perimeter of the property. It is six-tenths of a mile around the property and I am now up to twice around and probably would do more except for …”Carlos looks me in the eye and asks, “Except for what, my dear?”“Except that Cody will only allow me so much time outside running naked before he makes it known he wants me.”“Naked? So you do your running naked? Wonderful. Yes, the seclusion does provide some extra allowances. So somewhere around the property Cody finally has you on the ground?”“Yes. Outside is quite wonderful. But, then again, you know how much I enjoyed that from when we were at your estate recently.”“Yes, even with snakes around as I recall. So, this week, have you been able to maintain this routine?”“Oh, yes, Sir. Of course it takes longer this week. Because the interruption in the run is three times longer.”“Wonderful, so the boys are fitting right in.”I look at him startled, wondering if that was a tease. He notices and says, “Oh dear that must have been Freudian. I just meant they must be getting along with Cody and your life style.”I laugh and with a blush say, “Actually, both meanings are true.”“All three, you really are amazing, Michele. I do have something I want to discuss seriously with you, though. Tim has confided in me that after he accepted my offer that you were nervous that things might change for us or that you with me might change because he is now working for me. I want to assure you, Michele, as I have to Tim, already. Our private relationship is separate from the professional of running a business. I suppose in some terribly unexpected circumstance that Tim should not perform the whole thing would be off, but none of us can imagine that happening. I didn’t walk into this like I was throwing some dice and hoping for a good outcome. I know what I have here in your husband. Just as you do. Both of us have unquestioned faith and trust in him. So, I do not see any change in our relationship or the activities or adventures, if you will, that we come up with for you. Okay?”I looked at Tim and leaned over and kissed him. I then looked at Carlos, lowered my eyes to him and said, “Yes, Sir. That is completely understood and very definitely ‘Okay’.”“Good.” He raised his drink, “then here is to an enjoyable evening.” We all clinked our glasses and enjoy a drink.We had just finished our meals. Tim said, “I think enjoying the evening is absolutely in order.” And with that he took the strap off my shoulder next to him and let it fall down my arm. A smile crossed my face. The bodice was so loose it was just hanging there. That side drooped without the strap support and exposing half of my breast. The waiter came to clear the plates. When he returned he kept his attention on me as though he expected my dress to fall from my breast at any moment. We all ordered a last after-dinner drink. Both hands were on my thighs and Carlos quickly went for my pussy. I was thoroughly wet and opened to his slightest touch. He slipped two fingers into me as I spread my legs a little further. As the waiter set our drinks down, Carlos pulled his fingers up and put them to my mouth and I sucked the fingers. The waiter stopped in mid motion and watched. It was getting late and there were few diners left. Tim asked if our staying was causing a problem. The waiter said no, it was still early, just a slow night.Tim told him he had provided excellent service tonight. He then reached a hand across my neck and moved the other strap off the other shoulder. The top just hung there. Drooping slightly, slowly settling due to its weight unsupported. Finally, both sides fell exposing both of my breasts. Tim then asked us if anyone would like to see a dessert menu. I was shocked when Carlos played into this and said absolutely. The waiter smiled, turned and left. Returning with the dessert menus. I declined and the waiter stood in front of me trying to be discrete but failing as the men spent much too much time looking over the menu. Finally, they decided against anything but smiled at the waiter who was much appreciative of the delay.I had turned a bright red and when the waiter left to get the bill Carlos leaned into me and said, “You know dear, one of the things about you that I love the most is how you can blush so fully. You can fuck a man or men or dog or dogs for hours, even in front of others, but you are also sensitive enough to be able to feel awkward and blush. A beautiful combination in a woman.”As we were about to get out of the booth, Tim said to me, “Michele, you can raise you dress top now.”“Thank you, Sir.” I got out and smoothed down my dress in front and back and we walked out of the club for our cars.Mr. R asked to Tim, “Can you join me in my hotel suite?”Tim replied, “I think that is what we were all hoping. Michele?”“Of course, Sir. You know my desire is to serve and satisfy both your needs and desires.”Tim said, “Good. Why don’t you go with Carlos and I will follow in our car to the hotel.”When Mr. R’s car
is brought up he moves to the driver’s side while a bellhop assists me into the car. As he is holding the door, I try to discretely get in and sit down but there is really no way of doing that in this dress without flashing my pussy. So I just let it happen and looked at him with a flirty smile and thanked him.Mr. R said, “Those young men remembered you from earlier. Did you notice them jockeying for position buca escort to assist you?”“No, Sir. Were they really?”“Oh, yes, Michele. That dress has caused quite a stir among people tonight. Okay, there’s Tim. We can go now.”“Michele, may I ask you something?”“Of course, Sir, anything.”“When you were down to the island recently, was your time enjoyable, was the flight convenient and efficient? Were you treated well and did you feel safe at all times? And would you like to come back to the island, again?”“Wow, Sir, that was a lot. But I didn’t hear anything that wasn’t a ‘yes’. I always felt safe during the transportation and while on the island. And I very much would like the opportunity to renew acquaintances at the estate. Why do you ask, Sir?”“Thank you, Michele. I was hoping that would be the case. Well, I have a proposition for Tim. But that is for later.”“Another proposition, Sir?”“Oh, this one is really about you but will be for Tim’s consideration. But, like I said, we will talk of it later.”“Yes, Sir. If this is your hotel, Sir, I think I will be repeating my display with the bellhops.” We both laughed. But that was exactly the case as we pulled up and the bellhop came to the door to assist me. He didn’t even have the door open when he saw how high my dress was. And just to make it better I pretended to stumble into the door and leaned forward causing the top to fall away and giving him a look at my breasts and nipples.We waited in the lobby for Tim and I was receiving so much attention from the young men that Tim almost went unnoticed.Tim looked a little mystified by our smiles as he walked up and Mr. R described the scene to him and then all three of us laughed but I started turning a blush red when I notice the men were still watching and talking among themselves. If they are still on duty when we leave, I will have to pay closer attention to their actions.We crossed the lobby for the elevators. It was late so there was less traffic through the lobby and the elevators were waiting. The hotel was the type with a high atrium and the elevators were glass enclosed and were visible from around the hotel. I stood between the two men waiting for the elevator. Tim moved a strap off one of my shoulders as we waited. As in the restaurant, that side sagged but held as long as I didn’t move. The elevator opened and I stepped in followed by the men. As I turned to face the door, they saw that one breast was now mostly exposed. Mr. R then moved the other strap off the other shoulder and the whole top fell to my waist. The elevator was slow. Too slow, it gave them too much time to think. I was turned to face out, towards the hotel inside and visible to the floors as we passed them. Tim took my purse and Mr. R whispered in my ear, “Raise your arms, beautiful.” They had this coordinated somehow because Tim then took the hem of my dress and pulled it up over my head. I was now standing in front of glass looking out at the hotel floors as they passed. And I was now only wearing thigh high nylons, my high heels, a necklace and earrings.Tim asked, “Do you recall mentioning to me that time you went to the hotel with Nikki and Joe when you worked at that resort? Does this feel familiar?”“Very much, Sir. Yes. I think I may need to stop telling you some of those things.”He leaned in and kissed me. He turned me and took me into his arms and kissed me long and hard. Then he turned me to Mr. R and he duplicated the action with his hands on my bare back and ass.When the elevator stopped, I took a half step to the door when Mr. R said, “No, Michele, this isn’t my floor.”My hand shot to my mouth and I mumbled, “Oh no!” But I composed myself. There was absolutely nothing I could do about it now and my men would protect me and take care of me if there was a problem. Wait, what did I just think? ‘My men’? Yes, that is what I thought of them. But also at that instant, the elevator doors started opening. I straightened myself, legs straight and feet together and put a pleasant ‘nice evening’ smile on my face. An older couple started entering and stopped halfway in and halfway out. Funny, it was the woman who pulled him in.When the elevator started, she snuck a look behind her and looked me up and down and then at Tim and Mr. R. Their floor came first, apparently as they did the shuffle people do getting ready to exit. But as they were she stopped, put her hand on the door to keep it open and looked me in the eye and then to ‘my men’. I thought, oh no, here it comes. But instead she smiled, walked over to me, took my shoulders and gave me a hug and while in the hug she whispered, “Good for you dear. I wished I had had some of your in me when I was your age.” She kissed my cheek, took her husband’s arm and they disappeared.When the elevator started, I sighed and said, “Oh my god. I was afraid she was going to slap me.”The next floor was ours apparently, but Tim asked, “What did she say to you?”Without even thinking, I just stepped out of the elevator and waited for Mr. R to show us the way. I told them what she said. Mr. R said, “Room 2114, Michele. Well, I like that feisty old woman.”I walked to room 2114 and waited. They were at least ten feet behind. “Enjoy the show boys?”Mr. R said, “Even more after you decided to swing your ass at us more.”“You caught that did you?”Tim said, “Honey, a blind man would have seen that action.”Inside the room, I see it is really a suite. Mr. R opens the liquor case and pulls out some bourbon. “Michele, will you be drinking bourbon or wine?”“A white wine would be good for me, thank you, Sir.”“Michele, would you be a dear and get us some ice for our drinks? Here is the ice bucket. The machine is down the hall.”I look at them both with their college boy smiles. “Of course, Sir.”They walk to the hallway with me. I should say to watch me. The classic hotel hallway exhibitionist game. Going to get ice naked. I walked deliberately and provided them with a show of my swaying ass. And then, just my luck, an overweight guy in pants and tee shirt comes out of his room with his ice bucket, too. He follows me to the machine and waits as I bend over to get the ice out, then walk back with the guys watching from in front and the other guy, I am sure, watching from behind. Yes, I was blushing red, again, by the time I got back to the room.“Sir”, I asked neither in particular, “is there any other way you might like to expose me tonight? There must be another way.”Mr. R, I should have known, replied, “Actually, there is another way. Go to the windows and pull the curtains open and stand there as we have our drink.”“I asked for that, didn’t I, Sir?”“Yes, Michele, you did.”I follow his direction and stand at the window while having my drink and talking with the men. At least we were on the twenty-first floor of the hotel. Except for building across the way I was virtually unnoticeable and those looked to be mostly office buildings.I walked my empty glass to the kitchenette, asked them if I could freshen their drinks which they both accept. Delivering them, I stand before Tim and ask, “Sir, am I correct in the assumption that you will have use of my body yet tonight for your pleasure?”“Yes, Michele, that is very definitely planned.”“While you continue with your drinks and discussion, may I prepare your cocks?”Mr. R said, “Excellent, Michele.”I went to where Mr. R sat and knelt in front of him. I unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped his pants and pulled out his semi-rigid cock. I then kissed the tip, took the head, just the head, into my mouth and sucked on it. Then removing it, kissed the tip and ran my tongue around the
head and over the tip, teasing the hole. As he stiffened, and he was, I took more into my mouth and sucked harder, pulling up and twirling my tongue around the head and then lowered my mouth down over his cock. Now, fully rigid in my mouth, I took him to the back of my mouth and pushed a little to take him into the entrance to my throat and created a swallowing reaction to tease his cock further.I pulled off of his cock, looked into his eyes, and smiled at him. His mouth was open and his breathing ragged. I then moved over to Tim and repeated the process. By the time I had Tim to the same condition, they both had long finished their drinks and were ready for whatever they had in mind. Because I was sure they had this planned, it was me who was still in the dark. But I was sure that whatever these two wonderful escort buca men had in mind for me would be exceedingly pleasurable and I would be very willing to perform.Tim then took my hand and led me into the bedroom. He left me on one side of the bed and he walked to the other and it became clear that we were going to strip down the bedding as Mr. R walked in, now naked himself. I looked at him and smiled and he continued to the bed and lay on his back in the center. Tim whispered in my ear, “Time for your DP tonight, my love. Would you sit on his cock, please?”“Yes, Sir.” As I crawled over Mr. R and straddled his hips and took his rigid cock in my hand, “I would love to take this nice cock.” I sat down on top of it and let myself slowly be penetrated to the hilt.Mr. R took my arms and gently pulled me to his chest, kissed me on the forehead and then the mouth. He looked into my eyes as I felt Tim join us on the bed. I looked back and saw he was also naked now. Mr. R said, “Michele, you are an incredible woman. You are so stimulating and exciting, made more so by your ability to give yourself to us so openly.”Tim was pressed to my back and kissed my neck by moving my long hair out of the way and then nibbled on an earlobe, kissed a shoulder and then by turning my head, kissed my mouth. I returned the kiss to each of them in turn, sharing some tongue with each and said, “Thank you, both. Both, my two Sirs. But, you should both know that my ability to be so openly stimulating, exciting, responsive to you …” and I gave each another passionate kiss while still penetrated by Mr. R’s cock and Tim pressed to my back, his wife penetrated by another man, “… I am able to be so only because I can fully and completely put myself into your trust, both of you, that you will provide protection and safety to me. In that way, and only that way, I can release myself to be and to give what you want.”And as I completed that statement, I felt Tim apply lubricant to my asshole and he pushed his rigid cock inside. With deliberate intent, he had the head of his cock inside me. In only moments he was further inside and the two cocks were very aware of each other as one slid along the other. When Tim was fully seated inside me, Mr. R pulled me forward for another kiss while Tim reached around and took a breast into his hand and started pumping into my ass. Mr. R’s cock was mostly trapped in my cunt and little movement was possible by him but he could easily feel Tim’s cock slid over his separated only by a thin membrane. Then Tim stopped moving and pulled my hips up some which provided Mr. R with some freedom of movement and he pistoned his cock in and out of my cunt and providing the same sensation to Tim’s cock. Back and forth they went as they used my body to bring satisfaction to their cocks. I had little movement capability being sandwiched between. This was them using my body. And it felt wonderful. I was definitely rising up on my sensations and arousal, my stimulation and abuse of my clit, cunt and asshole. Then Tim again grabbed both nipples and pulled and twisted at the same moment that Mr. R slipped a hand between our groins and found my clit and began rubbing and pinching it.When Tim leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “Michele, we are going to use you again, tonight. This isn’t all. And wait until you see how we plan to show you off in-between sessions”, I went over other the edge and came. I braced my body as Tim also drove his cock into my ass with even more force and deeper penetration. And when I did fully go into my orgasm, my body shook. From top to bottom. My shoulders and arms, my stomach, my legs, everything shook, quivered, and shivered. But I was still sandwiched between them and as the orgasm was rolling through me, braced as I could to hold myself up and remain in position for them, I felt first Tim and then Mr. R tense their cocks, drive their hips at me and then felt their cocks jerk as one and then the other spurted their seed into my holes. First my asshole and immediately followed into my cunt. I felt them, not just the jerk, but the semen in both. So tightly packed inside me, feeling their twitching inside me, against each other, the spurts … and I rolled into a continuing orgasm that kept my shivering, my muscles shaking.When we were done, actually many minutes after we were done, and our breathing and senses returning to us, I again felt the kisses from these two being showered onto me. Onto my neck, shoulders and back from behind and my face, mouth and ears from the front. I felt so appreciated. I felt so loved. By both of these men. Certainly by Tim, no question. The nearly overwhelming sense of the moment was the natural inclusion of Mr. R in that reaction. But no, it wasn’t just the emotions of the moment following wonderful sex. It was the accumulation of past experiences and reaction and confirmed of the discussions Tim and I already had shared with each other. There really was something between us that we had previously recognized. And now we were trusting.Tim moved first. Slowly extracting himself from my ass. And after his removal, I could feel his cum slipping out of what I was sure was a gaping asshole. Then, I raised myself and equally slowly raised my body up and off Mr. R’s cock. And again feeling his cum leaking out of what I was also sure was a gaping cunt.Then Mr. R got up, went to the phone and called Room Service. He order a particular type of champagne and three glasses, a bowl of chocolate covered strawberries, and a bowl of mixed berries. He hung up and turned to me. “My dear, they will be delivering the order in fifteen minutes. Do not clean yourself, brush your hair or anything but put your heels back on. Then, when the knock comes you will answer the door and lead the service person into the other room and have the person open the bottle, you taste it, and then pour the three glasses. Tim and I will come into this room and after the person leaves we will join you.”So, they really did come up with yet another way to expose me to strangers. And this time it will clearly be with that ‘just fucked’ look and if they looked closely, possibly with juices leaking out of my holes. But as if anticipating my visual, Tim added, “And as he is finishing that up, you will move to the end of the table and bend over to the floor, where you will have placed you purse, to get a twenty dollar bill for the tip. The table lamp will be arranged to be shining directly on your back as you bend over.”“Sir, don’t you think that is going to give a blatant view of my used holes? Ohhh … of course it is. What am I thinking? Yes, Sir.”Everything was positioned, the lamp, the purse with the twenty dollar bill, when the knock on the door came. The guys retreated to the bedroom, towels wrapped around them, while I went to the door, naked except for my thigh highs and high heels. I peeked through the view hole, verified it being Room Service and opened the door, held it open and gestured for him to bring the tray in and set it up in the living room. He looked at me several times as he walked by and I tried to act normal but I don’t know that I was convincing. As he set up the bowls of fruit, the strawberries, and the champagne, he kept looking at me. He looked me up and down, stopping at my groin and at my breasts.
He watched me as he also set up. As he took the bottle of champagne to open it, he glanced around the room and then again at me, or more appropriately, at my groin. I was getting nervous until he looked around the room and noticed the other door, the door leading to the bedroom and saw that it was slightly ajar. He took a step to the side in the process of opening the bottle and looked more closely at the door. His demeanor seemed to change and he still looked at me very blatantly but no longer seemed at all aggressive. And I was still nervous about the next move on my part, the bending over. But I was reassured by his recognition of the other room, the door ajar, and three glasses. At the appropriate moment I moved into position, bent over to retrieve my purse and take out the bill, turn, hand it to him and thanked him. Then letting him back out, I relocked the door and leaned against. God, I was dripping wet, again. That was such a turn on! Tim had already confirmed that when I bent over, if he looked and this guy obviously did, he would clearly see that I had just been fucked in both holes.With buca escort bayan the room door closing, Tim and Mr. R came out of the bedroom and quizzed me on what happened. I described the events and Tim clarified that they listened closely and decided to open the door just to let him know I wasn’t alone. It worked. Although I didn’t hear the door open, he apparently had and that was why he moved over to look at the door closer. Mr. R indicated that he would discuss this person’s behavior with the management.We had some champagne, some strawberries and berries. The atmosphere relaxed considerably and our playfulness returned with the champagne. After the second glass I was curling up to Tim and slipped my hand under his towel and was playing with his cock, he was getting hard quickly. Tim suggested that I use my mouth again on Mr. R. I stood up and kissed Tim, showing Mr. R my ass and slightly spread my legs, hoping to show him my holes still with some cum showing. I moved over to Mr. R and knelt in front of him, took hold of his towel and opened it. I raised up and kissed him, kissed his chest and then the head of his cock which was already growing by the time I got to it. I took him into my mouth and he was hard.While I was still down in front of Mr. R, Tim came up behind me and I felt lube being inserted into my asshole. Tim took hold of my shoulders and pulled me up to a standing position in front of where Mr. R was sitting, turned me so my back was now to Mr. R and moved me backward, my legs on either side of his until I was above his rigid cock being held straight up for me. Tim leaned in and kissed me and whispered into my ear, “Now it is his turn to enjoy your ass.”I smiled at him and kissed him back. Bent over, took Mr. R’s cock in my hand and slowly lowered myself down. Touching his cock head to my asshole, I applied more pressure, very steady, very deliberate. Once the head pushed through my sphincter, the rest was easy. Inch by inch, with the lubricant and Tim’s cum already in my asshole, his cock moved deeper and deeper into my ass. Once I was sitting on his legs, his cock as deep in my ass as it was going to go, I looked up to Tim who was still standing in front of me. He was holding two glasses of champagne in this hands which he handed to Mr. R and me. He then took a glass and sat down opposite.I looked at him questioningly. He smiled and said, “No, Michele, this is just the preliminary. The real action will be later. Now, we enjoy the last of the champagne and we discuss something of importance to us all.”“What is that, Sir?”“Michele, you are naked, sitting on another man’s cock, which is firmly lodged in your ass, all directly in front of me and sipping champagne. How do you feel about this, my wife?”I hesitate a moment. How do I feel? I feel wonderful. He put me in this position. I love it. “Sir, I feel wonderful. I feel fulfilled. Heck, I feel filled. I love that I can serve you, Sir. I love that I can serve both of you and even more so at the same time. You are both wonderful men who have given me much and helped me enjoy so much. But, you, Sir, Tim, my husband, you fulfill me like none other.”“Cody?”“Well, yes, I guess I was thinking of men. Yes, Sir, you and Cody, certainly.”“What about Carlos, Michele? Tell me about your thoughts about Carlos.”“Mr. R, Sir?” I felt my ass tighten around his cock. I squeezed him involuntarily, spontaneously. I felt his hands tighten on my hips and his cock jerk, flex inside me. He felt my reaction, too. “Sir, Mr. R is similar. I trust him and consider our relationship with him to be exceedingly special.”Mr. R flexed his cock inside me, again. He said, “Michele, Tim and I have been talking about you, about us, the three of us. He confided in me some of the discussions you two have had about the times we have shared at my estate. I would like to continue them and he agrees. We discussed your concern that our new work relationship might present a conflict, a threat. I want to assure you that the relationship we had is independent of these new opportunities that we now have put into place. Do you believe that, Michele?”“Yes, sir, I do. Tim has assured me that it the case.”He flexed his cock, again. In reaction my asshole squeezed him back. u*********sly I raised slightly and settled back down, several times. I looked at Tim. He was smiling and watching intently. Mr. R continued, “Michele, as I said, Tim and I have been talking and we think it is time to bring you into our consideration, our proposal.”“Me, Sir? If you have discussed this with Tim, Sir, why then me?”“Because, Michele, it would affect your established limits and boundaries.”“Sir?” I looked at Tim for help, for explanation. And, the discussion was exciting me. I sensed that this was leading to something that would increase my involvement somehow, increased even beyond what we had done. The comment about limits and boundaries was an indication of change, of evolution of our adventure, of where our life was going. And as these thoughts went through my mind, my body again was moving up and then down on the cock in my ass. My mouth was open and I was intent on my ass, on the cock in my ass, but also intent on understanding what was being said.Tim said, “Michele, your limits and boundaries indicates your submission to me. That you submit to my guidance and demands as I direct you without question or hesitation and to me alone.”“Yes, Sir. Have I somehow disappointed you?”“Absolutely not, Michele! As I have told you, I think you are a magnificent submissive to me.”“Then what is the problem, Sir? What do I need to do?” I was again moving on the cock in my ass. Slow, small movements, but movements nonetheless.Mr. R jerked into me, flexed his cock and said, “Michele, I propose that your limits and boundaries be amended. That they be amended, specifically, to include your submission to me as you are in submission to Tim.”I raised nearly to the top of his cock, hesitated there for a moment, looked Tim in the eyes, searched his eyes and immediately saw his warm, assuring smile and nod that he was in agreement. With that from Tim, I dropped completely, totally the full length of the cock and slammed my ass into his thighs. Taking him completely, deeply into me. Mr. R groaned and tensed. I looked up at Tim and he was broadly smiling at my action. He knew by that act, without my verbal comment, I had agreed. That was effectively my assent to the proposal. I wiggled my ass, raised and dropped again. My champagne, still in my hand was spilling. Tim got up and took the glass from me and then from Mr. R. He put both his hands on my hips and helped me rise and then slam me down. My hands were shifted to his knees for my leverage to assist my rise and drop.Tim came forward and dropped to his knees in front of me, inserted a hand between my legs and slipped a couple fingers into my cunt and his thumb onto my clit. As I felt myself peaking, I clenched, wiggled, and slammed myself into Mr. R. And, as I went over my pe
ak, into my orgasm, I felt his body tighten, his cock tense and jerk inside me, and begin spurting, and again, and again. When I felt he was done, I stopped moving on him and I leaned back into his chest. He brought his hands up to my breasts and hugged me to him. We were both breathing hard, waiting to gather ourselves before saying anything further, before doing anything further.Tim was looking at me and smiling. I smiled back to him but stayed where I was, on Mr. R, penetrated by his cock in my ass. Tim said, “Do I assume that was your agreement to also including Carlos into our submission arrangement?”We laughed. I felt Mr. R’s shaking from the laugh as I lay on his chest. I raised my hand and found the side of his face and I stroked it. “Sirs, yes, I consent to extending my submission to Mr. R. May I ask a question, Sir?”Tim replied, “Of course, Michele.”“Does this mean Mr. R can have control over me without your being involved? Without you being present?”“That is what that would mean, Michele. You would accompany Carlos without me, even travelling with me and without me. Would that add a concern for you, Michele?”“No, Sir. As we have talked, we both have come to have full and complete trust in Mr. R.”Mr. R tweaked my nipples and flexed his shrinking cock in my ass and said, “Thank you, Michele. Thank you for your trust. Your other limits and boundaries will of course be honored and respected.”My instinct was correct. Things had changed. And the anticipated change appears to be magnificent in potential and will prove even better in reality.* * * CHAPTER 13: AFTERNOON WITH MOM will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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