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Mature womenWhen I was a young man, I loved to fuck mature older women. It started when my aunt broke me in at 14. She taught me things a boy that age shouldn’t know. Taught me all about eating pussy, fisting, fucking, ass fucking, bed post fucking and taught me how to control my orgasm. Very important lesson. Also gave me a lot of tips for picking up older ladies. Next I fucked my best friends mom. Attractive lonely blonde from Germany. She had a nice wide ass, blonde pussy hair and small tits with puffy nipples. I went to visit her when my buddy went to band camp. My excuse was to retrieve a ball glove her son had borrowed. Of course, it wasn’t there. While she looked, I flirted. It worked, she made me some lunch, apologized for not being able to find the glove. I gave her a hug, which led to a small kiss, which led to a big juicy kiss. Before I knew it, she was sitting on the table holding my head pressing my face into her juicy pussy. I fucked the loneliness right out of her. I went back everyday that week to tear that pussy up. She came to her senses when Howard came home from camp and cut it off. I was 15 then. I kept hitting on her so she finally told me to stop. She said I love you but you are a minor. I could get into lots of trouble. So, it stopped. I loved her big ass. Then my moms best friend. A short red head lady with a big ass, small waist and large boobs. Tilly was 45, had a son in the army, married, husband worked long hours. She was visiting my mom one day and asked my mom if she knew any young lads she could hire to clean a bunch of junk out of her garage. My mom asked me and I jumped at it. Next morning Tilly picked me and drove to her house. Showed me the stuff and I got to work. It was hot so I removed my shirt. I saw her staring at me through the window. So I winked and smiled at her. I had a six pack in those days. She made me lunch, I flirted while I ate and she flirted back. I finished loading the crap on a trailer around 2. She suggested I take a shower before taking me home. I jumped in the shower and while I was rinsing off, Tilly opened the shower door and stepped in with me, butt naked. I went to work on her instantly. Her body was fine. Big ripe tits with large areolas, red hair on her cunt. Her clit stuck out of the lips. Amazing woman. She went down on me, giresun escort sucked me like she owned it. Then I lifted her up, hiked one leg up and slid my cock in her wet pussy. She went crazy while I hammered that pussy. We had a screaming orgasm together. Dried off, jumped in her bed, and she climbed on top. Tilly rode my cock for 30 minutes. We both came several times. As we lay catching our breath she said i was hired. She wanted me every day. So I spent that summer “working” for Tilly, my moms best friend. I kept her full of young dick and cum. I was 16 then. I fucked Tilly every chance i got until i went into the air force at 20. Moved on after that.Then a neighbor lady. She hired me to install Christmas lighting. She was divorced, around 50, nice lady no k**s at home. Not too pretty but nice ample ass. When I completed the lighting she asked me if I knew how to install a faucet in her kitchen sink. Sure I did. She retrieved some tools and I got to work. When I completed the installation i opened the water valves and asked her turn the faucet on so I could check for leaks. She stood over me and operated the faucet. I looked under her skirt and there was a big fat pussy looking down at me. No panties! I wasn’t expecting this because she had shrugged off my advances earlier. I had her operate that handle about 20 times. Then I raised up to a sitting position, under her skirt and planted a big wet kiss on her pussy. She said “oh damn,oh shit” and grabbed my head pressing my face into her big wet cunt. It was hot and juicy. She came in about a minute. Flooding my face with juice. I got up and she led me to her bed for a very long hot fuck session. That was December, I was 16, almost 17. I fucked her off and on for six months. After that first time she admitted she had not been with a man for 8 years. I stopped seeing her because she professed her love to me. Wanted me to marry her. Had to end it. Then I had an affair with the widow that played organ at my church. I was 17 then, Gladys was 68. She asked me to move a piano at her home from her living room to her bedroom. To keep her grandc***dren from messing with it. I had a car by then and told her I would drop by around 4 that day. I had no idea of sex with this old gal. The piano was on wheels but very heavy, I moved it into escort giresun her bedroom with no issues. She was sitting on side of her bed and asked me to come closer. I did, to my surprise she started unbuckling my belt, pants, unzipped me and pulled out my already swollen dick. She slid her mouth around it began sucking. Very slow, very intense head, going all the way down and licking my balls with it buried down her throat. Holy fuck, this old gal knew how to suck a dick. Her mouth was smooth and velvety and her throat muscles clamped down in rythym. I couldn’t hold out long with this intensity so grabbed her head, gave her mouth a few strokes and blew my load deep down her throat. She swallowed every drop. She asked me to come back anytime. I did, about twice a week. Best deepthroat I ever had. She removed her teeth to suck me. I eventually became interested in fucking her. She wasn’t bad looking for her age. Gray hair, big saggy tits, full ripe ass, nice face. From many picture in her house I saw she was a beauty when she was young. So one day, while she was sucking me, I asked her to fuck. She pulled my dick out and said, I thought you would never ask. She turned the lights down, dropped her gown, popped her teeth back in a crawled in bed with me. She got on top, guided my cock into her wet pussy. To my surprise, she was very snug. She rode me hard for about 5 minutes before having an intense orgasm. She was talking to God while she came. Once her pussy stopped contracting, I rolled her over and deep dicked her for 20 minutes or so missionary, she came several times. I got up, flipped her over, pulled her big ass to the side in doggy position, pushed my thick meat inside and worked her over for as long as I could hold off. Planted my seed deep inside granny for sure. From then on it was blowjobs and fucking. I helped her celebrate her 69th birthday by doing 69 with her, both cummed in each others mouth. I really liked her, very sweet old lady. She had a stroke just before her 70th, had to go to a home. Sad. While I was actively fucking several of these old women, I began a torrid affair with my HS english teacher. Blonde, sexy, 42, married, great figure. Her husband was a pilot for American. Very attractive lady. I was hot for teacher immediately. She drove a Porsche super giresun escort bayan 90, white. I loved that car. She was in charge of the book depository and gave me a job proof checking used school books. It was a slow tedious job. But to please her I worked hard on it. She visited me often. I worked in the evenings until 7. One night my car would not start, dead battery. She offered me a ride home. Loved riding with her, sitting very close, engine roaring, it was a blast. My 18th birthday was approaching and she asked what I wanted for a gift. I told her to drive her car with the top down. She just laughed. That day came, my birthday. She walked in the book depository, pitched me her keys and said lets go. After some instructions we took off. Top down, her long blonde hair blowing, it was great. I drive toward Austin for about an hour. Eventually I let my hand slide down the shifter to her thigh. She didn’t move it. Instead she put her hand on my thigh. I got hard. We were gradually feeling each other. She touched my hard dick, rubbing it through my jeans. I pulled into a rest area to turn around and we started kissing and petting. She said we passed a motel 5 miles back. Drove back, she got the room and in no time she was sucking my dick. I pulled her on top and dug my tongue into her very wet pussy. She came hard. I held back for the pussy. She sit straight up, grinding her ass on my face. I loved it. Then she moved down and mounted me reverse. Marceil gave me the fuck of my young life. Hard long and intense. We fucked for 2 hours. The next day we talked and she made it clear we would continue, but had to keep it secret. She could be fired for it. I cleared my schedule for her. Dated no other women. Four months later, on Memorial sunday she abruptly broke up. I was devastated. I had fallen in love with her. Deeply in love. It broke my heart. I discovered 30 years later why she broke up. I had impregnated her.Her daughter learned from reading her diary, that I was her real daddy. We have became very close since then. Marceil passed away in 2004. She did not want to tie me down to an old woman. So she tricked her husband by convincing him the baby was his. And never revealed it to me. I never saw or heard from her since that last day. I banged a string of old ladies after that. Some in their 70’s. Some were hot as hell, some just a mercy fuck. But I loved them all. My favorite song..Big little short or tall Wish I could have kept them allI want to thank them for their charmsHolding me in their armsMmmm I sure did have some fun

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