Marie pt3

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Marie pt3On one of my bike rides and visits to the Transporter Bridge cottage I met a guy who told me of a cruising spot not far from there. He told me the place was much safer than cottaging, gave me directions to it and said it was always busy.The following weekend I set off on my bike wearing a loose tracksuit as underneath I had a set of lingerie on. I had very little body hair and before setting off had shaved what little I did have and also had an enema.I rode the ten miles to the car park I was told about and arrived around lunchtime on the Sunday, on arriving I wondered if it was the right place? There was only one car parked in the car park at the time and straight away the guy got out and locked his car. He lit a cigarette and then walked towards the field. About 600 yards into the field was a set of old air raid shelters, which the guy at the cottage had told me was were the action took place. The guy was average build and roughly late 30’s and made his way towards the shelter. I locked my bike to the fence and followed the guy across the field to the shelter myself.The shelter itself had two small doorways at each end which led into a darkened corridor like walk-around. It was a large rectangular structure with little window like holes along three walls which you could look out of. This came in handy as you were covered from the elements and could easily see if anyone was coming towards the shelter.On entering the shelter and walking around the place, I noticed the tell tale signs that this was the right place by all the used condoms. The guy already in there watched me as I walked past him but just stood there looking out of a window at first. I also noticed someone had placed a piece of old carpet down covering part of the dirty ground. I stood a few windows along from the guy and looking over to the car park seen another car pull in.I decided to see if the guy already in was interested in some fun and undone my tracksuit bottoms and dropped them to my ankles. When I done this the guy turned around and seen me stood in my black fishnet stockings, suspender belt and black see through panties. He instantly started rubbing his crotch through his trousers so I slipped the pants off and also took the top off revealing the tight corset I had on. The guy undone his trousers and slid them down his thighs and started wanking his semi hard cock, I got on my knees on the carpet and faced him, ready to suck his dick.He stepped closer towards me with his semi hard dick in his hand and I opened my mouth ready to suck him to full hardness. As his cock started to get solid with me sucking his bell-end and rubbing his balls the guy from the other car walked into the shelter. The first thing he seen was a young cross-dresser on his knees sucking a cock while dressed buca escort in black lingerie. He stepped closer to us and undoing his trousers took his hardening cock from his pants as well. I reached out to his cock whilst now deep throating the first guys 6 inch prick and slowly wanked it till it was rock solid. I took my mouth off the first guys cock which was now covered in my saliva and turning my head slightly started sucking the new guys prick.The new guy had an extra inch than the first one and I quickly took turns in sucking the new guys cock, then turning and deep throating the first one straight after. Each time I was sucking one guys cock I was wanking the other getting them closer to shooting their spunk, which I was desperate to have down my throat by now. My own cock was rock hard and with my free hand I kept rubbing my cock through the panties, imagining I was a woman servicing two cocks at the same time.Whilst sucking the second guy the first guy grabbed his cock from my hand and started whacking his dick off faster and faster. He was wanking furiously next to my face whilst I continued sucking the other guy, bringing himself closer to shooting.”Oh god I’m gonna shoot!” He said.I instantly stopped sucking the guy in my mouth and held my lips over the first guys helmet and sucked deep while he continued wanKing his cock”Oh yeah, Oh yeah!” He said and started to cum. The first spurt went onto my tongue and then he pushed the full length down my throat and kept pumping his salty cream into me. I continued sucking till he had fully drained his balls then took my mouth off his cock and I showed him the spunk in my mouth before gulping it down.As he started putting his cock away the other guy once again presented his dick to my mouth to continue sucking. I began sucking deeper and deeper each time till eventually I was deep throating this guys cock with each inward thrust. The first guy was just leaving and as he left he popped his head back inside the entrance and said”There’s another guy on his way over now, but its alright I know him from here before, see yah”I continued bobbing my head back and forth on this 7 inch cock and was really horny, hoping to get a fuck off this or the guy on his way.”You like to get fucked, mate?” He asked.”God, yeah” I answered taking my mouth off his wet cock.”Can I fuck you then?” He asked.”Sure” I replied.”Got any condoms?” He said.”Nah sorry” I replied.”Aaaah ok” He replied.I thought to myself I’m not going to get a fuck now, with me having no condoms.”You want it bareback then?” He said.”Yeah, I love bareback, don’t worry I cleaned my ass out before coming here” I replied.I got on my hands and knees on the carpet and pulled my panties down and off whilst he took his trousers fully off before getting behind escort buca me. My ass was already lubed as I had been dildoing myself before setting off. Just as I felt his cock head push past my sphincter and enter my ass the third guy entered the building. I let out a sigh and started murmuring at the first cock of the day, as it started to fuck my hole.”Wow!”Was the next thing I heard as the new guy stepped closer for a better view. I reached up with one hand to hopefully release his cock and start sucking it whilst getting fucked, but he stepped back out of my reach. By this time the guy up my ass had built up a nice, deep, steady rhythm. He was thrusting fast then slowing down, a couple of times keeping himself balls deep up my hole, stopping for a few seconds to stop himself from cumming.The guy in front of me undone his belt on his camouflage pants and then the button-fly as well. He pulled his cock from his pants and my eyes popped out of my head when I saw it. His dick must have been 7 inches on the slack and very thick.”Wow!” I said as I looked up into his eyes.”You like my cock?, slut” He said.”mmmmmmm yeah” I replied as the guy behind me continued ramming up my ass harder and deeper.”This bitch likes it bareback, mate. I’m gonna fill its hole soon” The guy behind me said gripping my hips tighter.”Cool, but don’t shoot up it, cum on its face, mate” The guy in front of me said.I stuck my tongue out, inviting the guy in front of me to give me his dick. He whacked it against my tongue a couple of times and then pushed it past my lips. The guy behind me was ramming me so hard I was getting pushed onto the cock in my mouth.”I’m gonna shoot!” He said.Big cock moved out of the way and the guy behind me plopped from my hole, stepped round to my face and started shooting his creamy spunk over me. I tried to catch some in my mouth, but no success as he shot into my hair and face. I reached up with one hand and scooped some spunk onto my fingers and licked it off before swallowing it.Big dick was now stood behind me and pulling my ass cheeks apart, looking at my open asspussy. I looked behind myself and with pleading eyes looked at his cock, then into his eyes and said.”Please fuck me, Please!”The guy in front of me turned my head back round and shoved his wilting cock to my lips.”Suck me clean you dirty slut” He said.I took his cock deep-throat and then sucked and licked his balls till he was completely clean, then he pulled from my mouth and putting himself away quickly left. Big dick was on his knees behind me by now, sliding two fingers in and o
ut of my already stretched hole. I heard him give a big sniff and looking over my shoulder seen him sniffing a bottle of poppers.”Want some bitch?” He said.”Yes please, as long as you fuck my ass pussy” I replied.”Take buca escort bayan a good long sniff and ill push my 9 inch cock up your manhole bitch” He positioned his cock-head to my hole. “NOW” He said.I took a long sniff from the bottle and as soon as the effect kicked in I felt him push his thick, long cock up me in one long stroke. He reached forward, grabbed the bottle, sniffed some more and then took his cock all the way out and back in with one thrust.”Oh my god, what a beautiful cock, fuck me, fuck me please, hard and fast please!” I shrieked as he began fucking me. I heard him laugh behind me as he pulled out and started teasing my hole with just the helmet of his huge cock.”Oh please fuck me, please” I said.He grabbed either side of my hips and rammed the full length up my ass with one really hard thrust and pulled my ass into his groin. I reached underneath my self and felt his balls next to my own as his cock was fully up my chute.”Aaaahh yeah fill my ass” I murmured.He passed me the poppers while he was fully up me and said.”I’m gonna fuck you hard bitch, I’m gonna fill your pussy and make you scream.” I want to hear you moan at each thrust and beg for my spunk”I sniffed hard on the bottle and turning my head slightly looked at him behind me saying”Oh yeah fuck me, I need your cream up my ass-pussy. I need to feel you pumping your cum up me, please”Straight away he started ramming hard up my hole and at each thrust I was murmuring and squealing as he was so deep up me each time. I reached underneath myself and started wanking my cock to the rhythm of his long, deep thrusts. I could feel his cock rubbing my prostate at each inward push and I was squealing like a girl each time it was going back out. After a few minutes of him mercilessly fucking my hole I felt my balls tense and shot my own spunk onto the carpet below me.”Aaahh Yes, Ooh God ,Jesus ,Yeah!” I screamed as my balls emptied below me.With me cumming my ass muscles clamped round his cock and he thrust long and quickly in and out of my hole. He held my hips tighter and with one deep final thrust I felt his dick pulse and my ass filled with his spunk. He shot 3 or 4 spurts and I felt his cock twinge at each shot of his cream entering my bowels. He quickly pulled from my ass and I swear I could hear it plop out of me. I felt so slutty as my knees gave way and I was bent over with my ass in the air. He got up and wiped his dick with some wet wipes, passing me some as well.”Be here again next weekend, same time and wear a wig and make up. I’ll get some more cock for you for next Sunday.” He said as I lay there panting.Big cock left first and after I had got cleaned up and put my tracksuit back on I headed back to the car park. As I crossed the field another guy was heading towards the air raid shelter, though as I had already cum I had lost the urge to go back.I unlocked my bike and set off home but it took a lot longer as each time I sat on the saddle I could feel cum squelch and ooze from my ass.

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