Mercy FUCK

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Mercy FUCK
Mercy FUCK

My name is Leigh. I’m a little bit bigger girl about 5′ 7” and easily12 lbs overweight.
Bleached blond hair with some outgrowth of my darker hair. I always wear lipstick and I like to wear a lot of eyeliner and mascara to the point where I look slutty. My tits are 36 B with big dark nipples. My left boob has several veins running through it. I shave my pussy big dark pussy lips but let some hair grow on my pussy since I don’t have a boyfriend anymore. I gained most of the weight after my wimpy ex boyfriend and I broke up 9 months ago. I have many fantasies most of them on the dark side. I like to role play. To me nothing is off limits role playing. I’m very submissive which is why most of my fantasies are about a burglar, intruder, a dark park even my father fucking me hard, pulling on my erect nipples, using nipple clamps a butt plug and cumming in my ass, face or pussy whenever he felt like it. My ex found this disturbing. What drove him away was when I wanted him to play out a r(a)pe fantasy, an escaped prisoner catching me nude after a shower biting me and fucking me over and over again for hours making me eat his ass and give him a prostate massage.

It was Friday night I was over at my friend Carlis house. I was wearing a shear bra, yellow top and yoga pants even though I felt like my ass was a bit too big for yoga pants. Our other friend Dawn was there.
We had a few glasses of wine and the conversation turned to talking about sex. They shared some stories about fucking and sucking, how they like to get fucked and sucking a guys dick. Dawn especially likes to swallow a guys hot salty cum.
I told them a few of my dark fantasies and that’s why wimpy left me.
I was so turned on by our stories I knew my pussy was wet and they could probably see my nipples poking out through my tight yellow spaghetti strap top. I could see Dawn wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples on her tiny tits were also on high beam.
I broke down and told them I haven’t been fucked in almost 9 months. I’m tired of masturbating I miss a hot hard dick filling kaçak bahis my pussy and the feeling of a guys hot cum filling my pussy. No matter how good a vibrator is it doesn’t cum.
That’s when Carli told me her brother Jack broke up with his girlfriend and hasn’t had a piece of ass in months. Carli said he’s always walking around with a boner.
Would you give him a mercy fuck? I know he needs to bust a nut. He’s got a big dick!
Oh I don’t know. How do you know he has a big dick?
Without answering Carli jumped up, let me talk to him and see what he thinks.
Carli was gone for a while. When she came back she didn’t seem to positive.
Maybe, hopefully later she said.
Listing to Dawn telling a story about how she gave a guy head, watching her tiny tits jiggle as she bob her head had me over the edge.
Carli asked me if I would go in the kitchen and get another bottle of wine.
Get the one from the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.
I bent over to look in the fridge, the next thing I knew my hair was being pulled and my ass was being humped. I turned, there was Carli’s br(o)ther Jack nude, completely shaved, his dick point straight up playing with his balls.
Suck my balls!
I stood there for a second.
Jack ripped my top open, suck my fuckin balls!
I dropped to my knees, Jacks balls were hanging low. As I licked and suck his shaved balls into my mouth I thought I hope their full of cum.
Jack reached down into my bra squeezing my tits.
Mhhh I like big tits, good for a nice titty fuck.
I reached around and unhooked my bra and started to lick the precum from Jacks dick sucking him into my mouth. I had planned on trying to deep throat his dick Jack had the same idea, he pulled my head fo(r)cing his dick down my throat. I couldn’t breath, I pushed Jacks legs a bit, he let me gasp for air and fo(r)ced his dick back down my throat I felt my eyes tearing as Jack began face fucking me.
Sit on the counter Jack commanded.
I let my bra fall to the floor and did as I was told.
Jack ripped the crotch of my yoga pants open. I almost came.
I’m going to fuck you so hard tipobet güvenilir mi Jack said as he spread my legs to eat me out.
One flick of his tongue on my clit and I hollered out ohhh fuck, that’s it! I want you to suck on my clit. I didn’t care what Carli and Dawn could hear or see. I needed a good hard fucking. I wanted him to fuck me hard. The thought of them hearing me or watching us turned me on even more.
Oh yeah, oh fuck, tongue fuck my pussy. Ahhh fuucckkk just like that tongue my fuck hole.
Jack stood up, his balls now tight and his dick head almost purple.
He grabbed my ankles and spread my legs.
Fuck do I need your pussy.
I need your dick in my pussy, fuck me.
Jack plunged his dick into my wet hungry pussy, pulled out and plunged his dick in my pussy over and over again. Finally he buried his dick into my pussy and began fucking me hard.
That’s it Jack fuck me hard and deep. Fill my pussy with your dick.
I love to fuck a girl like you, your big tits jiggle with each thrust of my dick.
Jack reached back, pulled on my nipple. I let out a little squeal. The next thing I knew Jack had a cloths pin he was gong to use as a nipple clamp.
You fucking cunt Carli, your br(o)ther clamped my nipple. I heard Carli and Dawn giggling. Dawn hollered out fuck her ass Jack, she wants to be a fuckin slut, take her slut ass.
Jack pulled out of my pussy, pushed my legs back over my head and placed the head of his dick at my tight little asshole.
Ready Leigh? You made me so horny. I like to fuck a girls in the ass.
I didn’t get a chance to answer as I felt Jacks dick for(c)ing its way in my ass opening my tight hole.
Mother fucker it hurt, I wasn’t going to give Carli and Dawn the satisfaction of knowing. I had to scream so I hollered out MOTHER FUCKER I GOT A DICK UP MY ASS.
Jack stopped for(c)ing his dick up my ass. I’m in balls deep he told me.
As I lay there experiencing my ass stretched wide I began rubbing my pussy to help me relax.
At first Jack fucked my ass slowly giving my virgin ass time to get use to his dick.
Jack tipobet telling me how tight my ass is grabbing his dick.
I want to blow a big load of cum in your ass. I want Carli and Dawn to see my cum dripping out of your gaping asshole.
For some reason not only getting my ass fucked, the girls hearing me getting fucked, rubbing my clit close to orgasm, thinking about how earlier Dawns tiny tits jiggled as she told her story about giving head and the thought of Carli and Dawn actually seeing my just fucked ass was for some reason turning me on.
I blurted out fuck my ass Jack, blow your load of cum in my fuckin ass.
Jack still holding my legs over my head began fucking me faster.
Give it to me Jack don’t hold back. Cum for me Jack.
Ohhh fuck Leigh I’m gonna cum. Holy fuck my balls are so tight, ahhhhh
I felt the first rope of hot cum up my ass. It was such a different feeling. I swear I felt three more ropes of Jacks cum fill my ass.
Holy fuck Leigh I never came so much in my life. It felt so good cumming in your tight ass.
I looked over and saw Carli and Dawn masturbating.
I walked into the family room they were watching what I thought was a porn movie on their big screen TV.
I stood there my face a mess, mascara runs down my cheeks and my red lipstick smeared all over my lips from Jack face fucking me.
Holy fuck Dawn said her little tits jiggling, pants around her knees as she rubbed her pussy, you look better just fucked in person then on TV. Carli was nude furiously finger fucking herself. I turned to the TV and it was me getting fucked! That bitch Carli has a camera in the kitchen.
I could feel Jacks cum oozing out of my ass running down my legs.
Lets see Carli said, bend over for us.
Fuck you Carli!
Oh get over yourself, do you think your the first one of us Jack fucked and took our anal virginity? Now bend over and let us see your gaping ass.
I saw a few flashes and clicks of photos being taken of me. Carli saying these will be of a great remembrance for us. Then I felt a tongue licking at my still gaping ass. Get in there Dawn suck all of Jacks cum from Leighs ass.
How was that for a mercy fuck? In about fifteen minutes when Jacks hard again we’re all going to fuck him. One loser has to suck the cum from the winner he cums in. The other loser has to tongue fuck my br(o)ther Jacks ass.

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